How does bet365 bet builder work

Bet Builder Bet365 - How does it work & what are the rules?

24 May 2021

The Bet365 Bet Builder is one of the most unique and popular features of their betting sites in Australia - find out how to build a Bet365 Same Game Multi for AFL, Soccer, NBA, tennis bets, and more!

Bet365 Same Game Multi

Bet365 was the first big Australian betting site to introduce the feature know known as the "Bet Builder".

The Bet365 Bet Builder can be used to combine a range of different bets from the same game, into a larger 'Same Game Multi' or 'Accumulator'

With the Bet365 Bet Builder, you can add up to 12 selections to the same bet. Your odds will automatically multiply each time you add a bet and the more selections that you make the more your odds will increase each time.

Other Australian betting sites may refer to their Bet Builders as Same Game Multis.

Create a Bet365 Australia account

Bet365 Australia

Best Multi Builder & Cash Out

Any Aussie who is over 18 can register with Bet365 and use the Bet Builder. You can create a free Bet365 account today by selecting the link below.

Aside from the Bet Builder, Bet365 has some of the best odds in Australia as well as a wide range of betting markets, lots of live streaming options and the most payment methods.

Where is the Bet Builder on Bet365?

The Bet365 Bet Builder can be found at the top of the webpage or app screen when you select a sports match that has the Bet Builder feature.

Where is the bet builder on bet365

You'll find the Bet365 bet builder in the menu at the top of the page when you have selected an eligible sports event

To get started with building your bet on Bet365 you will need to select 'Add Selection'.

At the time of writing this article, Bet365 Australia offers their Bet Builder for the following sports:

  • Soccer (all matches)
  • Basketball (all matches)
  • Tennis (all matches)
  • AFL (all matches)

How does the Bet365 bet builder work?

Before the Bet365 Bet Builder was introduced, you could only combine bets from different matches into a multi. That means that if you wanted to place a bet on the LA Lakers to Win, LeBron James to score 30+ points, and the Lakers to score over 110 points you would have to place 3 separate single bets.

Now, with the Bet365 Bet Builder, you can combine multiple bets from the same games, as well bets from other matches, into large multis that look exactly as you want them to

That's why other betting sites use the term 'Same Game Multi'

How to use the Bet Builder on Bet365
  1. Sign up with Bet365
  2. Log in to your Bet365 account
  3. Select an eligible match to bet on
  4. Select the Bet Builder tab
  5. Add selections to your bet
  6. Add your Bet Builder to your Bet Slip
  7. Enter your bet stake
  8. Select Place Bet
How does the bet365 bet builder work

You can remove or edit your Bet Builder at any time using the '+ Add Selection' option or the 'X' marks to the right of your picks (not shown)

For example, I added the following selections to my Bet365 Bet Builder bet for an AFL match between Collingwood and Geelong.

  • Geelong to win: Odds = 1.22
  • Geelong to win the first quarter: Odds = 1.61
  • Geelong to win by 40+ points: Odds = 3.10
  • Geelong to score first with a Goal: Odds = 7.00

As you can see, the more selections that you add to your bet the more your odds multiply and the bigger your payout becomes.

How does bet365 bet builder work

As you can see, the more selections that you add to your bet the more your odds multiply and the bigger your payout becomes.

When using the Bet365 Bet Builder, your odds multiply depending on your previous selections so that similar selections don't increase your odds as much as selections that are more different from each other.

Bet365 Same Game Multi - Is it worth it?
Mason Kelliher

Mason Kelliher

Of course, building a Bet365 Same Game Multi increases your risk because all of your selections have to be correct for your bet to win.

On the flip side of this, the number of options you get when building a Same Game Multi on Bet365 is a lot better than many other Aussie betting sites so you can combine odds that are related to each other - for example, in most cases if you are picking a team to win then there is a good chance that your team will also score a decent amount of points, be winning at half time or after the first quarter and will win by a specific margin.

So yeah, if you're smart about it, doing a Same Game Multi on Bet365 is definitely worth it.

Bet365 Bet Builder Rules

For all Bet365 Same Game Multis, up to 12 selections can be added to your betslip.

The number of available markets for your Bet365 Bet Builder will depend on the sports and matches that you are betting on with football, tennis, and NBA matches having the biggest variety of available bets.

Also know that you can add up to four different Bet Builders to your bet slip which you can then combine (with other single bets if you wish) into one larger Bet Builder multi-bet - yep it's like Bet Builder inception!

All Bet Builders can only be used to combine pre-match odds because in Australia live betting must be done over the phone. That means that we don't get to use the in-play Bet Builder.

Also, note that if a bet is voided your entire Bet Builder will be voided and your bet stake will be returned. Cash-out is only available before matches start and the 'edit bet' feature is not available for bet builder bets.

