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Sportsbet Australia

Sportsbet was founded in 1993 and is now Australia's most popular online betting site. However, if you jump on a review site (like Trustpilot where Sportsbet averages a 1.3 out of 5 stars) you'll see that they have many dissatisfied, restricted, and unhappy players.

For this reason, and from our own personal experiences dealing with Sportsbet, we'd definitely avoid them and have made a list of 10 reasons why you should avoid them in this review. We recommend a more honest betting site like PlayUp or BlueBet (which unlike Sportsbet are both 100% Aussie-owned).

However, if you're a casual player then you will still find a wide range of betting markets on Sportsbet as well as plenty of extra features like free racing live streaming, same game/race multis, a Bet with Mates feature, as well as numerous betting tips, previews, insights, stats, and guides.

Sportsbet Pros & Cons

  • Bet with Mates
  • Many betting options
  • Racing live streaming
  • Complaints of being restricted
  • Issues with rude support
  • Odds are below average
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Sportsbet quick facts
Game TypesSportsbook
Deposit methodsVisa Card, Master Card, PayPal, POLi, BPAY, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, Sportsbet Cash Card
Withdrawal methodsCredit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Sportsbet Cash Card
Odds providerSportsbet
Betting functionsLive Betting, Multi Betting, Live Streaming
AppsApple (App Store), Android (Google Play)
SupportLive Chat, Phone, Email
OwnerFlutter Entertainment
Founded Year1993

Sportsbet Review

From its small beginnings in 1993, Sportsbet has now become Australia's most popular betting site offering odds for all three racing codes and over 30 different Australian and international sports.

Today, Sportsbet is well known across Australia as one of the biggest online betting sites, not because their odds are always the best or because they treat their players well but because they have lots of gimmicky features and a huge marketing budget.

So while Sportsbet does have many features and ways to bet - we definitely prefer other, more honest, Aussie bookies like PlayUp, BlueBet, or Neds (they also have better odds and much friendlier customer service).

Many punters also believe Sportsbet is an Australian-owned betting site - which is no longer true.

Sportsbet was bought by Matthew Tripp in 2005 for only $250,000. Tripp sold the company 4 years later to the Irish iGaming provider Paddy Power for $338 million. Since then Paddy Power has merged with Betfair and The Stars Group (Pokerstars etc.) and re-branded to become Flutter Entertainment. Sportsbet has continued to operate in Australia and in 2019 acquired BetEasy.

In 2020 Sportsbet infamously sued over a naming issue - this lead Sportsbetting to relaunch as BoomBet and made Sportsbet even less well-liked in the industry

Why we like Sportsbet ✅

  • Sportsbet covers most of the racing and sporting markets you'd want to bet on
  • Sportsbet has a deal with Sky Racing so has free live streaming of horse racing
  • Sportsbet has some extra features like same game multis, Bet with Mates, and betting tips

Why we don't like Sportsbet ❌

  • Sportsbet has been accused of restricting winning players by countless users online
  • Sportsbet's odds and customer support a below the standard we'd expect from such a big bookie

Sportsbet Rating: 7/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thinking about a sports bet with Sportsbet?
Mason Kelliher

Mason Kelliher

These days Sportsbet is synonymous with Australian betting, perhaps only outmatched by the TAB (and even that's arguable). That's mainly because Sportsbet has a long history of offering lots of betting markets and betting features to Aussies.

The thing is, many of these markets aren't priced competitively and give Sportsbet a significant edge - in fact, we've found that other big corporate bookmakers like Neds, Unibet, and Bet365 have much more competitive odds.

While it is undeniable that Sportsbet has plenty of extra features like a Same Game/Race Multi Builder function, statistics, insights, tips, live streaming, speedmaps, a blackbook, and even their Bet with Mates function, the reality is that many of these features are low-value and don't matter when the odds you get aren't up to scratch.

Sites like PlayUp and Palmerbet also have Same Game/Race multis (but with slightly better odds), Unibet and Bet365 have even more sports live streams, and Neds and Betstar have even more racing stats and tips so you can definitely do without a Sportsbet account.

On top of this, the Sportsbet app, while okay most of the time, has been plagued by various bug issues in the past and is one of the more unreliable betting apps out there.

Finally, the Sportsbet support team can be pretty rude and when you chat with them you definitely get the feeling like you're dealing with a big international corporate bookmaker.

Still, it's not all bad (and that's why Sportsbet still gets 7/10 stars). If you're new to betting and want some casual fun, I'm sure Sportbet will give you that - but so will all the other Australian betting sites that we review, and for that reason, we recommend using a different Aussie bookmaker.

As always you can create multiple betting accounts and then test them out for yourself!

