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How to Open Online Betting Accounts in Australia

19 March 2021

Our betting experts outline everything you need to know when opening new online betting accounts in Australia from the sign up process to depositing, withdrawing and placing bets. Plus, we'll tell you which betting accounts are Australia's best!

How to open online betting accounts in Australia

Betting accounts, online bookmakers, betting websites - they're all the same thing - but that doesn't make creating a betting account any easier for somebody who's new to the world of online betting.

In this article, we'll take you through the process of creating online betting accounts in Australia from choosing between Australia's best betting sites to signing up, depositing, placing bets and withdrawing your winnings.

1. Choose a Betting Account

Your first step in this wonderful journey into the world of online betting is to choose the best betting account for you.

The betting accounts that we think are the best may not be the best for you

Of course, everybody is different so your best betting accounts may be the ones with the best odds, the ones with the most live streaming or even the ones that have best betting apps.

With this in mind, consider the following criteria. These are the same criteria that we use when evaluating betting accounts and they should give you an idea of what to consider when looking for a good betting account.

What do the best betting accounts have?

Betting Odds

  • Are the pre-match and live betting odds high for the sports you want to bet on?

Betting Markets

  • Can you bet on the sports, matches & specific events that you want to?

Betting Apps

  • Are there betting apps for your device & are the apps fast and easy to use?

Betting Features

  • Is there live streaming, cash out & other features that you want?

Payment Options

  • Can you deposit and withdraw how you want to & how long do payments take to process?

Customer Support

  • Is there a customer support team & how/when can you contact them?

Now that you know more about what your best betting account should have, check out our list of Australia's best betting accounts below. We've highlighted their best features to help you with your choice.

Best Online Betting Accounts Australia

  1. - Top Betting Apps
    - Best Racing Fixed Odds
    - Racing & Sports

  2. - 100% Aussie-Owned
    - All Australian Races
    - Best Tote Odds

  3. - Best Racing Account
    - Fast Payment Options
    - Very Easy to Use

  4. - Trusted Global Name
    - Top Customer Support
    - Stats, Form & Tips

  5. - Most Live Streams
    - Most Betting Options
    - Most Payments

What are the best betting accounts in Australia?
Mason Kelliher

Mason Kelliher

We reckon PlayUp is the best online betting account in Australia because they have consistently high odds, plenty of betting options, same game multis, a simple app, and they are 100% Australian-owned and operated.

WinnersBet is super easy to use, but better for racing-minded bettors.

Neds and Ladbrokes sometimes have slightly better odds and are similarly great all-round betting accounts.

Best online betting accounts australia

Our experts think that Bet365 is also one of the best Australian online betting accounts - especially for beginners

If you want more information about any of Australia's best betting accounts then visit our best betting sites page, where we compare all of Australia's best betting accounts. You can also read in-depth reviews of each betting account in Australia (click the name of the betting account in the list above).

2. Create a betting account

After you've found a betting account (or two), you'll need to create your own personal betting account. If you're no sure which betting account is best for you, you can always create two separate betting accounts and then use the one that you like best.

Creating an online betting account is free and requires no obligation to bet or hand over any of your payment information.

Create an Australian betting account by:

  1. Selecting one of the green buttons from the list above
  2. Selecting 'join now' on the betting website you chose
  3. Entering some of your basic personal information
  4. Selecting 'create account' on the betting website you're using

For example, on Bet365 this process takes only a couple of minutes and you just need to enter basic personal information like your name, date of birth, phone number, email and street address as well as creating a username, password, security PIN and deposit limit (see images below).

Note that it is important to make sure these details are correct as they will need to be verified before you can make a withdrawal.

3. Deposit money into your betting account

Before you start betting with your new betting account you're going to need to deposit some money. In Australia, this process is often very quick and painless.

To get started, make sure you are logged in to your betting account and then head to your profile (this is usually in the top right hand corner fo the website or app).

Now, select 'deposit'.

There are a number of different deposit methods to choose from at all online betting accounts - some of these are instant (like PayPal or Credit/Debit Card) and others may take few days to process (like Bank Transfer or Cheque).

Depending on the payment method you choose, you will be prompted to enter your payment information (eg. your PayPal login or Debit Card numbers) as well as your deposit amount.

Simply fill this information in and then select the 'deposit' button.

