Same Game Multi

Our experts explain everything you need to know to place a Same Game Multi for 2023

Best Same Game Multi Betting Sites


Best Overall
  • Top member promotions
  • Extensive AFL/NRL markets (options for all players for goals/tries)
  • Same game multi tips and extensive insights
  • Lack of international leagues available
  • App/site can be slow
Choose betr
Expert Tips & Many Specials
Visit betr Go to website


Pros Choice
  • Most amount of sports offering SGM
  • Most in-depth markets. E.g. AFL 10+ disposals, EPL goal method (header, inside the box)
  • Consistently high odds
  • Interface is complex can be overwhelming
  • Could have more promos
Choose Bet365
Best Multi Builder & Cash Out
Visit Bet365 Go to website


Highest Odds
  • Normally highest odds
  • Common promotions
  • Extensive markets in popular leagues (AFL- tackles)
  • Lack of markets in less-popular games
  • Fewer less-mainstream leagues than Neds/Ladbrokes
Choose PlayUp
Generous Bookie, Best Fixed Odds
Visit PlayUp Go to website


Stat Wars
  • Stat Wars (bet on two players H2H on different stats)
  • Common promotions
  • Popular games and markets offered
  • Could offer more leagues for SGM
  • Lack of markets for SGM
Choose BlueBet
Small Local Bookie, High Odds
Visit BlueBet Go to website


Top Insights
  • High amount of sports and markets offered
  • Extensive insights for popular matches
  • Common promotions
  • Site/app can be slow
  • Less sports than Bet365
Choose Ladbrokes
Quick Payments & Great Support
Visit Ladbrokes Go to website


  • SGM markets are available early. E.g. disposals, goals in AFL
  • High amount of markets
  • Strong coverage of international sporting leagues (Ice Hockey, Basketball)
  • Less markets than Bet365 or Unibet
  • No insights for matches
Choose Neds
Best Racing Bookie in Australia
Visit Neds Go to website


  • Good insights for popular matches
  • SGM multi tips and featured bets
  • Website/app is one of the quickest
  • Promotions get restricted for winning players
  • Mid-range odds
  • Selected market ranges only
Choose Sportsbet
Popular for Novice Punters
Visit Sportsbet Go to website


Best for Soccer
  • Extensive markets including players to not score a goal in EPL
  • Huge options for Soccer, Ice Hockey and Basketball SGM
  • Odds are consistently high
  • AFL and Rugby League SGM not available
  • Few promotions
Choose Unibet
Many Markets & Payment Options
Visit Unibet Go to website


Great for Beginners
  • Easy-to-navigate
  • Common promotions
  • Includes popular sports (AFL, NBA, NRL, Soccer)
  • Not that extensive markets
  • Could have more international leagues for SGM
Choose GetSetBet
Fast Withdrawals, Friendly Support
Visit GetSetBet Go to website

Bet Right

  • SGM available for AFL, NBA, NRL, NHL, MLB, T20 Cricket
  • SGM available in several European Soccer leagues
  • AFL disposals give a smaller range
  • Flexible handicap not always available
Choose Bet Right
Unique Markets, Sports Promos
Visit Bet Right Go to website


  • SGM available in NHL, NBA, AFL, NRL
  • Decent player stat markets (All players shoot a goal NHL)
  • Site and app can be slow
  • SGM markets come out late
Choose RealBookie
Market-Leading Prices, Daily Bumps
Visit RealBookie Go to website


  • AFL, NRL, NBA games for SGM
  • Decent stat markets (points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals - NBA)
  • App only
  • Lack of sports for SGM
Choose Dabble
Follow Experts & Banter with Mates
Visit Dabble Go to website


  • NHL, NBA, AFL, NRL available for SGM
  • Good stat markets (AFL tackles inc)
  • Mainstream leagues only for SGM
  • Little differentiation to other BetMakers brands
Choose ReadyBet
Winners Welcome, Unique Odds & Tips
Visit ReadyBet Go to website


  • AFL, NRL, NBA, NHL SGM markets
  • Easy-to-navigate clean website and app
  • Similar to ReadyBet
  • Stat markets limited (AFL goals 1+, 2+, 3+ or 4+)
Choose Swiftbet
Solid Bookie, New in 2022
Visit Swiftbet Go to website


  • Features EPL, AFL, NRL, NBA for SGM
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate site
  • Lack of sports for SGM, inc Ice Hockey
  • Few markets in offered sports
Choose CrossBet
Responsible, Generous Limits
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  • Improved fast website & app
  • Features SGM for AFL, NRL & NBA
  • Few promos for SGM
  • Lack of player stat markets
Choose Palmerbet
20+ Weekly Promos
Visit Palmerbet Go to website


  • SGM for AFL, NBA, NRL & EPL
  • Clean & user friendly website
  • Lack of player markets
  • Only popular leagues for SGM
Choose BoomBet
Modern, Fast & Great Fixed Odds
Visit BoomBet Go to website

  • AFL, EPL, NBA & NRL SGM available
  • Decent amount of NBA stats market
  • Markets come out late
  • Few promotions
Use Code 'MBS' when Depositing
Code: MBS
Visit Go to website


  • Decent selection of player goals/tries
  • Lack of games available
  • Stat markets could be deeper
Choose PuntNow
Top Tote, Racing Promos
Visit PuntNow Go to website