10 reasons why you should not bet with Sportsbet

Sportsbet were one of the pioneers of Australian online betting. Most Aussie punters have a Sportsbet account, and many still use the platform as it is familiar. Much like the old punters who still use the TAB machine instead of online, or the even older again who still write their bets on a slip. But somewhere along the road, Sportsbet lost their way and like many big corporate businesses, focus more on profits than user experience.

So we've made a list of 10 reasons why you should avoid Sportsbet, and other bookmakers for you to use instead.

1A. Sportsbet has bad odds

Sportsbet have some of the worst odds in the industry. Whichever bookmaker has the best odds will fluctuate on every single event, whether it be a race or a game of footy. However, one thing that is a common denominator, is that Sportsbet are nearly always on the below-average side of the odds. While it sometimes may not seem like a remarkable amount when placing your bet (e.g. 5% lower) - when Sportsbet have a turnover of over $2 billion, it is a huge amount (5% of $2 billion = $100 million).

5% Lower odds looks like this

  • Sportsbet odds - $3.00
  • Competitor - $3.15

Who should I bet with instead?

PlayUp. They nearly always have the best odds across racing and sport, and they have a great selection of betting events so you won't be missing out on any markets that Sportsbet may have, because PlayUp probably have them too.

In the image below for the same race, nearly all of PlayUp's runners have higher odds, and the total of Sportsbet's odds add up to 134.8, and PlayUps add up to 173.9.

PlayUp's odds here are 29% higher than Sportsbet's.

Sportsbet v PlayUp racing odds

PlayUp has some of the best odds in Australia. Sportsbet doesn't

1B. Sportsbet has bad same game multi odds

Tapping on from our point above, not only are Sportsbet's odds generally not great - they are even worse so for a same game multi, where odds multiply on top of each other to get an end figure. Obviously, if Sportsbet are offering lower odds for each leg of the bet, the end result is going to suffer even more.

On top of this, Sportsbet use a very exploitive algorithm, that greatly reduces same game multi odds, then what they are normally advertised.

Who should I bet with instead?

Lets Bet. Their same game multi multiplies as the prices indicates - the same as a regular multi would. So you won't get penalised for putting a bet on your team to win, and a player from the same team to kick a goal/score a try.

In the image below, you can see that Lets Bets odds are 12.23, compared to Sportsbet's 7.50, for the exact same bet.

Lets Bet v Sportsbet odds compared for AFL bet

When combining favourable same game multi outcomes, Lets Bet has far more superior odds than Sportsbet

2. Sportsbet's odds constantly change when placing a bet

Although all bookmakers odds are constantly changing depending on what people are placing bets on, Sportsbet's seem to be on another level.

If you have ever had the misfortune of live betting with Sportsbet, where you choose your bet and they will give you a unique code for you to call up with so that it is "quicker" - nearly always, by the time they answer the phone the odds would have changed significantly, and not in your favour. Whether the odds purposely decrease because they know you are already set to put the bet on, or because the trading computers are on speed - we may never know, but me and my tin foil hat presume a bit of both.

Who should I bet with instead?

Bet365. The ridiculous changing of odds is much less frequent with Bet365 and they provide live betting over more of their markets. Plus they have way more markets than Sportsbet, and their odds are nearly always better.

3. Sportsbet has high deductions

Deductions are industry wide, and apply to fixed bets when a runner is scratched from a race. They are necessary to ensure punters do not get inflated odds on a race, as the odds will need to change with there being less runners to compete with - otherwise the bookmakers won't make any money, and won't exist.

Like all betting sites, Sportsbet showcase their schedule of deductions, although it is mentioned that it is only a "guide". Looking through races where there is a scratching (nearly always), Sportsbet have a higher deduction rate than that of their competitors - even though their "guide" may not suggest that they do. Therefore, you will get even worse odds again.

Who should I bet with instead?

Neds. They have a huge range of racing to select from, they generally have better odds than Sportsbet, and each time there is a deduction, it is normally less. Plus, they provide the extra features Sportsbet does (e.g. live streaming, speed maps, race insights etc).

Sportsbet v Neds deduction comparison

Sportsbet nearly always deduct more from your bets, due to scratched runners.

4. Sportsbet restricts winning players

It is very well known in the punting community that Sportsbet are one of the quickest bookmakers to restrict winning accounts from using their promotions, or to even ban them.

Sportsbet has decent promos, but from our experience, the second you start winning, they are gone in a flash. With either no explanation or possibly an email stating "promotions are intended for members who bet for recreation and entertainment only".

Translation, "promotions are for members who lose only".

If Sportsbet have banned, restricted, or are withholding funds from you - check out our article on 5 steps on how to get paid if your bookie isn't paying you.

