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Betfair Australia

The Betfair Exchange provides punters with a unique way to bet where instead of betting against the bookmaker you offer and accept bets from other Australian punters. The result is that you will sometimes find great odds on Betfair but often you'll also see that many betting markets aren't available (at good prices). The exchange can also be confusing for new bettors and Betfair's small grid-like website and navigation don't help. Despite this, Betfair does have many payment options and a solid customer support team.

Betfair Pros & Cons

  • Bet 'for' or 'against'
  • Good for novelty bets
  • Best betting site for trading
  • Hard to use
  • Many markets are missing
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Betfair quick facts
Game TypesBetting Exchange
Deposit methodsVisa, Mastercard, PayPal, POLi, BPAY, Bank Transfer, NETELLER, Skrill, PayID, Osko
Withdrawal methodsBank Transfer, PayPal, NETELLER, Skrill
Odds providerBetfair Exchange
Betting functionsLive Betting
AppsAndroid (Google Play), Apple (App Store)
SupportEmail, Phone, Live Phone Betting
OwnerCrown Resorts Ltd
Founded Year1999

Betfair Review

Betfair is not your traditional sportsbook, in fact, the Australian Betfair site is not a sportsbook at all, it is a betting exchange. This means that when you place your bets with Betfair you are actually betting against other Aussie punters.

Betfair’s unique approach to sports betting means that the odds you get can sometimes be the best of any Australian betting site.

However, after using the Betfair app for some time you'll also come to realise that many betting options aren't available and/or that the prices offered for many betting options are pretty bad.

It is also important to note that the Betfair exchange can be used just like a traditional betting site but the navigation and design are not very intuitive or easy to use.

Why we like Betfair ✅

  • The Australian Betfair exchange allows you to bet both 'for' and 'against' events
  • Betfair is good for popular novelty bets like US elections and reality TV show winners
  • The Betfair exchange is the only betting site where trading is realistic and even encouraged

Why we don't like Betfair ❌

  • The Betfair website is hard to use, doesn't look very good and the app is slow and prone to crashing
  • Betfair does not have a sportsbook so you have to rely on other punters (many many betting markets have bad prices or are unavailable)

Betfair Rating: 9/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Betfair Australia FAQ

❓ What is Betfair?

First and foremost, Betfair is an Australian betting site. They are licensed to offer sports betting services to punters in Australia and are based in the Northern Territory.

Betfair is, however, unlike other betting sites in Australia, instead of offering a traditional sportsbook, their betting platform is a betting exchange.

A betting exchange works like a traditional sportsbook except instead of Betfair offering you odds for a particular betting market, you can choose to offer the odds yourself, or instead, you can take the odds from another punter who is offering them to you (more below).

📈 What is the Betfair Exchange?

Instead of offering odds for sports betting markets themselves, the Betfair betting exchange allows Australian punters to place bets with other Aussies who have set the odds themself. The Betfair exchange also allows you to set the odds for a sports market and then other punters can place a bet with you instead.

Unlike other betting sites, Betfair does not alter the odds to make sure that they always win, instead you, or other Aussie punters set the odds.

Note that Betfair makes their money by charging a commission on any winnings that you make. In Australia, this commission rate varies depending on the sport that you bet on but the Market Base Rate (average commission rate) is 5%.

📋 How does Betfair work?

Betfair is a betting exchange which means that punters can either choose to accept a bet (Back) or offer a bet (Lay).

If you Back a bet on Betfair you are betting as you normally would on a traditional Australian betting site. You choose how much money you want to bet, at the odds offered, and if you win your bet then you get your stake back, plus your winnings. If you lose your Back bet, you only lose your bet stake.

If you choose to Lay a bet then you are acting as the bookmaker. You set the odds at which you are offering your bet to other punters and you choose how much you want to stake. If another punter backs your Lay bet, then it is live and if you win, you receive your bet stake back, plus the stake of the punter who matches your bet. If you lose, then you have to pay the Liability (shown when you place your bet) which covers the winnings that the punter who backs your bet is eligible to receive.

💼 Who owns Betfair?

The Australian Betfair site is fully owned by Crown Resorts Ltd (the owners of Crown Casino in Melbourne). It is licensed by the Northern Territory Government of Australia.

