Betfair vs bet365 article

Betfair vs. Bet365 - Which Betting Website is Best?

11 March 2021

Betfair vs. Bet365 - Two British bookies known and loved by Aussie punters but which one is the best betting website? We compare their odds, markets, payment methods and more to find out!

Bet365 vs Betfair - Which is the best betting website?

We get it, you've got other stuff to do and you might not want to trawl through this entire article. That's cool, you can see whether we think Betfair or Bet365 is the best betting website in Australia below.


Betfair vs Bet365 - What Betting Website is the Best?

There aren't many online betting websites in Australia that have more name recognition than Betfair and Bet365. As big international betting brands, and as two of Australia's oldest operators, many punters who are looking for the best betting websites turn to either Betfair and Bet365 - but which is better?

Bet365 is the world's biggest betting website with over 50 million global customers and counting. Bet365 is often regarded for having the most betting and live streaming options.

Betfair is a unique betting operator that runs Australia's only betting exchange. This means that the odds for popular events at Betfair are often high.

But how do these bookie sites compare and which is the best betting website in Australia?

Here's a hint: Their primary colour is one of Australia's main colours...

Round 1: Betfair vs Bet365 - Odds

Round 1 Winner: Betfair

  1. 10/10 - High Odds for Big Games and Races

  2. 9/10 - Consistently Has the Best Odds for a Wide Range of Markets

Odds are among the most important things for Australian bettors and thus the question does Betfair or Bet365 have better odds is an important one.

As two of Australia's biggest betting sites, the odds you find on Betfair and Bet365 will likely be among the best in the country but let's go into a little bit more detail.

The betting website with the best odds depends heavily on the events and types of bets that you want to make.

Bet365 has the highest odds for all events in the days leading up to them, they also tend to have better odds for smaller events and less popular betting markets within those matches.

Betfair's odds are more hit or miss. The day of a big race or sports match, Betfair will have likely have the highest odds for common betting markets like win/loss bets. This is because Betfair is a betting exchange which means that other Aussie punters have to accept your odds before you can place bets. Therefore, for the races, sports and bet types that others don't care too much about, Betfair will often have terrible odds.

So, if you want to bet on something like the Melbourne Cup, AFL Grand Final or Bledisloe Cup, then we reccommend Betfair, otherwise, stick to Bet365 which has the highest overall odds.

We're going to give this round to Betfair because we have to reward great odds when we see them - even if they're a bit more inconsistent.

Note that on the Betfair Exchange the blue bets are 'back' bets. When you 'back' a bet you think that that outcome will happen, just like when you place a bet on a regular betting site (see the images below).

Betfair Horse Betting odds
Bet365 horse betting odds

As you can see from these two images (Betfair is above and Bet365 is below), Betfair often (but not for all bets) has the best odds for popular races and sports matches that are about to start - like this one.

Round 2: Betfair vs Bet365 - Markets

Round 2 Winner: Bet365

  1. 10/10 - Most Betting Markets in Australia

  2. 9/10 - Back & Lay Betting Options

The term 'Betting Market' refers to the specific bets that you can place on a given sporting event. The more markets the more ways you can bet.

But which betting website has the most betting options?

Bet365 has a bigger variety of sports to bet on than Betfair - these include sports like Bandy, Surfing, Water Polo, Sailing, Squash, Floorball and others. Bet365 also has more live betting markets and more niched betting options for big football, rugby, cricket and tennis events.

It's not all bad for Betfair though.

The nature of the Betfair Exchange makes it so that for every bet on the outcome of an event to happen, there is also the opportunity to bet that that outcome will not happen. These two types of bets are called 'back' bets and 'lay' bets.

'Back' bets are bets that an outcome will happen - this is how you normally bet when you use a betting website eg. backing a team to win.

'Lay' bets are bets that an outcome will not happen - you act as the bookmaker eg. laying a team to NOT win. Here you are liable to pay your bet stake plus any winnings that the person who 'backs' your bet is eligible to receive.

This means that Betfair has double the number of betting markets for each bet. However, because other punters need to match your bets on Betfair sometimes these options are unavailable or the odds offered are terrible.

Therefore, unless you want access to 'lay' betting markets, Bet365 is the best betting website.

