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Betway Overview

Alex Goldstein

Ben Smith

Betway is our top sportsbook pick in Canada. The usability, soccer, and esports options stand out most. Betway could improve the odds it offers, and tends to restrict winnings accounts, which should also be improved. Betway received the Ontario license, making it legal in the province, and is also available throughout the rest of Canada as well.

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Betway score

  • Regular NHL specials bets and boosts
  • Sophisticated soccer bet builder
  • Dedicated esports hub with stats & info
  • Deposits and withdrawals with Interac
  • App rated 4.6 on the app store
  • Bet builder only available for soccer
  • Odds could improve
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Betway Review in 30 seconds

Betway offers up one of the leading soccer and esports betting sites in the country. Their soccer bet builder is particularly popular They also offer a wide range of NBA bets.

Where Betway could improve is in what they offer for odds. Betway is also known to restrict some winning accounts, which makes it less than ideal for seasoned winners.

Below, you can get a more detailed overview of Betway.

Betway Canada - Our rankings

Betway Canada Betting Variety - 8/10

Pretty good, but not the best. Some “#betyourway” combinations are really nice, but you can find a more comprehensive selection of standard markets elsewhere.

Betway Canada Mobile Experience - 8/10

The app functions well and is available on iOS and Android. That alone means Betway scores well in this department, but if they could freshen things up a little and add some unique features, that would be awesome.

Betway Canada Payment Options - 10/10

Now that Interac is available, we have no complaints in this department. There is a long list of payment methods on Betway, with no real glaring omissions.

Betway Canada Betting Experience - 9/10

It's a very pleasant feeling on the whole. The journey from arriving at the site or app to placing a bet is very smooth, and it's easy to navigate yourself from one part of Betway to another.

Betway Canada Customer Support - 9/10

There is a live chat function, as well as a phone line and an email service. We have no complaints about the quality of this offering and the professionalism of the staff, but sometimes it's tough to find who/what you are looking for.

Betway Canada Overall Rating - 9/10

Betway is a quality betting site that covers all the basics very well while also excelling specifically in Esports and soccer. Of course, there is room for some small improvements, but if you are a beginner looking for a reliable site to get started with, then look no further.

What we like about Betway

✅ Best soccer bet builder in Canada - building your bets is seamless

✅ Leading esports betting site in Canada - bet on CSGO, Valorant, and plenty more

✅ Plenty of NBA options, making it perfect for basketball bettors

✅ One of the best betting interfaces - site is smooth and a pleasure to use

✅ Fantastic sportsbook for live betting, which functions well on desktop & on their app

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Where Betway could improve

❌ Betway could offer Canadian bettors better value odds

❌ Betway could refrain from limiting winning accounts on their site

Betway compared to other sportsbooks

Betway is one of the world’s leading betting sites, and it is no wonder that it’s as popular as it is in Canada. As has been established, the soccer, esports and NBA options are fantastic, but other reasons to opt for Betway include a fantastic app, good support, and a betting website that is a pleasure to use.

Like any betting site, Betway could use some improvements, specifically regarding the odds that they offer. Betway’s odds simply don’t measure up to those offered on Bet365 and LeoVegas.

Betway could also refrain from limiting winning accounts if they want to appeal to pro bettors as well. If you're a seasoned winner, we'd recommend Pinnacle over Betway.

Betway Compared Betway Bet365 Pinnacle LeoVegas
Betting variety9/1010/108/109/10
Mobile experience8/109/108/1010/10
Payment Options10/1010/1010/108/10
Betting experience9/109/109/108/10

What's it like to bet with Betway

Placing bets with Betway is seamless, and every process involved feels smooth, and easy to complete. As you enter the site, you will find a revolving banner carousel listing special bets and upcoming events, which you can easily scroll through to find something interesting.

As your eyes move down to the main section of the landing page, you can find all the main events that Betway have listed. We liked that there were a lot of events listed from the offset, and that there weren’t too many bet types stuffed into this area.

Navigating through sports is also easy, making the betting experience overall positive.

Betway canada betting
Where could Betway’s betting experience improve?

The only thing we weren’t the biggest fans of was how you need to manually change the bet types to view them once you’ve clicked on a particular event.