  • Markets for all AFL/NRL players to score a goal/try
  • AFL, NBA, & NRL available for SGM
  • Lack of stat markets
  • No EPL SGM
Choose betM
Social Betting, Generous Promos
Visit betM Go to website


  • Decent selection of player goals/tries
  • Lack of games available
  • Stat markets could be deeper
Choose MidasBet
Excellent for Racing, Launched 2022
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  • Offers NRL & AFL SGM
  • Top customer support
  • Lack of stat markets
  • Markets come out late
Choose EliteBet
Instant Withdrawals via Osko
Visit EliteBet Go to website


  • SGM available for AFL, NRL
  • Decent stat markets available
  • SGM markets come out late
  • Can't combine SGM with other bets into a bigger multi
Choose BetBetBet
Honest & Personal Local Bookies
Visit BetBetBet Go to website

Southern Cross Bet

  • AFL and NRL Games for SGM
  • Can bet on goal and try scorers in SGM
  • No NBA, Soccer SGM markets
  • Regular bet slip is used for SGM
Choose Southern Cross Bet
Regional NSW Bookie That Cares
Visit Southern Cross Bet Go to website


  • AFL and NRL SGM
  • Player stat markets available
  • Stat market could be deeper (min 20+ disposals AFL)
  • Lack of games available for SGM
Choose PuntersPal
Protest Payout, BoB Odds, SGMs
Visit PuntersPal Go to website


  • All AFL, NRL games available for SGM
  • Can add up to 10 legs on SGM
  • Very few stat markets
  • No Basketball or Soccer games for SGM
Choose Colossalbet
Reliable Bookmaker, Premium Service
Visit Colossalbet Go to website


  • AFL SGM available
  • Fast and reliable site
  • Pre-made multis only
  • Have to email to get your own unique multi
Choose Picklebet
Australia's Best Esports Bookie
Visit Picklebet Go to website
What is the Best Same Game Multi Betting Site in Australia?
Jimmy Mason

Jimmy Mason

The best betting site for Same Game Multi for me is Bet365. It has the most sports, most markets and has high odds. Unfortunately, the world does not revolve around me, so we have ranked the best betting sites for Same Game Multi on how they will cater for everyone. Here is our Top 10.

  1. betr - Easy to use for beginners and has the best promotions. Great for all.
  2. Bet365 - Most amount of sports for Same Game Multi. Complex interface.
  3. PlayUp - Easy to navigate and consistently highest odds.
  4. Ladbrokes - Insights into mainstream games. Common promotions.
  5. Neds - High amount of markets. Consistent odds.
  6. Sportsbet - High amount of markets. Promotions only for losing players.
  7. Unibet - Huge amount of markets for Soccer Same Game Multi. No AFL or NRL
  8. GetSetBet - Good for beginners, not an overwhelming amount of sports or markets.
  9. BlueBet - Good insights for popular games. Offers some stat markets.
  10. RealBookie - User friendly. Common promotions.

Why are sites with 5 stars lower than sites with 4 stars?

The Best Same Game Multi Betting Sites list above, is ranked purely on a users experience for placing a Same Game Multi. Here at My Betting Sites we rank betting sites over many different aspects, including - racing, customer support, payment methods. The stars reflect on how they rank across all aspects for a users betting experience, not just Same Game Multi.

Keep scrolling, or click the link for info on How We Rank Betting Sites For Same Game Multi.

How to place a Same Game Multi

Placing a Same Game Multi is a straightforward process, but can be daunting for new players. Each betting site has a similar process, that differs slightly. We have used GetSetBet as an example here - which we recommend as one of the best Same Game Multi betting site for beginners.


Step 1: Log in to the sports section of your betting account

  • First, you will need to log in to your betting account that provides Same Game Multi. This is usually in the top right hand corner of the betting sites home screen.
  • Once you are logged in, head to the Sports section of your chosen betting site.

Step 2: Finding a match that does Same Game Multi

  • Scroll through the Sports offered by the betting site until you have found the match you'd like to bet on.
  • Click on "Markets" on your chosen sporting match (Please note: Most will indicate that Same Game Multi is available, as GetSetBet does here).
  • Once you are in Markets, click the Same Game Multi section.

Step 3: Choose your markets for the Same Game Multi

  • Once you are in the Same Game Multi section, scroll through the options and choose which outcomes you would like to bet on for the Same Game Multi
  • Once you have chosen all the outcomes you wish to bet on, click "Add To Betslip".
  • Now, the betting site will show you your bet so that you can verify what you have chosen, and choose your stake for the bet. Once you are happy, click Place Bet. Our bet with GetSetBet is:
    • Christian Petracca to score a goal
    • Angus Brayshaw to have 20+ disposals
    • Brisbane to win
    • Stake $20

Now, enjoy the game, cheer for it to get up and gamble responsibly!

    How to place a Same Game Multi with Bet365?

    Placing a Same Game Multi with Bet365 is a bit more complex due to the interface. So we have made an easy guide - How to use Bet365 Bet Builder with a step-by-step process.

    How to place a Same Game Multi with Sportsbet?

