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Top Sportsbooks for Horse Racing


Now accepts Interac!
  • Best odds in CA
  • Unparalleled variety of betting lines
  • Best live betting platform
  • Best for live streaming
  • Cash out settlements could be higher
  • Restrictions could be applied to winning accounts
Our Pick for Odds and Lines
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Website: bet365.comFounded: 2006
Owner: Bet365 Group LtdHeadquarters: Stoke
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Author: Ben Smith Ben Smith

Bet365 are one of the biggest players in sports betting, and since their inception in 2006 they have earned a reputation as the premier betting site in multiple countries.

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  • Unique puck line betting feature
  • Wide range of sports and markets
  • Engaging aesthetic experience.
  • Live streaming not available in Canada
  • Could be considered too casino-like in its design
Our Pick for Puck Line Betting
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Website: 888sport.comFounded: 2008
Owner: 888 Holdings PLCHeadquarters: Gibraltar
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Author: Ben Smith Ben Smith

888sport has become one of the go-to bookmakers for sports betting. There are plenty of markets for popular sports in Canada, and odds are well priced across the board.

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  • Mobile version is excellent
  • Personalised betting experience
  • Dedicated sports and casino blog
  • Desktop site is basic compared to mobile
  • Can be too casino-focused
Our Pick for Mobile Betting
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19+. T&C Apply. Play Responsibly.

Website: leovegas.comFounded: 2011
Owner: LeoVegas Gaming plcHeadquarters: Stockholm
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Author: Ben Smith Ben Smith

LeoVegas entered the sports betting market in 2016, four years after its exemplary casino product launched. The sportsbook uses the Kambi platform for its front end user interface and wide range of betting markets.

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We Compare the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites in Canada

Horse racing dates back to the ancient Greek Olympics and is one of the most accessible, simple, and fun sports to wager on with betting sites in Canada.

There are several different variations of horse racing and even more unique types of bets which can be placed on races worldwide, and at we have scoured our fair share of odds boards in Canada, the U.S, UK and beyond.

We can help turn you from an instinctive punter to a strategic, skilled bettor.

Betting on horse racing can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. For some, it is fun to just pick a race randomly, select a horse and place a bet. Others prefer to study each race card extensively and look into exactas, trifectas, and superfectas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse racing simply wouldn't be as fun without the betting element. If you've ever been to the races, you'll have witnessed first hand how big a part of the sport it is. If you don't know much about horse racing betting, see some basic questions and answers below.

Where can I bet on horse racing in Canada?

At, we strive to help our readers find the most suitable betting sites for them. If horse racing odds are what you’re after, see the bookies featured on this page, such as Bet365.

Which bookmaker has the best horse racing odds?

888sport has great horse racing odds in general, but so do many other sportsbooks. It is best to have accounts with a few different bookies and compare odds on the races you want to bet on.

How do I place a bet on horse racing?

Placing a bet on horse racing can be done through the following steps:

  1. Choose a bookie and sign up
  2. Find a horse race
  3. Choose your betting line
  4. Select your odds
  5. Enter your stake
  6. Confirm your bet

What is the best app for horse racing betting?

Bet365 is the best app on the horse racing betting market and has been refined over the years to make an almost product. Most bookies are now mobile-friendly due to the increased popularity of live betting.

How does horse racing betting work?

Bettors have loads of options when it comes to horse racing betting. They can simply back a horse to win straight up, or finish in the top two, three and so on. More adventurous punters can go for exacta, trifecta, superfecta, and various other bet types. Read our guide on how to bet on horse racing below.

Can I bet on the Kentucky Derby in Canada?

Kentucky Derby betting odds are made available on sites like Bet365 months in advance, and as the event draws nearer, every sportsbook will have odds on this huge race.

Best Horse Racing Betting Site in 2022

Bet365 Horse Racing Betting

Leading horse racing betting site

If you want a punt on the Grand National or a bookie with excellent Kentucky Derby betting, you won’t find many better sportsbooks than Bet365. Through their betting site, you can live stream horse races, place singles (including each-way bets) and multiples, and get all the best up-to-date racing info and form.

How Do You Bet on Horse Racing?

Every sports betting site in Canada takes wagers on horse racing, but the number of options and types of bet per sportsbook will vary.

All of the bookmakers listed on this page feature races from Canada, as well as international meetings in countries like the U.S, UK, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa.

Horse racing betting sites canada

There are lots of races every day, and many different ways to bet on them.

The most straightforward type of bet on any horse race is a straight win. When you go to the horse racing section of any betting site and see races listed, the odds next to each horse will be for them to win the race, unless specified otherwise.

