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Biggest Daily Fantasy Prize Pools

Draftstars Overview

Hands down, Draftstars is Australia's best fantasy betting site. There are no season-long commitments, entry fees range from $0 to hundreds of dollars and Draftstars has Australia's biggest fantasy betting prizes. AFL, NRL, EPL, NBA, NFL, Racing, Golf, and heaps of other sports are available on Draftstars' easy-to-use website and apps. With head-to-head challenges, free fantasy games, private matches, and public leagues there's something to suit every Australian fantasy player. Draftstars is not a good choice for traditional betting though.

Draftstars Pros & Cons

  • Play for free or real money
  • Daily fantasy for 15+ sports
  • Public & private competitions
  • Fantasy betting only
  • Limited payment options
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Draftstars quick facts
Game TypesDaily Fantasy Sports Betting
Deposit methodsVisa, MasterCard, POLi
Withdrawal methodsBank Transfer
Betting functionsFantasy Betting, Head to Head Fantasy, Rapidfire Fantasy
AppsApple (App Store), Android (Google Play)
SupportContact Form, DraftStars Group Chat, Twitter, Facebook
OwnerPlayup Interactive Pty Limited
Founded Year2015

Draftstars Review

Draftstars launched in 2016 with the goal of becoming Australia's biggest Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting site. In 2018, they were bought by PlayUp who has since helped to grow the Draftsars brand in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and India.

Now with over 300,000 global players, plans to become the world’s first fully integrated, blockchain-enabled sports community and a variety of different fantasy games including Classic Fantasy competitions, Head to Head matchups, and their own Rapidfire contest, Draftstars has established itself as one of the leading global players in Daily Fantasy Sports.

Why we like Draftstars ✅

  • Draftstars has the biggest fantasy betting prizes in Australia
  • Free-to-play or pay-to-play fantasy games for over 15 different sports
  • Create leagues, play with friends & join public matches on the app or the desktop site

Why we don't like Draftstars ❌

  • Draftstars offers only Visa, MasterCard, and POLi for deposits
  • There's no betting in the traditional sense - try Draftstars' parent betting site PlayUp instead

Draftstars Rating: 8/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Digging Deeper into Draftstars
Mason Kelliher

Mason Kelliher

When it comes to fantasy sports in Australia, it's hard to ignore what Draftstars is doing.

"We've taken all the best parts of sports betting, Supercoach and AFL Fantasy (Dreamteam) and packaged this into one exhilarating daily sports competition." -

Draftstars offers fantasy betting for all of Australia's favourite domestic sports including AFL fantasy, NRL fantasy, Racing fantasy, Cricket fantasy, and Golf fantasy but also for the top US and international sports including NBA fantasy, NFL fantasy, and EPL fantasy.

The unique, fun, and easy to play nature of Daily Fantasy Sports has made it one of the fastest-growing betting formats in Australia and around the world. To see what all the fuss is about, check out Draft Stars using the button below.

We should also say that not everything about Draft Stars is perfect.

There are only a few options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing, there are no promotions available, and Draft Stars' customer support team is also only available via email through the Draftstars website.

However, with 300,000 users, the biggest fantasy prize pools in Australia, and great fantasy betting apps, we still think Draft Stars is the #1 fantasy betting site in Australia.

Draft Stars Australia FAQ

❓ What is Draftstars?

Draftstars is an Australian fantasy betting site. More specifically, Draftstars is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) site. This means that Draftstars offers short term fantasy betting games.

On Draftstars, you can enter private or public competitions for free, or for a cost, for your chance to win a share of the real money prize pool. Competitions are available for individual matches, or for entire rounds within a sports league. Fantasy leagues available on Draftstars include the AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, EPL and leagues in over 10 other sports.

As a fantasy betting platform, Draftstars gives you an imaginary budget to spend to create a team made up of real professional players. Players in your Draftstars teams are awarded or deducted points based on a series of criteria including goals scored, tackles made, red cards, sixes, blocks etc. The Draftstars players whose teams have the most points are then awarded a share of the cash prize pool based on the rules of the competitions they are in.