    To place a Same Game Multi with Sportsbet, we have written a step-by-step process in our Sportsbet review that you can see below, or tap Sportsbet Same Game Multi. We recommend using Bet365 as they have better odds, more games and more markets.

    How to place a Same Game Multi with Betr?

    To place a Same Game Multi with Betr, visit our Betr review or click here to view our Betr Same Game Multi Step-By-Step Guide. Betr has the best and most consistent promos for Same Game Multi.

    What is BlueBet Stat Wars?

    Stat Wars is a type of same game multi that is exclusive to BlueBet. With Stat Wars, instead of picking outcomes for a certain game, you select two players from either the same or opposing team, to go head to head in the same game for who will have the most or least amount of certain stats. To learn more, tap BlueBet Stat Wars.

    Stat Wars Example (AFL)

    Here we have selected a Stat War between Lachie Neale (Brisbane) vs Patrick Cripps (Carlton), with the following outcomes that we think will happen between the two Brownlow Medalists.

    • Neale will have more kicks than Cripps
    • They will both have the same amount of handballs
    • Neal will have more marks than Cripps
    • Cripps will have more tackles than Neale.

    Much like a same game multi, the odds have calculated depending on the likelihood of each outcome, and we have our new unique odds of $34.00.

    Same Game Multi Rules

    • A Same Game Multi can only include markets in the same match.
    • All markets included in the bet must win for the bet to win (unless the bookmaker has a promotion).
    • If one leg is voided, the entire Same Game Multi is voided and your initial stake will be refunded.
    • Bookmakers have a maximum amount of legs for a Same Game Multi that vary (most is 20 legs).
    • Same Game Multis will not increase in value if you include same outcomes. E.g. Tom Hawkins to kick one goal, and Tom Hawkins to kick two goals.
    • Outcomes that fully contradict each other cannot be placed. E.g. Manchester United to win and both teams will not score, would clearly not work or be accepted.
    • Same Game Multis have odds limits, which will vary depending on the betting site. Max $1,001 odds is the most common.

    Top 3 Same Game Multi Betting Sites For Beginners

    #1 Same Game Multi Betting Site For Beginners

    betr Same Game Multi

    Team & Player Insights, Best SGM Promos

    SPORTS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10
    MARKETS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10
    ODDS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★9/10
    WEBSITE NAVIGATION★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★9/10
    PROMOTIONS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★10/10

    The new kid on the block is really keeping the heavyweight bookies on their toes, with their superior promotions and great sporting insights including live ladders and past quarter/margin win history in AFL.

    Betr has less sports available for Same Game Multis than Bet365 and Unibet, but focus deeper on AFL and NRL matches where they provide more betting options for goal kickers or Tryscorers than Sportsbet.

    #2 Same Game Multi Betting Site For Beginners

    PlayUp Same Game Multi

    Top Odds, Common SGM Promos

    SPORTS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10
    MARKETS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10
    ODDS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★10/10
    WEBSITE NAVIGATION★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10
    PROMOTIONS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10

    PlayUp covers the popular mainstream leagues for Same Game Multis including AFL, NRL, EPL and NBA, but does not provide insights into games like their competitors do, so you will have to do your research.

    PlayUp give their members regular promotions and the odds are consistently high which is why they are ranked higher than other similar providers.

    #3 Same Game Multi Betting Site For Beginners

    GetSetBet Same Game Multi

    Popular Sports for SGM, Easy For Beginners

    SPORTS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10
    MARKETS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10
    ODDS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★9/10
    WEBSITE NAVIGATION★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★10/10
    PROMOTIONS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★7/10

    GetSetBet is one of many betting sites that utilise BetMakers software, and like the others it is a clean user friendly site that provides Same Game Multi options for mainstream leagues with a solid amount of markets including points, three pointers, assists and rebounds in NBA. We found GetSetBet are more frequent with their promotions than other BetMakers brands.

    The market list isn’t as extensive as Bet365, but it is easier to navigate and less overwhelming for beginners.

    Common Same Game Multi Promotions

    Below are some common Same Game Multi promotions amongst bookmakers. Because Same Game Multis aren’t easy to predict and the market is saturated with bookmakers, it is quite common for bookies to offer promotions on Same Game Multis to their clients.

    It is illegal for bookmakers to advertise their bonuses in Australia.

    The more bookmakers, the more fierce the competition, and so, the more promotions. This is great news for punters. It's similar to the Supermarket Price Wars we enjoyed over the past decade, except this time it won't be farmers suffering the price of cheap milk, it will be the bookmakers.

    Your bottom line is more important than theirs, so keep an eye out for which bookmaker is doing promotions, as they fluctuate often.

    Owlie aus betting sites

    What is Bonus Cash Back for Same Game Multis?

    Bonus Cash Back is a type of promotion used for Same Game Multis where if you place a Same Game Multi and you lose - the bookmaker will refund you your money in Bonus Cash.

    Bonus Cash cannot be withdrawn. You must turn this money over by placing a bet - and if it wins, hooray, the winnings is yours to withdraw.

    Please note, any money won with bonus cash - the initial “cash” the bookmaker provided you to bet with is not included. Only the extra winnings.

    Bonus Cash Back is normally only available for a Same Game Multi that requires a minimum of 3 legs, and has a minimum odds (usually $2 or $3).