Most other betting sites allow you to view all the bet types once you’ve clicked an event, but Betway makes you use a filter feature. This might not be a dealbreaker, especially for newer users, but it was something we picked up as being less than ideal.

Are Betway’s odds any good?

Betway’s odds are probably the area they could improve the most. The odds aren’t the worst, but they are inconsistent, and there is generally more value on other bookmakers.

We compared Betway’s odds against the odds found on LeoVegas and 888Sport on a selection of four games across different sporting disciplines. On average, LeoVegas had the best odds.

Betway managed to offer the best odds for American football and basketball, but other than that offered the worst odds for soccer, and hockey.

Betway's Odds Compared Betway 888sport LeoVegas
49ers vs Seahawks (NFL)3.29%4.45%4.58%
Canucks vs. Flames (NHL)5.05%4.69%4.11%
Pistons vs. Hornets (NBA)3.93%5.44%4.53%
France vs. Morocco (World Cup)6.22%6.02%3.62%
How we measured the odds
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

We made use of Pinnacle’s margin calculator to compare the differences between the odds on Betway, 888sport and LeoVegas. The margins indicate the price users pay for odds.

The lower the percentage seen in the table, the better the odds, which is why the lowest percentage has been bolded. Betway offered the best odds for the 49ers vs. Seahawks game, and the Pistons vs. Hornets game, while LeoVegas offered the best odds for the Canucks vs. Flames game, and the France vs. Morocco game.

Best Sports on Betway

Betway does a great job of prioritizing the sports that are big in Canada.

Aside from offering plenty of bet types for the likes of hockey, football and basketball, they offer a wide range of more niched sports, for those of you who are ever keen to diversify your betting experience.

These are the best sports available on Betway:

Betway's best spors at a glance

Betway Ice Hockey

When you visit Betway, you’ll notice that hockey is one of the featured sports on the platform. Accessing the available hockey events is simply a click away.

Once you click on the button that says Hockey, you will automatically be able to view the events that are classified as popular. Once there, you will be able to see the events considered “highlights”, as well as some top leagues.

You’re also able to click on a “Live Now” tab, as well as coupons, and “All Hockey”.

With regard to the bet types available on hockey events, you’ll be able to view money lines for featured events that are coming up. If you want more bet options, simply click on one of the teams that are partaking in the event you want to bet on.

From there, you’ll be able to choose from all the bet types offered, and can view which bet types have cash out attached to them.

To place a bet on hockey, simply pick your odds (by clicking on them), enter your stake (the amount you want to bet with), and confirm.

Betway American Football

Another popular sport that is featured on Betway’s homepage, American football betting, is just a click away from Betway’s homepage.

As you enter Betway’s American Football betting page, you’ll be met with a money line bet, where you can select which team you think will win the event.

If you’re looking for more bet types, click on one of the teams that will be participating in the event you would like to bet on.

From here, you can bet on a wide variety of lines, from points spreads and totals to MVPs.

To place a bet, simply click on the odds that represent the outcome you think will occur, enter your stake, and confirm your bet.

Betway Soccer

Betway has a well respected reputation for being one of the better soccer betting sites in the world.

As proud sponsors of Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United, Betway means business when it comes to soccer.

When you arrive at Betway’s “football” betting page, you’ll again be met with some popular upcoming events that you can bet on, such as events from the English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A.

Again, you’ll find three-way money lines for highlighted events, and when you click on a team’s name, you can find far more bet types. Betway offers odds for plenty of different bets.

**Don’t get confused, on Betway, soccer is referred to as football. So if you can’t find any tab that says soccer, just know that all the soccer events from across the world are kept under where it says football (typical Brits).

Betway Esports

As market leaders in Esports, Betway knows what they’re doing when it comes to this trending gaming revolution.

On Betway’s Esports betting platform, you can find odds for events for Counter Strike, League of Legends, Dota 2, VALORANT, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six and Starcraft 2, just to name a few.

From their esports landing page, you can select the events from the events that are marked as popular, as well as events that are live, events that have price boosts, events that have coupons, and all Esports.

When it comes to pre match betting, you only have the opportunity to bet on match winners, but depending on which leagues you select, you also have the opportunity to bet on Maps Totals, and Correct Scores.