There are also other fantasy games on Draftstars which are outlined here.

🏉 What are Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) are betting games that fall under the wider umbrella of Fantasy Sports Games. The major difference is that Daily Fantasy Sports are played on a short-term basis (for a single match or week of competition) whereas other Fanasty Sports games can last entire seasons.

Daily Fantasy Sports players, like players of other fantasy sports games, compete against each other to draft a fantasy team of real professional athletes from a given sport. Players are given a salary cap and have to build a team made up of professional athletes (also given a fictional salary).

DFS players are then awarded points based on how their players perform. For example in AFL fantasy players are awarded points based on the following criteria:

  • Kick = 3 points
  • Handball = 2 points
  • Mark = 3 points
  • Tackle = 4 points
  • Free Kick for = 1 point
  • Free Kick Against = -3 points
  • Hit Out = 1 point
  • Goal = 6 points
  • Behind = 1 point

The DFS players with the most points then win real cash prizes based on how big the prize pool is for their given competition and as per the competition rules.

📋 How does Draftstars work?

Draftstars is a daily fantasy sports betting platform that works just like other fantasy betting sites. The biggest differences are that competitions are only for single games or single weeks of competition and that you can win real money prizes if your team is successful.

How does Draftstars work?

Draftstars' Classic and Head to Head fantasy games work like so:

  1. Sign-up for Draftstars using one of the links on this page
  2. Add funds to your account
  3. Choose your competition by selecting the league, match and rules that suit you
  4. Draft your players making sure to fill a team by different positions and stay within the salary cap
  5. Submit your lineup and watch live as your team collects points

Note that competitions within each league vary by Entry Cost, Payout, Prize Pool and Size. You can also create your own competition to your specifications by clicking on the 'Create Contest' tab. Draftstars also has other fantasy games and you can learn more about them here.

🎮 How do you play Draftstars?

Draftstars Classic

For anyone who has played fantasy before, Draftstars should be very familiar. The most popular Draftstars game types and how to play them are outlined below.

Draftstars' Classic game can be played like so:

  1. Create a Draftstars account and add funds
  2. Choose your competition from the lobby or create your own
  3. Pick a lineup. Your team must be within the salary cap and must fill the required positions for the game type
  4. Submit your lineup and follow your team as they collect points in real-time
  5. Receive your winnings automatically based on where you place in the competition leaderboard

Draftstars' classic game rules vary by the sport and by the fantasy competition that you choose. Game rules that differ include the Entry Cost, Prize Pool, Number of Winners, Number of Players, Number of Games, Scoring Rules, Team Size, Salary Cap, Max Number of Entries & Multipliers.

Draftstars Head to Head

Draftstars' Head to Head games can be played just like the classic game

The only difference is that you are only competing against one player and not a group and therefore only the winner takes home the prize pool.

Draftstars Rapidfire

Draftstars' Rapidfire game can be played like so:

  1. Create a Draftstars account and add funds
  2. Choose your Rapidfire competition by selecting the Rapidfire tab on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Pick which player will earn more Draftstars points in 5 different one vs one match-ups

If you are playing Rapidfire 3 your selections need to win 3 out of 5 of their individual match-ups for you to earn 1.8x your entry fee.

If you are playing Rapidfire 5 your selections need to win all 5 of their individual match-ups for you to earn 20x your entry fee.

💰 How do you win money on Draftstars?

Draftstars Classic

The amount of money you can win on Draftstars depends on the competition you enter, how big the prize pool is, and how many winners take home a prize.

For example, let's imagine a 6 person classic NRL competition.

  • The entry cost is $50
  • The Prize Pool is $270
  • The Payout goes to the TOP 2 players

For this competition, the 1st place player wins $162.00 ($112 profit) and the 2nd place player wins $108 ($58 profit)

When determining how much money you'll win from a classic Draftstars competition you can check the Prizes tab. This will show you how much money you will win for each place you finish in the competition leaderboard.