Somewhat confusingly, the International Betfair brand is owned by Flutter which owns the international betting sites Paddy Power and the Australian betting site Sportsbet. Sportsbet recently merged with BetEasy which now operates under the Sportsbet name.

🇦🇺 Where is Betfair based?

Betfair Australia is based in the Northern Territory but its call centres are based in Darwin. Betfair UK is based in Hammersmith in West London but this company is fully separate from the Australian Betfair site.

💸 How do you withdraw money on Betfair?

Betfair Australia has limited withdrawal methods, especially compared with their deposit methods and the withdrawal methods of other Australian betting sites.

You can withdraw money from Betfair using:

  • Bank Transfer (1-3 working days)
  • PayPal (Max 24 hours)
  • NETELLER (Max 24 hours)
  • Skrill (Max 24 hours)

You can deposit money into Betfair using:

  • Visa (Instant)
  • Mastercard (Instant)
  • PayPal (Instant)
  • POLi (Instant)
  • BPAY (2-5 working days)
  • Bank Transfer (1-3 working days)
  • NETELLER (Instant)
  • Skrill (Instant)
  • PayID (10mins - 12hrs)
  • Osko (10mins - 12hrs)

🕘 How do you place a live bet on Betfair?

You can place a live bet on Betfair by using their live phone betting service as long as the event you want to bet on has an ‘In-Play’ icon.

To place a live bet on Betfair Australia:

  • Call 132 BET (132 238)
  • Quote your Telephone Account Number (TAN)
  • Give the details of the Back or Lay bet that you want to place (min $50)

Note that live betting on the Betfair site is only available to customers outside of Australia, like New Zealanders, due to Australia’s strict laws against live betting online. Most betting sites, like Betfair, get around this restriction by offering live phone betting which is still legal in Australia.

💰 What is the Betfair Sign-Up Bonus?

Unfortunately, Australian betting sites are not allowed to advertise sign-up bonuses and welcome offers to Australian punters who do not already have Betfair accounts.

How to use Betfair

Betfair doesn’t look like other Australian betting sites and that’s because they offer a betting exchange - which is a little different to a traditional betting site. Many Aussie bettors are also put off by Betfair’s spreadsheet-like design and poor navigation.

1. Betfair Sign-Up

The sign-up process for Betfair Australia is quite simple.

  1. Click on one of the buttons to the Betfair site on this page
  2. Select ‘Join Now’ on the Australian Betfair site
  3. Enter some basic personal details (see below)
  4. Add funds and start playing!
    Information Needed for Betfair Sign-Up
    • Given & Last Name(s)
    • Date of Birth
    • Country (Australia or New Zealand)
    • Address
    • Mobile Number
    • Email Address
    • Password
    • Security Question & Answer
    • Betfair Account Currency
    • Deposit Limit
    Betfair Australia Sign Up

    The Betfair Sign-Up process is quick and easy - here's what it looks like

    2. Betfair Log In

    If the Betfair Sign-Up process was simple then the Betfair Log In process is even easier.

    Your Betfair username is your email address and your password is set during the sign-up process. If you forget your password you can use your security question to access your Betfair account.

    3. Betfair Verification

    The Betfair verification process in Australia is called the Betfair ID Check.

    The Betfair verification process works two ways.

    1. Electronic verification - Betfair Australia will automatically try to verify your account based on the information that you provide upon sign-up. Automatic verification can take anywhere between a couple of hours to 24 hours and if it is successful then Betfair will send you an email confirming that your account has been verified.
    2. Personal Identification - Betfair Australia will send you an email asking you to manually verify your account. This process is simple and you will be required to send Betfair Australia ( a scan/photo of one of the documents listed below.
    Accepted Betfair ID Documents
    • Passport
    • Driver’s Licence
    • National ID Card
    • Citizenship Certificate

    Your Betfair Account will be suspended if it has not been verified within 14 days of registration. You will still be able to access your Betfair account but it will need to be verified before you can make any more bets.

    You will need to verify your Betfair account before you can withdraw any funds from bets you have made.

    Account verification is standard in the Australian betting industry as betting sites must determine that you are who you say you are, that you are an Australian punter and that you are over 18.

    4. Betfair Payment Methods

    Betfair offers Australian punters a range of deposit methods, but only a few withdrawal methods for betting payments.

