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Betting Offers

On this page we give a detailed analysis of how betting offers work. Read on to find out more!

How Betting Offers Work

Interested in learning a bit more about how betting offers work? You've come to the right place!

This page is designed to help you understand how betting offers work, and answer any questions surrounding the topic.

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Top Sportsbooks


  • Unique puck line betting feature
  • Wide range of sports and markets
  • Engaging aesthetic experience.
  • Live streaming not available in Canada
  • Could be considered too casino-like in its design
Our Pick for Puck Line Betting
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Website: 888sport.comFounded: 2008
Owner: 888 Holdings PLCHeadquarters: Gibraltar
888sport home ca
888sports live ca
888casino ca


Author: Ben Smith Ben Smith

888sport has become one of the go-to bookmakers for sports betting. There are plenty of markets for popular sports in Canada, and odds are well priced across the board.

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  • Mobile version is excellent
  • Personalised betting experience
  • Dedicated sports and casino blog
  • Desktop site is basic compared to mobile
  • Can be too casino-focused
Our Pick for Mobile Betting
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19+. T&C Apply. Play Responsibly.

Website: leovegas.comFounded: 2011
Owner: LeoVegas Gaming plcHeadquarters: Stockholm
Leovegas home
Leovegas live bet ca
Leovegas casino ca


Author: Ben Smith Ben Smith

LeoVegas entered the sports betting market in 2016, four years after its exemplary casino product launched. The sportsbook uses the Kambi platform for its front end user interface and wide range of betting markets.

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Royal Panda

  • Outstanding in-play betting experience
  • Great mixture of sports
  • Functions well on desktop and mobile
  • Lack of horse racing betting
  • Odds lower than some major sportsbooks
Royal Panda
Our Pick for Live Betting
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19+. T&C Apply. Please play Responsibly.

Website: www.royalpanda.comFounded: 2014
Owner: LeoVegas Gaming plcHeadquarters: Malta
Royal Panda Canada sports
Royal Panda Canada live betting
Royal Panda Canada casino


Author: Ben Smith Ben Smith

Royal Panda, launched in 2014, offers sports betting, casino, and poker. They are highly regarded as an online casino, which has an excellent live betting platform and an array of games.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Betting Offers

You will find everything you need to know about betting offers on this page, but here are our most common questions and answers.

Which betting offers are the best?

Ben likes risk-free bets most, while Alex prefers free bets.

At the end of the day, it's the betting offer you like the most that will be the best.

How are deposit matches different from free bets?

Deposit matches require an initial deposit, which is then rewarded with a certain percentage, while free bets are receivable through making a deposit and placing a qualifying bet.

How do I use a betting offer?

This is dependent on the offer, but usually, it requires making a bet, which can be completed by selecting your sport, finding your odds, selecting them, entering your stake and confirming your bet. You may need to bet a number of times to use your offer.

How do betting offers work?

Some come in the form of free bets, whereas others are deposit bonuses in which you put your own money into a betting account and that amount gets matched. For each offer, a set of terms and conditions will be attached.

Whare the different types of betting offer?

The offers we've seen include deposit bonuses, free bets and risk-free bets the most.

No deposit bonuses are a little rarer, and we've also seen enhanced winnings from time to time.

Are risk free bets better than free bets?

Ben seems to think so, while Alex would disagree.

The key factor here is what you're looking for in your offer. If you prefer having some bet insurance, then we would recommend risk-free bets.

If you prefer a guaranteed offer that is receivable through placing a bet, then

Must I deposit money to qualify for a betting offer?

More often than not, yes. The value of the betting bonus will often match your first deposit up to a maximum limit. No deposit betting offers are very rare.

What are wagering requirements with betting offers?

Wagering requirements are a set of conditions that must be met in order to get a specific offer withdrawable.

Best Sportsbooks

Before we get into how betting offers work, we felt that we had to mention the betting sites that stand out from the rest of the pack.

These betting sites offer plenty in terms of lines, odds, features, live betting and more.

