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Australia's Best Esports Bookie

Picklebet Australia

One of the smallest Australian-owned bookies with a strong cult following, Picklebet is Australia's premier esports betting site. Not only does Picklebet offer great esports odds for a massive range of titles, but they also offer a decent sports selection on over 20 traditional sports and recently added racing across all three codes, domestically and internationally. Picklebet now offer same game multis, and are continually to be one of the fastest-growing bookies in Australia.

Picklebet Pros & Cons

  • Best esports odds & options
  • Australian-owned & operated
  • Esports live streaming
  • No tote odds
  • No live streaming for racing
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Picklebet quick facts
Game TypesSportsbook
Deposit methodsCredit/Debit Card, POLi
Withdrawal methodsBank Transfer
Betting functionsSports/Esports Betting, Racing, Multi Betting, Live Streaming
AppsiOS (App Store), Android (Google Play)
SupportLive Chat, Email
OwnerDamon Oudejans and Nick Heaney
Founded Year2017
HeadquartersNewstead, QLD

Picklebet Review

Brisbane-based company, Picklebet was launched in 2017 as 'Skrilla' by two esports enthusiasts - Damon Oudejans and Nick Heaney. Their goal was to combine next-generation betting technology with the growing interest in esports to provide the world's best esports betting experience.

They have well and truly achieved that goal and today offer daily odds for hundreds of different professional and lower-level esports events from CS:GO and Dota 2 to FIFA and Rainbow Six. In 2020 Skrilla, rebranded as Picklebet, and in 2021, they added a range of traditional sports betting markets to their portfolio making them one of the most competitive and fast-growing new betting sites in Australia.

Overall, Picklebet is the best esports betting site in Australia, has a well-designed and intuitive betting website and betting app, and offers a range of additional features like esports betting news, tips, previews, and live streaming.

It's clear to see that Picklebet puts a lot of effort into creating the best betting site and apps so if you're looking for a small betting site that cares about its customers, Picklebet is an awesome choice.

Why we like Picklebet ✅

  • Picklebet is owned & operated by Aussies
  • Picklebet has the best esports betting options
  • Picklebet has daily esports betting tips & news

    Why we don't like Picklebet ❌

    • No tote betting
    • No live streaming for racing

    Picklebet Rating: 7/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Why people should pick Picklebet to punt with
    Mason Kelliher

    Mason Kelliher

    Whether you are into esports betting or not, there are plenty of things to like about Picklebet Australia.

    Picklebet is a new betting site and they are still one of the smallest betting sites in Australia which means that you get top-notch customer support, a well-designed betting website and app, and competitive odds for all sports and esports offered.

    Picklebet may not have the range of markets offered by the likes of Bet365 or Unibet, but they still feature most popular matches for sports like basketball, AFL, NRL, NFL, baseball, golf, boxing, MMA, ice hockey and motorsports, and are especially strong for tennis and soccer.

    Picklebet is consistently adding new sports betting options.

    Of course, esports betting is still Picklebet's selling point (for now). Picklebet consistently has more esports betting options, for a wider range of esports titles than any other Australian betting sites.

    Unsurprisingly, CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2 are among the biggest esports available on Picklebet but a range of other games including FIFA, Starcraft 2, King of Glory, Overwatch, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and pretty much any other professional esports you might want to bet on.

    Not only does Picklebet have more esports betting options than other betting sites, but they also have news, live streaming, and Pick'ems contests all centered around esports betting.

    As we previously speculated Picklebet is continuing to grow and become more popular, especially with adding more sports and racing offerings.

    Picklebet Horses Graphic

    Picklebet caters to new punters with an easy-to-use betting site, betting tips and now offers horse racing

    Picklebet Australia FAQ

    What is Picklebet?

    Picklebet is a small Australian betting site based in Brisbane that offers esports and traditional sports betting odds for Australian punters. Picklebet launched in 2017 as 'Skrilla' but later re-branded in 2020 as Picklebet.

    Why is Picklebet a good betting site?

    Picklebet is a good betting site for a number of reasons which include:

    • Large range of esports betting options
    • High esports betting odds
    • A number of popular sports betting markets
    • Daily esports betting tips and previews
    • Esports live streaming
    • Esports Pick'em contests
    • Fast, simple betting site and apps

    Is Picklebet good for esports?

    Yes! Picklebet is arguably Australia's best betting site for esports betting.

    That's because Picklebet offers more esports titles than any other Australian betting site, as well as a range of additional esports betting markets for each game.

    Picklebet also has free live streaming options for popular esports events as well as daily tips and previews for upcoming esports competitions.

    Picklebet's esports betting Pick'em contests also allow you to win real money for correctly guessing the outcomes of big esports tournaments.

    Is there a Picklebet Bonus Code?

    Due to the nature of Australia's betting regulations, we cannot advertise Picklebet bonuses and promos which means that we can't tell you if there are any Picklebet bonus codes. The reality is that Australian betting sites no longer have bonus codes for new customers.