    Betfair Australia Payment Methods

    Betfair Payment Methods Include:

    Betfair Deposits

    • Visa (Instant)
    • Mastercard (Instant)
    • PayPal (Instant)
    • POLi (Instant)
    • BPAY (2-5 working days)
    • Bank Transfer (1-3 working days)
    • NETELLER (Instant)
    • Skrill (Instant)
    • PayID (10mins - 12hrs)
    • Osko (10mins - 12hrs)

    Betfair Withdrawals

    • Bank Transfer (1-3 working days)
    • PayPal (Max 24 hours)
    • NETELLER (Max 24 hours)
    • Skrill (Max 24 hours)
    Betfair Australia Payment Methods

    Australians can use these payment methods on Betfair Australia

    5. How to Place a Bet on the Betfair Exchange

    If you are new to the Australian Betfair site, but used to betting on a different Aussie betting site, then betting on Betfair shouldn’t be too difficult. However, if you are completely new to betting sites then Betfair’s design may be a little confusing at first.

    Here’s how to place a bet on Betfair:

    How to bet on Betfair Australia

    To place a bet on Betfair Australia, simply click the odds you want for the market you want to bet on (different odds and how much you can stake for each market is shown in the table). Then enter how much you are willing to stake on your bet and finally place your bet.

    Betfair Australia Betslip

    In this example, I chose to place a $20 back bet at odds of 1.52 on Man City to beat Wolves in the English Premier League. This bet works like a normal bet on an Australian betting site so if the bet wins I win $10.40 plus my bet stake of $20.

    🔢 Where are the Betfair odds?

    The Betfair odds for a given betting market are displayed on the right-hand side of a certain market. Default odds are in the decimal format eg. 1.52 however, this can be changed in the Betfair settings.

    The best odds available for Back bets are displayed in blue (and to the left) and the best odds available for Lay bets are displayed in pink (and to the right).

    🎏 What is the difference between pink and blue (lay and back) on Betfair?

    • Blue bets represent back bets. Back bets are just like bets that you make on a traditional Australian betting site. You choose how much money you want to bet, at the odds offered, and if you win your bet then you get your stake back, plus your winnings. If you lose your Back bet, you only lose your bet stake.
    • Pink bets represent lay bets. If you choose to Lay a bet then you are acting as the bookmaker. You set the odds at which you are offering your bet to other punters and you choose how much you want to stake. If another punter backs your Lay bet, then it is live and if you win, you receive your bet stake, plus the stake of the punter who matches your bet. If you lose, then you have to pay the Liability (shown when you place your bet) which covers the winnings that the punter who backs your bet is eligible to receive.

    💵 What is the $ amount under the odds on the Betfair Exchange?

    The money amount listed underneath the odds on the Betfair exchange is the amount of money that is available to stake, or be staked, on back or lay bets that you place.

    For back bets, it represents the amount of money that other Aussie punters have laid at the odds offered.

    For lay bets, it represents the amount of money other Aussie punters are willing to back at the odds offered.

    Any back bets or lay bets that exceed the money amount offered will be offered to future punters who want to accept your bets.

    💰 What does the matched AUD amount mean on Betfair?

    The matched $ amount displayed on the top right-hand corner of a given Betfair market represents the amount of money that Aussies have backed and laid on the game in question. These bets are “Matched” because all back bets have been matched by lay bets so all bets are ‘live’.

    📁 Why are some bets blank on Betfair?

    If a bet is blank on the Australian Betfair exchange it is because nobody has backed or laid that bet yet. To place a back or a lay bet you can click on the empty box, choose your stake and then choose your odds and confirm.

    💸 What happens if nobody takes my lay bet or back bet on Betfair AU?

    If you offer a back bet or lay bet on the Betfair exchange and nobody chooses to match your bet then your bet stake will be refunded to you in full. Also, it is possible that somebody will only match your back/lay bet by half, or a quarter (or any fraction). In this case, the unmatched portion of your bet stake will be refunded to you.

    💳 What does liability mean on Betfair?

    On Betfair AU, liability refers to the amount of money you will lose if your bet (back or lay) loses. As such, you need to have the liability amount in your account to be able to place a bet.

    The liability of a back bet is just your bet stake, as this is the amount of money that you would use when placing a traditional bet with an Australian betting site.

    Back bet liability = Bet Stake

    The liability of a lay bet combines both your bet stake, and the amount of additional money you have to pay to the punter(s) that back your bet. Liability of a lay bet is calculated by multiplying the lay odds by the backer’s stake and then subtracting the backer’s stake.

