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Ladbrokes vs sportsbet

Ladbrokes vs. Sportsbet - What is the Top Australian Betting Site?

1 March 2021

Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - The ultimate battle between Australia's two biggest betting sites, but which one will come out on top? Read this article to found out!

Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - Which is the top betting site in Australia?

This article is long so if you don't want to read the full comparison of Ladbrokes and Sportsbet you can see what the top Australian betting site is below.

🏆 OVERALL WINNER: Ladbrokes 🏆

Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - What's the top betting site in Australia?

Ladbrokes and Sportsbet are Australia's two favourite betting sites. They have the most users and are often considered the top betting sites in the country - but which one is better?

Note that we actually think that neither of the bookies is the best in Australia. You'll find all of Australia's top betting sites listed on our homepage.

Okay, getting back to the game at hand, Ladbrokes and Sportsbet are two comprehensive Australian betting websites that offer plenty of sports and racing odds as well as a variety of features.

Ladbrokes is known for its extensive racing offerings but is also popular with sports betting punters. The Ladbrokes name is synonymous with betting around the world and the bookie has been active since 1886.

Sportsbet is an Australian betting brand owned by Ireland-based iGaming company Flutter Entertainment. Since it launched in Australia in 1993, the company has dominated the sports and racing betting markets down under - particularly within online betting.

But which of these two bookmakers is the top Australian betting site?

The answer may or may not surprise you - I guess it depends on who you think is going to win

Round 1: Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - Odds

Round 1 Winner: Ladbrokes

  1. 3/5 - Slightly higher betting odds

  2. 3/5 - Sometimes has better in-play odds

The most important thing for most Aussie punters is the odds that they get. That's because the higher the odds are, the more money you'll win.

So, does Ladbrokes or Sportsbet have better odds?

The answer is that it depends.

As Australia's two biggest betting sites, Ladbrokes and Sportbet are constantly competing to offer the bets odds.

One day you might find better odds at Sportsbet, while another day the best odds will be on Ladbrokes.

When it comes to racing we have generally found that Ladbrokes has slightly better odds - especially Starting Price odds.

Ladbrokes racing odds

Here you can see that Ladbrokes has slightly better odds than Sportsbet for runner 1, runner 3 and runner 2 to win and generally has better SP/Top Tote Prices

Sportsbet racing odds

Sportsbet's racing odds are pretty comparable to Ladbrokes' - here you can see that Sportsbet has better odds for runner 4 and for runner 2 to place

Additionally, when it comes to sports betting, Ladbrokes also tends to have marginally better odds than Sportsbet.

Of course, this all depends on the race, sport, runner or team that you want to bet on but from our experience, Ladbrokes is a little more generous than Sportbet.

So, the winner for this round, just scraping the victory, is Ladbrokes

If you're looking for the best odds you might want to try Unibet or Bet365...

Round 2: Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - Markets

Round 2 Winner: Sportsbet

  1. 4/5 - Many betting markets

  2. 3/5 - More markets for future events

A betting market is an outcome that you can bet on. The more outcomes that you can bet on the more betting options you have.

Betting markets include win/loss markets but there are also thousands of other ways to bet like with handicap bets, over/under bets, and bets on players to score baskets, behinds or goals.

Sportsbet has more betting markets than Ladbrokes for almost all sports.

Whether you want to bet on AFL, soccer, basketball or table tennis you'll likely find the most betting markets on Sportsbet - this includes both pre-match and live betting options.

One thing to note is that Ladbrokes may have more betting markets for matches that are still a few days away from starting. However, in the day or two leading up to the start of the match, Sportsbet will likely have the most betting options.

Ladbrokes Betting Markets NBA

Ladbrokes only offers around 60 to 90 betting markets for most NBA matches.

Sportsbet Betting Markets NBA

You can see here that Sportsbet offers around 300 markets for each NBA game. You may have also noticed that Sportsbet's odds are better. Like we said, these bookies' odds vary by sport and match.

Round 3: Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - Apps

Round 3 Winner: Ladbrokes

  1. 4/5 - Easy, fast & good for racing

  2. 3/5 - Hard to use, many features

If you're reading this on your phone then you may be considering getting the Ladbrokes or Sportsbet app.

Note that you will find all betting apps on the App Store for iPhone and on the website of your chosen betting site for Android.

