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Sports Interaction

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AGCO licence number: OPIG1242525

Sports Interaction score

  • Randomized bets at +5000 odds
  • Unique free to play option
  • Use Interac for withdrawals and deposits
  • 24/7 support
  • Frequently suspends markets
  • Not always the best lines
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Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Sports Interaction in Canada

Sports Interaction (SIA) is Canadian operated and owned, and offers up some interesting features and good all round sports betting product.

Our highlights were the free to play option, along with piñata picks (allowing you to randomize a bet at crazy odds), and the special bets, where SIA provided odds on the weather, politics, and more.

Below, we cover more topics of interest that came up when we reviewed SIA:

Sports Interaction Review

SIA Betting Variety - 8/10

SIA’s betting variety is pretty decent for the casual bettors who like to place a wager on a round of weekend games. The sportsbook offers the standard options well, along with more niched betting options that we were big fans of. Plus, Same Game Parlays are always a nice touch in our books.

SIA Mobile experience - 7/10

SIA’s mobile experience is an area we think they could work on. Their mobile website isn’t bad, and the dedicated mobile is a marked improvement, but there are a few things that could streamline mobile betting to make placing a wager easier.

SIA Payment options 10/10

SIA gets full marks in the payment options section. Users can choose from Interac or card payments, as well as other methods such as iDebit, and MuchBetter. Deposits are instant, and withdrawals regularly take between 3 - 5 days.

SIA Betting experience - 8/10

Our experience with betting on Sports Interaction was largely positive. We felt like the site suited beginner, and casual bettors well. The only issue we had were the bets that frequently get suspended, but usually you won’t find that happening on game lines.

SIA Customer Support - 9/10

Offering up a full range of customer support options, SIA again bags another high score in this department. Users can make use of an email form on the site, a 24/7 live chat, and a toll free phone number.

SIA Review Summary - 8.0/10

Sports Interaction offers up great options for doing some casual weekend bets on. The main game lines across sports are covered well, and a couple of special bets are also available. The sportsbook works well, deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly, and all in all, comes recommended.

Below, we highlight some of the things that stand out about Sports Interaction, along with some of the areas they could improve.

What stands out about Sports Interaction

Free to play feature - users can pick winners & join leaderboards

Piñata picks - place a randomized bet at up to +10 000

Nice range of specials - bet on weather, politics & more

Deposit & withdraw with Interac - payments processed quickly

Good range of futures bets for NBA and NFL

Visit Sports Interaction

Where Sports Interaction could improve

Some markets are suspended too frequently which can be annoying

Could offer some more niche markets

Sports Interaction compared to other sportsbooks

There are a number of ways in which SIA differs from other sportsbooks in Canada. For one, they offer a range of things that can’t be found anywhere else, like the free to play and piñata pick features.

The sportsbook does however lack the same depth of betting markets that can be found on Bet365, and even Betway.

Better odds and deeper lines can be found on LeoVegas for example, but all round, Sports Interaction offers up something good, despite the heavy competition.

Sports Interaction Compared Sports Interaction Bet365 Betway LeoVegas
Betting variety8/1010/109/109/10
Mobile experience7/109/108/1010/10
Payment Options10/1010/1010/108/10
Betting experience8/109/109/108/10

Betting on Sports Interaction

Betting on Sports Interaction is really easy. The sign-up and deposit process are easy to complete, and navigating through the site is also a breeze. While Sports Interaction lacks an app, their mobile website mirrors the pleasant betting experience that is offered on their mobile website.

Buttons are clearly laid out, and fluctuating odds when betting in-play are clearly marked. Users will have no trouble with finding their odds, and setting their stakes with Sports Interaction.

The only issue we found with this sportsbook, that can lead to some frustration while betting on SIA, was the frequency of suspending markets. At times, you may find a bet that is available on most other betting sites, that is not available on SIA at a certain time.

If you’re able to look past this, then betting on Sports Interaction feels great.

Sports Interaction open and visible on an iphone xr and a macbook air

Sports Interaction's user interface is one of it's strengths.

Sports Interaction Odds

Sports Interaction offers users some decent odds across the popular sports people like to bet on in the country. We decided to measure SIA’s odds by putting the options through a margin calculator, which helps us determine how much bookmakers charge users for offering up odds. The lower these margins, the better the odds.

Our findings were pretty interesting. We measured SIA’s odds against LeoVegas and Bet365 (two of the leading odds providers in the country), and saw that SIA’s odds, while good, didn’t quite measure up to what we found elsewhere.