Below, they're listed, with the feature they offer in the best way:

Best Sportsbooks in Canada

  1. Our Pick for Soccer Bet Builders

  2. Our Pick for Odds and Lines

    Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

  3. Our Pick for Puck Line Betting

  4. Our Pick for Mobile Betting

    19+. T&C Apply. Play Responsibly.

  5. Our Pick for Live Betting

    19+. T&C Apply. Please play Responsibly.

  6. Our Pick for Combo Generators

More on the Best Sportsbooks in Canada

888sport Canada

Our Pick for Puck Line Betting

Coming in at the top of the list of our favourite sportsbooks, 888sport promises plenty for beginner, intermediate and advanced bettors.

We’re big fans of the puck line betting feature, but overall, the list of sports and events is impressive.

We did however think that 888sport could add more basketball lines to what they already offer, and the site itself can at times feel a little overwhelming.

That aside, a well-rounded sportsbook, offering plenty of fantastic features.

LeoVegas Canada

Our Pick for Mobile Betting

This should be the go-to sportsbook for all mobile bettors.

LeoVegas has a long-standing reputation within betting and gaming and bagged the mobile operator of the year in 2019. Their mobile website and app stand out from amongst the pack.

Bettors that prefer some desktop betting, however, should steer clear of Leovegas. The desktop version of the website feels like something out of the 90s.

The casino aspect to this website is very strong. Bettors actually need to change the setting to sports in order to see the sports on offer, and navigate away from the casino platform.

Overall, our mobile betting pick has plenty to offer and is a great all-around choice.

Royal Panda Canada

Our Pick for Live Betting

Royal Panda is another operator that started out as a casino and began offering a sportsbook in 2017.

What they offer is a fresh sports betting experience that is a dream to use, especially if you’re keen on betting on live events.

Odds are of course very important to betting, and because this bookie is a little younger than a lot of its competitors, the odds they offer aren’t quite as competitive. Another good thing to know about this bookmaker is the fact that they do not offer horse racing, so if you like a bet on the ponies, we’d recommend another sportsbook.

All around, if you’re looking for a betting site with a nice interface, and a great live betting function, choose Royal Panda.

Best Sportsbooks888sportLeoVegasRoyal Panda
Betting variety9/109/108/10
Mobile experience7/1010/107/10
Payment Options8/108/109/10
Betting experience7/108/107/10

How Betting Offers work

Betting bonuses work in a way in which a bettor needs to meet a certain requirement, and a bookmaker then rewards them once they've met it.

They come in all different shapes and sizes and offer varying kinds of value.

Examples of this type of requirement include making a bet, making a deposit, and so much more.

Take a look at the brief overview below, or keep scrolling to see the full picture!

How different betting offers work

Deposit bonuses

A bookmaker rewards you with a percentage of your first deposit.

Click here to learn more about deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses

A sportsbook rewards you with free money directly after you sign up with no deposit or qualifying bet needed.

Click here to learn more about no deposit bonuses.

Free bets

A sportsbook rewards you with a certain amount of money for placing a bet.

Click here to learn more about free bets.

Risk-free bets

Place a bet without the worry of losing your stake

Click here to learn more about risk-free bets.

Free bet series

Place a qualifying bet, and receive a series of amounts to place more bets with.

Click here to learn more about free bet series offers.

Enhanced winnings

Stand to win more with better-priced odds for a specific bet when you join a betting site.

Click here to learn more about enhanced winnings.

Types of betting offer

To understand how betting offers work, you'll need to learn about the different types.

While betting offers overall work the same when it comes to a bettor having to meet a requirement to receive a reward, there is some variability in what these requirements demand, and what reward is attached to them.

Below, we discuss a handful of different offers:

First Deposit Bonus

These types of offers require a deposit, and are usually characterized by an on-offer percentage, and offer amount.

The offer amount is the limit on the funds that can be received from the bookmaker, and the percentage refers to the amount you will receive from the bookmaker based on your first deposit.

Below are some of the ways we evaluate this type of offer.