Betway’s features and extras that we love

Betway offers up a well-rounded sports betting site, with some handy features that set it apart from other betting sites.

While the odds could improve for some sports, we really like the number of bet types that are on offer, and the bet builders, for soccer especially, are memorable.

Betway’s in-play betting is another feature of the site that makes it stand out.

Lastly, Betway’s app stands out as one of the very best on the market.

Does Betway have Canada’s best bet builder?

Betway’s bet builder is certainly up there with the best in Canada for soccer bet builders. The same can’t be said for bet builders across other sports, because they don’t offer bet builders for other sports.

If you're interested in bet builders for a wider range of sports, we'd have to recommend Bet365 instead.

Betway's bet builder for soccer stands out because it allows you to add a wide range of different options to your bet slip.

Using the soccer bet builder is completely seamless. All that’s required is selecting the game you wish to place bets on, and clicking on the different outcomes. Betway then provide you a preview of your odds and potential return, right in front of you.

For us, their soccer bet builder is Betway’s best feature.

Betway Canada Soccer Bet Builder

Betway's bet builder is easy to interact with, and offers a convenient way to build your bets.

Is Betway Canada’s best live betting site

Betway offers in-play bet types and odds for a wide range of sports, firmly solidifying their spot as one of the top live betting sites in Canada. Whether it's the outright best is a different question. For us, Royal Panda is the best live betting site in Canada, but Betway offers a platform that rivals our top live betting pick.

The in play tab is visible on the homepage, and when you click on it, you’ll be transported to the tab that shows all the sports and events that are live at that time.

Whether you’re into hockey or soccer, table tennis or handball, there’s plenty for live bettors to get excited about.

Betway in play Hockey

Fluctuating odds are clearly displayed, and they flash red and green as they increase and decrease in price. You’re also informed about how much time has elapsed in the game, as well as odds for the match winner.

Take a look below at the top features for live betting on Betway:

Betway In Play Betting Features

Fluctuating Odds

As has already been mentioned, the fluctuating odds on Betway are great.

They clearly flash as the game ebbs and flows, showing you how particular happenings influence the pricing of odds.

They’re clearly visible, and could even be described as easy on the eye.

Cash Out

Betway offers cash out for a multitude of events on their platform, which is great since cash out can ensure betting longevity.

All bet types that have cash out are clearly marked with Betway’s distinctive “CO” icon, which ensures that if your bet has gone sideways, or looks to be going sideways, you can reclaim some of the money you put down.

Live Streaming

While Betway can’t be considered leaders in live streaming, they do offer live streaming for a number of events that could be considered more niched.

This can be great because there tends to be a lot of value in these lesser known sports and leagues, so there can be big winnings to be won.

While Betway’s live betting platform doesn’t quite match up to what the likes of Bet365 offer, their live streaming offer is still pretty impressive.

Virtual Feed

Another aspect of Betway’s In-Play platform that we enjoyed was the virtual feed.

Not quite as good as live streaming, virtual feeds can still be a valuable source of data that can inform one’s betting strategy.

Betway’s virtual feeds are very clear, and give you a great idea of what is happening without having to actually view footage of an event.

In Game Stats

Betway offers plenty of in-game stats to keep you updated with all that’s going on in the game, as well as all that’s happened in past matchups between the two teams that are competing within the event.

If you like having the full picture, you’ll more than likely show great appreciation for Betway’s in depth statistics.

Is Betway's app the best in Canada?

Betway’s app is certainly among the best betting apps in Canada, but for us, the top spot belongs to LeoVegas. That’s not to say that Betway’s app isn’t good. The app functions exceptionally well, with all aspects of the site easy to find and interact with. Check out our full Betway mobile app review for more details.

The app received a score of 4.7 out of 5 stars, which is a very impressive total when compared to the likes of Proline, which only managed to get 1.4 stars.

Betway live ice hockey betway homepage and betway casino on betway app

While the reviews about Betway’s app are mixed on the app store, there are a handful of positive reviews, explaining a level of satisfaction among users that other betting apps can’t replicate.

Betway’s app is certainly one we recommend. We’ve attached download guides for iOS and Android users below.