Who should I bet with instead?

The competitiveness of the Australian betting market has resulted in many bookmakers offering promotions in an effort to retain punters. Many of the betting sites have promotions that differ to one another, to have a point of differentiation. While we cannot talk about the promotions that bookmakers offer, we can confirm BetM have some good ones.

5. Sportsbet advertises towards youths

While I'm hardly going to explain that other betting agencies are Nelson Mandela, but there is a difference between getting your name out there to give punters an option for a flutter - and directly marketing to those most vulnerable to gambling addiction (18-24 year olds according to Responsible Gambling) on mediums almost entirely unique to them, such as on TikTok and Snapchat.

In the image below courtesy from the Sportsbet investors meeting, retaining the 18-34 year olds appears to be a priority because as they get older, their spending power increases. Very noble.

Sportsbet investor day report

Sportsbet promotes to people most vulnerable for addiction.

6. Sportsbet's "Share the bet" is a bad idea

Betting with friends can be fun as the idea of a bigger win from a smaller stake sounds great (even though you have to split the winnings), plus the camaraderie of you and your mates either winning or losing together is electrifying. However, be aware that when you enter a group with your mates, or use Sportsbet's new feature of sharing your bet - they can "group" you together.

Who cares? You should. Sportsbet advertises it as copying your mates bet who always wins. This way, if they love to promo ban winning players, they now have you with an association to a winner, and you may find yourself with less promos than you would otherwise. If you really want to copy your mates bet, just select the same markets manually.

Who should I bet with instead?

Ladbrokes is another betting site that has pretty much the same markets as Sportsbet, with both having more or less in different areas. Ladbrokes and Neds are both owned by wagering conglomerate Entain, and generally have the same markets and odds.

7. Sportsbet lacks stat markets for multis

Sportsbet may have popularised same game multis for popular sports like AFL and NRL, but that's about all they've done for the cause. Sportsbet are very particular about the markets they offer in sports, such as try scorers, goal kickers or amount of disposals you can bet on. They will usually only offer a handful of players to choose from, and they provide terrible odds for the likelihood of these outcomes happening. E.g. A player who averages 20 disposals (AFL) a game, is usually paying 1.50 to get 20+ disposals.

Who should I bet with instead?

We recommend betr as they are have more stat markets for same game multis, their promos are more consistent, their odds are normally higher, and their expert insights are much more in-depth. Another good option is Bet365 who have a tonne of stat markets.

Sportsbet v betr AFL goal markets

With betr, you can place a bet for 30+ goal kickers in AFL, while Sportsbet it is only 23

8. Customer support treats you like a number

Sportsbet are a large company, and we don't expect Barni Evans to be on the phone whenever you have an issue. However, many of Sportsbet's customers have found the support to be very rude and non-helpful. While it is the luck of the draw of which customer support staff you are going to get (and how they are feeling on that day) - from our experience, we found that the support (happy or sad), see everything as black and white. If you accidentally clicked the same bet twice, you'll likely be met with "sorry, but it's in our T&C's, both bets will stand".

Who should I bet with instead?

We recommend RealBookie, as they have plenty of markets and have some of the best support in the industry.

There is even better support with a lot of smaller bookmakers such as LynchBet, DaveBet, Pendlebury Bet and LucasBet, where if you contact support, you will be talking directly to the owner. So, obviously they are going to do their best to keep you happy.

These smaller bookies are racing only, whereas RealBookie has a decent sports book and features also.

9. Sportsbet don't offer tote fluctuations

While Sportsbet does offer the Top Tote for Australian thoroughbreds instead of their own fixed odds - that is all they offer from the tote. They do not offer any pre-race fluctuations (Top Fluc) that may occur, or Best of the Best (Top Fluc or Top Tote). These are common in other bookmakers, and are one of the most popular bets for straight wins in horse racing.

Who should I bet with instead?

VicBet offers Best of the Best on every horse race in Australia. Something other bookies usually only provide on Group Races, or metro races - VicBet offers it on every race, no matter where the track is. In the image below, VicBet is offering it at Northam on a Thursday.

VicBet BoB odds

VicBet offers Best of the Best on every horse, in every race, in Australia

10. Sportsbet aren't Australian owned

Although it was initially an Australian operation - as of 2011 Sportsbet is 100% owned by Dublin based gaming giant, Flutter Entertainment (previously Paddy Power).

Who should I bet with instead?

There are plenty of 100% Aussie owned bookmakers in our list of all betting sites, but we recommend BlueBet. BlueBet offers all Aussie racing, products like same race/game multi, fantastic customer support and they are 100% True Blue Aussie.