    Same Game Multi One Leg Fails

    A Same Game Multi promotion sometimes allows you to receive Bonus Cash Back if One Leg Fails. It is similar to Bonus Cash Back for Same Game Multis, but has the limitation that you will need to get all other legs correct.

    Most of the time 2/3 legs correct is needed to receive Bonus Cash Back.

    Some betting sites restrict winning players from using their promotions.
    Sportsbet promotion ban screenshot

    Sportsbet are quick to ban promotions to their winning players

    What is Bet Boost for Same Game Multis?

    Bet Boost is offered by some bookmakers punters that will increase their odds for their selected bet. Usually the increase is somewhere between 5-7%. So if you have odds at $100, a boost will increase it to $107.

    Bet Boost is also known as power play, and is a common promotion that bookmakers offer.

    Promotions such as Bonus Cash Back and Bet Boost can only be used once per match or race.

    What is Double Your Winnings for Same Game Multis?

    Double Your Winnings is when the bookmaker will double your winnings on a Same Game Multi if you win, but it will be paid out in Bonus Cash. As mentioned above, Bonus Cash must be bet with before withdrawing, and the initial “cash” amount the bookmaker provided you with is not included. Only the winnings.

    Limitations With Double Your Winnings on Same Game Multis

    • Double Your Winnings will normally require a minimum of legs placed, which is usually 3.
    • The odds must be over a certain amount, such as $8.00.

    Cashing Out a Same Game Multi

    Some bookmakers allow the option to “Cash Out” of a Same Game Multi if you think your bet is not going to win. The bookmaker will give you revised odds for what they think your bet is currently worth, and will give you a lesser amount again to cash out with.

    These amounts will differ depending on the bookmaker. Sportsbet offers a cash out of 95% of your bet prior to the match starting, while Bet365 offers 100% of your bet. Bet365 also offers partial cash out where you can keep half of your bet active, and cash the other half out into your account.

    One thing to be mindful of when cashing out on an active bet - when you initially placed the bet, the odds of winning were in the bookmakers favour. And now when cashing out, you are getting worse odds again, in favour of the bookmaker. Besides, sport is unpredictable and your bet may still have a chance. We learnt that the hard way...

    Cashed out same game multi screenshot

    Original return was $5,400 for one of our experts. Ouch 😂

    How Do Same Game Multi Odds Work?

    The way bookmakers calculate Same Game Multi odds, is quite complicated. It depends on the bookmaker and how their algorithm works to give you your unique odds for your chosen Same Game Multi. But the end odds, aren’t as simple as a Standard Multi.

    How A Standard Multi Odds Are Calculated

    A Standard Multi is simply calculated by multiplying the legs included to get the total.

    E.g. if you are to bet on:

    • Gold Coast to beat Sydney (paying $2.30)
    • New Zealand Warriors to beat North Queensland Cowboys (paying $3.40)
    • Cleveland Cavaliers to beat Washington Wizards (paying $2.95)

    The odds for your multi will be $23.06

    (2.30 x 3.40 x 2.95 = 23.06)

    Example 1: Same Game Multi Odds - Favourable Outcomes

    With a Same Game Multi, it does not multiply the numbers as a whole as it would a Standard Multi. If you are to place a Same Game Multi with two legs including:

    • Gold Coast to beat Sydney (paying $2.30)
    • Mabior Chol (Gold Coast) to kick 3+ goals (paying $5.20).

    The odds should be $11.96 (2.30 x 5.20) but are actually $8.71.

    The reason it is lower, if Gold Coast are to win, then it is likely a Gold Coast player (Mabior Chol) will kick 3+ goals. Therefore, the bookmaker deducts a certain amount off of each additional outcome that will be in favour of another outcome. We estimate the bookmakers deduct the winnings of each additional (favourable) leg by around 25-50%, depending on what the outcome is.

    This is obviously not ideal, but on the flip side, if you are to bet on an outcome that will be in less favour of another bet, the total odds will increase much higher than they would for a standard multi.

    Example 2: Same Game Multi Odds - Non Favourable Outcomes

    If you were to bet on the same game as above and for Gold Coast to win, instead of adding that a Gold Coast player will kick 3 goals (Mabior Chol), this time we will select that Sydney player Lance Franklin will kick 3 goals ($3.15), along with Gold Coast winning.

    • Gold Coast to beat Sydney (paying $2.35)
    • Lance Franklin (Sydney) to kick 3 goals (paying $3.15)

    The odds should be $7.25 (2.35 x 3.15), but are actually $11.18.

    The reason it is higher is the opposite of Example 1. If Gold Coast are to win, it is less likely a Sydney player (such as Lance Franklin) would kick 3 goals. Therefore, the bookmaker increases the odds of each additional outcome that is likely to contradict another outcome. The more likely it is to contradict, the less likely it is to happen, and higher the odds will increase. We estimate that bookmakers increase the winnings of each additional unlikely event by 5-75%.

    Our pro tip on Same Game Multis is to try adding an outcome that isn’t in favour of another outcome, so it will boost your odds (without fully contradicting each other).

    Same Game Multi Tips

    The most effective way to win on a same game multi, is by placing non-favourable outcomes that we discussed in how same game multi odds work. If you skipped ahead, please tap the link or scroll up and make yourself familiar with the odds.