But which top betting site has the best betting app?

The Ladbrokes app has a clear racing focus. You'll find plenty of stats, tips and filtering options to help you find and bet on the horses you want. The app is easy to use with a search function and event selector, it loads pretty quickly and is especially good for building multis.

The Sportsbet app also has some nice features. One of the main drawcards is that you can make instant deposits with your card, PayPal or Apple Pay. However, our experience has been mixed. We found that navigation was cumbersome and that there was just too much going on.

Simplicity is key when it comes to betting apps

For that reason, and because both apps basically let you do the same thing - bet on sports and races - we think that the Ladbrokes app comes out on top.

Ladbrokes App

The Ladbrokes app makes betting on the races easy - it's fast, got plenty of features, and is simple to use

Sportsbet Australia App

While there a lot you can do on the Sportsbet app, this can make it a little slow and difficult to use

Round 4: Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - Payment Methods

Round 4 Winner: Ladbrokes

  1. 4/5 - More top payment methods

  2. 4/5 - Fewer payment options

More ways to pay means more ways to play and payment methods are often overlooked by would-be punters but it's definitely important to check that your preferred payment option is available before you create a betting account.

Ladbrokes and Sportsbet both accept popular deposit and withdrawal methods like Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, POLi, BPAY and Bank Transfer but when it comes to other, more niched payment options Ladbrokes is the top betting site.

Ladbrokes has 10/17 of Australia's most common payment options, Sportsbet has just 9/17

Ladbrokes has two payment methods that Sportsbet doesn't - Flexepin and Cash In.

Sportsbet has just one payment method that Ladbrokes doesn't - Apple Pay.

Therefore, your top betting site for payment options is going to depend on whether you want to use Apple Pay, Felxepin or Cash In.

However, the winner of this round is still Ladbrokes because they accept more payment methods than Sportsbet.

Sportsbet vs Ladbrokes Payment Methods

Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
Cash In
Cash Card

Round 5: Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - Live Streaming

Round 5 Winner: Sportsbet

  1. 4/5 - Free live streaming of NZ and AUS Races

  2. 0/5 - No live streaming

Imagine a world where you can watch the match or race you are betting on live, so that you can follow the action, cash out or make new bets based on what you're seeing - well that's the reality at some of Australia's top betting sites.

In this Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet match, choosing the betting site with the top live streaming options is easy.

Sportsbet has live streaming for all NZ and Australian races, plus a number of sports, while Ladbrokes only has live streaming for Victorian races.

Therefore, the clear winner is Sportsbet.

Note that to access Sportsbet's free racing live streaming you'll have to have made at least one deposit and to access their sports live streaming you'll need to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours or have a positive account balance.

Sportsbet live streaming

You need to be logged in to your account, and have made just one deposit, to access Sportsbet's free racing live streaming

Round 6: Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - Live Betting

Round 6 Winner: Sportsbet

  1. 4/5 - Better live betting platform

  2. 2/5 - Few live betting options

Live betting is popular among novice and professional punters alike. With live betting, you have the opportunity to bet on events as they happen, so that you can make informed bets and find high odds that bookies may have overlooked.

When looking for a live betting site, you'll want to consider the live betting interface, the range of markets offered and the additional features like live graphics and stats/tips.

Ladbrokes' live betting interface is often pretty dull. You get the markets offered and not much more.

Sportsbet, on other hand, tends to have more markets, higher odds and match previews, analyses and statistics to help you make informed bets

Therefore, we definitely think that Sportsbet has the best live betting options of these two top bookmakers.

Note that live betting in Australia must be done over the phone. You can still see live odds on betting websites.

Ladbrokes Live Betting Soccer

The Ladbrokes live betting interface is pretty plain and boring

Sportsbet Live Betting Soccer

The Sportsbet live betting platform looks better, has better odds and has more stats and insights

Round 7: Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - Customer Support

Round 7 Winner: Ladbrokes

  1. 5/5 - Friendly and helpful 24/7 customer support

  2. 4/5 - 24/7 customer support

The scores are now tied - Ladbrokes: 3, Sportbet 3. That means that the top betting site is Australia is going to be the one with the best customer support team.

Both Ladbrokes and Sportsbet have 24/7 customer support teams that you can access via live chat, phone or email.

