A brief history of betting in Australia

Australia's betting industry has been around since the days of the First Fleet.

Convicts that arrived on those 11 ships had bets going as to which Australian town they would end up in.

Some said the Gold Coast while others said Alice Springs but winnings were only paid out to those who had correctly guessed Botany Bay.

Years later, during the Australian gold rushes, miners placed bets as to whether gold was really going to kick-off as the next big commodity.

Aside from gold, bets were taken for copper, silver, and Bitcoin, but as we now know, gold has won that race.

After the invention of sports and horse racing, betting has become a thing that Aussies do mostly on sport - although some punters choose to bet on the elections or television shows like the Bachelor too.

With sports betting, of course, came betting sites, and then came us, My Betting Sites, Australia's guide to the best bookmakers in the land.

Today we compare Australia's newest betting sites, betting apps, betting bonuses, and much much more.

If you found us because you want to take part in Australia's rich betting history then we are here to help.

We strive to provide honest reviews of all the best betting sites, from new homegrown players like PlayUp and WinnersBet to older internationally owned sites like Sportsbet, Bet365, and Unibet.

One day, punters like you and I will be talked about in school textbooks, but for now, all you can do is sit back, relax and enjoy your life as an Australian betting legend.

My Betting Sites History

They say that history is written by the winners. That means that if you know what you're doing then you can be a part of Australia's betting story

The Blokes Behind the Betting Sites

Mason Content Writer

Mason is a fresh-faced Australian bloke who also grew up in New Zealand. When he's not netting goals for the company soccer team, Mason's the head content writer for My Betting Sites Australia. As well as playing sports and betting online, Mason volunteers at the local RSPCA rescuing puppies and kittens. He also spends his weekends at the beach picking up plastic. And he makes up things about himself.

  • Favourite sport: Soccer
  • Biggest win: A 138.00 trifecta at the Christmas Races

Contact: mason@mybettingsites.com

LinkedIn: Mason Kelliher

Ben Website Manager

Ben's been around since the beginning of My Betting Sites - which he often calls his baby. Ben's a vegan, Liverpool fan, darts loving betting expert and yes, all of those things are true. When he's not getting annoyed at Mason for being too good at his job, you'll find Ben watching snooker or trading on the Betfair exchange.

  • Favourite sport: Darts
  • Biggest win: Michael Holt to win the Snooker Shootout - 66/1

Contact: ben@mybettingsites.com

LinkedIn: Ben Smith

Jacob Project Leader

If MyBettingSites.com were the Mafia then Jacob would be the Don - yes, really. He spends much of his time running the MyBettingSites family - ordering hits, smoking cigars and sitting in a big chair and getting Mason and Ben to whisper important information into his ear (his left ear because his right ear is going a little bit deaf from too much CS:GO). Jacob's also a keen gamer and an ice hockey fan.

  • Favourite sport: Ice hockey
  • Biggest win: Numerous Esports multis!

Contact: jacob@mybettingsites.com

LinkedIn: Jacob Ljunggren

Jimmy Content Writer

The newest member to the My Betting Sites team, Jimmy used to refer to the TAB machine as his personal ATM, until he discovered the second best thing on the internet - betting sites. A big Essendon fan, he was apparently named after James Hird (who started playing AFL after he was born), and Jimmy claims that he would've been drafted if he didn’t do his shoulder. At age 24. In the two’s.

  • Favourite sport: AFL
  • Biggest win: 2012 Stawell Gift (Matt Wiltshire), $5,200

Contact: jimmy@mybettingsites.com

LinkedIn: Jimmy Mason

Or get in touch with a random member of our team anytime at australia@mybettingsites.com!

Okay, But How Does My Betting Sites Work?

MyBettingSites.com is on a mission to provide punters in Australia, and across this beautiful planet of ours, with the best information about betting sites in their country. We compare different betting sites with the best reviews and most up-to-date information so that you can find the best betting sites for you.

Our small team is made of punters from different countries (including Australia!) who have a passion for sports and want to share their betting knowledge with you. We believe that sports betting should be fun and easy and we hope this comes across on our site.

If you're not Aussie but you happen to have found this page then welcome! Know that you don't have to be an Australian to bet in Australia, but you do have to be a resident to use Aussie bookies. If you're in a different country then check out our sister sites for more information about betting online where you are.

The best things in life are free and so is all of the information on this site. However, just like any company, we do have to find a way to pay our betting experts. We write our reviews and make all of our recommendations based on what we truly believe and in this spirit of transparency we have outlined how we make money here.

Also, know that we only recommend betting sites that are legal in Australia. Every bookie on this website has an Australian gambling licence, an office and support team based in Australia, and accepts Australian dollars.

And Who Employs the Betting 'Experts'?

MyBettingSites.com is owned by Leadstar Media AB, an online media company based in Sweden.

Leadstar Media's websites have been comparing the best betting sites from around the world since 2009.

In 2022, Leadstar Media won the prestigious Affiliate of the Year award at the EGR Operator Awards.

Today, Leadstar Media employs over 60 different people from more than 25 different countries (including Aussies like Mason) to create and manage sites that compare the best bookies in the countries that they're from.

My Betting Sites Company Information

Leadstar Media AB

Hälsingegatan 49

11331 Stockholm


And what do our users think about My Betting Sites?

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