Punters can choose to place a bet on a horse to win the race at the fixed odds offered at the time of the bet. Prices do tend to change regularly in the minutes and hours leading up to a race, and bettors can instead choose to bet on a horse at the starting price, meaning the bet can be placed in advance but the odds taken will be whatever that horse’s odds are at the time the race starts.

Fixed odds vs starting price

Let's say there is a race meeting at Wolverhampton in the UK, and the 1:25pm race has a horse named Red Gunner as the favourite at +275 (3.75).

The race starts in 20 minutes, and you place a $10 bet on Red Gunner now at its current price of +275.

In the minutes leading up to the race, a lot of money is placed on another horse, called Greengage, which was priced at +800 but is backed into +500 (6.00).

As a result of the betting activity just before the race, Red Gunner drifts out to +400 (5.00).

Red Gunner wins the race, and your $10 bet wins you $37.50 including your returned stake.

If you had placed a $10 bet on Red Gunner but chosen to back it at the starting price, you would have instead collected $50.

Of course, it can also work the other way. Red Gunner could have been backed into +175 (2.75) right before the race, meaning your winnings would have been lower than what you did end up winning.

Taking the starting price is taking a gamble on how the odds will change before a race, which could end up either increasing or decreasing your winnings.

It might be worth studying the odds for a few races for 10 minutes before they all start to get a feeling for how odds move, and how you can best use it to your advantage.

Also note that on some races, fixed odds may not be available.

In a safer option, bettors can pick a horse to place only, which is a bet on the horse to finish either first or second. There are no extra rewards for finishing first, and the payout is less than a straight win, but the chances of success are greater.

An even safer bet is a show bet, which is like a place bet but instead of the horse having to finish in the top two, it only has to end up in the top three. Payouts can be low, but because of the increased chance of winning the bet, punters often stake more money on these wagers.

While place and show bets allow horse racing punters an opportunity to play it safer and increase chances of winning, there are various other more audacious bet types that are much more difficult to win.

A quinella is a bet on two horses to make up the top two in a race. They can finish in either order but must come in first and second.

More difficult than a quinella but similar is an exacta. Again, two horses in any given race are selected, but in this instance, the winner and runner-up must be specified in exact order.

To take it further, a trifecta bet is the same as an exacta but with a third-place horse added, and a superfecta, which is extremely difficult to win, adds a fourth horse.

European betting sites may refer to exactas and trifectas as forecasts and tricasts respectively.

Different types of parlay bets can also be placed on horse racing. For example, a daily double lets punters pick winners in back to back races, and both must win in order to receive the potentially high payout.

There is also the option of a pick 3, pick 4 or pick 6, but these wagers are very tough and the latter is borderline impossible. Combining bets on multiple races into one wager can also be simply referred to as a parlay.

My Betting Sites Recommends

Bet365 Horse Racing Betting

Our Pick for Odds and Lines

Bet365 is the gold standard for horse racing betting. They have racecards from all over the world including all major Canadian and US meetings and have well-priced odds plus parlays. Fixed odds and the starting price are both available on many races, plus specials such as a particular horse to win by over three lengths. Users can search by jockey/trainer or by horse A-Z. This is a fully comprehensive horse racing offering from one of the best and most reputable bookies in the game.

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Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

Find the Best Horse Racing Odds

Odds fluctuate all the time in horse racing, particularly as each race draws nearer. With so much betting activity, it is inevitable that prices will change.

It is basic supply and demand. If a horse is being backed heavily at a certain price, the odds will be reduced. If nobody is backing one horse but there are many bets on all the others, that one horse’s odds will go up as the bookie wants people to back it.

While some sportsbooks just have better odds in general across the board, when you compare a number of bookmakers in an attempt to find the best prices on a certain race, it is often the case that one bookie will have the highest odds on one horse, and another will have the best price on a different horse, and so forth.

It is difficult to narrow it down to just one betting site for all horse racing - you need to have options.

You should have a few accounts with different sportsbooks, and pick and choose when you use each one based on their odds for particular horses that you want to back.

If you are looking to put together a pick 4 or a parlay of some kind, you should add the same bets to your bet slip on each horse racing betting site, and see which would give you the highest payout.

All of the bookmakers listed on this page have competitively priced horse racing odds, but they do differ in terms of variety and what type of bets they offer, so be sure that they have the markets and odds you are looking for before signing up.

My Betting Sites Recommends

Bet365 Horse Racing Betting

Our Pick for Odds and Lines

A betting site known for its competitive odds and outstanding variety, Bet365 shines in the horse racing stakes. Domestic and international events are covered in-depth, and flexibility is in abundance. ‘Place’ bets for various races can be adjusted so that the finishing position requirement for the horse can be changed. If it is set to the top two places, odds are longer than if it is top three, four and so on. In deeper fields, as many as nine places can be selected, for shorter odds.

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Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.