Different Prize Structures

You'll also want to take note of whether prize pools are Guaranteed, Multiplied, Winner-Takes-All or Custom games.

  • Guaranteed prize pools - If a prize pool is guaranteed it doesn't matter how many players enter the game, you will receive your winnings no matter what.
  • Multiplied prize pools - Multiplier games have more winners but the prizes are not as big. In Double Up competitions the top 45% of players will win double their entry fee. In Triple Up competitions the top 30% of players will win triple their entry fee.
  • Winner Takes All prize pools - Only the winner takes home the entire prize pool.
  • Custom prize pools - If a custom competition does not get the minimum number of entries required by the start of the first match it will automatically change to suit. This may mean that your potential winnings are decreased, however, it also means you will have fewer players to beat.

Draftstars Head to Head

In a head to head match-up, only the winner will take home the prize pool.

They will win their entry cost + 90% of their opponents' entry cost (with Draftstars taking the remaining 10% in commission).

For example, if the entry cost for a head to head match is $100 the prize pool will be $190 meaning the winner makes $90 profit and the loser loses their $100 entry cost.

Draftstars Rapidfire

If you are playing Rapidfire 3 you will need 3 out of 5 of your one vs one match-ups to be correct to earn 1.8x your entry fee.

If you are playing Rapidfire 5 you will need all 5 of your one vs one match-ups to be correct to earn 20x your entry fee.

    💼 Who owns Draftstars?

    Draftstars is owned by PlayUp Interactive Pty Ltd. PlayUp is a new Australian betting site that is well-known for having the best betting apps, best fixed odds and some of the most lucrative promotional offers in Australia.

    PlayUp Interactive Pty Ltd acquired Draftstars in 2018 around the same time that they bought MadBookie, ClassicBet and TopBetta.

    The CEO of PlayUp is Daniel Simic.

    🔡 Are there Draftstars promo codes?

    When it comes to promo codes, bonus offers and other betting promotions Draftstars is not your best option. Draftstars is a fantasy sports betting platform so they are not like other betting sites and promotional offers are hard to come by.

    Australian betting sites are not allowed to offer sign-up bonuses to entice new players so this means that if any promotions are available on Draftstars you will need to create an account to be eligible to receive them.

    📲 Is Draftstars' app good?

    Yes! Draftstars' app was made by the same team that developed PlayUp's betting app and therefore it is built to the same high standard.

    The full range of Draftstars games can be played on the Draftstars app and you can also access the Fantasy Insider section of the site where you can see form statistics to help you create the best fantasy team.

    The Draftstars app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

    Read our full Draftstars App review.

    What is Draft Stars Australia?

    Draft Stars Features Include:
    • Free-Play or Pay-to-Play - Play for free, or for cash prizes, with stakes as low as 50 cents all the way up to $1000
    • Daily Games - There are no season-long commitments, instead you pick a team for one match, or round, of your chosen sport
    • Pick Multiple Teams - You can enter as many competitions as you want and create as many different teams as you want every day
    • Private & Public - You play with friends or against Draftstars players from around the world in private or public leagues
    • Create Your Own Competiton - If the type of competition you want is not available you can create your own
    • Different Fantasy Games - There is Classic fantasy, Head to Head fantasy or Drafstars' own Rapidfire fantasy games, each offering a different fantasy betting experience
    • Fantasy Tips - The PlayUp Playbook offers free fantasy tips and insights
    • Full Stats & Form - The Fantasy Insider tab lets you examine stats and form information to help you make the right picks

    Note that Draftstars is not like a traditional betting site. Instead of betting against a bookmaker, you play against other fantasy players. Also, know that Daily Fantasy Sports is not like other fantasy sports. Instead of picking one team for the season, you pick a new team (or multiple teams) for each round or match of the season.

