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6 Step 888sport Android App Download Guide

Apr. 15, 2024

Android bettors can now download the 888sport app on the Google Play Store. This article shows you how to get the app in 6 easy steps!

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888sport Android App

888sport’s android app is now available for download through the Google Play store, with a clickable download link that can be found on the 888sport homepage. Android punters no longer need to download a 888 apk, and can instead follow 6 easy steps to download and bet on the android app.

888sport android app on the google play store

888sport App Android Download

The 888sport app is now available on the play store which means that the steps to download the app are very straightforward.

The app can be downloaded in 6 steps, which can be found listed below.

Note - we encourage users to sign up first before downloading the app because it makes things easier once you’ve downloaded the app to get started with betting. If you already have an account or want to get the app straight away, you can skip step 2.

6 Step 888sport App Android Download Guide

Visit 888sport on mobile

The first step in getting the 888sport app on your android device is to go ahead and visit 888sport’s website on mobile.

You can do so quickly by clicking on this link that will take you to 888sport’s homepage.

This will save you time so that you don’t have to leave this page and go back and type in “888sport” into google.

888sport download step 1
Create an 888sport account

We encourage new users to create an 888sport account before getting the app.

To do this, click on the “Join Now” button that can be found toward the top right-hand corner of the 888sport homepage.

Once that’s been done, you’ll need to fill out some details and verify your account.

888sport app download step 2
Scroll down the page and click on the Download link

Once you've created your account, scroll down the 888sport mobile homepage.

After scrolling passed all the sports that have been listed, you'll come across some information. Keep your eyes peeled for a line of linked text that says "Betting App".

888sport app download step 3
Click on "Available for Android"

Once you've clicked on the app download link, go ahead and click on the button that says "Available for Android".

This button will direct you to the Google PLay store, where you'll be able to download the 888sport app directly from.

888sport app download 4
From the Google Play Store Click Install

Once you’ve clicked on “available for android" from 888sport's homepage, and are on the google play store’s 888sport app page, you’ll see a bunch of different things going on. From reviews and number of downloads to PEGI 18 and so on.

Cast your eyes to the button that says install, and give it a click. This will begin the process of downloading the app.

888sport app download 5
Launch the app and start betting

Once you’ve clicked install on the app store, the app will take around 30 seconds (or even less) to download.

Once it’s downloaded, a launch button will appear in place of the install button. Go ahead and give it a click and sign in to your 888sport account (or create one). From there, you can start betting on sports!

888sport app download 6

Why you don’t need an 888sport apk

For a long time, betting apps were not available on the google play store, which meant that the betting operators that offered betting apps had to find a new one to allow android users to get their hands on their apps.

That was where APKs came in. APKs are files that hold an app within them, and they were downloadable through the betting site itself.

You Don’t Need APKs Anymore

If you’re an android user searching for the 888sport apk, we’re here to tell you to stop looking.

888sport no longer offer an apk, as their betting app is now listed on the Google Play store.

With the google play store now offering betting apps, however, the need for downloading an APK has gone away. This is a big win for android bettors, as downloading APKs can be quite a hassle.

Click on the button below to start the process of downloading the app, or scroll up to read through the steps if you have done so already.

Should you download the 888sport Android app?

We like the 888sport app, and we recommend it, but with anything, the public opinion of the app is somewhat divided. The app gets solid review scores on the google play store, and we were particularly fond of live betting on the app.

Some users however have complained that the app takes too long to load, and there have also been reports of users saying that the app isn’t easy to navigate (which we disagreed with).

In light of this, we decided to review the app. Our 888sport app article review can be found by clicking on the article listed below:

Who should consider downloading the 888sport app

888sport App Review - Find out whether this is the app for you!
Apr. 15, 2024

Thinking about downloading the 888sport app, but haven’t decided yet? This article is dedicated to giving you a full account of what to expect from the app, to help you choose ...

888sport Android app quick facts:
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein
  • App Rating: 4.4/5

  • 100k + Downloads

  • Regularly updated

  • 888 respond to every app store review

888sport iOS Download Guide

If you’re coming to this article from an android device, you don’t need to read any longer, you can go ahead and get started by downloading the 888 android app.

If you’re still here and came to this article from an iPhone, we have you covered too, although we highly recommend you checking what kind of device you have to avoid any confusion in the future 😉

Jokes aside, we’ve listed the steps that need to be taken to get the app on an iPhone:

888sport i OS app store

How to download the 888sport on iOS

  1. Visit 888sport on mobile
  2. Create an 888sport account
  3. Scroll down the page and click the betting app download link
  4. Click on download on the App store
  5. Click on Get in the App store
  6. Launch the app and start Betting

Final Word from the boss

Ben Smith
Ben Smith
My Betting Sites Team Leader

There you have it. Downloading the 888sport app can be done in 6 easy steps, and is now easier to download than it ever has been since the app is available on the google play store.

Android users no longer need to worry about downloading the app through an APK because of this, which makes life so much easier. Users who have come to this article with an iPhone can also download the app easily through steps similar to the ones highlighted for android devices.

888sport app FAQs

Is the 888sport app safe?

The 888sport app is indeed safe. The fact that it’s listed on the Google Play Store is evidence of that.

Is the 888sport app on the google play store?

Yes, it is. This makes it easy to download.

You can get to the 888sport app on the play store by going to 888sport and clicking “get the app” next to where the join now button is positioned.

How do I get the 888sport app on android?

Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit 888sport on mobile

  2. Click on get the app

  3. Download it from the app store

  4. Start betting

The article provides a list of 6 steps to download the app with descriptions, in case you need more info.

Is there an 888sport app for iPhones?

The download process is similar to the one required to get the android app.

  1. You can find the steps listed below:

  2. Visit 888sport on Google /Safari

  3. Scroll down to and click the “betting app” link

  4. Click on “Download on the app store”

  5. Click on “Get” on the app store

  6. Launch the app and start betting

Is the 888sport app good?

We think so, and we’ve detailed why in our 888sport app review.

Overall it’s a good app for live bettors, spread bettors, and those who like to use bet builders and other beneficial features.

For users quickly frustrated by long load speeds and being logged out while betting, we recommend other betting apps.

Is the 888sport app legal in Canada?

Yes, 888sport is legal in Canada.

The operator is licensed by iGaming Ontario, so it's legal in that province, and it is not stated anywhere that the operator is illegal in any other province.

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