Bet365 has more payment methods than any other online betting account in Australia. Check out the image below for an idea of how long the Bet365 deposit take and what the maximum deposit amounts are for each method.

Deposit methods, time and limits vary between online betting accounts but Bet365 deposit options give you a good idea of what's available.

4. Place a bet!

Placing a bet is what it's all about and this is what betting accounts were built for.

No matter the betting account that you choose to use, the process of placing a bet is almost identical.

First, you'll need to find a sport, match and market to bet on. You'll see all live and upcoming matches in the main menu of the betting account that you're using but you'll also be able to find future events by using the search tool or menu to navigate to your chosen event.

From here, pick the exact outcome that you want to bet on - a horse to win, a football team to draw, a player to score a try or Australia to win the cricket world cup.

There are hundreds of thousands of betting options to choose from every year at Australia's biggest betting accounts

When you've found an event to bet on, and you're happy with the odds you have been offered, simply select the odds. You'll see a bet slip appear. From here you can apply any betting account promotions you may have received. Here you will also enter your bet stake (how much you're willing to bet) and see you potential winnings.

When you're happy with your selection select 'place bet'.

Bet365 Betslip Australia

The Bet365 betslip shows each of your bets, the odds and your bet stake and calculates the total cost of your bet as well as the potential winnings.

5. Withdraw your winnings from your betting account

Withdrawing money from your betting account is much like depositing money into your betting account, just the other way around.

In Australia, you must verify your online betting account before you can withdraw any money

Before withdrawing, you'll have to verify your betting account. This process is often automatic but you can manually verify your betting account by heading to the profile section of your account and following the instructions or by emailing the customer support team of your chosen bookmaker and asking for support.

To withdraw money from your betting account, head to your profile and select 'withdraw'.

Choose from the withdrawal methods listed, enter any necessary information (like account details and the withdrawal amount) and then confirm the withdrawal.

Most withdrawal methods available at online betting accounts take at least one day to process although this depends on the withdrawal method you choose. Below you can see the different processing times for Bet365 withdrawals.

Generally betting accounts have fewer withdrawal methods than deposit methods because cash in, prepaid voucher and other deposit methods do not work for withdrawals.

Now you know how to open online betting accounts in Australia so you're ready to get started!

Select the button below to return to the list of Australia's best online betting accounts or keep ready for some more information about different types of betting accounts in Australia.

New Betting Accounts

New betting accounts in Australia are not that common because the Australian betting market is heavily regulated.

However, there are a few great new betting accounts that have started, and gone on to get thousands of Aussie users, within the last 5 years.

New betting accounts are popular because they often have new features and betting markets as well as good apps and high odds

New betting accounts have to compete with the more established players and therefore they tend to offer a range of new betting features and better odds in order to attract new customers.

Before advertising of free bets was banned, we found that new betting accounts also had big sign up bonuses and promotions.

Here are the best new betting accounts in Australia (according to our betting experts):

Best New Betting Accounts

  1. Launched Jun 2020
    - Great for Racing + Aussie-Owned

  2. Launched Oct 2019
    - Best Apps + Best Fixed Odds

  3. Launched Sep 2017
    - Easy to Use + Best for Aussie racing

  4. Launched in 2021
    - Modern Site & App + High Odds

  5. Launched Feb 2017
    - Best for Esports + Sports Betting

  6. Launched in 2019
    - Best for Greyhounds + Aussie-Owned

  7. Launched Apr 2016
    - Fantasy betting + Biggest Prize Pools

Sports Betting Accounts

All Betting accounts in Australia are sports betting accounts but many Aussies only bet on the sports that they follow so we've decided to outline some of the most popular Australian sports for betting and then our experts have picked the betting account that is best for that sport.

We've only outlined the bets sports betting accounts for a few different sports but know that you can bet on matches and players for more than 30 sports at the best online sports betting accounts in Australia.

Football Betting Accounts

Football is the world's biggest sport and as such there are hundreds of different professional, and semi-professional football matches played every day around the world. At the biggest football accounts in Australia, you can bet on most of these matches.

The top football betting accounts also offer live streaming, live betting, cash out and other features like bet builders and multi builders to make football betting as diverse and intricate as you want it to be.

The best football betting account is: Bet365

  1. Best odds, live streaming, betting features and markets for football

Horse Racing Betting Accounts

Horse racing is the 'King of Sports' and the betting culture surrounding horse racing is bigger than for any other sport in Australia. As such, all sports betting accounts cover horse racing in Australia but some do it better than others.