Their AFL and NBA stat wars is also next level. Definitely worth checking out.

Alternative Betting Sites to Sportsbet

  1. Generous Bookie, Best Fixed Odds

  2. Honest & Personal Local Bookies

  3. Generous New Bookie, Top Tote

  4. Competitive Odds, Seamless Experience

  5. Expert Tips & Many Specials

  6. Best Multi Builder & Cash Out

  7. Top Fluc, High SGM Odds

  8. Best Racing Bookie in Australia

Sportsbet Australia FAQ

How does Sportbet work?

Sportsbet works like any other Australian betting site. You create an account and deposit money and then you can bet on any of the thousands of racing, sports and novelty markets that they offer.

  1. Create a Sportsbet account by clicking the 'Visit Sportsbet Website' button above
  2. Deposit funds using an accepted payment method
  3. Find a sport or race to bet on by searching or navigating through the site
  4. Click the odds that you want to accept
  5. Enter your bet stake and click 'Place Bet'

Creating an account with Sportsbet is free and there is no obligation to deposit money or bet by doing so.

Who owns Sportsbet?

Sportsbet is owned by Flutter Entertainment PLC. Flutter is a UK-based iGaming conglomerate that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. They own some of the world's biggest betting sites including Paddy Power, Betfair, Fanduel, FOX Bet, Pokerstars and BetEasy (now operated by Sportsbet). Though it is owned by an overseas company, Sportsbet is still run independently in Australia.

Key people at Sportsbet and Flutter include:

  • Barni Evans (Sportsbet CEO)
  • Peter Jackson (Flutter CEO)

Is Sportsbet a good betting site?

No, we wouldn't recommend using Sportsbet because they have hundreds of online complaints from winning players who claim to have had their accounts restricted, because their odds are subpar and because their customer support isn't very friendly.

Sportsbet is, however, Australia's most popular betting site so we do have to give them credit for offering free live streaming of most Australian and NZ races, a Same Game/Race Multi Builder, a Racing Blackbook, and Best Bet tips.

Overall, Sportsbet offers a comprehensive range of betting options so if you're a casual bettor then they'll do the job.

However, if you want just as many betting features then you're better off with a site like Neds, if you want better odds then go with PlayUp, and if you want an even better bet builder and more sports live streams then choose Bet365.

    How do you verify your Sportsbet account?

    Sportsbet will automatically try to verify your betting account based on the information that you provide when signing up. Sometimes this cannot be done and you will need to verify your account manually online.

    To verify your Sportsbet account online:

    1. Log in to your Sportsbet account
    2. Go to the 'My Account' section and select 'Get Verified'
    3. Choose from the list of identification options
    4. Fill in your details as they appear on your corresponding ID documents
    5. Tick the box at the bottom of the screen and select the green 'Verify These Details' button
    6. If you are successful, your verification status will change to 'Verified' in Your Account section

    If this still doesn't work, don't worry, you can get in touch with to verify your account by email.

    How do you withdraw on Sportsbet?

    To withdraw money from Sportsbet:

    1. Go to 'My Account'
    2. Select 'Withdraw'
    3. If necessary, add a withdrawal method
    4. Decide how much you want to withdraw
    5. Select the green 'Withdraw' button

    Note that you can only withdraw money that has been bet at least once. you must also be verified with Sportsbet before you can withdraw.

    Sportsbet's withdrawal options are:

    • Bank Transfer
    • Credit Card (No Debit Card)
    • PayPal
    • Sportsbet Cash Card

    Sportsbet withdrawals are processed at 2:00pm AEST on business days meaning that if you request a withdrawal before 2:00pm AEST you will get your money the next morning, otherwise, it will take an additional business day.

      What does Sportsbet MD mean?

      Sportsbet MD stands for Midi Div.

      Midi Div means that you will get the middle return from the three TABs for Win, Place and Each Way wagers on all three Australian racing codes.

      Note that if only one or two TABs offer wagers on a race then the SUPERTAB tote dividend will apply. If no TABs offer wagers on a race then the Starting Price (SP) will apply.

      Sportsbet vs. Other Australian Betting Sites

      Sportsbet vs. Bet365 - Which is the Best Online Betting Site?

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      Sportsbet App

      We don't have the figures but we wouldn't be surprised if the Sportsbet App was more popular than the Sportsbet website in Australia - it generally goes that way.

      This is despite the fact that hundreds of users online have reported that the Sportsbet app has had (and continues to have) some major issues which result in bets not being placed, incorrect winnings being paid out, and overall poor customer support.

      We have recived a number of complaints from users about the Sportsbet app which are hard to ignore

      Still, it has to be said that the Sportsbet app functions fine for most users and includes all the markets and features that are available on the Sportsbet website.