    Read more about How to Play Draftstars here.

    Draftstars App

    When it comes to fantasy betting apps it's safe to say that Draftstars knows what they are doing. The Draftstars app was developed by the same team that made PlayUp's betting app (one of our favourite Australian betting apps) so you can be confident that their app is secure, quality and easy to use.

    Draftstars App Pros ✅

    • Free to download for Apple and Android
    • Access to all Draftsars daily fantasy games
    • Entry fees range from free games to $1000 contests
    • Play against friends or in public leagues
    • Follow your team live
    • Biggest prize pools in Australia
    • Wide range of fantasy leagues - AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, Golf, Racing, Big Bash League, One Day International and Test Cricket & more

    Draftstars App Cons ❌

    • Limited payment methods
    • No live chat
    • No traditional betting
    Draftstars Australia App

    We think that Draftstars' app is the best fantasy sports betting app in Australia

    How do you download the Draftstars app?

    How to the Draftstars app for Apple devices:

    1. Create a Draftstars account by clicking on the button below
    2. Click on the App Store download button at the bottom of the Draftstars site
    3. Download the app
    4. Easy as!

    How to the Draftstars app for Android devices:

    1. Create a Draftstars account by clicking on the button below
    2. Click on the Google Play download button at the bottom of the Draftstars site
    3. Download the app
    4. Also easy as!

    Draftstars App Review ⚖️

    We love Draftstars because they are changing the way Australians are betting by offering unique, easy to play, daily fantasy games with huge prize pools.

    There's no better place to play these games and follow your progress live than on the Draftstars app.

    The Draftstars app is really easy to navigate through. You'll find the most popular fantasy competitions in the lobby and you can filter games by sports, game type, entry cost and whether the payout is guaranteed. You can also create your own contests on the Draftstars app by selecting 'Create Contests'.

    Basically what we are saying is that everything that you can do on the Draftstars site, you can do the Draftstars app. However, the great thing about downloading this app is that you can take your fantasy betting with you wherever you are. Whether that's while you are sitting on the couch, waiting in the stands for a match to begin, or even in the dunny.

    How to Play Draftstars Australia

    There are a few reasons why Draftstars is one of Australia's fastest-growing betting sites - their fantasy sports games are exciting, fun and easy to play.

    However, if you aren't familiar with Draftstars, or fantasy sports in general then learning how to play Draftstars may seem a little daunting. The good news is that in its essence, Draftstars is super simple. The other good news is that you've come to the right place for help!

    So how do you play Draftstars Australia?

    #1 - Create a Draftstars Australia Account

    Before you can enter a Draftstars fantasy competition you need to sign-up. This process takes about one minute.

    The information you will need to enter to create a Draftstars account is:

    • Name
    • Username
    • Email Address
    • Password
    • Mobile Number
    • Country
    • Date of Birth

    After signing up, you will need to deposit funds into your account.

    To deposit money into Draftstars you can use:

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • POLi

    More information about signing up, logging in, verifying your account and paying can be found in the Using Draftstars section of this review.

    #2 - Choose a Draftstars fantasy game

    There are a couple of different Draftstars games you can play.

    Draftstars fantasy games can be played for a variety of different sports including the NRL, AFL, EPL, NBA, NFL, Cricket, Golf, Racing and more.

    The two Draftstars Australia games types are:

    • Classic - You choose a team of real professional players. You need to make sure that your team has players in each position and that you do not go over your salary cap. Your players then earn points for things that they do in real-life matches. The goal is to earn more points than other Draftstrs players and their teams so that you can take home the biggest share of the prize pool.
    • Rapidfire - You are presented with 10 real professional players. Each player is pitted against another player in a one vs one match up (5 match-ups total). For each match-up, you have to select which player will earn more Draftstars points. If you make enough correct selections then you will win.

    All other Draftstars games are variations of these formats. The rules are changed slightly and as such, they are given different names.

