Sportsbet vs bet365 article

Sportsbet vs. Bet365 - Which is the Best Online Betting Site?

Apr 30, 2024

Sportsbet vs. Bet365 - Australia's favourite betting site vs. the world's biggest bookmaker - but which is the best online betting site in Australia? Get the answer in this article!

Sportsbet vs Bet365 - What is the best online betting site?

Lazy, in a hurry or just hungry for the answer? Find out the winner of this match without reading the article below.

🏆 Overall Winner: Bet365 🏆

Sportsbet Vs Bet365 - Which online betting site is better?

Sportsbet and Bet365 are two of the most popular and well-known online betting sites in Australia and each offers a comprehensive betting service to Aussie punters.

Sportsbet has the most Australian customers of any online betting site, a wide range of markets and even free live streaming for all Australian and NZ horse races.

Bet365, on the other hand, is the biggest betting site in the world and, like Sportsbet, has a huge range of quality betting options, features, live streaming options and betting apps.

But which online betting website is better?

Spoiler Alert: It's not even close

Round 1: Sportbet vs Bet365 - Odds

The first round is a big one - which online bettings site has the best betting odds?

Odds are undoubtedly the most important thing to consider when choosing an online bookmaker.

The higher the odds you get, the more you will earn on winning bets. As any regular punter will know, even small differences in odds can add up in the long run.

When it comes to which bookie has the best odds, some online betting sites will have higher odds one day, and lower odds the next.

However, for consistently high odds you can't beat Bet365.

No matter what sport you choose - whether it's racing, AFL, NRL, soccer, cricket, rugby or Taekwondo - Bet365 will likely have the best odds of any online betting website in Australia.

To illustrate this we took a couple of random Champions League matches and compared the odds offered. In general, Bet365 had equal or better odds than Sportsbet. We also know from experience that Bet365 has significantly higher odds for both major and more niched sports and betting markets.

Sportsbet soccer odds
Bet 365 soccer odds

As you can see from the images above, Sportsbet (top) has similar but slightly worse odds than Bet365 (bottom) for these two Champions League matches.

Round 2: Sportsbet Vs Bet365 - Markets

Betting markets are the individual outcomes that you can bet on for any sport, racing or novelty event.

Common betting markets are win/loss markets i.e. who will win a match but there are hundreds of other markets you can bet on - depending on the sport you choose - like goalscorers, number of runs scored, handicap bets, yellow cards, number of three-pointers and much more.

When it comes to betting markets both Sportsbet and Bet365 are pretty evenly matched.

In general, we found more betting markets on Sportsbet for popular leagues and competitions like the EPL, AFL, NRL, test cricket, novelty bets and Australian racing but more betting markets on Bet365 for more niched events like Futsal, non-open tennis, lower-league soccer, Snooker, Darts and winter sports.

However, when you take into account in-play betting markets, Bet365 has more to offer, so, by the skin of their teeth, Bet365 wins round 2 as well.

Bet365 betting markets

Bet365 has more betting markets than Sportsbet for live events and niched betting markets - a total of 50 for these two particular matches

Sportsbet betting markets

Sportsbet has a wide range of markets for top events but for smaller markets like these two live tennis matches their options are limited to just 17 bets

Round 3: Sportsbet Vs Bet365 - Apps

Fair enough, we know that betting apps aren't exactly the same as online betting sites but they are a huge part of the betting experience for many Aussie punters and it's important not to overlook their popularity.

The best betting apps are fast to load, easy to navigate free from bugs and have additional features like live streaming, bet builders and betting previews.

After using both the Sportsbet and Bet365 apps for last few years we've noticed that they've had some minor bug issues which caused the apps to crash. These days, however, both apps have been updated and most of these problems no longer exist.

As for which app is best - We prefer the Bet365 app.

Part of the reason for this is that they have more live streaming, live betting and bet builder options, as well as a great cash-out feature. Another big reason is that their app is simply easier to use.

The Sportsbet app isn't bad, it loads pretty fast and there's still plenty of betting options but the navigation is not as intuitive and the app is a little confusing.

Note that all Australian betting apps can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store for iOS devices and directly from the mobile betting website of your chosen bookmaker for Android devices.

Bet365 Australia App

The Bet365 app isn't perfect but with tons of betting and streaming options and a simple design we think it's better than Sportsbet's app

Sportsbet Australia App

The Sportsbet app is packed with features and great for racing but this also makes it a little overwhelming

Round 4: Sportsbet Vs Bet365 - Payment Methods

The range of betting payment methods available at an online betting website can make a break an bookie for many Aussies.

Popular deposit and withdrawal options at online bookmakers include Debit and Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, POLi and BPAY.

But does Sportsbet or Bet365 have more payment methods?

Bet365 offers the most payment methods of any Australian online betting website

That's right, out of the 17 most popular betting payment types, Bet365 supports 13 of them whereas Sportsbet only offers 10.

Most of the betting deposit and withdrawal methods offered by the two bookmakers are the same however Bet365 has four options that Sportsbet doesn't (Cheque, paysafecard, Flexepin and ClicktoPay) while Sportsbet has one (BPAY).

Bet365 vs Sportsbet Payment Methods

Bank Transfer
Apple Pay
Cash In
Cash Card

Round 5: Sportsbet Vs Bet365 - Live Streaming

Live streaming is definitely the best way to keep up to date with your bets as the match progresses.