The best horse racing betting accounts offer live streaming as well as a range of betting options including win, place, exotics, and multis. The best horse racing betting accounts also have the highest odds and the most racing markets from Australia and around the world.

The best horse racing betting account is: Neds

  1. High odds, same race multis, a huge range of racing markets

Esports Betting Accounts

Esports betting is one of the newest sports to jump on the Australian betting scene but it is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative. Popular esports to bet on in Australia include League of Legends, Counter Strike, and DOTA 2 but other games like FIFA and Fortnite are also common.

All the top esports betting accounts have live streaming but only the very best have a wide range of esports markets and high odds.

The best esports betting account is: Picklebet

  1. Live streaming, high odds and a wide range of betting markets

AFL Betting Accounts

As (arguably) Australia's biggest sport, and a sport that is only really played in Australia it's natural that most Australian betting accounts offer great odds and betting options for AFL. We've already recommended Bet365 enough for their odds so we'll point you to Neds which has heaps of AFL betting markets plus unique futures and same game multi options.

The best AFL betting account is: Neds

  1. Unique AFL markets, top AFL betting app & great AFL odds

Rugby Betting Accounts

Rugby league and rugby union are among the biggest Australian sports and betting on them is also very popular. Whether it's the NRL, Super Rugby, Bledisloe Cup or Rugby World Cup punters are always looking for the highest odds and most Australian and international markets.

The best rugby betting account is: Bet365

  1. The best betting odds and a wide range of betting markets

Basketball Betting Accounts

Basketball, and the NBA, may not be Australia's best sports but they are very popular for Aussie punters. The best basketball betting accounts have markets for the NBA, NBL and other international basketball leagues as well as live streaming and high odds.

The best basketball betting account is: Unibet

  1. NBA live streaming, the best odds and a huge range of markets

Betting Accounts Australia FAQs

How do you open online betting accounts in Australia?

Opening online betting accounts in Australia is easy, simply:

  1. Choose a great betting account from this website
  2. Select one of the buttons to visit the account
  3. Sign up and make a deposit
  4. Find a bet with suitable odds
  5. Select place bet!

Where can you open online betting accounts in Australia?

There are a number of great betting accounts in Australia, these include:

  • PlayUp - Australia's best fixed odds and top betting apps
  • Neds - Great betting account for Australian racing
  • Ladbrokes - Trusted and reliable (around since 1886)
  • WinnersBet - Aussie-owned, great for horse racing betting
  • Bet365 - Most betting options, payments methods, and live streams
  • BoomBet - One of Australia's newest with great support & functionality
  • Unibet - Top odds and a huge range of betting features
  • Palmerbet - Australian-owned, aggressive odds & same game multis
  • BlueBet - Offers Cash Out, Same Game Multis & Best Tote + SP odds

  • Picklebet - Esports focused bookie, added sports betting in 2021
  • BetDogs - Australia's best greyhound odds and highest limits
  • Draftstars - Australia's biggest fantasy sports betting prizes

What are the best betting accounts in Australia?

Our experts think that the best betting accounts in Australia are Bet365, WinnersBet, Neds, Ladbrokes, and PlayUp.

The best betting account for you may be different be we like Bet365 for its numerous payment options and huge range of betting markets. Neds and Ladbrokes are pretty similar to Bet365 in terms of what they offer but they have slightly better odds, especially for same game and same race multis. PlayUp has a really easy-to-use betting app and Australia's best-fixed odds for racing.

Are there any new betting accounts in Australia?

That depends on how new you want your betting accounts to be - but yes!

Launched in 2021, BoomBet is the newest betting account. WinnersBet was launched in 2020 and PlayUp and BetDogs were launched in 2019 so are still very new. Pointsbet was launched in 2017, as were Picklebet and Neds. Draftstars was launched in 2016.

What is the best football betting account?

The best betting account for football (soccer) has to be Bet365.

Bet365 has the most football betting options, the best football betting odds, as well as thousands of football live streams and features like cash out and their Bet Builder.

How do you get betting account free bets?

Due to Australian betting regulations, we are not allowed to advertise free bets and other betting account promotions on this website.

Despite this, Australian betting accounts can still give existing customers free bets after they have signed up.