    Other Draftstars Australia games are:

    • Head to Head - Just like Classic you choose a team of professional players that fills the required positions and is priced within the salary cap. The difference is that instead of competing against lots of other Draftstars players, you are just trying to beat one other player. The winner takes home 90% of the opponent's entry fee and the loser leaves with nothing.
    • Target - Instead of competing to have one of the best teams in your competition, your team just has to reach a Target Score. If your team reaches this Target Score then you will share the Prize Pool equally with all the other players whose teams also reached the Target Score.
    • Drop 1 - The player in your team with the lowest score will be dropped and their points will not count to your total points for the competition round.
    • Multiplier game (Double Up, Triple Up, Ten Up) - Instead of the best players receiving the biggest prizes, prizes are shared evenly among the top finishers. In Double Up, the top 45% of teams will win double their entry fee. In Triple Up, the top 30% of finishers will earn triple their entry free. In Ten Up, the top 9% of finishers will earn ten times their entry fee.
    • Tip King - Coming soon. Each week one player with the best team will win the entire prize pool.

    All Draftstars games are Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) games meaning that they only last for a single round of competition or single match. You do not have to pick a team for a whole season

    #3 - Understand the game rules for different Draftstars Australia games

    There are a number of different rules that apply to different Draftstars competitions. These are all outlined below.

    Draftstars Australia Classic Games Rules:

    • Entry Cost - The cost of playing the competition. If you do not win a prize, you will lose your entry fee (eg. $10)
    • Entries - The number of players who have entered the competition and the maximum number of players who can join (eg. 9/17+ means that 9 people have joined out of 17 or more available spots)
    • Payout - The number of players who will win money (eg. top 3)
    • Prize Pool - The money to be won by all players eligible for a payout (eg. $150)
    • Prizes - The distribution of the prize pool to be paid to all winning players (eg. 1st = $60.41, 2nd = $49.33, 3rd = $40.26)
    • Multipliers - Instead of only a few teams winning the payout, a percentage of players will win double, triple or ten times their entry fee (eg. in a Double Up game, the top 45% of teams will win double their entry fee)
    • Guarantee - Displayed next to the Payout if the winning players are guaranteed to receive their full winnings
    • Number of Matches or legs - Competitions can be for a single match or horse race, or for multiple matches or legs
    • Scoring Rules - How players in your team are awarded points based on their game statistics (eg. goal = 6, tackle = 4, kick = 3)
    • Team Size - The number of players required to fill your team
    • Salary Cap - The total amount of fictional money you can spend on players to create your team
    • Max Number of Entries - The total number of teams you can enter into a single Draftstars competition

    Draftstars Australia Rapidfire Game Rules:

    In Rapidfire, you are presented with 5 individual player match-ups and you have to choose which player you think will earn more Draftstars points in each match-up.

    In Rapidfire 3, if 3 out of 5 of your selections beat their opponents then you will win 1.8x your entry fee.

    In Rapidfire 5, if all 5 out of 5 of your selections beat their opponents then you will win 20x your entry fee.

    Still not sure how to play Draftstars fantasy?

    Below we have used an example of an EPL fantasy competition to show you how to play Draftstars' classic daily fantasy sports games.

    I have selected a Draftstars Premier League fantasy competition for a game between Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

    Draftstars EPL Fantasy Australia
    Draftstars Australia Example - Games Rules

    At the top of the screen, you will see that the:

    • Entry Cost = $15
    • Maximum Entries per person = 10
    • Number of Entries = 2/156+
    • Payout = Top 31 (guaranteed)
    • Prize = $2,000

    Prize allocation and scoring rules can be seen by selecting the corresponding tabs.