    Lay bet liability = [lay odds] x [backer’s stake] - [backer’s stake]

    Betfair Exchange

    The Betfair betting site in Australia is actually a betting exchange. This means that as a punter you are not getting your odds from Betfair, you are getting odds from other Australians who are offering them to you. The Betfair exchange also allows you to act as the betting site and offer other Aussies odds for different sports events.

    The odds you recieve on Betfair can sometimes be better than the odds you find on any other Australian betting site

    For all the information you need to place a bet on Betfair Australia, read our how to bet on Betfair Australia section.

    Otherwise, here’s everything you need to know about how Betfair works:

    Betfair Lay Bet vs. Back Bet

    Back Bet

    Put simply, a back bet is when you bet on an outcome happening. If you have ever used a traditional Australian betting site then you have been back betting.

    Key elements of a Betfair back bet:

    • Odds - You can choose to take the best available odds, or set your won odds on the Betfair exchange. This is the number your bet stake is multiplied by to calculate your winnings.
    • Stake - The amount of money that you want to wager on your back bet. If you win your bet you will receive your bet stake back, multiplied by the odds at which you place your bet.
    • Liability - Your bet stake. This is how much you will lose if your bet does not win.
    Betfair Back Bet Example

    Richmond Football Club is playing Adelaide Football Club in the AFL.

    You think Adelaide is going to win but they are underdogs.

    The best odds offered on Betfair for Adelaide to win the match are 4.6.

    You place a $20 back bet on Adelaide to win at odds of 4.6.

    Adelaide win the match and you receive $92 ($72 profit).

    Lay Bet

    A lay bet is when you act as the bookmaker and offer odds, and an amount of money, that you are willing to accept bets from other Aussie punters.

    A lay bet is a bet that an outcome will not happen.

    Key elements of a Betfair lay bet:

    • Backer’s Odds - You choose the odds at which you are prepared to accept bets from Australian bettors.
    • Backer’s stake - The amount of money that you are willing to accept a back bet for. This is the amount of money you will if the outcome you are laying does not happen.
    • Liability - The amount you have to pay to the backer if the outcome does happen. Your liability for a lay bet = [lay odds] x [backer’s stake] - [backer’s stake].
    Betfair Lay Bet Example

    Richmond Football Club is playing Adelaide Football Club in the AFL.

    You think Adelaide is going to win but they are underdogs.

    The best lay odds offered on Betfair for Richmond to not win the match are 4.7.

    You place a $20 lay bet on Richmond to not win (i.e Adelaide to win) to win at odds of 4.7.

    Adelaide win the match and you receive $40 (your bet stake plus $20 profit).

    If Richmond had won the match you would be liable to pay $74 (4.7 x 20 - 20).

    How does Betfair commission work?

    Betfair Australia is not your usual Australian betting site, they are betting exchange, and as such, they make their money by charging a commission based on your winnings.

    Your losses on Betfair will never be charged a commission.

    Betfair commission rates for a given market can be found by clicking on the ‘Rules’ button on the Betfair site or betting app

    Betfair commission in Australia is calculated by applying the Market Base Rate (MBR) to your winnings after a market has been settled. The MBR for different sports varies but ranges from 2.5% to 10% and averages 5%.

    See the table below for Betfair AU’s sports and state-specific commission rates.

    Betfair players in Australia can earn discounted commission rates based on their Betfair loyalty points. Read more about discounted commission rates on Betfair here.

    Betfair Australia Comission Rates

    Betfair Australia's commission rates depend on the state you bet in and the sport you are betting on

    What is Betfair Trading?

    The Betfair exchange is a bit like a stock market. Odds fluctuate depending on what real punters think different betting markets should be priced at. This means that you often get the best odds of any betting site on Betfair because the prices on Betfair usually represent the true market value for bets.

    Because Betfair markets are always in flux, particularly as sports events get closer to kick-off, some punters like to trade on Betfair (just as financial traders trade on the stock market).

    Betfair trading can be a little daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s pretty simple.

    When you trade on Betfair, you are predicting a change in odds. By Backing and laying the same odds, at different times, you can profit off odds increases/decreases.

    For example, by backing a certain bet a high odds, and then laying the same bet at lower odds later on, you can guarantee yourself a profit.

