Married At first sight

MAFS Australia Betting Odds 2024

16 January 2024

Which couples will stay together on Married At First Sight? Our experts analyse the best odds and the favourite couples on Australia's guilty pleasure


Nubmer of Couples to Remain Together
Best Odds Found
No Couples remain together
41.00 at BlueBet
1 Couple to remain together
17.00 at Palmerbet
2 Couple to remain together
7.50 at BlueBet
3 Couple to remain together
3.00 at Palmerbet
4 Couple to remain together
1.57 at Palmerbet
5 Couples remain together
7.00 at BlueBet

Last updated 27/3/24.

2024's Married At First Sight... a Better Love Story Than Twilight?

I would be more inclined to believe that Edward and Bella are out there somewhere sucking the blood of innocent people, than anyone on MAFS being there for any other reason than to increase their insta following.

Speaking of feeding on peoples misery - the loosely named "relationship experts" John Aiken, Mel Schilling are back with certified sexologist Alessandra Rampolla, and have curated 10 couples that they think will find eternal bliss. Or in other words, the ones that are most likely to lie, cheat, and cause a scene at the dinner party.

Odds to Stay Together
Jayden & Eden
Jack & Tori
Jade & Ridge
Sara & Tim
Lucinda & Timothy
Lauren & Jonathan

Odds are provided from Palmerbet

Last updated 18/3/24

Who will win MAFS?

Jayden and Eden are the favourite to leave MAFS as an actual couple, paying 1.04 to finish the experiment together. Pretty low odds suggests maybe Eden isn't against the idea of becoming a cuckquean, if Jayden needs to somehow prove his machoism if she upsets him.


Can I bet on Married At First Sight?

Yes. There are many betting options for MAFS including:

  • How many couples will stay together?
  • Which couples will stay together?
  • Which week or Commitment Ceremony will each couple exit.

Where can I bet on MAFS?

You can bet on MAFS on any betting site found on this page.

The site with the best odds and markets for MAFS is Palmerbet