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Top Fluc, High SGM Odds

Lets Bet Australia

Launching in August 2023, Lets Bet is a breath of fresh air from other recently released and crazy themed bookies, and focuses its resources more on what the traditional Aussie punter wants - Top odds in Aussie sport, and Aussie racing.

Even though their racing odds are competitive, Lets Bet offers Top Fluc and Best Tote + SP on all Aussie horse racing, and also Best of the Best on selected meets across Australia, including all Saturday metro meets in Sydney & Melbourne.

Lets Bet definitely doesn't have the biggest sporting list to bet from, they do however, provide same game multis for AFL and NRL, where their multiplier adds up like a regular multi (and not whatever stingy algorithm Sportsbet uses). Lets Bet is missing additional features such as live streaming, and they could add more racing insights.

Lets Bet Pros & Cons

  • Top Fluc & BoB
  • High same game multi odds
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Lacking obscure sports
  • No live streaming
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Lets Bet quick facts
Game TypesRacing, Sports
Deposit methodsDebit Card, EFT/Bank Transfer (incl. Osko), Pay ID
Withdrawal methodsBank Transfer (Bendigo Bank fast payments)
Odds providerLets Bet/Generation Web
Betting functionsRacing & Sports Betting, Same Game Multis
SupportLive Chat, Email
OwnerLets Bet Pty Ltd
Founded Year2022

Lets Bet Review

Lets Bet is a new corporate (yet boutique) bookmaker that launched in August 2023, and unlike most corporate bookies (Ladbrokes, Sportsbet etc) they are 100% Australian owned. And, like a good Aussie brand -

Lets Bet deliver on what's important to Aussie punters, with nearly unbeatable odds.

With a strong focus on Aussie sports and Aussie racing markets, friendly customer support and fast withdrawals - Lets Bet is definitely a brand to add to your repertoire.

Unlike many of the other corporates, the Lets Bet website is nothing fancy and does not have the flash features that enhance the betting experience such as speed maps, live streaming or tips (although they do have the form guide). Although we definitely enjoy these features, they're generally easily available elsewhere, but it's hard to come across a bookie with such solid sporting odds and racing products.

Lets Bet sports book also isn't the most extensive available, but they do offer all the popular sports watched in the country.

Lets Bet offer markets on AFL, NRL, Soccer, Basketball, Darts, Golf, Tennis and more.

Why we like Lets Bet ✅

  • Lets Bet offer Top Fluc or Best Tote + SP on every Aussie horse race.
  • Lets Bet have some of the highest same game multi odds available
  • Lets Bet process withdrawals several times a day during business hours.

Why we don't like Lets Bet ❌

  • Lets Bet doesn't have a huge sports book, and is missing obscure sports/leagues
  • Lets Bet does not provide live streaming

Lets Bet Rating: 9/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Lets Bet Promo

Lets Bet offer popular betting options same race/game multis

For a Good Bet, Lets Bet, with Lets Bet

Don't fret. One of the best bets you'll get, is with Lets Bet. Ok, enough of that. But why do we think Lets Bet is a decent bookie to have a punt with? Well it's a simple reason, for a simple site.

Lets Bet offer either Top Fluc, Best Tote + SP or Best of the Best on every Australia horse race.

Unlike some brands like WellBet that only offer their own fixed odds, Lets Bet further always offer top tote products. While Best Tote + SP is usually not as superior as Top Fluc (and never as good as Best of the Best), it is still the best price out of the three national totes (VIC TAB, NSW TAB & UBet) - so you are essentially getting the best of three different prices.

Furthermore, Lets Bet have very aggressive same game multi odds that are added up by a standard multiplier, which is very beneficial if the outcomes are in favour of each other, and not something other bookies do.

Companies like Sportsbet add their same game multi odds up with an algorithm that will penalise your end odds. Lets Bet doesn't.

While Lets Bet is a pretty basic site and might not have the capability for such an intense algorithm, we are happy with the way it is now and hope it stays like this for the long term.

Lets Bet FAQ

📋 Is Lets Bet a good bookmaker?

Lets Bet is a great bookie to punt with, and some of the key positives we found to back this up include:

  • Lets Bet offer Best Tote or Top Fluc on every Aussie horse race.
  • Lets Bet process withdrawals several times daily.
  • Lets Bet offers Best of the Best on some Australian horse racing.
  • Lets Bet provide form guide, and pre-race fluctuations, on their website.
  • Lets Bet often have much higher same game multi odds.

    📱 Does Lets Bet have a betting app?

    Yes. Lets Bet is available on iOS and you can download it for free.

    We recommend signing up on before downloading the app as it is much easier.

    Like the website, the features Lets Bet app include are same game/race multis, and competitive tote products on racing.

    💼 Who owns Lets Bet?

    Lets Bet is owned by Lets Bet Pty Ltd, which makes it a corporation and is created from a group of bookmakers that have over 50-years in wagering experience.

    Lets Bet is fully Australian owned and operated.

    💰 Does Lets Bet have sign up bonuses?

    As mentioned throughout this site, It is illegal for betting sites in Australia to advertise sign up bonuses.

    Once customers are signed in to their account, betting sites including Lets Bet are free to advertise betting bonuses and promotions to their clients.

    🇦🇺 Is Lets Bet available in Australia?

    Lets Bet is an online bookmaker in Australia and is only accessible to people located in Australia and New Zealand.