    Betfair Trading Simplified

    Here are the basics of a simple Betfair trading in an example:

    Sydney FC is playing the Melbourne Victory in an A-League football match.

    Whether you think the game will be a draw or not you choose to back the draw at odds of 3.0 with a stake of $20.

    If the game ends as a draw you get a profit of $40, if the game does not end as a draw you lose $20.

    At half-time, the game is tied 1-1 and the odds for a draw decrease to 2.0. You now lay the draw with a stake of $25.

    If the game does not end in a draw you receive $30, and if it does end in a draw you lose $30.

    As you can see regardless of whether the game ends as a draw or not, you make a profit of $10.

    • Draw = $40 profit from back bet - $30 loss from lay bet = $10 profit
    • No Draw = $30 profit from lay bet - $20 loss from back bet = $10 profit

    There is plenty of software out there that makes knowing how much you need to back and lay to make a profit even simpler including features within Betfair’s own trading software.

    There are many other ways to trade on Betfair, this is just a simple one bet before you become a master trader we recommend signing up for Betfair and getting familiar with their site.

    💲 What is the Betfair Starting Price (BSP)?

    For Australian, New Zealand and International horse racing, Betfair offers punters the market-leading starting price.

    This means that if you choose to use the BSP you will get better odds than any other Australian betting site.

    The Betfair Starting Price is calculated by looking at all back and lay bets that are unmatched at the close of the market. A fair starting price is then calculated and given to punters who select BSP odds.

    Like all Betfair exchange bets, there’s no profit margin built-in so you can be sure that you will get the best racing odds with Betfair’s BSP.

    Betfair App

    The Betfair app is an okay option for any Aussie who wants to use the Betfair exchange from their mobile phone but we reckon there are better mobile betting alternatives out there.

    Betfair App Pros ✅

    • Full access to Australia’s biggest and best-betting exchange
    • Free on Apple and Android
    • Form hub and price graphs for all the statistics you need

    Betfair App Cons ❌

    • Some markets are not available
    • You will find bad prices for many bets
    • No back button so have to navigate through menus
    • Spreadsheet design can be hard to use
    • Issues with bugs and crashes

    Betfair App Review ⚖️

    The Betfair Australia app is free to download on the App Store or from the Google Play Store.

    We do and don't rate like the Betfair app for a number of reasons.

    First and foremost, the Betfair app is the only place you can access a betting exchange from your mobile in Australia. Betfair’s unique exchange betting site sometimes has the best sports odds in Australia so being able to take this on the go is a huge plus.

    The Betfair app is a condensed version of their desktop site which we think makes betting on Betfair app a little easier, especially for beginners because there is less to look at and be distracted by. Despite this, Betfair's navigation and design are quite hard to use and understand so there's plenty of better alternatives, especially for beginners.

    You have full access to price graphs, sports statistics, and race form on the Betfair app which means that you don’t have to give anything up when placing mobile bets with Betfair. Also, note that you will see the full market when you turn your phone on its side but this doesn't make for a great overall betting experience.

    You can also access your account from the Betfair app which makes depositing, withdrawing, and managing your settings easier.

    Betfair Exchange Australia App

    You can access the full Australian Betfair Exchange on the Android and Apple Betfair apps

    Betfair Live

    For Betfair Live Betting see below.

    Betfair Live is Betfair’s own racing market watching tool that lets Aussie (and Kiwi) exchange bettors visualize the way betting markets are trending with graphs, statistics and interactive graphics.

    On Betfair Live you can:

    • Compare the best tote and corporate prices for horse and greyhound races
    • Access detailed runner statistics
    • See price changes in fluctuation charts
    • Visualize price and volume metrics using graphs
    • Quickly identify which side of the bt most of the money is weighted on
    • Filter races by region
    • Place bets
    • Bet Live can be accessed on the Betfair App
    Betfair live australia

    Betfair live helps you to understand different Betfair betting markets with tools, graphs, statistics and more

    Betfair Live Betting

    Betfair’s live betting section is called Betfair In-Play.

    With Betfair In-Play you can bet on most horse, greyhound and sports betting markets live.

    Online live betting is restricted by the Australian government, however, Australians can still bet live with Betfair on the phone.