Both Sportsbet and Bet365 offer live streaming but Bet365's range of events is much more comprehensive

Bet365's strength comes in its coverage of international fixtures and niched events - no matter the time of the day you'll find plenty of live streams across a wide range of sports available on Bet365. To watch them you just need to have a positive account balance or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

Sportsbet does offer live streaming of all New Zealand and Australian races for free, and some sports streaming if you have money in your account, however, the total number of streams is very limited compared to Bet365.

Bet365 live streaming

After logging in to your Bet365 account you can watch racing, soccer, esports, tennis, basketball and many more streams depending on what's currently in-play

Sportsbet live streaming

Sportsbet live streams Australian and NZ racing streaming is free to watch after making one deposit into your account

Round 6: Sportsbet Vs Bet365 - Live Betting

Due to Australian betting regulations, live betting in Australia must be done over the phone.

The best online betting sites offer plenty of live betting markets at high odds and they also have lots of stats and match information.

Both Sportsbet and Bet365 have a wide range of live betting markets.

However, as we showed in Round 2 - Bet365 has better odds and more betting markets for more in-play events. They also have more comprehensive live betting features where you can follow games and stats in real-time.

Sportsbet is probably a better live online betting site for big Australian sports like AFL and NRL but when it comes to international soccer, tennis, rugby and most other sports Bet365 is superior.

Bet365 live betting

Even for small events like the Indian Super League soccer Bet365 lets you follow the action live

Sportsbet live betting

Sportsbet has a lot of live betting markets but they don't have the same number of live stats as Bet365. They also generally have lower odds than Bet365

Round 7: Sportsbet Vs Bet365 - Customer Support

Customer support is normally not a deal-breaker for most punters but a good customer support team also gives you an insight into how much you are valued as an online betting site customer.

Sportsbet and Bet365 have 24/7 live chat, email and phone lines

The winner of this round was based on more of a gut feeling.

After pretending to be a needy customer a few different times on both Sportsbet and Bet365 - we found that Bet365's team replied quicker, were generally more knowledgeable and more slightly more friendly.

The difference wasn't huge but we liked our experience with the Bet365 team better.

Sportsbet Vs Bet365: The Result

The moment you've all been scrolling for has finally come... Sportsbet vs. Bet365... which is the best online betting website...

Round 1: Betting Odds - Bet365

Round 2:
Betting Markets - Bet365

Round 3:
Betting Apps - Bet365

Round 4:
Payment Methods - Bet365

Round 5:
Live Streaming - Bet365

Round 6:
Live Betting - Bet365

Round 7:
Customer Support - Bet365

Sportsbet vs Bet365 - Which online betting site is best?

Bet365 is better than Sportsbet - and pretty darn convincingly.

With higher odds, slightly more betting markets, a superior betting app, more payment methods, the most quality live streaming and live betting options and a helpful customer support team, Bet365 is the best online bookmaker in this Sportsbet vs Bet365 match.

Of course, Sportbet is not a bad bookmaker so creating accounts with both bookies is also not a bad idea - that way you can compare odds for the markets you want to bet on.

However, if you're only going to create one account we definitely reckon that Bet365 is the way to go.

Mason Kelliher
Mason Kelliher, Editor-in-Chief & AFL Tipster

Bet365 vs Sportsbet Questions

Which online betting site is the best - Sportsbet or Bet365?

Bet365 is better than Sportsbet.

Our experts compared Sportsbet vs Bet365 based on 7 different key factors including their odds, betting markets, betting apps, payment methods, live streaming, live betting and customer support. The result was unanimous with Bet365 winning 7/7 rounds.

Which online betting site has the best odds - Sportsbet or Bet365?

In most cases, Bet365 has better odds than Sportsbet. Of course, it depends on the particular match you're betting on but in general, Bet365 has the highest odds in Australia - especially for popular soccer, rugby, racing and cricket markets as well as most smaller racing and sports markets from around the world.

Which online betting site has the best app - Sportsbet or Bet365?

Both Sportsbet and Bet365's apps have had problems in the past but these days Bet365's app is better. It's packed with live betting markets, live streaming options and other features like the Bet365 bet builder. Bet365's app also has high odds, a huge range of markets and it is easy to use.

Which online betting site has more payment methods? - Sportsbet or Bet365?

Bet365 has more payment methods than Sportsbet.

Bet365 has 13 out of 17 of Australia's most popular payment methods whereas Sportsbet only has 10. Both sites offer PayPal, POLi, Apple Pay and Credit and Debit Cards.

Bet365 has 4 payment methods (Cheque, paysafecard, Flexepin and ClicktoPay) that Sportsbet does not whereas Sportsbet offers BPAY and Bet365 does not.

Which online betting site has the best live streaming - Sportsbet or Bet365?

Bet365 has a lot more live streaming options than Sportsbet. Bet365 has countless live streams for a wide range of sports (tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket, rugby etc.) and racing markets in Australia and around the world.

Sportsbet has some live streaming options for sports and racing but they are limited. Sportsbet does however offer live streaming for all NZ and Australian races.

What online betting sites are better than Sportsbet and Bet365?

On the My Betting Sites Australia homepage, we rank all of Australia's best online betting sites.

We think that Bet365 is Australia's best betting site but some of our other favourites include PlayUp, Unibet, PointsBet and Draftstars.

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