AFL Bet Builder Bet365

Aussies love building multis and with the AFL Bet Builder on Bet365 you can create same game multis with up to 12 selections.

The AFL Bet Builder is Bet365's newest Bet Builder

All AFL matches can be used to create a bet builder and the selections you can choose from increase depending on how big the match is i.e. you can create a more diverse AFL Grand Final Bet Builder.

Markets you can choose from when building an AFL bet with Bet365 include:

  • To Win
  • Line
  • Total
  • First Goalscorer
  • Margin (Bands)
  • Double Result
  • First Scoring Play
  • Best on Ground

It's also good to know that if an event results in a dead-heat your return will be divided by the number of participants that tied. For example, if you are betting on which player has the Most Disposals and two players tie for Most Disposals you will get half of your winnings.

Soccer Bet Builder Bet365

The Bet365 soccer Bet Builder was the first Bet Builder and the one that started it all.

The soccer Bet Builder is the most extensive Bet Builder on Bet365

You can use the Bet365 soccer Bet Builder for any soccer bet whether it's the A-League, EPL or a Turkish 2nd division women's pre-season match.

The bigger the game, the more options you'll have but in general the available markets for soccer Bet Builders include:

  • Match Result (Full Time or Half Time)
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Number of Goals Scored
  • Players to Score (Anytime, First, Last, 2 or More, 3 or More)
  • Corners
  • Cards (Total, Player Card or Red Card in Match)
  • To Qualify or To Lift the Trophy

Remember that you can add multiple Bet Builders to your bet slip and then combine them all into one larger multi.

Basketball Bet Builder Bet365

The Bet365 basketball Bet Builder works just like the other Bet Builders letting you combine up to 12 selections from a single game to get instant odds.

The Bet365 basketball Bet Builder can be used for the NBA, NBL & all other basketball matches on Bet365

The huge number of NBA betting markets on Bet365 means that the Bet365 NBA Bet Builder is almost definitely the best of its kind on the market.

The most common basketball Bet Builder selections you can choose are:

  • To Win
  • Game Line
  • Game Totals
  • Alternative Line
  • Alternative Game Total
  • Player Points
  • 1st Half Line
  • 1st Quarter Line

In other countries, the Bet365 basketball Bet Builder can also be used for certain in-play matches especially in-play NBA matches.

Tennis Bet Builder Bet365

Given the sheer volume of professional tennis matches that take place around the world every year, tennis is one of the biggest sports for betting online.

Bet365 is one of the best tennis betting sites in Australia

You can bet on everything from Grand Slams to ITF, Challenger, and exhibition events on Bet365, and all matches can be used in conjunction with the tennis Bet635 Bet Builder.

While bigger tennis matches will have more selections most games have the following options for their tennis Bet Builders:

  • To Win
  • Set Betting
  • Total Games
  • Handicap - Games Won
  • First Set Winner
  • 1st Set Total Games
  • 1st Set Game Score
  • First Break Of Serve
  • Player To Win A Set
  • To Win in Straight Sets

For Grand Slam matches you may also get options like a Player to Win Two Sets, Set 1 Correct Score Group, Set 1 Race to 4 games, and more.

Bet365 Bet Builder FAQs

What is the Bet Builder on Bet365?

The Bet Builder on Bet365 is a tool that lets you create a Same Game Multi. That means that you can combine up to 12 different selections from one game into one larger multi-bet.

How do you do a Same Game Multi on Bet365?

The Bet365 Same Game Multi tool is called the 'Bet365 Bet Builder'. To do a Same Game Multi on Bet365 simply:

  1. Sign up with Bet365
  2. Find a match to bet on
  3. Select the 'Bet Builder' tab
  4. Add selections to your bet
  5. Add your Bet Builder to your bet slip
  6. Enter your bet stake
  7. Select place bet
How does the Bet Builder work on Bet365?

When you add selections to your Bet Builder, your odds will automatically update and increase depending on the number of selections you make. All of your selections must occur for you to win your bet.

Where is the Bet Builder on Bet365?

The Bet365 Bet Builder can be found in the 'Markets' menu at the top of any soccer, tennis, basketball, or AFL match available on Bet365. Select the 'Bet Builder' tab to get started.

What are the Bet365 Bet Builder Rules?

Bet365 Bet Builder rules can be found on the Bet365 website but they include:

  • Max 12 selections per Bet Builder
  • Max four Bet Builders can be combined into one larger multi-bet
  • Pre-match betting markets only
  • If a bet is voided your bet stake will be refunded
  • If a bet ends in a dead heat you will receive partial winnings
  • Cash Out is only available before the match begins
  • Edit Bet is not available for Bet Builder bets
Is there an NFL Bet Builder on Bet365?

At this stage no, but we will update this article if it becomes available for next year's NFL season!