But which customer support team is better?

We pretended to need some help on both Sportsbet and Ladbrokes and we found that the Ladbrokes customer support team was far more helpful and friendly than the Sportsbet customer support team.

Is wasn't that Sportsbet's people were rude, but they did not make us feel as comfortable and understood as Ladbrokes' - therefore, Ladbrokes wins the round.

We understand that customer support may not be the most important thing to you, but we reckon that it does give you an idea of how much you will be valued and taken care of as a customer.

Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet: The Result

It came down to the wire but the results are in and the top betting site in Australia is... Ladbrokes.

Round 1: Betting Odds - Ladbrokes

Round 2:
Betting Markets - Sportsbet

Round 3:
Betting Apps - Ladbrokes

Round 4:
Payment Methods - Ladbrokes

Round 5:
Live Streaming - Sportsbet

Round 6:
Live Betting - Sportsbet

Round 7:
Customer Support - Ladbrokes

Of course, depending on what's most important to you, you may prefer Sportsbet. Or, maybe you'll want to choose one of the other top betting sites that we think are even better than Ladbrokes and Sportsbet...

Overall Winner: Ladbrokes

  1. 🥇 Good Odds, Apps, Payment Methods & Support

  2. 🥈 Huge Range of Betting Markets and Live Betting Features

Ladbrokes vs Sportsbet - What is the top betting site in Australia?
Mason Kelliher

Mason Kelliher

Our experts think that Ladbrokes is a bit better than Sportsbet.

Ladbrokes has better odds, apps and more payment methods than Sportsbet as well as a friendlier and more helpful customer support team.

Sportsbet also has pretty good odds and their live betting, live streaming and overall range of betting markets are impressive.

However, for the average Aussie punter the top betting site has to be Ladbrokes.

In saying this, we also reckon that you'll be pretty satisfied no matter what bookie you choose but we do think you shouldn't limit yourself to just Ladbrokes or Sportsbet.

We compare all of Australia's top betting sites on this website and the likes of Bet365 and Unibet consistently perform better than these two bookmakers.

Sportsbet vs Ladbrokes Questions

What is the top betting site - Ladbrokes or Sportsbet?

The top betting site in Australia, out of Ladbrokes and Sportsbet, is Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes has high odds for many different racing and sports betting markets. They also have a fast and comprehensive betting app, a good range of payment methods and a great customer support team.

What top betting sites are better than Ladbrokes and Sportsbet?

There are actually many top Australian betting sites that are better than Ladbrokes and Sportsbet. These include:

  • Bet365 - The best odds, range of markets and live streaming in Australia
  • Unibet - Great odds, plenty of payment options & great for racing
  • PlayUp - Australia's best-fixed odds and best betting apps
  • PointsBet - The most markets for the NBA, NRL & AFL of any world betting site
  • Draftstars - Australia's best fantasy betting site with massive prize pools

Which top betting site has the best odds - Ladbrokes or Sportsbet?

Ladbrokes has the best betting odds compared to Sportsbet.

This depends heavily on the markets and sports that you want to bet on but overall Ladbrokes has better odds than Sportsbet for racing and sports. Sportsbet does tend to have better live betting odds as well as better odds for smaller sporting events.

What top betting site has the best app - Ladbrokes or Sportsbet?

Ladbrokes has a better app than Sportsbet.

Again, this may be down to personal preference but we found the Sportsbet app a little overwhelming and slow. The Ladbrokes app was more simple to navigate, fast to load and still packed with great multi betting and racing features.

Which top betting site has the best payment methods - Ladbrokes or Sportsbet?

Ladbrokes has more payment methods than Sportsbet.

Ladbrokes and Sportsbet both offer popular payment options like Bank Transfer, PayPal, POLi, BPAY and Credit/Debit Card. However, Ladbrokes has two payment options that Sportsbet doesn't - Flexepin and Cash In - whereas Sportsbet only has one payment method that Ladbrokes doesn't - Apple Pay.

Which top betting site has the best live streaming - Ladbrokes or Sportsbet?

Sportsbet has much better live streaming options than Ladbrokes.

Sportsbet live streams all Australian and NZ races for free as well as a range of other sporting events every day. Ladbrokes only live streams Victorian races.

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