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Next James Bond Betting | Odds Comparison & Rumoured Actors

Jun 26, 2024

Who will be the next actor to play 007 James Bond? Our experts compare the best odds across all betting sites

Jimmy Mason
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Next James Bond Betting

The last James Bond film was released in 2021, and the next is expected to be released in the next few years. That begs the question, who will be the next James Bond? Our team of experts compare the best odds for the favourite actors across all betting sites providing markets for the next James Bond. Last updated 7/11/23.

Best Odds Found
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Henry Cavill
James Norton
Rege-Jean Page
Tom Hardy
Paapa Essiedu
Callum Turner
Richard Madden
Aidan Turner
Jack Lowden
Cillian Murphy
Idris Elba
Chiwetel Ejiofor

We compare the best odds for each actor across different betting sites

Who will be the next James Bond?

The current favourite to be the next James Bond is English actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who is paying 3.10 and under, across betting sites. He is best known from his leading role in Kick-Ass, and its sequel Kick-Ass 2. Moving on from his dorky wannabe superhero role, Taylor-Johnson has recently shown some serious acting chops by adding more dark roles to his repertoire in Bullet Train and the upcoming Kraven the Hunter.

The odds have varied over the past two years on who the next favourite is to don the 007, and English actor Tom Hardy has spent some of this time as the favourite. The Revenant actor continues to stay relevant in the runnings, with odds no higher than 10.00 across betting sites.

The second favourite across all betting sites is Henry Cavill, who is paying 4.25 and under. The Man of Steel lead actors' chances look strong, after legendary director Christoper Nolan has shown interest in directing the next James Bond - who has worked previously with Cavill when he produced Man of Steel.

Idris Elba was noted as being a front runner for the martini loving spy, which was partially egged on by The Wire actor himself by tweeting "My names Elba, Idris Elba", after James Bond's famous catch phrase. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Elba explained there was no truth to the rumours - but thats what he'd want us to believe.

    Which actors fit the original James Bond profile?

    In Ian Fleming's original series of novels, James Bond is an ageless character in his mid-to-late thirties, and an indication of him being 37. This coincides with the average age of every actor who played the British spy in their first James Bond film, which is 38. He was originally intended to be 183cm tall, athletic build, good looking with black hair, but with a cruel mouth and cold blue eyes.

    The six actors to portray Bond have been close to this mark, with the biggest outlier being Daniel Craig who had blonde hair.

    Aaron Taylor-Johnson 3.10
    • The favourite actor mostly fits the profile of James Bond with black hair and blue eyes. However, while he is a good looking lad, he is missing the cruel look and looks too comedic.
    • Taylor-Johnson is a few years shy of the desired 37 years old. However, as the next James Bond is a few years off, he will age into the role.
    • Taylor-Johnson is 180cm tall, only 3cm short of the desired height. He is also incredibly ripped, which is inaccurate but hardly off-putting.

    Best odds for Aaron Taylor-Johnson are at topsport.com.au

    Aaron Taylor Johnson
    Henry Cavill 4.25
    • Henry Cavill also fits the James Bond look with black hair and blue eyes. However and with the same issue as Taylor-Johnson, his good looks are more your friendly neighbourhood Superman, and not the ominous "I have a license to kill".
    • Cavill is a few years older than the desired 37 age, and is 40 years old.
    • Cavill is 185cm tall, a touch taller than the original Bond, and also quite bulky and muscular - not the look you'd expect for someone who loves downing martinis.

    Best odds for Henry Cavill are at betright.com.au

    Henry Cavill
    Richard Madden 13.00
    • Not one of the front runners, but we think Richard Madden best fits the look of James Bond with his black hair, blue eyes, and handsome (but somewhat dark) good looks.
    • Richard Madden is the perfect age of James Bond and is 37 years old.
    • Madden is much shorter than James Bond at 177cm tall, but is athletic without being crazy muscular like Taylor-Johnson and Cavill. Although the height is quite a bit off, Hollywood has been sizing up action stars for decades.

    Best odds for Richard Madden are at topsport.com.au

    Richard Madden

    When will the next James Bond be announced?

    We estimate that the next James Bond will be announced in April/May 2024. Here are our reasonings:

    • There is currently no release date set for the next James Bond, but it was speculated from the producers back in 2022 that it wont hit cinemas until 2026. There is currently no script.
    • The "No Time to Die" script took approximately 8 months to write from when Neil Purvis and Robert Wade were rehired to begin working on the script back in September 2018, until April 2019 Phoebe Waller-Bridge was hired to polish the script.
    • After some production delays, "No Time to Die" took around 2.5 years from beginning of filming, to its release date in September 2021.
    • As of April 2023, Phoebe Waller-Bridge was rumoured to be in talks of writing the next James Bond.
    • If the next James Bond aims to be released in the optimal end of December period in 2026, it will need to begin filming in July 2024.
    • If it took 8 months to write the previous James Bond and if it was to begin writing in July 2023, the script will be completed in March 2024.
    • Daniel Craig was announced as James Bond in Oct 2005, less than 3 months before filming began in January 2006.

    Therefore, April/May 2024 fits the goldilocks zone from previous Bond production history.

    You can visit one of the betting sites below to bet on who you think will be the next James Bond

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