      Sportbet's App is free for Android and iPhone and it can be downloaded from the Australian App Store or Google Play Store for Android users.

      Sportsbet App Pros ✅

      • Free for Apple and Android
      • On the Australian App Store for iPhone
      • On the Google Play Store for Android
      • Many features for both sports and racing
      • Fast Live Betting markets
      • Free racing live streaming
      • Bet with Mates & betting previews
      • Stats and insights including Best Bet tips

      Sportsbet App Cons ❌

      • Various issues and bugs
      • Unfriendly support
      • Hard to make complaints
      • May be too busy for some users
      How to download the Sportsbet App

      Downloading the Sportsbet app is easiest if you already have an account.

      How to Download the Sportsbet Android App

      1. Sign up with Sportsbet
      2. Go to the Google Play Store and search for 'Sportsbet'
      3. Hit the button to download the Sportsbet App

      How to Download the Sportsbet iPhone App

      1. Sign up with Sportsbet
      2. Go to the App Store and search for 'Sportsbet'
      3. Hit the button to download the Sportsbet App

      Sportsbet Racing

      Sportsbet didn't become Australia's favourite betting site by accident, their racing offerings are extensive. Particularly good are their form guides, bet tips, and live streaming.

      Sportsbet has partnered with SKY Racing to live stream NZ and Australian races from all three codes for free.

      Sportsbet Online Racing

      Sportsbet's online racing markets can be viewed on their website or App. The top racing markets for the day will be featured on the homepage but all racing markets can be viewed by clicking on the racing tab in the Sportsbet website menu.

      Smaller racing markets (like the one pictures above) only have exotics, same race multis, and fixed-odds available, but you can expect many more racing markets for the biggest races in Australia including special racing options like mystery bets, favourite vs field, and odds vs evens as well as better odds including Top Tote odds and a variety of racing futures options.

      Other betting websites like PlayUp, WinnersBet, and Neds consistently have better fixed odds than Sportsbet along with Best Tote odds for all Australian races.

      📋 Sportsbet Racing Tips

      Sportsbet has Expert Tips for horse and greyhound racing that help you to make informed bets based on expert opinions. You'll see the four runners for every race that the expert is backing along with a short explanation as to why those runners are worth a look in. Expert Tips will appear for each race when you are viewing the markets but you can also head to the Sportsbet Blog or Expert Tips Home to see all the racing predictions available.

      🏇 Sportsbet Racing Bets

      Sportbet has all the usual, and some more niched, racing bets that Aussie punters expect to see including:

      • Fixed Odds - The price you see is the price you get
      • Top Tote (TT) - The best price from all 3 TABs
      • Midi Div (MD) - The middle TAB price
      • Same Race Multi - Combine odds for multiple runners
      • Exotics - Each Way, Trifecta, First 4, Quinella, Exacta & Quaddie
      • Double, Treble & Super 6's - Pick the winner of multiple races
      • Mystery Bets - Place a mystery exotic to your specifications

      📈 Sportsbet Form Guide

      Each race will have a full Form Guide which has a detailed explanation of the runners' previous races, conditions and position. You'll be able to see information about each jockey and trainer too. Runner Comments can also be seen by clicking on a runner in the racing menu.

      📊 Sportsbet Racing Statistics

      Sportsbet has the option to view Flucs and Speedmaps on most races. Flucs show you how a runner's price is changing over time as punter's back, or don't back them. Speedmaps show a runner's position and where they are expected to be after the gates open.

      🔢 Sportsbet Racing Multis

      You can create a Same Race Multi on Sportsbet by selecting the Same Race Muli tab when you're viewing a racing market. You can also create a multiple-race Multi by selecting the Racing Multi Builder tab in the Sportsbet menu.

      Sportsbet Sports

      Sportsbet and sports betting go hand in hand (as the name suggests) meaning that you'll find all Australian pro sports and most international leagues and matches offered by Sportsbet online.

      Sportsbet Online Sports Markets

      Sportsbet has a great range of betting markets for popular Australian sports like cricket, AFL, and NRL but is also decent for betting on US sports like the NFL and the NBA and novelty markets like elections, the Bachelorette, and Triple J's Hottest 100.

      You'll likely find the widest range of markets for these top events but when you get to more niched sports like Table Tennis, Volleyball, and Show Jumping your options will be more limited (as you would expect).

      You'll also find that Sportsbet offers Same Game Multis for some of the most popular sports betting markets as well as a variety of player bets, team bets, special bets, and futures betting options on top of the regular match result, handicap, and totals markets.

