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Our Pick for Odds and Lines

Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

Bet365 score

  • Weekly same game parlay boosts for NHL
  • Consistently provides high value odds
  • Thousands of bets for soccer, NHL, NFL
  • Quality, easy-to-get app
  • Trusted by Canadians for years
  • Website interface could improve
  • Cash out offers aren’t the best
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Bet365 review in 30 seconds

Last Updated: 9 May 2023

Bet365 offers up plenty of sports to bet on, the most valuable odds in the country, the widest range of lines, and the best range of live-streaming options.

Bet365 could improve two aspects of it's sportsbook. For one, the cash-out settlements could improve, and Bet365 can limit winning accounts, which should be addressed.

Below, we go in a bit more depth with reviewing Bet365's platform:

Bet365 Ontario & Canada Review

Bet365's Betting Variety - 10/10

Boasting the best betting variety in Canada, there’s no questioning the range of lines available for Bet365. Full marks on this aspect.

Bet365's Mobile experience - 9/10

Bet365 offers up one of the most popular betting apps in Canada. The mobile website is solid too. We actually enjoy betting on mobile with Bet365 more than we enjoy using the desktop, and we enjoy using the desktop quite a bit.

Bet365's Payment options - 10/10

Offering up a wide range of payment options, Bet365 get full marks on another category. Players everywhere in Canada are well taken care of, and can choose from Interac and PayPal to Visa and Mastercard.

Bet365's Betting experience - 9/10

All processes, from signing up and placing bets, to withdrawing money and making use of nifty features is seamless with Bet365. It’s one of the better sites for betting experience in Canada.

Bet365's Support - 9/10

We’ve only had positive experiences with Bet365’s customer service department, which is another thing showing that Bet365 is legit. You can reach them via a live chat, and on email.

Bet365 Summary 10/10

Bet365 is hands down one of the best betting sites in Canada. We guarantee that if you join this sportsbook, you will have an enjoyable betting experience.

Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

Below, we provide some more detail on what stands out about Bet365, along with what can be improved.

What stood out most on Bet365

✅ The best odds in Canada. Low margins mean high value, & Bet365’s margins are the lowest.

✅ Widest variety of betting lines. They offer bets for things you didn’t know existed.

✅ Livestreaming platform is the best in Canada. Place a bet, and watch it materialize.

✅ Great range of easy to use bet builders across numerous sports

✅ One of the best live betting sites in Canada, offering lots of stats and more

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What we dislike about Bet365

❌ Cash-out settlements could be far more generous. Other books offer more.

❌ Winnings accounts do get limited, which can become an issue for regular winners.

Bet365 compared to other sportsbooks

The value of the odds, the variety of the betting lines, and the live-streaming on offer are what stand out the most about Bet365, and boy, are they important aspects to stand out on.

That aside, Bet365 may not be the best book for players that like to cash out often, as cashing out with them on a regular basis will leave you feeling short-changed. Betway is more generous in this regard.

We also don’t recommend Bet365 to pro bettors who are seasoned winners, as Bet365 can limit some of these accounts. If you're a seasoned winner, we'd have to recommend Pinnacle.

Bet365 Compared Bet365 Betway Pinnacle
Betting variety10/109/108/10
Mobile experience9/108/108/10
Payment Options10/1010/1010/10
Betting experience9/109/109/10

What about Bet365’s betting experience?

Bet365’s betting experience has got to be up there with some of the best betting sites in Canada. Sure, it’s not perfect, but the platform is easy to navigate, with a lot of options visible from the homepage.

It’s likely that most players will be able to find exactly what they’re looking for from the homepage on a desktop, and won’t need to spend ages clicking and scrolling to find their bets on a mobile.

What should I know about betting with Bet365?

Bet365’s classic design has received some heat from users, who complain that the site looks a bit like a glorified spreadsheet, but what better layout than a spreadsheet layout if you’re displaying rows of odds?

We think using Bet365 is straightforward and hassle-free, and it’s even better on the app.

How to use Bet365 in 4 Easy steps

Using Bet365 can be done in four easy to follow steps:

  1. Create a Bet365 account
  2. Deposit money into your account
  3. Place a bet
  4. Withdraw winnings

Start using Bet365

What we think about bet365’s app

We’ve reviewed the Bet365 app in a separate article, and our findings were that it was one of the better mobile sports betting solutions in all of Canada. The app itself is easy to use, and ensures an all round sophisticated and seamless betting experience. Bet365’s app can be downloaded on Google Play and on the App Store.

After reviewing the app, we could only list the same cons that we could list for the site, because there were no glaring issues with the app itself. In fact, we preferred using the app over the desktop website.

What we liked most about Bet365’s app

When we reviewed Bet365's app, we liked the user experience most about Bet365’s app. The fact that placing your bets and completing the process is easier on the app, with so much less screen space, is what makes Bet365’s app memorable. Especially considering the desktop site is good to use too.