    We're not giving you quick tips for this weekends game - we are giving you quick knowledge so that you have the power to make your own same game multi bets.

    "Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime". Lao Tzu

    So keep scrolling, or tap the links below to your favourite sport, where we will show you tips on how to best place a same game multi.

    AFL Same Game Multi Tips

    To get a good return on an AFL same game multi, we recommend placing a 3 leg same game multi with non-favourable outcomes. While this technique does not mean you will win every single bet - the main focus is that the bets you do win, outweigh any losses, and put you in the green overall.

    We've found 3 legs is the safest number with AFL, as anymore variables you risk players not performing or getting injured.

    For this example, we have used the betting site betr.


    Find your match (GWS v Bulldogs)

    • Go to the betting site that you wish to use for your same game multi
    • Head to the sports section and click on AFL
    • Find the match you wish to bet on
    • Ensure same game multi is available

    Do your research

    Now that you know what game you are betting on, you need to do some research. There are plenty of stat providers on the net that will do the homework for you, but where is the fun in that.

    • Head to a website that provides stats -
    • Find your chosen match
    • Select on the match and check the player line ups - so you know who is playing, and what position

    Make your main decision (Bulldogs to win)

    Now you have all the data at your fingertips, we will show you how to use it.

    • The AFL website shows you recent matches between the two teams, and also has extensive insights on players.
    • I can see that Western Bulldogs have won the last few times against GWS, so I am going to select them (they are also the favourite).
    • Add Bulldogs to win on your same game multi slip on your betting site.

    Everyone will have their own opinion on who they think will win, but past histories can show how each team performs against one another.

    Another good reference is to see the recent forms of both teams in the past few rounds.


      Select a non-favourable outcome (Toby Greene 2+ goals).

      • After reading the player line up in step 2, I know Toby Greene is playing in the forward line for GWS. I want to know more about Toby.
      • Look up Toby Greene on the player stats section on the AFL website (or app).
      • Here I can see that Toby Greene is averaging 2.9 goals a game this year.
      • To be conservative, I will select Toby to kick 2 goals for the match
      • Add the selection onto your betting slip.

      Adding your non-favourable selection (Toby Greene 2+ goals)

      Now that I can see Toby Greene has an average of 2.9 goals, I am going to add that he will kick 2 goals that to my betting slip.

      • Go to your betting site
      • Select Toby Greene to kick 2 goals
      • Add to slip

      If you are not confident in Toby Greene kicking 2 goals, you can always select for him to kick one goal by selecting anytime goal scorer. It will be a safer bet, but the return won't be as good.

      Pro Tip: You may have noticed that the odds disappear when selecting a same game multi. Do not worry about this as we have tested these betting sites compared to the ones that do show the odds, and they do not jib you on a smaller return.


      Select your second non-favourable outcome (Finn Callaghan 15+ disposals)

      • After revisiting the player line up from step 2, I can see Finn Callaghan is playing on the wing.
      • Look up Finn Callaghan on the player stats section on the AFL website (or app)
      • Here I can see that Finn is averaging 20.7 disposal a game this year
      • To be conservative, I will select that Finn will have 15 disposals for the match
      • Add the selection onto your betting site.

      Adding your second non-favourable selection (Finn Callaghan 15+ disposals)

      Now that I can see Finn Callaghan has an average of 20.7 disposals, I am going to add that he will have 15+ disposals to my betting slip.

      • Go to your betting site
      • Select Finn Callaghan to have 15+ disposals
      • Add to slip

      Some betting sites will offer more or less disposal markets, depending on the player. This is something we have taken into our account in our ranking of best betting sites for same game multi.

      Pro Tip: Do not let odds blind you when making a decision regarding stats. The odds are reliable when many people are betting on something, such as a match head to head. But with stats, odds are much less reliable and inconsistent from bookmakers. Do your own homework.


      Place your bet and enjoy the game

      Now that I have selected my bets, I have a new unique amount that the bookmaker will offer me. For the following bet:

      • Toby Greene 2+ goals
      • Finn Callaghan 15+ disposals
      • Western Bulldogs to win

      The odds for this are $2.80.

      This is much higher than the initial bet for Western Bulldogs to win ($1.53), because we have selected non-favourable outcomes to happen e.g. Toby Greene (GWS) to kick 2+ goals, and Finn Callaghan (GWS) to have 15+ disposals.

      But, aren't GWS players less likely to play well if Western Bulldogs win?

      In theory yes. But how often does a team completely smash another team so much that the opposing team kicks no goals or gets any disposals? Exactly. Never.

      Quite often, the winning team of an AFL match changes several times throughout the game, and may only be decided in the last 5 minutes. The stats will usually remain pretty similar for both teams (unless it's a blowout) - besides, someone has to kick the goals.


      Our recommendation- Betr

      For AFL same game multis, we recommend using Betr.

      Betr have a decent amount of stats to bet on for AFL (not the most), and they have consistent promos.

      But where Betr shines the most is in their expert insights section for AFL games. Here you can see past history for the teams, insights into the teams and the players, where they are on the ladder and current betting trends. This saves you from going between stat websites like and back again to place your bet.

      We strong recommend you use Betr on your laptop, or desktop instead of your phone. There is plenty of good info for you to salvage from the Betr website, and it is difficult and annoying navigating this on a small screen.