      🏉 Sportsbet AFL

      AFL is Australia's sport and Sportsbet rightly covers AFL better than almost any other betting site. Aussies can bet on pre-match, live, and future AFL matches with everything from player specials to standard win bets, margin bets, handicap bets, player specials, outrights, and much more. Sportsbet's AFL markets are diverse and they have previews for every game.

      🏉 Sportbet NRL

      Just like AFL, Sportsbet's NRL markets are more than enough for the casual Aussie punter. You can also play NRL tipping games on Sportsbet or you can place a range of bets that include handicap bets, win bets, player props, multis, try bets and much much more. Sportsbet's NRL section also has plenty of information in the leadup to each game week. NRL grand final betting is also huge on Sportsbet.

      🏀 Sportsbet NBA

      It may not be an Aussie league but the NBA is hugely popular for Aussie punters on Sportsbet. With 30 NBA teams playing a total of 1,230 games a year, including a 2-month playoff series in May/June, there are tens of thousands of NBA bets you can make in a year on Sportsbet.

      🏇 Sportsbet Horse Racing

      We've already talked about Sportsbet's horse racing markets in this review but it's worth saying again that Sportsbet treats their racing punters well with good specials, free live streaming and plenty of additional stats and information that can help you to make educated bets.

      🥊 Sportbet UFC

      UFC is one of the fastest-growing sports for betting (perhaps only behind Esports). As such, Sportsbet's UFC fight night odds are well-trafficked by Sportsbet punters. UFC bettors can bet on the number rounds, method of win and can also place multis across multiple fights.

      🎉 Sportsbet Novelties (hottest 100, bachelorette, politics)

      Sportsbet has an impressive range of novelty markets, often with better odds than on other betting sites. On Sportsbet Australia, you can bet on world elections, the Nobel Peace Prize, the Bachelorette, Triple J's Hottest 100 as well as plenty of other television and entertainment bets.

      ️⚽️ Sportsbet EPL

      Sportsbet's EPL offerings are solid and odds are often reasonably priced. EPL betting on Sportsbet is the most popular soccer league but plenty of Aussies also bet on the A-League, World Cup, Champions League, and even more niched soccer matches like Russian Women's soccer. You can also create Same Game Multis for most of the world's top soccer leagues on Sportsbet.

      🏏 Sportsbet Cricket

      No Australian betting site would survive, let alone gain the reputation that Sportsbet has without offering cricket betting. Cricket markets on Sportsbet are diverse and they include everything from international test matches to ODIs and the ICC Cricket World Cup. You'll also find cricket odds for the IPL, Super Smash, Big Bash and local cricket matches on Sportsbet.

      Sportsbet Online Features

      Sportsbet's online betting site and mobile app have some top features that may improve your betting experience (depending on what you're looking for).

      Sportsbet's Cash Card makes depositing and withdrawing easy.

      The Sportsbet Blog is a great place for accessing previews and tips for upcoming events while Sportsbet live betting and Sportsbet multis allow you to place tons of unique bets.

      Sportsbet Online Betting Features

      Featured below are some of the top betting features available on Sportsbet online. These are by no means all of the features that you can expect to see so we recommend signing up with Sportsbet when you're done here to get a better feeling of what they offer.

      💳 Sportsbet Cash Card

      The Sportsbet Cash Card is Master Card that is connected to your Sportsbet account. After verifying your Sportsbet account you can apply for the Sportsbet Card for free. The Sportsbet Cash Card can be used anywhere that Master Card is accepted including for online purchases, at ATMs or in-store (the card even has Tap & Go). The Sportsbet Cash Card is safe and secure and also lets you deposit and withdraw from your betting account instantly.

      📰 Sportsbet Blog

      The Sportsbet Blog has daily racing and sports tips, match previews and predictions. The Sportsbet blog is ideal for bettors who want to make more informed bets and its a huge plus that it is accessible via the Sportsbet website so that you don't need to go searching for your betting tips. The Sportsbet blog and YouTube channel are also great places to find interviews and racing predictions.

      🕘 Sportsbet Live Betting

      Live betting on Sportsbet is available via the phone at 13 BETS (13 23 87). All live betting markets on Sportsbet can be found under the 'Bet Live' tab in the menu. Live betting markets also have a 'Phone Icon' at the top of each market. To place your live bet even faster you can use your Sportsbet Fast Code. When you click on the odds that you want to bet on, your Fast Code will appear. Simply call the Sportsbet live betting number and quote your full name and your Fast Code.

      Live online betting is illegal in Australia, but not via the phone, which is why Sportsbet only offers live betting via their phone betting line.

