Bet Cloud Bookmakers

BetCloud Bookies | Is "FiestaBet" a good bookmaker?

May 10, 2024

We rank the top 10 BetCloud betting sites, list all of them, and review their newest site, "FiestaBet".

What is BetCloud?

BetCloud is a new bookmaking software provider that grew rapidly in 2023.

After only releasing their first brands (WellBet and BetGalaxy) in January 2023, BetCloud has 10+ bookmakers that they have created and host on their server, and they have no plans of slowing down, with plenty more in the pipeline and ready to be released later in 2023.

FiestaBet Australia | BetClouds Newest Bookmaker

FiestaBet is the newest BetCloud bookmaker, which launched in November 2023.

What to expect from FiestaBet

FiestaBet is now live at - it's the latest bookie we've added to our list of all betting sites in Australia and is essentially the same as all of the other BetCloud bookies but there are some minor differences too.

Early Released Racing Fixed Odds

Alike other BetCloud brands, FiestaBet releases their odds a few days before a race, or a game, and often before many other bookmakers. BetCloud has recently brought in tote betting for the brands they host - however, none of them offer sub-sequential tote products, such as Top Fluc or Best of the Best, and only have middle tote available.

The BetCloud odds aren't too bad for fixed markets, but seem to vary from brand to brand. Some of the early brands' odds were better upon release and have slowly gotten worse (for racing, not sport), compared to the newer brands that have gone in the opposite direction. FiestaBet's are so far in the middle.

Large Multis & Growing List of Sports Markets

All the BetCloud brands offer a 20-leg multi-builder, and FiestaBet is no different. When WellBet and BetGalaxy first became available, there were only 5 sports to choose from. Now most of the BetCloud brands are boasting 10+ sports, with some differing whether they offer AFL or NRL. It appears FiestaBet will have these markets as it has the female leagues, however, it does not have any futures for the 2024 season.

Top 10 BetCloud Bookies
Company bonusTextGo to Bookmaker
Betcloud Bookie, Plenty of Markets
Many Cricket Markets, SGM
Top International Markets & Odds
High Sports Odds
Competitive Odds, Protest Payout
Big Multis, High Odds
Protest Payout, 80+ Soccer Leagues
Early Racing Odds
Sharp Fixed Odds, Reliable Site
WellBet bonus
WellBet bonus
Fast Site, Top Odds (Racing & Sport)

Other Bookmaker Software Providers

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How many online bookmakers are there in Australia?

There are over 140 online bookmakers in Australia. We are the only site that compares and lists all of Australia's online betting sites.

How many betting software providers are there in Australia?

There are 5 main betting software providers in Australia, and they are Generation Web, BetMakers, MyTrackPrice, with new ones that started releasing brands in 2023, PuntersTech and BetCloud.

Many other larger corporate bookmakers, such as BetM, Bet Right or Sportsbet, all have their own in-house web developers and host the entire platform themselves.

How many betting sites does BetMakers have?
BetMakers has over 30 betting sites that they have created and host on their platform. They are the biggest betting software provider, and are on ASX. Their bookmakers include:
  • BaggyBet
  • BetDeluxe
  • BetFlux
  • BetGold
  • BetNation
  • Betr
  • BitWinning
  • Bossbet
  • Crossbet
  • DiamondBet
  • EksanderBet
  • Fox Catcher
  • GetSetBet
  • Marantelli Bet
  • Mintbet
  • OkeBet
  • Picnic Bet
  • Punt123
  • RamBet
  • ReadyBet
  • RealBookie
  • Rob Waterhouse
  • Swiftbet
  • Thunderbet
  • UPCoz
  • VIP Betting
  • Winbet
  • Wishbet
  • Zbet
  • BetEstate
  • Chasebet
How many betting sites does Generation Web

There are 23 licensed and active betting sites that have utilised the Generation Web platform.

  • ActionBet
  • BBet
  • BetBetBet
  • BetDeck
  • BetHunter
  • BoomBet
  • ColossalBet
  • EliteBet
  • GoldBet
  • Havabet
  • JimmyBet
  • JustBet
  • Lets Bet
  • MidasBet
  • PlayUp
  • PuntersPal
  • PuntNow
  • Southern Cross Bet
  • TopSport
  • Ultrabet
  • VicBet
  • WeBet
  • WinnersBet
How many betting sites does MyTrackPrice have?

MyTrackPrice specialise in smaller on-course bookmakers, and do not offer sports. They have 7 bookmakers, which include:

  • Bad Bookie
  • Barrington Bookmaking
  • Beazabet
  • DaveBet
  • LynchBet
  • Pendlebury Bet
  • Woodcock Racing
How many betting sites does BetCloud have?

BetCloud started releasing their brands in 2023 and has released more than one a month since. They currently have 14 bookmakers on their platform, but have plenty that will be launching soon. We will add them to our New Betting Sites page as soon as they become available.

  • FiestaBet
  • VikingBet
  • PuntCity
  • JungleBet
  • BetRoyale
  • Golden Rush
  • Sterling Parker
  • JuicyBet
  • BetProfessor
  • VolcanoBet
  • PuntGenie
  • Wellbet
  • QuestBet
  • BetGalaxy
How many betting sites does Punters Tech have?

Punters Tech are the newest bookmaker software provider on the scene, and at this stage have only released two betting sites, which are Lightning Bet and VinBet.