    💰 Prizes for this competition will be awarded as follows:
    • 1ST = $297.04
    • 2ND = $242.59
    • 3RD = $198.02
    • 4TH = $148.52
    • 5TH = $128.72
    • 6TH = $108.92
    • 7TH = $89.11
    • 8TH = $69.31
    • 9TH = $59.41
    • 10TH = $49.51
    • 11TH - 15TH = $39.60
    • 16TH - 19TH = $34.65
    • 20TH = $29.70
    • 21ST - 25TH = $24.75
    • 26TH - 31ST = $19.80
    💯 Premier League fantasy scoring on Draftstars is as follows:

    All Players

    • Goal = 8
    • Assist = 4
    • Shot On Target = 1.5
    • Shot = 0.5
    • Accurate Cross (DEF, MID, FWD) = 0.5
    • Accurate Pass = 0.05
    • Won Tackle (DEF, MID, FWD) = 1
    • Passes Intercepted (DEF, MID, FWD) = 1
    • Fouls Drawn = 1
    • Fouls Conceded = -0.5
    • Yellow Card = -2
    • Red Card = -5
    • Penalty Kick Won = 4
    • Penalty Kick Conceded = -2
    • Penalty Kick Missed = -4
    • Own Goal = -4
    • Clean Sheet (DEF) = 3

    Goalkeeper Specific

    • Clean Sheet (>= 60 minutes) = 5
    • Saves = 2
    • Goal Conceded = -2
    • Penalty Kick Save = 5
    • Win (>= 60 minutes) = 4
    Draftstars Drafting Your EPL Fanatsy Team
    Draftstars Australia Example - Drafting Your Team

    Before drafting your team you'll want to take note of the following:

    • Salary Cap = $80,000
    • Required Positions = 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 4 midfielders/forwards

    When selecting each player you'll want to take note of the following:

    • Average Points
    • Form
    • Salary

    You can filter the player list by position, team, average points, form and salary.

    To add a player to your team simply select the '+' icon and they will be added to your lineup on the right-hand side of the screen.

    When you have the team you want, select 'Submit Lineup'.

    Easy As!

    Still not sure how to play Draftstars Rapidfire?

    Below we have used an example of an AFL Rapidfire competition to show you how to play Draftstars' Rapidfire fantasy sports game.

    I have selected a Draftstars Rapidfire competition for a game between the Brisbane Lions and the Richmond Football Club.

    Draftstars Rapidfire AFL Australia
    Draft Stars Australia Example - Game Rules

    I have selected a Rapidfire 3 game. This means that:

    • At least 3 of my selections need to score more Draftstars points than their opponents
    • If successful, I will win 1.8x my entry cost, which I chose to be $20 ($36 payout)
    Draft Stars Australia Example - Picking Your Players

    Picking your Rapidfire players is easy.

    Simply select the circle next to the player so that it appears with a green tick.

    When choosing your players you'll want to particular attention to their average number of points and their form.

    Once you are happy with your selections simply hit 'Confirm'

    Easy as!

    Using Draft Stars

    The information above will help you to play Draftstars, but before you can even think about that you're going to need to sign-up and add funds to your account.

    1. Draft Stars Sign-Up

    Signing up and creating a Draftstars account is really straightforward. In fact, the Draftstars sign-up process is the easiest of any betting site that we review.

    How do you sign-up for Draftstars?

    1. Click on the Sign-Up button below
    2. Click on the Sign-Up button on the Draftstars website
    3. Enter your basic information and create a username and password
    4. You're done!
    Draftstars Australia Sign Up

    The Draftstars sign-up process is easier than creating a Facebook account

    2. Draft Stars Verification

    To be able to withdraw any of your Draftstars winnings you will first need to verify your account.

    Draftstars will attempt to automatically verify your account based on the information you provide when signing-up. If this automatic verification is unsuccessful you'll get an email from Draftstars asking you to complete additional verification steps.

    All Draftstars accounts need to be verified within 45 days or they will be closed.

    Draftstars will need to verify:

    • Email - You will receive a link in your email
    • Mobile - You will receive a text from Draftstars
    • Complete Profile - Upload documents proving that the information you have entered is correct
    • ID - Upload documents proving that the information you have entered is correct

    To check your verification status and manually verify your account head to your 'Profile' in the top right-hand corner of the Draftstars website. On the left-hand side of your Profile, you will see your verification status. Click 'Verify ID' to start manually verifying your account.