      🔢 Sportsbet Multis

      There are a number of different Multis that you can place on Sportsbet, these include:

      Same Race Multis: When you're in an eligible racing market, select the 'Same Race Multi' tab and create your bet. You can select up to four runners, and where they will place, when creating a Same Race Multi.

      Racing Multi Builder: From the menu, select 'Racing Multi Builder'. Here you can combine Win and Place odds to create a multi from as many races as you want. Alternatively, select the bets you want to add to your multi from each racing market and then combine them into a multi within your betslip.

      Same Game Multis: When you're in a sports betting market, select the odds that you want to combine. They will appear in your betslip and here you can combine the legs that you want into your same game multi.

      Sport Multi Builder: You can build a sports multi from many different events by using the 'Sports Multi Builder' tab in the Sportsbet menu or by adding selections from your betslip into a multi from within your betslip.

      💬 Ladbrokes Customer Support

      Sportsbet's Customer Support team is available 24/7 on the phone, via live chat, or by email. To live chat with the Sportsbet support staff log into their website or app and select Live Chat from the menu. Otherwise, you can email Sportsbet at or call them on 1800 990 907. We found the Sportsbet customer service team to be friendly but a little less helpful than the support teams from other Australian betting sites.

      ℹ️ Sportsbet Best Bet Tips

      Sportsbet has a blog with sports and racing betting tips and previews but they also have a Best Bet Tips section which gives you new racing betting tips every day. To access the Best Bet Tips, simply head to any popular racing event or select 'Best Bet Tips' from the Sportsbet menu. You'll find that new tips are given out each day, and for each race. The runners listed in the 'Best of the Day' section are the ones the experts believe are most likely to win whereas the 'Value Bet' runners are the runners that the experts are less sure about but that are paying well.

      How to use the Sportsbet Website

      You don't need to have Sportbet account to access their website however many parts of the website, including the account section, specials section, promotions section and live streaming offerings won't be able to be used unless you have an account.

      Below we've explained how to use the Sportsbet website from signing up to verifying your account, depositing and withdrawing and, of course, placing a bet.

      1. Sportsbet Sign Up

      To sign up with Sportsbet, you only need to enter a few pieces of information. When signing up with Sportsbet there's no obligation to bet or deposit money - it's basically like creating a Facebook account.

      How do you sign up with Sportsbet?

      1. Click on the 'Sign Up with Sportsbet' button below
      2. Click 'Join Now' on the Sportsbet website
      3. Use your Google account or enter some personal details
      4. Create login details
      5. Click 'Create Account'
      Information needed for Sportsbet online sign-up

      When you begin the Sportsbet signup, you'll have the option of using your Google account. If you don't want to sign up with Google you can enter the following details:

      • Title
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Date of Brith
      • Country
      • Address
      • Mobile
      • Email Address
      • Username
      • Password

      2. Sportsbet Verification

      Sportsbet will try to automatically verify your account based on the information that you provide when signing up. Sometimes this is successful, other times it is not. If unsuccessful you will need to verify your Sportsbet account online.

      Know that account verification is required by the Australian government to ensure that punters are 18 and legally allowed to bet in Australia. Account verification must be completed before you can withdraw any winnings from Sportsbet.

      How do you verify your Sportsbet account?

      1. Login to Sportbet's website and go to My Account
      2. Select 'Get Verified'
      3. Choose from the list of ID options
      4. Enter the corresponding information at it appears on your ID
      5. Select 'Verify These Details'
      Sportsbet Verification ID Documents

      The following ID documents can be used to verify your Sportsbet account:

      Primary Documents

      • Passport
      • Driver's Licence
      • Proof of Age Card/Key Pass
      • National Identity Card

      Secondary Documents

      • Utility Bill
      • Property Rates Notice
      • insurance Notice
      • Motor Vehicle Registration
      • Property Lease Agreement

      Contact Sportsbet at for help. Note that all ID information must match your registration information.

      3. Sportsbet Payment Methods

      You can make deposits and withdrawals via the Sportsbet website or app. You can make deposits without verifying your account within the first 14 days of registering your account. After this period, you will need to verify your account to make additional deposits. You will also not be able to withdraw until you have verified your account

      How do you deposit and withdraw on Sportbet?

      1. Head to 'My Account'
      2. Select 'Deposits' or 'Withdrawals'
      3. Choose a payment method and enter any information required
      4. Choose how much you wish to pay/withdraw
      5. Select 'Deposit' or 'Withdraw'
      Sportsbet Australia Payment Options

      Sportsbet deposits and withdrawals can be made using the following methods.