    To see your Picklebet promotions you will need to be logged into your Picklebet account.

    How do you review Picklebet?

    We review Picklebet Australia according to various criteria which include:

    • Betting Variety - Picklebet has the biggest range of esports betting options and most popular sporting events
    • Mobile Experience - Picklebet has Android and iOS betting apps that function excellently, as does their mobile betting website
    • Payment Options - Picklebet's payment options are limited but options include Debit/Credit card, POLi, and bank transfer
    • Betting Experience - The Picklebet website looks and feels new, is easy to navigate and both betting and paying are easy
    • Customer Support - Picklebet has live chat and email options and their support staff is both friendly and knowledgeable

    We also take additional things into account when giving Picklebet an overall rating. These things include Picklebet's overall usability and 'feel' as well extra features like their betting tips, news, and esports betting contests.

    How do you download the Picklebet app?

    The Picklebet app is available for both iPhone and Android and can be found on the Australian App Store and Australian Google Play Store. The Picklebet app can be downloaded like any other app.

    We recommend signing up with Picklebet by selecting the 'Visit Picklebet' button above and creating your Picklebet account before downloading the Picklebet app because the sign up and verification processes are much easier from the Picklebet website than the app.

    How do you deposit & withdraw on Picklebet Australia?

    To deposit on Picklebet you will need to create a free account, you can do this by selecting the 'Visit Picklebet' button above. After creating your Picklebet account, simply head to the 'Wallet' or 'Deposit' section in the menu and choose between Card or POLi deposit enter your payment details and deposit amount and then confirm the deposit.

    In order to withdraw from Picklebet, you will need to verify your Picklebet account. This can be done in the 'Verification section of 'My Account'. Then head to 'Withdraw' in the 'Wallet' section, enter your bank details and withdrawal amount and confirm your withdrawal.

    Who owns Picklebet Australia?

    Picklebet is owned by Damon Oudejans and Nick Heaney - two Australian esports enthusiasts. Picklebet is one of the few competitive 100% Australian-owned betting sites in the country.

    What are some alternative betting sites to Picklebet?

    Whether you're looking to bet on esports or traditional sports then the top two alternative betting sites to Picklebet are:

    • Bet365 - More esports betting options for each match plus the most live streaming options, payment methods, and high odds.
    • Unibet - Great range of esports betting options but also a huge range of sporting and racing options plus tips, previews, news, and in-play betting features.

    Picklebet Esports

    Esports betting isn't for every Aussie punter but it remains the fastest-growing segment of Australia's betting industry and Picklebet's specialty so it's only right that we expand Picklebet's esports offerings first.

    Picklebet offers odds for more different esports than any other Australian betting site.

    As you would expect, Picklebet's esports betting options include majors, minors, and smaller tournaments and matches for all the biggest esports events for games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

    Picklebet also has odds for esports like StarCraft 2, FIFA, King of Glory, Overwatch, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, NBA2k, Valorant, Hearthstone, Overwatch as well as selected Esports Motorsports and more.

    Picklebet Esports

    Picklebet has the most extensive range of esports betting options in Australia

    The most popular esports betting options are all available on PickleBet with especially good odds for Match Winner bets, Line/Spread bets, Handicap bets, Total Games/Map bets, Outrights, Player Props, and Game Props.

    As well as providing a safe and easy-to-use platform for betting on esports, Picklebet offers free to access live streaming options for big matches, daily betting news and tips, and the options to build esports multis.

    Picklebet Sports

    Although Picklebet's esports focus is clear, with the addition of sports betting options early in 2021, Picklebet definitely leveled up.

    Today the range of betting options at Picklebet is solid and includes top leagues and competitions for a range of sports including soccer, tennis, MMA, basketball, American football, cricket, rugby, Aussie rules, golf, boxing, baseball, table tennis, ice hockey and more.

    Picklebet offers same game multis in popular sporting leagues including AFL and NRL.

    The range of bets offered for each of these sports varies - for the biggest tennis, soccer, rugby, footy, and US sports you'll get a range of options like player props, handicaps, totals, and line bets whereas for some of the smaller sports offered you may only find match-winner and line/spread bets.

    Picklebet Sports

    Picklebet offers all the most popular bet types at a competitive price for a range of different Australian and international sports

    When it comes to Picklebet's sports betting features, there's not much to add except that they have a multi-builder which can be found in your bet slip when you add two or more selections.

    Overall, Picklebet has a no-frills, simple approach to sports betting which should suit both casual and more serious punters. The only exception to this is the lack of horse racing odds at Picklebet - for this, we recommend Unibet, Bet365, or PlayUp.