    3. Draft Stars Payment Methods

    They are only a few options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing from Draftstars.

    To deposit and withdraw money on Draftstrs Australia select the 'Deposit' or 'Withdraw' option from your account menu. Then select your preferred payment method and enter the details required.

    Draftstars Australia Payment Options

    Draftstars Deposit Options

    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • POLi

    The minimum Draftstars deposit is $5 AUD and default maximums are $1,000 per day, $5,000 per week, and $10,000 per month.

    Draft Stars Withdrawal Options

    • Bank Transfer

    The minimum withdrawal amount is $20 AUD.

    Draftstars Fantasy Sports

    When it comes to fantasy betting in Australia, Draftstars has got you covered.

    With daily fantasy competitions in over 15 different Australian and international sports, there's something for every Aussie sports fan.

    You'll find daily fantasy competitions for the following sports on Draftstars Australia:

    • Fantasy AFL
    • Fantasy NRL
    • Fantasy Super Rugby
    • Fantasy Cricket
    • Fantasy Football
    • Fantasy Racing
    • Fantasy NBA
    • Fantasy MLB
    • Fantasy NFL
    • Fantasy NHL
    • Fantasy Golf
    • & more!

    Game rules vary by sport, league and competition type but all of the information you need to play Draftstars fantasy sports betting games is in this review or on the Draftstars website.

    Draft Stars Tips

    Draftstars has two features that give you great tips for making informed fantasy picks.

    Draft Stars - Fantasy Insider

    Draftstars has provided its customers with access to Fantasy Insider's Lineup Cruncher tool for free. This tool helps you to make the best picks by providing player projections for upcoming games. We won't go into detail on how to use Fantasy Insider and their Lineup Cruncher in this review but there's plenty of tutorials online and you can take a look at the short promo video below for more information.

    A few things to note are:

    • You will get computer-generated projections based on Fantasy Insider's intelligent algorithm
    • You can change projections for an individual player based on your own predictions
    • Lineup cruncher can be used to give you different variations of lineups that will maximise your projected score while staying within the salary cap
    • You can lock selected players into your lineups, or exclude them as you wish

    Draft Stars - Playbook

    Draftstars and its sister betting site PlayUp have a Playbook blog that provides Aussies with daily betting tips and insights. The Playbook can be accessed from the Draftstars menu and is great for finding new players to add to your lineups. Whether you are looking for the highest scoring players, cheap buys or outside picks that others may have overlooked you'll find plenty of great fantasy tips on the Playbook.

    Draft Stars - Turn free-to-play games into real money

    Because Draftstars has some free to play games with small cash prizes you can play these games and try to win real cash. Once you have won one of these free games, you can then use your cash prize to join other competitions and increase your winnings further. This is one way to turn $0 into tens, hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars worth of real cash prizes.

    Draftstars Promo Code

    If you're looking for a Draftstars promo code then we're here to set the record straight.

    Betting sites, even fantasy betting sites like Draftstars Australia, are heavily regulated by the Australian government and as such, they are not allowed to entice new players into opening accounts with sign-up bonuses, promo codes and other promotional offers.

    This means that if you've been scouring the web in search for Draftstars promo code you are unlikely to find one that is available for Australian players.

    If there is a Draftstars promo code we will update this page and make sure you know about it.

    It is possible that Draftstars Australia will give you a bonus after signing up, as this is not illegal, although our experience using Draftstars makes us believe that this unlikely to happen.

    💰 Is there a Draftstars sign-up bonus?

    No. There is no Draftstars sign-up bonus because offering these types of incitements to Australians has been outlawed by the Australian government.

    Draftstars au promo

    Congratulations! You've read a lot about Draftstars Australia, now it's time to start playing. Click here to visit the Draftstars site!

    Draftstars review

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