How to download Betway's app

How to Download the Betway iPhone App
  1. Register with Betway
  2. Go to the App Store and search for Betway.
  3. Download the app and log in.
  4. Get on with your betting!
How to Download the Betway Android App
  1. Register with Betway
  2. Visit the Android App subpage of the Betway site.
  3. Scan the QR code to download the app.
  4. Log in and enjoy!
Alex's take on the Betway App
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

I really like Betway's app. I use it frequently, and don't have any complaints.

The app has dedicated sections for sports, in-play, casino, live casino, esports. I really like that all of these aspects are combined into one app, instead of having specific apps for all of these secondary features.

In the sports section, similar to the desktop site, you'll see the main sports along the top banner, and some in-play markets below that, making it super easy to navigate.

Overall, I think Betway's app does a great job of providing mobile sports betting!

Our experts react to Betway complaints

While we think there is a lot about Betway that users will enjoy, we thought it would be best to review what others have said about Betway on other review-leaving platforms.

Users leave a lot of reviews and experiences on Reddit and Trustpilot, and we’ve taken complaints from each platform, and had our experts react to them.

Complaint from a user on Reddit:

Betway user review fro Reddit

Alex, does Betway try to shut accounts down?

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein My Betting Sites Editor in Chief

I wouldn’t go as far as saying yes, but Betway does have an unfortunate track record of limiting winning accounts.

In our opinion, this is the glaring issue with their website.

Betway can be enjoyable for guys like us at My Betting Sites who bet for fun, and don’t win often, but regular big winners should rather use Pinnacle, as they offer a sportsbook that welcome winning players.

Complaint from a user on Trust Pilot:

Betway trutpilot review

Ben, is Betway a scam?

Ben Smith
Ben Smith My Betting Sites Betting Expert

No, Betway isn’t a scam, but excessively playing on their casino on games that are hard to win may leave you feeling shortchanged.

The odds of winning some of these casino games are exceptionally low, and that's why here at My Betting Sites, we prefer to stick with sports betting.

We’d also recommend a better casino site, such as LeoVegas for example.

While this is discouraging to see, the truth is that the probability of winning on online casinos is low, which can leave users feeling frustrated.

Our final word on Betway

All in all, Betway is our top sportsbook pick in Canada. The main reason is that for us, it appeals to a wide range of sports bettors. There are plenty of bet types for soccer, along with the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB.

The soccer bet builder is easily the best feature, but we also really enjoyed the in play betting section, along with their betting app. The site is also well suited to esports bettors, and NBA bettors.

Betway, like any sportsbook, has room for improvement, and in this case, it comes in the form of inconsistent odds value, and the tendency to limit some accounts.

Betway FAQs

Are Canadians able to play on Betway?

They sure are - and Betway has plenty to offer people from Canada, including various sign-up offers and existing customer promotions which are listed on this page.

What can I bet on at Betway?

They claim to have 12,000 available markets at any given time, so there are many options for bettors. Sports include hockey, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis.

Is Betway a trustworthy bookie?

Absolutely. They have a license in a number of countries, including the UK and Malta. Their reputation has grown in recent years since their launch in 2006.

Does Betway have an app?

Yes, and it is available on iPhone and Android devices. It is easy to navigate, and we would recommend you download it especially if you like to bet while you are away from home.

Is Betway Safe?

You can rest easy Canada, Betway is safe.

Betway has a proven track record for being a betting operator that takes safety seriously, from a holistic perspective.

They keep your money safe, along with your personal data, and keep players safe by implementing limits on some accounts

If safety is a big factor for you, Betway is a great choice.

Is Betway Legal?

Betway is one of the biggest betting brands in the world, and the company takes its legal status very seriously.

They are licensed in Malta and are one of the first operators in line to receive the Ontario license, making them licensed within Canada.

In short, if you are living in Ontario, you can bet with Betway. If you are not living in Ontario, you are still able to bet with Betway without running into any legal issues.

Is Betway available in Ontario?

Yes, Betway is available in Ontario. The sportsbook received the Ontario license on the 2nd of August 2022. This came after a few months of ironing out their operation agreement with the AGCO. Betway is also available throughout the rest of Canada’s provinces and territories.

Are withdrawals safe with Betway?

Yes, withdrawals with Betway are safe. Once your withdrawal request has been approved, you can expect to receive your money in your account within 24-72 hours.

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