    Picklebet App

    The Picklebet app is one of the newest in Australia and with the 2021 addition of sports betting options it's already one of our favourites. It should also be noted that the Picklebet app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

    Picklebet App Pros ✅

    • Free for iOS & Android
    • Designed with esports in-mind
    • Fast to load & easy to navigate
    • Multi-betting function
    • Esports live streaming
    • Consistent with desktop website
    • Log in to view promotions

    Picklebet App Cons ❌

    • No live streaming for horse racing
    • Promos are uncommon
    Picklebet App

    The Picklebet app can be downloaded for free from the Australian App Store or Google Play Store

    Overall the Picklebet app makes placing bets on the go more seamless and straightforward with quick deposit and withdrawal options, fast log-in and betting processes, and intuitive navigation.

    The Picklebet app is new and similar to the desktop website providing access to all esports and sports betting markets, betting tips, live streaming, promotions, and featured prediction contests making the switch from website to app easy for any existing customers.

    How to download the Picklebet App
    1. Select the 'Visit' button below
    2. Create a Picklebet account
    3. Go to the App/Play Store
    4. Search for Picklebet
    5. Select the Picklebet app
    6. Download the Picklebet app

    Picklebet Features

    Picklebet is new betting site that focuses on providing a seamless, no-nonsense betting experience so if you're looking for tons of betting features then Picklebet is not quite there yet.

    Despite their relative infancy and focus on simplicity though, Picklebet does have a number of betting features like live streaming, a multi builder, same game multis, betting tips, and Pick'em contests that we do rate highly.

    Picklebet Live Streaming

    Picklebet live streaming is free for all users that are logged in and is available for most in-play esports events namely for CS:GO, Dota 2, and LoL. While the streams provided are often free to access through Twitch or other streaming services we appreciate having the ability to watch esports events through Picklebet as it makes following your bets easier and more exciting.

    Picklebet live streaming

    The Picklebet live streaming window can be moved anywhere on your screen and can also be made full screen

    Picklebet Multis

    Most punters know and understand multi betting but for any noobs out there a multi-bet is when you combine multiple different single bets from different matches into one larger bet. All of your selections must occur for your multi to win but your odds are multiplied so that your winnings for placing a multi are higher than if you were to only place single bets.

    Picklebet has a multi builder that lets you combine esports and regular sports bets together into larger multis for an increased payout.

    Picklebet Multis

    You can build a Picklebet Multi across any number of different esports or sports events by adding selections to your bet slip and then combining them under the 'Multi' tab

    How to Use Picklebet

    When you've decided to join Picklebet Australia you'll need to create a betting account. To be eligible to join Picklebet Australia you will need to be an Australian resident and over 18.

    To sign up with and bet on Picklebet you'll need to:

    1. Select the 'Visit Picklebet button
    2. Create a Picklebet account
    3. Make a deposit
    4. Find an outcome to bet on
    5. Select the odds you want
    6. Enter your bet stake
    7. Select 'Place Bet'
    Using Picklebet

    The Picklebet website is one of the most simple and streamlined in Australia

    The Picklebet website is divided into six major sections which can be found in the left-hand menu.

    When you enter the Picklebet Australia website you will see the 'Next to Go' esports betting markets. From the 'Esports' section, you can navigate between titles or search to find the match you want to bet on.

    Similarly, when you on the 'Sports' page you can select different sports, matches, and markets to see the available odds and bets you can place. You'll see that your bet slip is on the left of the screen and here you can enter your bet stake, place your bets and create multis.

    Other sections of the Picklebet website include the 'Pick'ems' section where you'll find prediction contests, the 'Coverage' section where you can read esports betting tips and previews, the 'Promotions' section as well as the 'My Account' section where you can make deposits and withdrawals.

    Picklebet Payments

    Picklebet's range of payment options is pretty weak although as a new betting site this can be somewhat forgiven and we do expect new payment options to be added soon.

    Overall, Picklebet deposits process instantly and withdrawals are generally very fast (they tend to take under a day but slightly longer when you make your first withdrawal).

    Picklebet Deposit Methods

    • Credit/Debit Card
    • POLi
    • PayID

    All deposits are processed instantly on Picklebet.

    Picklebet Withdrawal Methods

    • Bank Transfer

    Bank Transfers can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days with Picklebet although they tend to only take a few hours after your first withdrawal is made.

    Picklebet Contact

    Picklebet offers customers and potential players two support options which are:

    • Email:
    • Live Chat: via the Picklebet website

    Picklebet's FAQ section is powered by Zendesk which reads your question and provides you with detailed FAQ answers. We found that most queries can be answered this way.

    As for the Picklebet customer support staff, we found that they were very quick to reply, were knowledgeable, and could genuinely help us to answer our queries. We got a great impression from the Picklebet team and we felt like they really cared about our experience.

    Picklebet Bonus Code

    Unfortunately, due to Australia's strict betting regulations, we cannot advertise any Picklebet promotions or bonuses in this Picklebet review. That includes existing customer bonuses, sign up bonuses, and Picklebet bonus codes.

    Picklebet players can log into their Picklebet account to view their promotions and other betting offers.

    Picklebet Promotions

    Click here to visit Picklebet and sign up or log in to view your Picklebet promotions

    Picklebet review

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