    To place a live bet on the Betfair exchange in Australia:

    1. Click on one of the buttons on this page and create a Betfair account
    2. Find a betting market that has a green ‘in-play’ icon
    3. Call 132 BET (132 238) and quote your Telephone Account Number (TAN)
    4. Give the details of the Back or Lay bet that you want to place (min $50)

    Because of Australia’s strict betting laws against live betting we love to see that Betfair gets around this by offering live phone betting. What is more, because of the nature of the Betfair exchange and that odds are set by Aussies and not a bookmaker, you will likely find the best live odds of any Australian betting site on Betfair.

    Betfair also lets you cash out of live bets with their phone betting service.

    Betfair Contact

    You can contact the Betfair customer support team with each of the following methods. The Betfair Australia call centre is open 24/7.

    Betfair Australia Contact

    Betfair Phone Betting Australia

    • 132 BET (132 238)

    Betfair Helpdesk Australia

    • 1300 BETFAIR (1300 238 324)

    Betfair Phone Betting New Zealand

    • 0800 567 002

    Betfair Helpdesk New Zealand

    • 08 0023 8324

    Betfair Email


    Betfair International Phone Australia

    • +61 132 238

    Betfair Customer Support

    When it comes to customer support Betfair is a friendly, helpful betting site. The customer support team is available 24/7 by phone and via email however, it’s a little disappointing to see that Betfair doesn’t offer a live chat option to Australian using their betting exchange.

    One of the really good things about Betfair is that they have a detailed FAQ page and great How To videos. This means that if you don’t get all the betting information you need from this review you will likely find the answers on Betfair's site.

    Betfair AU will also give punters a demonstration on how to use any aspect of the betting exchange that they want. To get a demonstration you simply have to call 1300 238 324.

    Betfair Promotions

    Betfair Promo Code

    If you’ve been searching the web for a Betfair promo code then you have probably come across a bunch of links that claim to be Betfair promo codes. We are here to set the record straight.

    There are no current Betfair promo codes for Australia

    Betfair promo codes do exist for UK customers but due to Australia's strict laws against sign-up bonuses and promotions for new customers, there are no Betfair promo codes available for Aussies.

    This is a little disappointing but all betting sites in Australia are in the same boat so we don’t blame Betfair.

    Betfair Sign-Up Bonus

    As we mentioned above, Australian betting laws do not allow sign-up bonuses to entice users to join betting sites.

    This means that a Betfair sign-up bonus does not exist in Australia.

    You should ignore what you read online from sites claiming to offer you a Betfair sign-up bonus because they are illegal in Australia.

    Betfair Sports

    You’ll find many of the biggest sports events and some more obscure ones on the Australian Betfair site. Be aware that you’ll only be able to bet on markets that other Aussies also want to bet on since the Betfair exchange requires other Aussie punters to match your bets. This means that a lot of betting markets are not available on Betfair.

    This means that Betfair is best for big sports betting markets like the NRL, AFL, Golf, Football, and Cricket.

    If you are looking for a better racing betting site then know that you will always get the best Starting price odds with Betfair’s Starting Price which averages around 10% better than the standard tote price.

    Betfair is also the best betting site for US election betting with a top range of well-priced odds for many political, and entertainment, bets.

    🏏 Betfair Cricket

    You’ll find cricket betting markets on Betfair for International tests and ODI’s and also for top leagues like the IPL, Big Bash, and Sheffield Shield.

    🏌 Betfair Golf

    Betfair’s golf betting selections include all the major tournaments and cups.

    🇺🇸 Betfair US Election

    You’ll find the best odds for the US election on Betfair and Betfair’s political betting markets often represent the real market price for political bets.

    🏇 Betfair Racing

    With the best starting prices in the industry, Betfair is a good place to bet on horses in Australia.

    ️⚽️ Betfair Football

    Football betting markets are varied on Betfair with heaps of options for top leagues and tournaments including the EPL, A-League, Champions League, and FIFA World Cup.

    🏉 Betfair AFL

    Betfair’s AFL commission rate is low (2.5%) and when you consider that the AFL odds on Betfair may be better than for any other Aussie betting site we think that Betfair is a decent AFL betting site.

    🏉 Betfair NRL

    The biggest Rugby League competition in the world is another popular betting market for NRL bettors in Australia.

    Betfair promo

    You've made it the end of this review! Click here to sign-up with Betfair and get your hands on Australia's best sports betting odds.

    Betfair review

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