Deposit bonuses key factors

Bonus amount

This refers to the amount that one could potentially be rewarded.

Deposit bonuses are usually offered as a certain percentage up to a certain amount on your first deposit.

This could look like 100% up to $300. The $300 is the bonus amount, and for us, the higher the amount, the higher the value.

Bonus percentage

This refers to the percentage of your first deposit you will receive back.

If we take the deposit bonus example that we started with (100% up to $300), the bonus percentage would be 100%.

Minimum odds

Minimum odds for a bonus are connected to the bonus wagering requirements and can determine how easy it will be for the bonus to become withdrawable.

The lower the minimum odds, the higher chances those bets needed to be placed will come off as winning bets, which will in turn ensure that the bonus is easier to withdraw.


This refers to the number of bets needed to be placed at the minimum odds to render an offer withdrawable.

Validity period

The validity period refers to how long the bonus is available.

No Deposit Bonus

This type of offer is usually the least valuable.

A bettor signs up, and a bookmaker rewards them for completing this simple task.

How we evaluate no deposit bonuses


When it comes to no deposit bonuses, only one factor is worth mentioning.

For one, the value on offer is something we use to evaluate whether this is a good type of offer compared to others like it.

Free Bets

In this type of offer, the requirement we have spoken about is a qualifying bet.

The qualifying bet is usually determined by minimum odds and the amount of the stake.

If the bet meets the minimum odds and the bet is at the amount that meets the requirements, the free bet will be credited.

Free bets key factors

Size of qualifying bet

Usually, with free bets, you’ll need to bet a certain amount, to get a certain amount.

If this bet is really high (which it usually isn't),

Size of free bet up for grabs

Of course, we'd need to assess the amount a free bet is actually offered to determine how valuable it is.

It's a proportions game. If the minimum bet is lower, and the bet you stand to receive is more, the value will be higher.

Minimum odds

Again, this factor of assessment is pretty straightforward.

The lower the minimum odds, the easier it will be to receive the bet, rendering it higher in value.

Validity period

Just like all offers, if the bet up for grabs is available for a longer period, we usually look at it in a positive light.

Risk-free Bet

The basic premise of this offer is that when a bet is placed that has been funded by the bettor, the bettor either wins the bet, and receives the winnings, or the bettor loses the bet, but receives the stake back in full.

The value on offer here is that you don't stand a chance to lose any money. You either win your bet or get your stake back.

Risk free bet key factors


What makes risk-free bets so valuable is the guarantee to get something out of a bet, despite which way that bet will go.

With that in mind, the amount that is placed on a bet is probably the most important thing to consider when evaluating risk-free bets.

Free Bet Series

This type of offer is very similar to free bets, the only difference being is that the free bet you receive isn't lumped together, but split up into different bets that you can use at different times.

Enhanced Winnings

In this instance, as a new customer, you will be offered particularly high odds for an event. If the standard odds are +200, you might be offered odds of +3000 if you sign up.

If the bet wins, you will usually receive the normal +200 winnings in cash and the remaining money in free bets.

There may be a maximum stake for this to limit the extra winnings. Check the T&Cs for wagering requirements.

How we evaluate betting offers

Evaluating betting offers is largely dependent on the betting offer itself, but the factors listed below are the things we keep in mind when we assess the different types of betting offers.

Choosing your Betting Offers

💰 Bonus Value

Value is very much a subjective aspect.

If a bettor finds a risk-free bet is of a higher value than getting a percentage of their deposit back, then the risk-free offer is the more valuable option.

We try to assess value objectively, but everyone is different.

🔄 Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are crucial when assessing bonus value.

They determine how difficult it'll be to get your winnings, so the easier, the better.

🔢 Minimum Odds

Minimum odds form part of wagering requirements, so when they're higher, the offer is basically asking more of you.

That's why we view lower minimum odds in more of a positive light.

📅 Expiry Date

This one's pretty straightforward. The longer the offer is valid, the better.

Betting on a sportsbook


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Choose your odds


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