We’ve presented our findings in the table below:

Sports Interaction odds compared Sports Interaction LeoVegas Bet365
Rangers vs. Maple Leafs (NHL)4.17%3.78%3.40%
49ers vs Eagles (NFL)4.45%4.98%3.97%
Raptors vs. Kings (NBA)4.59%4.17%2.91%
Arsenal vs. Everton (EPL)7.42%4.03%6.86%

As you can see, the odds offered for NHL, NFL and NBA aren’t far off from LeoVegas, and could be worth betting on if you like other aspects of the site.

If, however, you’re only motivated by odds, we recommend going with one of the other two that you can see above.

How we measure odds
Ben Smith
Ben Smith

We measure odds by making use of Pinnacle’s margin calculator. The margin calculator helps us quantify the amount the bookmakers charge you for providing the odds. When the percentages are lower, the odds are better, and when the percentage is higher, the value of the odds are lower.

Top Sports On Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction American Football

There is a wide variety of markets available on the NFL, CFL, and NCAAF at any given time. Futures bets are available, such as Super Bowl winner and a team to make the play-offs.

Bettors can back teams to cover a points spread or just to win the game, and there are also special markets that pop up. For example, a particular team to win or lose every game they play during the regular season.

Sports Interaction Baseball

Every MLB game is listed on Sports Interaction, in addition to international leagues. When looking through the day’s slate of Major League action, the pitchers appear next to the team names, which is all-important. Further information and stats are easily accessible by clicking the icon next to each game.

Sports Interaction Soccer

Sports Interaction offers more soccer betting markets than any other sport. It is such a dynamic game, with many leagues around the world, so this should not come as a surprise.

You can make single or parlay bets on games every day including the Premier League, Champions League or La Liga, and futures bets even go as far as the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Sports Interaction Tennis

Like soccer, there are a huge number of markets out there for tennis, and Sports Interaction covers games featuring players deep down the rankings in ITF events, as well as the Grand Slam tournaments.

In-play betting is available and runs smoothly on the site, with odds updating constantly after each point.

Sports Interaction Golf

One of the world’s most popular sports to participate in, golf is also fun to bet on, and Sports Interaction offer odds on many tournaments including all four majors and the Ryder Cup.

Sports Interaction Hockey

Hockey is massive in Canada, and as such, it is a popular sport on Sports Interaction. North America isn’t the only part of the world with hockey games on this betting site, though, as leagues in Europe are also available.

Sports Interaction Basketball

There are a plethora of ways to bet on basketball as its high-scoring nature allows for lots of variables, and the quantity of NBA betting markets offered on Sports Interaction reflects that.

The popularity of the NBA is on the rise in Canada, and this has been accelerated by the Toronto Raptors’ championship success in 2019.

Sports Interaction Extras & Features

Part of what we really like about Sports Interaction is the level of uniqueness on the sportsbook. While the odds and range of betting markets may not rival Bet365 and LeoVegas, the number of interesting and fun features to try is what makes SIA a betting site to remember.

The first thing that stood out for us was Sports Interaction’s Pinata picks. The feature lets you randomize a bet at fixed odds of either +5000 or +10 000.

We were also fans of SIA’s specials, because among the other betting sites we’ve reviewed, there aren’t too many that offer specials and entertainment bets.

We were also fans of SIA’s free to play feature, allowing you to pick winners, and potentially climb leaderboards (all that’s required is that you sign up), along with the book’s intriguing scorigami bet feature.

Sports Interaction on Mobile

Sports Interaction has a fully functioning mobile website that works well, and a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android. Much like the betting experience that is accessible on the desktop site, the mobile app is smooth, looks and feels good, and the buttons and information are displayed clearly. You won’t have any issues betting on a smartphone.

Does SIA have Canada’s best bet randomiser?

After having reviewed up to 40 different betting sites, and providing users with a list of the best, we have not yet come across a feature quite like the one offered by Sports Interaction. This bet randomizer feature, which they call their Piñata picks, is exceptionally unique, and certainly worth a try.

Piñata picks, quite simply, work by navigating to the “Piñata picks” section, which can be found where SIA lists its sports. Then choose the sport you want to try this feature on (Piñata picks are available for football, basketball, golf, hockey, and soccer), and make your pick on the market they offer the boosted odds on.

You can take a look at the screenshot to see an example below:

What are SIA’s “specials” bets like?

We liked the way SIA categorized their specials bets. In this section, the sportsbook offers odds for whether or not 2023 will be the hottest year on record, and also provides odds for a range of television and movie awards ceremonies.

SIA also lists odds for politics in Europe, but we were a little underwhelmed by this, as users can only bet on the next country to leave the European Union. On 888sport for example, users can bet on who will win the next US presidential election, with odds also being provided for who will be the next labor leader in the UK, and which party in the UK will have the most general election seats.

Other novelty bets surround the entertainment industry. Odds for these events are fairly common amongst betting sites in Canada.

How does SIA’s free to play feature work?

