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We Compare the Best NHL Betting Sites in Canada

When people think of Canada, maple syrup may come to mind. Either that or snow, nature and beautiful landscapes.

But arguably the one thing most associated with the Great White North is the magnificent sport, ice hockey.

Fans of sport in North America, particularly Canada, are enamoured with hockey from October through June and we at are no different.

The NHL is the biggest hockey league in the world. It has 31 teams, 7 from Canada and 24 in the United States.

During the season, NHL odds are in high demand, as betting on the games is a huge part of hockey fan culture.

If you are looking for a new betting site to use for NHL lines and Stanley Cup odds, we have compiled all of the best ones on this page.

Whether you are familiar with NHL Vegas odds or you’re a complete rookie, we can guide you through and help you understand all of the key terms, and what makes a great NHL sportsbook.

Frequently Asked Questions About NHL Betting Sites

We often get asked the below questions, the answers to which are all important to know before you get stuck into NHL betting.

🏒 What is the best betting site in Canada for NHL?

Given the prominence of the NHL and hockey in general throughout Canada, sportsbooks make their hockey offering one of the main priorities, and many betting sites do a great job with NHL, namely 888sport and LeoVegas.

📈 How do you bet on NHL hockey?

The main bet types are money line, puck line, total goals, prop bets and futures bets. Read our full guide on this page to learn more about different ways to bet on the NHL.

🥉 What is a 3-way bet in the NHL?

This is a bet on the outcome of the game after regulation time, so the options are team one, team two, or a tie.

🤔 Can I bet on other leagues aside from NHL?

The perk about NHL sportsbooks is the fact that they tend to prioritise hockey in general, so yes you're able to bet on other leagues aside from the NHL.

You're able to bet on leagues in Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany and more!

🥅 Is there a point spread in NHL?

Because NHL is low-scoring compared to NBA and NFL, instead of a point spread, a puck line is applied, which gives a +1.5 head start to the underdog. Many sportsbooks will also offer an alternative puck line, which is effectively an alternative point spread if you will.

🏆 Where can I bet on the NHL playoffs and Stanley Cup?

All of the betting sites listed on this page, such as, 888sport, and LeoVegas take futures bets on the Stanley Cup winner. Many will also have markets on the winners of each NHL division.

Top 4 NHL Betting Sites

  1. 888sport - Best NHL puck line feature
  2. Bet365 - Great NHL odds
  3. LeoVegas - Best for NHL mobile betting
  4. Royal Panda - Best for NHL live betting

NHL Betting Sites Canada

  1. Best NHL puck line feature

  2. Great NHL odds

    Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

  3. Best for NHL mobile betting

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  4. Best for NHL live betting

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Best NHL Betting Site in 2022

Bet365 NHL Betting

Best NHL odds and lines

✅ Best for NHL odds

✅ Wide range of NHL lines

✅ Great for NHL live streaming

How Do You Bet on NHL?

As is the case with all sports, you need to know your stuff before you start betting. The more information and knowledge you can gather, the better your chances of success are.

With NHL betting, you can make your wagers before the game or, on most platforms, during it as well.

There are dozens of different ways to bet on NHL games, but here are some of the more common ones:

Money Line

The 2-way money line is the most simple of all hockey bets, as this is just backing one team to beat the other. You can also bet on the 3-way money line, which takes into account games that are tied after regulation time.

With standard 2-way money line betting, there are only two possible outcomes, and it doesn’t matter whether your team wins in regulation time, overtime, or a penalty shootout. You will win your bet as long as they emerge victorious. In hockey, every game has an eventual winner, so one side of a standard 2-way money line bet is guaranteed to win.

If you see a money line market on a sportsbook and only two options are displayed, this is a 2-way money line bet.

A 3-way money line bet allows you to bet on a tie, which is a distinct possibility but never the most likely result after 60 minutes. If you bet on a team to win, they must be ahead when the three 20-minute periods are completed in order for the bet to be successful. An overtime win for the team you backed is not a winning bet.

NHL money line odds example

Odds are priced higher for a team to win when you are betting on a 3-way money line. Let’s look at an example:

The Chicago Blackhawks are hosting the Columbus Blue Jackets in a regular-season game.

The standard 2-way money line odds are: Chicago -145 (1.68), Columbus +125 (2.25).

On the 3-way money line, the odds are: Chicago -105 (1.95), Columbus +225 (3.25), Tie +310 (4.10).

As you can see, there is a big difference in the odds when you take into account the third possible outcome, the tie.

  • A $10 bet on the Chicago Blackhawks on the 2-way money line returns $16.89 including the original stake.
  • A $10 bet on them to win on the 3-way money line returns $19.52.