      If you want to learn more, check out our betr review, or visit the Betr website by tapping the button below.

      "Same game multis are one of the most exciting ways to bet on anything.

      While you get a thrill momentarily from placing a bet on roulette at the casino and waiting for the ball to land - with same game multis I find that watching the game and supporting the team, players, or outcomes that I have chose is more rewarding.

      This is because I have put the effort into doing my research and creating a bet that I think will win, and it's nice to see it all come together."

      - Ben | Australian Betting Site Expert

      NBA Same Game Multi Tips

      To get a good return on an NBA same game multi, we recommend placing a 3 leg same game multi with one favourable, and one non-favourable outcome. This is because positive NBA stats strongly affect a teams end score, e.g. if a player shoots plenty of 3 pointers, their team will benefit greatly.

      It is still worth placing one non-favourable outcome to boost your odds, but you will need to do your homework.

      For this example, we have used the betting site GetSetBet.


      Find your match (Lakers v Warriors)

      • Go to the betting site that you are placing your same game multi on
      • Head to the sports section and click on Basketball - USA - NBA (many sites showcase popular leagues such as NBA, and it will be readily available)
      • Find the match you wish to bet on
      • Ensure same game multi is available for that game

      Do your research

      Now that you have your chosen game, you need to do some research. There are plenty of stat providers online that give you tips, but we find it more rewarding and safer to do it yourself.

      • Head to a website that provides stats -
      • Find your chosen match
      • Select on the match and check the past histories of the two teams, and their current form.

      Make your main decision

      Now that you have the data, this is an example on how we have used it.

      • We can see the teams are in game 4 of the playoffs
      • The Lakers have won two of the three games
      • The last game was close, but the other two games either team won comfortably
      • The Warriors won second last time the teams met comfortably

      I'm not 100% sure if the Warriors will win, but I think they will come close due to their past two games. Therefore, I am going to bet on the Warriors on a 9.5+ line (meaning if they lose by less that 9.5 points, the bet will still win).


      Placing your first leg (Warriors to come within 9.5+)

      Now, I have decided to bet on Warriors 9.5+

      • Head back to your betting site
      • Look up line betting or in this case it is named "Will a team cover the spread".
      • Select the spread (Warriors +9.5)

      Pro Tip: Some betting sites will allow you to be very flexible with your chosen line margin. GetSetBet in this example has got the maximum at 13.5+. Anything past this on other sites will generally pay very low, but it will be a safer bet.


      Selecting your second leg (non-favourable outcome)

      Now, that I have selected the Warriors with a 9.5+ line, I want to add a non-favourable outcome

      • Heading back to the stats website, I look up the recent form of the Lakers players
      • I can see LeBron James is one of Lakers highest scoring players, averaging 22 points per game (photo on right)
      • As I still think the Warriors have a chance at winning. I check out how LeBron went two games ago when the Warriors won (photo on left)
      • Here I see LeBron scored 23 points even though they lost.
      • This suggests LeBron will still be consistent, so I will bet on him to score 20+ points.

      Pro Tip: The Playoffs are a fortunate time to look into the stats, as the recent team and players form is already against the opposing team.


      Adding your second leg (LeBron James 20+ points)

      Now that I have made my decision, I will implement it.

      • Head back to your chosen betting site
      • Look up player stats (or points)
      • Here I can LeBron James is available to bet for a minimum of 18+
      • Place Lebron to score 20+ points

      Pro Tip: Just like handicap betting, the amount you can bet on for some players will vary, depending on bookmaker. A good player like LeBron, will generally be high (18 points minimum) as it will be unlikely he will get less, so some betting sites do not offer lower. The ones that do, will offer minuscule odds. Which is never worth it in case they get injured in the first 5 minutes.


      Selecting your third leg (favourable outcome)

      Now I have selected one non-favourable outcome, the next one I select will be in favour of the Warriors winning.

      • Head back to the stats websites
      • Here I remember seeing Anthony Davis had the highest average points for the series (along side LeBron)
      • I can also see, that Davis played badly in the game that the Warriors won.
      • I am betting for the Warriors to win (or come close) so I don't think he will play as well as he normally does.
      • I want to give myself a bit of a buffer and am going to bet that Davis will have less than 24.5 points, instead of less that 22.5 points, as I am not confident the Warriors will actually win, and therefore Davis may score more points.

      Pro Tip: A favourable outcome would also be one of the Warriors players scoring above average points, especially one that played well when the Warriors won last time


      Adding your third leg (Anthony Davis less than 24.5 points)

      Now I have made my favourable decision, I will add it to the multi.

      • Head back to your betting site
      • Find how many player points
      • Here I can see Davis is quite flexible for over/under points
      • Place Davis to score under 24.5 points.

      Place your bet and good luck!

      Now that I have made my 3 leg multi, the bookmaker will give me my own unique odds for the following bet:

      • LeBron James to score 20+ points
      • Anthony Davis to score under 24.5 points
      • The Warriors with a handicap of +9.5

      The odds for this to win are $2.90

      Pro Tip: Around $3 odds is a good amount for a same game multi, as we generally find they have a better conversion rate (e.g. $3 bet gets up more than 1 out of 3 times, compared to a $5 bet getting up 1 in 5 times). This is purely from our own experience. Also, many betting sites that offer same game multi promotions will usually have a minimum bet of $3 to be eligible for the promotion.