    There is another company named Lets Bet which is based in Italy, and has no affiliation with the Australian Lets Bet.

    Is Lets Bet a good bookie to bet on sports?

    Depending on what you are betting on, but for a lot of punters, Lets Bet will have something that tickles your fancy. Lets Bet has far from the most impressive sports book in the world, but it does have a solid amount of 13+ sports including:

    • AFL
    • NRL
    • Cricket
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • Baseball
    • Gridiron
    • Ice Hockey
    • Basketball
    • Boxing
    • Golf
    • Motor Racing
    • Rugby Union

    What sports markets do they offer?

    While Lets Bet covers a decent amount of sporting leagues across the world in Soccer and Basketball - a lot of their markets are only for head to head betting, line or for future outright winners.

    More popular sports including AFL, NRL, NFL and some Cricket matches provide same game multis with more betting options, including:

    • Handicap
    • Margins
    • Disposals
    • Goals/Tries/Touchdowns
    • Quarter/Half Markets
    • First to markets
    • And plenty more.

    What's so good about their same game multi?

    While their same game multi markets are nothing more than you'd get from Bet365 - where Lets Bet stands out is with their same game multi odds. Standard same game multi odds add up behind the scenes, and will differ depending on the favourable or non-favourable outcomes you select on a game (e.g. Brisbane to win, and Charlie Cameron to kick 2 goals would be a favourable outcome and your odds will decrease for most betting sites).

    However, Lets Bet uses a standard multiplier for their same game multis. So, whatever bet you have come up with is not going to suffer if you select favourable outcomes. On the flip side, it is also not going to get big odds for non-favourable outcomes - but the bookies are always more stingy for decreasing your odds, rather than ballooning them.

    It is worth mentioning however, Lets Bet do have a maximum payout of $10k for sports and racing. So, keep your limit at that if you're going for a lottery type multi.

    The image below is the exact same bet for Lets Bet, compared to Sportsbet.

    Lets Bet v Sportsbet odds compared for AFL bet

    Sportsbet are very popular for same game multis, however their odds are often terrible. Lets Bet (left), Sportsbet (right).

    Sportsbet v Lets Bet same game multi odds broken down

    From the image above, this is for the math's nerds, and for the fans of justice and truth, to see why Lets Bets' same game multi odds are far more superior than Sportsbet.

    Sportsbet Odds:

    • Hugh McCluggage 20 + disposals (1.26)
    • Brisbane Lions to win (2.11)
    • Joe Daniher 20+ disposals (4.25)
    • Standard Multi Odds (1.26 x 2.11 x 4.25 = 11.30)
    • Sportsbet Actual Odds = 7.50

    Lets Bet Odds:

    • Hugh McCluggage 20 + disposals (1.24)
    • Brisbane Lions to win (2.10)
    • Joe Daniher 20+ disposals (4.70)
    • Standard Multi Odds (1.24 x 2.10 x 4.70 = 12.23)
    • Lets Bet Actual Odds = 12.23

    Key Findings:

    • Sportsbet's algorithm reduced this same game multis' odds by a third, or 34%
      (7.50/11.30 = 66%)
    • Lets Bets odds are now 63% higher than Sportsbet, for this example of a same game multi.
      (12.23/7.50 = 163%).

    Is Lets Bet good for betting on racing?

    Yes. There is no doubt, Lets Bet is a very solid option for punting on the races. Firstly, Lets Bet offer all Aussie racing, and quite a few international meets in countries including Japan, South Africa, YSA, UK, Ireland, England, Canada and more. Let Bet also provide exotic racing markets including quinella, exacta, trifecta, first four and same race multi.

    But, most importantly are the tote features that Lets Bet offer, and the fact that they offer them on every Australian horse race.

    Best Tote + SP is available on every Aussie horse race. Best Tote + SP is where the punter is guaranteed the highest dividend declared by the three national totes, or the official starting price (whichever is higher).

    Top Fluc is also available on all Australian gallops, and it guarantees the punter the best price fluctuation for their runner during the official betting of the race. It has to be placed prior to the betting ring opening, and is usually superior to Best Tote + SP.

    Best of the Best is available only on some races with Lets Bet, including all Saturday metro races in Melbourne and Sydney. It is a combination of Top Fluc and Best Tote + SP, and will take whatever price is better, hence the name. If you come across it, bet on it.

    Most betting agencies that offer tote betting, usually offer the middle tote, or some offer the top tote for each horse race. Regardless, most only occasionally give the option for Top Fluc, Best Tote + SP etc. The fact that Lets Bet gives it to you on every race, makes them a fantastic option for punters betting on the ponies.

    Lets Bet do have a dividend limit of $151 for any tote or tote derivative win or place bet. Although, this is pretty unlikely a horse will ever get to that amount and win.

    Lets Bet Racing in Baraldine featuring Top Fluc

    Lets Bet offer Top Fluc and Best Tote on every Australian horse race

    Lets Bet Withdrawal Times and Methods

    Lets Bet only offer withdrawal by Bank Transfer at this stage. However, they are very hot on the withdrawals and do them several times a day, during business hours only.

    Our first withdrawal was in the account the next day, but we didn't request it until after their regular office hours.

    Deposit Methods

    Lets Bet only allows a few ways to deposit funds into your account, and that is by either bank transfer, or by using a credit/debit card.

    For bank transfer it can take a few days to get into your account, so we prefer credit/debit cards, which will upload the funds instantly.

    Lets Bet review

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