Another nifty feature that forms part of SIA’s betting platform is the free to play feature, that allows users to pick winners, and climb leaderboards, without having to spend a dime. All that’s required for users to create an account and log in.

The free to play feature can be found amongst the other sports that SIA makes available, but it is the only feature in this list that requires you to be logged in to view.

Users need to simply answer questions by selecting outcomes. Some questions may include “team to win the game” or “player to score the most points”, along with some tie breaking questions.

We can highly recommend this feature to players who think they have a knack for predictions, or simply to those that don’t want to make hefty deposits.

What is SIA’s NFL scoragami?

An NFL scorigami, a phrase coined by Jon Bois (a football journalist) is an NFL score that’s never occurred in the history of the competition. Sports Interaction gives you the option to place a randomized bet, which will churn out a score, and will pay users out at +10000 odds.

Players also have the option to wager on how many scorigamis will occur in one game week, as well as futures scorigamis, for how many will occur in an upcoming season.

Scorigamis occur quite regularly in the NFL, with the most recent one coming in the form of Cincinnati’s 22-18 win over New England. While this betting option is a little off the wall, it can be a fun one to try out.

Our experts react to SIA complaints

When it comes to reviewing Sports Interaction, we feel that getting in the opinions of other users can be a valuable source of information. We’ve picked two user reviews/user comments. One from Reddit, and the other from TrustPilot, and we’ve had our experts leave their thoughts on the matter.

Comment from a Reddit user:

Sports Interaction comment on Reddit

Alex, have you had issues with SIA’s cash out?

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein
My Betting Sites Editor

I’ve spoken to Ben, and the rest of the team, and when we spent time testing Sports Interaction, we had no issues with cashing out our unsettled bets. What we do recommend is that you check the terms of service, so that you’re sure of when it is when cash out applies. Whether it be when it applies to a specific sport, or when Sports Interaction closes the window to cash out a bet.

We’ve also witnessed the ways Ontario has implemented its legal framework, and if anything, it has ensured a level of safety and fairness that many other gambling markets only strive for. Therefore, we advise taking the comments this user has left with a pinch of salt.

Comment from a user on Trustpilot

Sports Interaction comment on Trustpilot
Ben Smith
Ben Smith
My Betting Sites Betting Expert

After reading over this comment, we personally tested the parlay options on Sports Interaction, and we had no issues. We did see a warning message for when we chose two options from the same game, but we weren’t restricted from placing that bet.

What we can comment on however, is that prior to the recent relaunch of Sports Interaction, there were no Same Game Parlays - but we can happily say this is no longer the case and all major sports allow for SGP betting which really helps SIA compete with other top betting sites in Canada.

Final thoughts about Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is a great destination for the casual sports bettor who likes to bet on their favourite teams throughout the weekend. Our highlights are largely within all the interesting features and extras they offer.

When it comes down to brass tax however, the uncompetitive odds are why Sports Interaction doesn’t feature higher up on our lists, given they have actually launched an app and allow for bet builders now.

This sportsbook appeals to newer, and more casual sports bettors, that like to try new features, and interesting, off the wall betting options.

Sports Interaction Canada FAQs

Is Sports Interaction reliable?

Sports Interaction is one of the most reliable brands in Canada. They are licensed in Ontario, as well as by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and have a good track record when it comes to fast payouts, and helpful customer service.

Sports Interaction also has one of the best scores on Trustpilot amongst betting sites that are available in Canada.

Is Sports Interaction legal in Canada?

Sports Interaction is totally legit, and legal in Canada. The sportsbook is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and carries an AGCO license, meaning that they are legit across all provinces in Canada.

Is Sports Interaction available in Ontario?

Sports Interaction is indeed available in Ontario, having acquired an operational license from the AGCO.

How do you cash out on Sports Interaction?

Simply click on the My Bets section, and click on the cash out tab. On this screen, you will see all of the bets that you have placed that are eligible for being cashed out. If the bet you want to cash out is eligible, simply click the yellow “cash out” button.

What is the withdrawal time on Sports Interaction?

It depends largely on the withdrawal method you wish to use, but Sports Interaction usually takes anywhere between three and five days to pay out users’ winnings. We recommend using Interac, or e-wallets when withdrawing money, as these methods are usually the fastest.

How much can you withdraw on Sports Interaction?

Sports Interaction all users to withdraw up to $100 000 per week.

Does Sports Interaction have an app?

Sports Interaction does offer an app, both on iOS and Android so you'll have no trouble accessing the sportsbook on the go or even if you just like betting from your smartphone.

Is Sports Interaction better than Bet365?

In our opinion, Bet365 is better than Sports Interaction. The odds, betting app, and bet builders are all reasons for our stance on this, however Sports Interaction does offer a range of features and betting options that Bet365 fails to offer.

Sports Interaction review

Sports Interaction sportbonus

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