      Our recommendation - GetSetBet

      GetSetBet is a BetMakers brand (as is ReadyBet, RealBookie, Swiftbet), and they all often have the same available markets for NBA - but we found GetSetBet's odds are pretty good, and they come out quicker.

      Ladbrokes is also a top brand for NBA as they have a detailed tips and insights section - however, GetSetBet odds are slightly better and if you are doing the homework yourself, you don't need tips.

      The odds in same game multis are important, as they multiply on top of each other. So if you have bad odds at each leg (like Sportsbet does here), the same game multi return will differ a lot at the end.

      Thanks for introducing same game multi Sportsbet, but we will take it from here.

      NRL Same Game Multi Tips

      To get a good return on an NRL same game multi, we recommend placing a 2 leg same game multi with a non-favourable outcome. While normally a 3 leg same game multi will give you decent odds - NRL same game multis tend to add up quickly due to the low amount of try scorers.

      If you need to place a 3 leg same game multi due to promotion requirements, we recommend the third leg to be a favourable outcome, as we delve further into this below.

      For this example, we have used the betting site betr.


      Find your match (Storm v Broncos)

      • Go to the betting site you wish to place a same game multi on
      • Head to the sports section and click on NRL
      • Find the match you want to bet on
      • Ensure same game multi is available for the game

      Do your research

      Now that you have found your chosen game, it is time to do some research. Normally we recommend to heading to the official stats site - This is because this is where third parties get their stats from, and these sites will be around for as long as the code will be.

      For this example, we are also going to use Betr's stat section on your chosen game - as it is very useful and has very relevant info sorted out for you.

      • Head to your chosen stats website -
      • Find the match
      • Select the match and check out on their past history

      Make your main decision - selecting a team outcome

      Footy tipping is something pretty much all of us have done at some point, and it is probably the first experience you may have had to punting (e.g. $10 entry, winner takes all between family and friends).

      So, we know no one is going to tell you who or why you should tip a team, but here are some references we like to check from the stats.

      • We can see Broncos have been in much better form this year
      • Storm comfortably won their last two matches last year
      • Furthermore, Betr insights tell me Broncos have lost their last 12 matches to Storm

      Broncos obviously don't do well in Melbourne, but are in a much better position than last time they faced. I'm not confident on either team, so I will bet Storm with a handicap of +7.5


      Placing your second leg (non-favourable outcome)

      After selecting Storm to win (or come within 7.5+), I will now select something that is not in favour of that.

      • Head to the stats and insights section for the game on Betr
      • Select stats for last 5 games
      • Select 80%
      • Jesse Arthors' is the only player to have scored a try in 4/5 recent games. He is a Broncos player
      • Add selection

      Optional - Placing a third leg (favourable outcome)

      Now we already have a two leg multi, an optional third selection would best be a favourable outcome.

      • Head to the stats and insights section for the game on Betr
      • Select stats for last 5 games
      • Select 60% (if there are no options for 100% or 80%).
      • Cameron Munster is a Storm player who has scored a try in 3/5 recent games.
      • Add selection

      Placing your bet

      Now that I have made a 3 leg multi, the bookmaker will give me odds for the following bet.

      • Cameron Munster to score a try (Storm)
      • Jesse Arthors to score a try (Broncos)
      • Melbourne with a handicap of +7.5

      The odds for this bet to win are $7.50

      Pro Tip: A 2 leg multi for an NRL game with one team and one non-favourable outcome, pays well in itself. E.g. Storm 7.5+ and Arthors (Broncos) to score one try is paying $3.40. Arthors' is Bronco's most consistent try scorer for the last 5 games, and this bet allows for Bronco's to lose or to win by up to 7 points. It is a very possible bet and pays well.


      Our recommendation - Betr

      Betr have continually upped their game in the stats department for the popular leagues such as AFL, NBA, NRL and EPL. Therefore we recommend them for any NRL same game multis (or any same game multi).

      Ladbrokes also have a decent stats and insights section and they have more markets (such as a more flexible line), but their insights are not as detailed as Betr and it does not have as good as odds as GetSetBet or ReadyBet.

      Other BetMakers brands (GetSetBet, ReadyBet, Swiftbet) have a similar layout to Betr with the same markets and similar odds, and are also great options for NRL same game multis. Although, they do not have the game insights or the level of promos that Betr provides.

      Top 3 Same Game Multi Betting Sites For Pros

      #1 Same Game Multi Betting Site For Pros

      Bet365 Same Game Multi

      Most SGM Sports, Extensive Markets

      SPORTS AVAILABLE★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★10/10
      MARKETS OFFERED★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★10/10
      ODDS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★10/10
      WEBSITE NAVIGATION★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★6/10
      PROMOTIONS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★6/10

      , the biggest betting site in the world is the best betting site for pros placing Same Game Multis. The amount of markets Bet365 can offer is only rivalled by Unibet, as they both have Soccer and Basketball Same Game Multis available in many non-mainstream European Leagues and South American Leagues - such as Brazil LBF Women (Basketball). Bet365 feature interesting markets not seen elsewhere. E.g. You can bet on the method for a goal in the EPL as a “Header” or “Outside the Box”, and they offer 10+ disposals for AFL.