      Sportsbet Deposit Methods

      • Visa Card (Instant)
      • Master Card (Instant)
      • PayPal (Instant)
      • Apple Pay (Instant)
      • POLi (Instant)
      • Sportsbet Cash Card (Instant)
      • Bank Transfer (24-48 hours)
      • BPAY (24-48 hours)

      Sportsbet Withdrawal Methods

      • Sportsbet Card (Instant)
      • PayPal (1 to 2 business days)
      • Bank Transfer (1 to 2 business days)

      To get the Sportsbet Cash Card you first need to verify your Sportsbet account.

      4. Placing a bet on Sportsbet

      The process for placing a bet on the Sportsbet website and app is much the same as for other betting sites in Australia. Be aware that you will need to deposit money into your Sportsbet account before you can bet. Your first deposit may take a little longer than later deposits so we recommend depositing soon after signing up to make sure that you don't miss the chance to place a bet when the time comes.

      How do you place a bet on Sportsbet?

      1. Use the menu or search bar to find a sport or racing market
      2. Select the odds that you want
      3. In your betslip, add your bet stake
      4. If you are happy with your selection, hit 'Place bet'
      5. Easy as!
      Sportsbet Betting Example

      Let's say that you want to bet on the Greyhounds at Sandown Park.

      After finding the event by using the search bar or the Sportsbet racing menu you see that the next race to jump is Race 9.

      After reading some of the runner comments, studying the form guide and reading the expert tips from The Watchdog you think that there is good value on #6 Xerri.

      You can also see from the Sportsbet price fluctuations that Xerri's price hasn't increased meaning punters are still confident that they'll race decently well.

      You choose to take the fixed odds win price of 6.00.

      You enter your bet stake of $10 in your betslip and then click 'Place bet'.

      If Xerri wins the race you stand to win $60.00 for a profit of $50.00.

      Sportsbet Same Game Multi

      Below is a step-by-step guide on how to place a Same Game Multi with Sportsbet.

      Sportsbet is a popular site for Same Game Multis, but we have found their odds are a bit stingy, as are their markets. For example, Bet365 provides options for nearly all players to get 10+ disposals in AFL, while Sportsbet only provides about half the field to get 15+ disposals - and none at 10+.

      They still just make it into our Top 10 betting sites for Same Game Multi. For all you need to know on Same Game Multis and to find even better operators than Sportsbet, visit our Same Game Multi page.

      How to Place a Same Game Multi on Sportsbet

      1. Log in to your Sportsbet account.
      2. Head to the side bar and select Sports.
      3. Select the Sport you want to bet on and find the match you want to place a Same Game Multi on.
      4. Once you are in the selected game, click Same Game Multi
      5. Select the markets you want to include in the Same Game Multi (this can include head to head or player goals).
      6. Click Add to Bet Slip
      7. Select the amount you wish to stake on your bet, and click Place Bet

      Sportsbet Website

      The Sportsbet website changes constantly with minor, and more major updates, as new betting technology and web design is implemented. However, the overall look, feel and usability of the Sportsbet site hasn't changed significantly in the last couple of years. Here's a quick overview of the Sportsbet website for punters who like to bet on the web.

      Overview of the Sportsbet Website

      The look of the Sportsbet Website

      Sportsbet's website is filled with images, icons, and betting markets. At times this can be a little overwhelming however the range of popular markets covered should suit most punters. On mobile, the Sportsbet website is condensed so that the menu can be expanded. This makes for a better overall experience because the screen is only taken up by a few markets at a time. Sportsbet's classic blue and yellow colour scheme is evident throughout the Sportsbet website and helps to keep the site looking fresh and interesting.

      The feel of the Sportsbet Website

      The Sportsbet website's homepage can be a lot for first-time punters with sliding promotions and many markets on display. However, when you enter a market there is less irrelevant information to be seen so it becomes less in-your-face. We like the fact that your betslip is always open on the right-hand side of the Sportsbet website so you can see all of your pending and active bets easily.

      Navigating through the Sportsbet Website

      When you enter the Sportsbet website you'll see that you can navigate between sports and racing markets using the main tab at the top/middle of the page. You can then filter between different codes using the menu with icons, or the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. We appreciate that Sportsbet also has a search bar at the top of the page that you can use to go directly to the market you want.

      When you enter a sports or racing event on the Sportsbet website you'll notice that you can filter between meets, matches, or dates to find the specific event that you want. Races with fixed odds and live streaming have corresponding icons and if you're looking to build a multi then select the Multi tab.

      The menu on the left-hand side of the Sportsbet website (or expandable on mobile) is a great place to go if you want to find a featured market, build a multi, or access other Sportbet features like their Help Centre, Live Chat, Blackbook, Best Bet Tips, Cash Card, Specials or Live Betting section. You can access your account information, deposits, and withdrawals section at any time by selecting the $ value at the top of the page.