Betfair NRL Betting Markets
Bet 365 NRL betting Markets

In this example, Bet365 (below) offers tryscorer markets for every player on the two NRL teams playing, there are only a few tryscorer betting options on Betfair (above) because not many people have 'laid' the markets.

Round 3: Betfair vs Bet365 - Apps

Round 3 Winner: Bet365

  1. 9/10 - Simple, Fast, Packed With features

  2. 8/10 - Easy to Use, Plenty of Stats

Betting apps are right up there with the most important things punters consider when choosing new betting websites so, naturally, we're going to evaluate Betfair's and Bet365's apps.

All betting apps in Australia are available for iPhone - on the App Store - and Android - from the website of the bookmaker that you use.

Bet365's app is one of the best in the country. Not only is the design simple and effective but it is packed with features like live streaming, a multi-maker, cash out options, a top live betting interface and plenty of stats and tips.

Betfair has recently updated its betting app and the design looks great. However, with fewer things to do on the Betfair app, apart from reading their blog and analysing some Betfair statistics, we reckon the Bet365 app is the best.

The betting website with the better app is Bet365
Bet365 App Australia

The Bet365 app is simple and fast yet packed with heaps of great betting features

Betfair Australia App

The Betfair app is elegant but there's fewer features to use

Round 4: Betfair vs Bet365 - Payment Methods

Round 4 Winner: Bet365

  1. 10/10 - Most Betting Payment Methods

  2. 8/10 - The Only Betting Website with Osko

Making sure that you can deposit, and withdraw, with your preferred payment option is something that should be at the forefront of anyone's mind when looking for a good betting website.

Betfair and Bet365 share many common, and popular payment methods including Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, POLi and Apple Pay.

However, Bet365 does offer some payment methods that Betfair does not

Bet365 accepts Cheque, Paysafecard, Flexepin, ClicktoPay and Cash In and Betfair does not.

Betfair accepts Osko, Skrill, BPAY and Neteller and Bet365 does not.

In fact, of Australia's 17 most common payment methods, Bet365 accepts 13 while Betfair only accepts 11.

That makes Bet365 the best betting website for payment methods in Australia - but you'll want to choose Betfair if Skrill, Neteller, Osko or BPAY is your preferred way to pay.

Bet365 vs Betfair Payment Methods



Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
Cash In

Round 5: Betfair vs Bet365 - Live Streaming

Round 5 Winner: Bet365

  1. 10/10 - 150,000 Live Streams Every Year

  2. 0/10 - Does Not Offer Live Streaming

Only a few online betting websites in Australia offer live streaming but none offer as many events as Bet365.

Okay, yeah we spoiled the surprise, but because Bet365 has 150,000 live streaming options every year, and Betfair has none, the winner is not hard to find.

Bet365 live streams Australian racing, international racing, football, tennis, rugby and more!

Esports, volleyball, table tennis and even NBA are also popular live streaming events on Bet365.

To watch Bet365 live streaming you will need to have money in your account, or have placed abet within the last 24 hours.

Bet365 live streaming

To watch Bet365 live streaming make sure you are logged in and have either placed a bet in the last 24 hours or have money in your account

Round 6: Betfair vs Bet365 - Live Betting

Round 6 Winner: Bet365

  1. 10/10 - Packed with Stats, Graphics and Features

  2. 8/10 - Good Live Betting Odds for Big Events

There are a few different things to consider when evaluating a betting website for its live betting options. One is the odds, another is the betting markets and then you'll also want to consider the live betting interface.

Betfair has a very simple (too simple) looking live betting interface with no graphics to follow events live. Betfair's odds can be good if the live betting event is popular but as in round 2, their total number of live betting markets is pretty hit or miss.

Bet365 also has a clean looking live betting screen but there are still plenty of additional stats to read as well as a great in-play feature that lets you track matches play by play. Bet365's live betting odds and range of markets are consistently good across the board.

As per Australian betting reulations all live betting must be done over the phone. Live odds can still be displayed online.

So, maybe aside from a few particular matches, Bet365 beats Betfair again.

When you consider Bet365's hundreds of thousands of live streaming options it's pretty clear that Bet365 excels on the live betting front.