A higher return with the latter option, but the chances of it happening are slimmer, as there is a possibility they could win in overtime, in which case only a 2-way bet on the Blackhawks would win. Around a quarter of NHL games end up going to overtime.

Puck Line

Pretty much identical to the run line in baseball, the puck line applies a 1.5 point handicap which gives the underdog a head start. In many cases, the favourites to win the game straight up are not the favourites to cover the puck line.

One-goal games are not uncommon in the NHL, with the average amount of goals per game being around the six mark.

The Edmonton Oilers may be relatively comfortable favourites at -200 (1.50) to beat the Detroit Red Wings, but in this instance, the Red Wings would be around -150 (1.66) to stay at least within one goal and cover the puck line.

If you think a team might blow out their opposition, this is a good time to back them to cover the puck line as it is far more profitable than the money line. By the same token, if you think an underdog may not win but they’ll at least stay close to the favourite, you could back them to win with the +1.5 applied.

My Betting Sites Recommends

Bet365 NHL Betting

Our pick for NHL odds

✅ Top of the range NHL odds

✅ Plenty of NHL lines

✅ Top NHL live betting sportsbook

Total (Over/Under)

A popular market in many sports, especially those that are prominent in North American team games, this is a bet on the combined number of goals scored altogether in the matchup.

The line will vary depending on the teams involved but is usually around 5.5-6.5, and the odds for over and under are similar to one another, if not identical.

Many bookmakers will allow you to adjust the line, moving it right down to around 2.5 or up to 10.5.

Most betting sites will also take over/under bets on goal totals per team.

It is important to know the skill level and tactics of the franchises before placing over/under bets. Merely looking at previous results isn’t enough - it is crucial to consider their philosophies and how aggressive they are when ahead or behind in a game.

Futures Bets

As well as betting on individual games, Canadians like to place more long-term bets, often season-long, on markets such as the Stanley Cup winner, or the winner of each division or conference.

It is worth shopping around for the best odds on these, and prices can vary greatly.

Prop Bets

For bettors who are more perhaps more knowledgeable about a certain team or player, they might look at prop bets such as who will score the first goal, both teams to score in the first 10 minutes, the amount of time the game will be tied for, and many other obscure bets, many of which are available in-play.

The amount of prop bets available depends on the bookmaker.

Some have limited options, so if this type of wager is your thing, you want to steer clear of sportsbooks that don’t specialise in ice hockey.

Where to Find the Best NHL Lines and Odds

When choosing a betting site, you want something that feels right and suits your needs, as well as a variety of markets around your chosen area of expertise.

But fundamentally, it is all about getting the best odds possible so that you make as much money as possible when you place winning bets.

If you believe the Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup this year, and you want to place a bet on them doing so, don’t just go with the first betting site you find, or settle for the one bookie you have an account with.

Nhl betting sites stanley cup

The Stanley Cup is the pinnacle of the NHL season, and attracts many bettors.

Have a proper look around all of the betting sites we have listed on this page, and compare how the odds are priced. There is often a big variation, especially with futures and outright bets like this.

Don’t restrict yourself and limit your potential winnings.

Similarly, when you want to place a bet on a single game, odds and lines may vary across a number of betting sites. If you stay up to date with all news including injuries and trades, which you should do if you are betting on the NHL, then you might catch wind of some crucial info and head straight to a betting site to place a bet.

NHL Betting Checklist
  • Scour the betting markets on Canadian sportsbooks and look for value.
  • Do some thorough research before deciding what bet you want to place.
  • Make sure you are up to date with all the latest NHL news relevant to your wager.
  • Have accounts with various betting sites and compare their odds for your chosen bet.
  • Ensure you understand the terms of the bet and the price offered.
  • Place the bet only if you are completely happy with it and can afford it.

For example, if a reliable Washington Capitals reporter suggests that Alexander Ovechkin is likely to miss the game later that day, a lot of money might be put on the other team to win on the money line or cover the puck line with +1.5. Not all bookmakers will be quick to catch up and change the odds to reflect the high volume of bets, so have a browse before you lock in your wager.

You should have accounts with a few different sportsbooks in Canada in case one has better odds than another in time-sensitive situations.

Some sites like William Hill offer a good cash out settlement, while Bet365 are known for high pre-match odds on ice hockey. Betway have regular specials on the NHL for Canadian bettors.

My Betting Sites Recommends

Bet365 NHL Odds

Our Pick for Odds and Lines

If you’re looking for good NHL odds and lines, it’s hard to look past Bet365. It is one of the most established betting sites worldwide, and their excellently priced odds and rock solid variety is befitting of such a big hitter in the NHL betting world. Their live betting experience flows seamlessly with stats and odds updated by the second, and their streaming platform also makes signing up worthwhile.

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Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.