      Bet365’s only downfall is that their platform (especially on the app) is very big and complex, which makes it hard to navigate.

      #2 Same Game Multi Betting Site For Pros

      Ladbrokes Same Game Multi

      In-depth Game & Player Insights, Common Promos

      SPORTS AVAILABLE★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★9/10
      MARKETS OFFERED★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★9/10
      ODDS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★9/10
      WEBSITE NAVIGATION★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10
      PROMOTIONS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★7/10

      This could easily have been Sportsbet or Neds (Neds is also owned by Entain with similar odds and markets) - however the only extra perks Sportsbet provide are slightly more promotions for newcomers. If you are a pro, you’d already know that Sportsbet’s promotions disappear very quickly once you're winning.

      Ladbrokes offer Same Game Multis across all popular leagues, and in a wealth of less mainstream markets including Soccer in Asia, France, Germany etc. Ladbrokes offer their Same Game Multi markets earlier than most, so you have a better chance of snapping up some uninformed odds if you have an insight into a particular sporting league. Like Betr, Ladbrokes provides in-depth insights into some of their popular games for Same Game Multi.

      #3 Same Game Multi Betting Site For Pros

      Unibet Same Game Multi

      Most Soccer SGM Markets & Games, High Odds

      SPORTS AVAILABLE★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★7/10
      MARKETS OFFERED★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★10/10
      ODDS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★9/10
      WEBSITE NAVIGATION★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★8/10
      PROMOTIONS★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★6/10

      offers the most amount of markets for all sports in the world, which makes them a great option for punters placing Same Game Multis. Unibet has a large reach in the Soccer markets in Australia, UK and European markets offering Same Game Multis on many of the less-mainstream leagues. Unibet offers popular betting options including “Players Not To Score” in EPL.

      Unibet is easier to navigate than Bet365 and offer Same Game Multis on a huge number of leagues, but they do not offer Same Game Multis on AFL or NRL games.

      How We Rank Betting Sites For Same Game Multis

      We analyse all the betting sites that feature Same Game Multis for the following criteria, and rank them accordingly depending on how well they compare to their competitors.

      • Number of Sports Offered - Nearly all operators offer AFL, NBA, NRL etc. Although some betting sites offer less mainstream leagues in (E.g. Soccer in European Leagues).
      • Number of Markets Offered - This is an important aspect as some betting sites only offer minimum markets such as head to head and an over/under amount of points scored. The better sites allow you to bet on any chosen player for a goal, point, try etc.
      • Odds - Same Game Multi odds stack up on top of each other. The higher the odds are in each market, the quicker the Same Game Multi odds will increase.
      • Website Navigation - Some sites/apps are confusing, even for experienced punters, and can be slow & clunky. The best betting sites are user friendly, fast and non-cluttered.
      • Promotions - Not something to be fully relied on as some betting sites (Sportsbet) will take them away the second you start winning. Promotions are sporadic for some betting sites, but some provide them regularly.
      Top 3 Same Game Multi Sites RankedbetrBet365PlayUp
      Sports Offered8108
      Sports Markets8108
      Website Navigation968

      Same Game Multi FAQ

      What is a Same Game Multi?

      A Same Game Multi is a single bet which is the combination of different outcomes in the same game. E.g. A team to win, and a player to kick a goal in the same game.

      What happens if a leg is voided in a Same Game Multi?

      If one of your legs is voided in a Same Game Multi, the bet will be cancelled and you will be refunded your original stake. E.g. If a player you have a bet on gets injured before the game and does not play, the whole bet will be cancelled.

      What happens if a player from my Same Game Multi gets injured?

      If a player was injured during the game, the bet of that leg will still stand and the Same Game Multi will remain active.

      Can I combine multiple Same Game Multis into a larger Multi bet?

      Yes. You can combine multiple Same Game Multis into a Multi bet, and combine Same Game Multis with regular bets into a larger Multi. But only some betting sites will allow you to do this including Ladbrokes and Bet365.

      Why are my odds different for a Same Game Multi than a standard Multi?

      The odds are calculated differently to a standard Multi, depending on how in favour each of the legs are to each other. We explain this in more detail above in our section - How Do Same Game Multi Odds Work

      Can I cash out a Same Game Multi?

      Yes. Some operators will allow you to cash out of a Same Game Multi. They will however, give you less odds than what they think it is worth.

      How many legs can I have in a Same Game Multi?

      You can have up to 20 legs in a Same Game Multi, but this will depend on the betting site and some will offer much less.

      Which sports can I place a Same Game Multi on?

      Larger operators like Bet365 will allow you to place a Same Game Multi on plenty of sports, including AFL, NRL, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Ice Hockey, NFL, Cricket and more. Smaller operators have less sports available, which are usually AFL, NBA, NRL and EPL.

      Can I use a Bonus Cash on a Same Game Multi?

      Yes. If you have Bonus Cash from a betting site, you can use it on a Same Game Multi. If you win a bet with Bonus Cash, you will only receive the winnings and not the original stake amount from the Bonus Cash.

      E.g. If you have $100 of Bonus Cash and place it on a bet paying $2.00 and win. You will only have $100.