Love Island Australia Betting 2023

Who will win 2023 Love Island Australia? Our experts provide the odds on the steamiest show on TV

Who won Love Island Australia?

Kale and Tyra were the winners of Season 5 of Love Island Australia. The finale aired on Monday 18th of December on 9Now.

Check out the historical odds below, that were accurate at the end of the season. We will update this page as soon as Season 6 is on our screens, with a fresh new batch of sexy singles to ogle at, and more importantly, to bet on!

Love Island Odds

Kale Roberts
Tyra Johannes
Zac Nunns
Lucinda Strafford
Savannah Badger
Clint Posselt

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Who will win Love Island Australia?

Tyra is the current favourite to be a winner on 2024 Love Island Australia. The "bubbly ray of sunshine" from the Sunshine Coast is the third youngest on the show (behind Georgia and Nakia). Strangely enough, Tyra has caused the least amount of drama and shows the most maturity. She seems like a very lovely and happy person, and Australia seems to agree - which is probably why her odds are so short.

Her and Kale are a loveable couple as it is apparent they only have eyes for one another, and they both seem like very nice genuine people. In an interview with Zac and Trent - both Zac and Trent said that Kale was the friendliest person in the house.

Tyra and Kale are both paying 1.34 with Bet Right

Zac - the larrikin Kiwi turned Melbournite, has been playing the game and doing his best to manipulate the villa politics, ever since his feet touched the ground in Mallorca. The self confessed "snake in the grass" seems to have no problem lying, cheating and stealing his way to the top and will likely go the whole way - except the fact he is a Kiwi will likely lose him a few votes in the final.

No one can deny that Zac and Lucinda have serious feelings for each other, with obvious onscreen chemistry and the occasional bickering like a married couple - that anyone in a relationship can relate to. Neither has looked sideways at another person since they have been coupled up.

Zac and Lucinda are both paying 3.75 with Palmerbet

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How to bet on Love Island Australia?

Placing a bet on Love Island is a very straightforward process, even if you don't yet have a betting account. Regardless, we are going to show you how to do it step by step with Palmerbet. Not many betting sites offer markets on Love Island Australia - however, Palmerbet has the best odds out of the ones that does.


Signing up with Palmerbet

To sign up with Palmerbet, the process takes less than a minute and you don't need to have your ID ready to verify.

  • First, head to
  • In put your details including name, address, mobile number and email address
  • Create your username and password

You will have the option to set a deposit limit. If you think you may have a problem with spending, then put an amount that you are comfortable gambling with.


Head to the Sports Section

Love Island is found under the Sports section in Palmerbet. To get here from the main menu you need to:

  • Select the three lines in the top left hand corner (where the red circle is on the image below)
  • Scroll down until you find sports

Find Love Island Australia

Now that you are on the sports section, to find Love Island Australia, you need to:

  • Scroll down until you see Entertainment
  • Select Entertainment
  • At the top in the green label you will be on the top Entertainment betting market (Big Brother)
  • Select Big Brother and a drop down will open

Choose your bet

Now that you have found Love Island, on the drop down:

  • Select Love Island

The list of current contestants to bet on will become available. Scroll through until you have found who you want to bet on, and tap on their name.


Placing your bet

Now you have selected who you want to bet on (Tyra in the example below) -

  • Select the Bet Slip in the top right hand corner (we have circled this in the image below)
  • This will take you to your Bet Slip
  • Select in the box how much you want to bet
  • Select the green place bets
  • If you have not deposited money yet, it will ask you to deposit enough for the bet
  • Place your bet

Now sit back, watch some high quality TV, and good luck!

Love Island Australia FAQ

Where can I watch Love Island Australia 2023?

Love Island Australia episodes are released Monday to Thursday at 6pm AEDT exclusively on 9Now.

What is the prize money for Love Island Australia?

The winning couple of Love Island Australia, whether it be love or friendship, will receive $50,000.

Where can I bet on Love Island Australia?

You can bet on Love Island Australia at and Markets for Love Island Australia, are usually not available to bet on during or straight after the show is showing live on TV (AEDT).

Where is Love Island Australia filmed?

Love Island Australia Season 5 was filmed in Mallorca, Spain. It was filmed in August 2023, and began airing at the end of October 2023.

When is the finale for Love Island Australia?

The finale for Love Island Australia airs on 9Now, on Monday 16th of December at 6:00pm (AEDT)