Betfair live soccer betting
Bet365 live soccer betting

These screenshots show the empty, pretty boring Betfair live betting section (above) vs the clean yet feature packed Bet365 live betting interface (below)

Round 7: Betfair vs Bet365 - Customer Support

Round 7 Winner: Bet365

  1. 10/10 - 24/7 Live Chat, Phone & Email

  2. 8/10 - Detailed FAQ Section, Videos + Live Demos

As you're probably already aware, Bet365 is winning this fight pretty convincingly but is there an opportunity for Betfair to get some consolation points from this round?

Unfortunately not.

Bet365 has a 24/7 live chat option, Betfair does not

Bet365 has one of the best customer support teams of any betting website. When we contacted them, they were helpful and fast to reply. They are available 24/7 by phone, email or live chat.

Betfair's support staff were also friendly and helpful but you only have two ways to contact them - by phone or via email. This is unfortunate because it means that Betfair loses another round.

You may think that a betting website's customer support options are not as important as some of the other aspects of Bet365 and Betfair that we've talked about in this article but they do give you an indication of how you will be valued as a customer and it's nice to know that help is available should you need it.

Betfair vs Bet365: The Result

After a narrow win in round one, Betfair looked like a strong contender. However, after Bet365 took round 2 and 3 they never looked back going on to win 6 from 7 rounds. Therefore, the undisputed best betting website in Australia, at least according to us, is Bet365.

Round 1: Betting Odds - Betfair

Round 2:
Betting Markets - Bet365

Round 3:
Betting Apps - Bet365

Round 4:
Payment Methods - Bet365

Round 5:
Live Streaming - Bet365

Round 6:
Live Betting - Bet365

Round 7:
Customer Support - Bet365

Each of the categories that we judged these online betting websites by will have a different level of importance for you so your best betting website may well be Bet365, or even some other betting website listed on our homepage. However, for an all-round bookie that excelled in all rounds, Bet365 is definitely the best.

Speaking of personal preferences, other betting websites that you may also like include Unibet, PlayUp and Draftstars - we also reckon they're better than Betfair.

Overall Winner: Bet365

  1. 🥇 A Great Betting Website in Every Way

Betfair vs Bet365 - What is the best betting website?
Mason Kelliher

Mason Kelliher

According to the My Betting Sites Australia team - Bet365 is the best betting website.

Bet365 has great odds for all events, the biggest range of betting markets, the most ways to pay, the best live betting and streaming options and an accessible customer support team.

Of course, Betfair is still a top betting site, especially if you only want to bet on the biggest sports and racing events, however, as an overall bookie, Bet365 is the clear leader.

Also know that you can create accounts with both sports betting websites and decide for yourself which is the best.

Bet365 vs Betfair - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best betting website - Betfair or Bet365?

Bet365 is the best betting website compared to Betfair.

After conducting a full comparison, we can say this with confidence. Bet365 has the most betting markets, live streaming options and payment options, the best live betting interface, betting apps and customer support team and great odds across all sports and races on offer.

What betting websites are better than Betfair and Bet365?

We compare all Australian online betting websites on our homepage and Bet365 is one of the best - Betfair isn't even in the top 5.

Other great Australian betting websites include:

  1. Unibet - Great all round betting site with high odds, plenty of markets, lots of payment options and great live streaming
  2. PlayUp - The best-fixed odds in Australia as well as the best Australian betting apps
  3. Draftstars - Australia's best fantasy betting site with big prize pools

Which betting website has the best odds - Betfair or Bet365?

Bet365 has the best odds for most events including smaller sports and races and live betting markets. Betfair has the best odds for the most popular events.

We'd recommend signing up with both betting sites if you're after the best odds because then you can compare and make sure you're getting the best payout for your specific bets.

What betting website has the best app - Betfair or Bet365?

The Bet365 app is better than the Betfair app.

That's because the Bet365 app is simple and easy to use yet packed with a bunch of features like live streaming, in-depth statistics, a Multi-Maker, Cash Out function and a top live betting interface.

Which betting website has the best payment methods - Betfair or Bet365?

Bet365 has better payment options than Betfair.

Both of these betting websites accept popular payment methods like Bank Transfer, POLi and Credit/Debit Card but Bet365 has more additional methods than Betfair - like PayPal, Cheque, Paysafecard, Flexepin, ClicktoPay and Cash In.

Which betting website has the best live streaming - Betfair or Bet365?

Bet365 is the best live streaming betting website in Australia.

Bet365 live streams 150,000 different sports and racing events every year while Betfair has no live streaming options.

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