Bet365 ios app store

If you're interested in downloading the app, but aren't too sure how, we've provided an article explaing how to download Bet365's app, with guides for android and iOS.

What sports can I bet on with Bet365?

You will do well to find a bookmaker with more events and markets on display than Bet365. Dozens of sports feature on the site for you to bet on, as well as special markets for politics, awards, and television.

Even for sports that are typically less popular in Canada such as darts, snooker, cricket and rugby, there is no shortage of markets, and if you do want to play on player props or correct scores in these events, the option is there on Bet365.

Below is an overview of some of the most prominent sports on Bet365 in Canada.

Top Sports to bet on with Bet365

Bet365 Hockey

Whether you are a casual NHL fan, or you also love dipping into the minor leagues and European scene, you will find exactly what you are looking for on Bet365. You can bet on the winner, the puck line, double chance, over/under total points, as well as things like the time of each team’s first goal, the team to score the third goal of the game, and many more. Some games, including those in Russia, Germany and Sweden are also available to live stream.

Bet365 American Football

This is one of the most fun sports to bet on in the world due to the volume of markets, and the ability to either keep it simple or go hardcore. There is an extraordinary amount of markets available here, which makes Bet365 a perfect site to use for NFL, CFL, and NCAAF.

Expect to see over 200 markets on some games, spanning across many categories. Handicap and over/under bets are popular, and can be applied to metrics such as the total score, touchdowns per player, rushing yards per player, and total field goals.

Bet365 Baseball

Throughout the MLB regular season, there is never a shortage of games to bet on, and you can have a play on all 2,430 of them. There are also markets available for the leagues in Japan and Korea, where the sport is huge. Just like the other North American sports on this betting site, the variety of betting options is top class.

Bet365 Basketball

It’s a sport which is popular in every continent, and as such you can bet on games in Uruguay, Vietnam, Belarus, Bahrain and many more, including of course college basketball and the mighty NBA.

Odds are competitive across the board, and there is lots to have a punt on all year round. During the NBA off-season, you can project the over/under on regular season wins for each team, the Rookie of the Year, and the MVP.

Bet365 Soccer

Bet365 features one of the biggest soccer betting offerings in Canada. All major leagues such as the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and Champions League are listed, as well as the Canadian Premier League and MLS.

Over 100 leagues in total including competitions in Uganda, Botswana, Fiji feature. When clicking on the soccer section of the site, you can select to view only games in the next 12 hours, which presents a huge list of hundreds of games, some of which you can stream live.

Bet365 Tennis

Bet365 is a site we would highly recommend using if you are a fan of tennis. It is such a dynamic sport, and whether pre-game or in-play, tennis presents so many betting opportunities. In a live game, you can bet on the next point, or the current game, total games in the set, and more. The depth of tennis tournaments on offer is remarkable, with ITF and Challenger events featuring alongside the Grand Slams.

Bet365 Horse Racing

When you go to the horse racing section of Bet365, it will display the next three races and the odds for the three favourites. You can go to any individual race, and view all of the runners along with their form, colours, weight, age and odds. Forecasts and tricasts (exactas and trifectas) are available, and there are different ways to bet on the day’s action.

Which Features offered by Bet365 stand out?

Bet365’s platform is really well geared towards offering sports betting of an exceptionally high level. This translates not only into market leading odds, and a wide range of betting options, but also to the features that they make available.

For one, Bet365’s bet builder is really nifty. It’s easy to use, and it’s also available on a staggering range of sports.

Next comes the live-streaming, which is something that Bet365 can confidently say they offer best in all of Canada.

Below, we unpack some leading features Bet365 has to offer its users.

Does Bet365 have Canada’s best bet builder?

One could argue that Bet365 has the best bet builder in Canada. Is Betway’s bet builder easier to use? Maybe. Is 888sport’s bet builder available on more game lines? Depends on the sport. Are 888sport and Betway’s bet builders available on as many sports as Bet365’s? No.

So if we take it from that perspective alone, we could say that Bet365’s bet builder is indeed the best in Canada, but few players like to use bet builders for all of their bets.

We think Betway’s bet builder is marginally better for soccer, and 888Sport’s bet builder is marginally better for hockey, but all round, Bet365 certainly offers up one of the best bet builders in Canada.

Macbook air open with Bet365s website open which is displaying the bet builder tab

What about Bet365’s live-streaming?

The availability of live streaming on Bet365 is a huge positive. The only requirement that you must meet in order to access this part of the betting site is for you to be logged in and have funds in your account or a bet placed in the last 24 hours.

Many leagues around the world, including major American sports leagues and soccer in Europe are featured, as well as tennis, motorsports, horse racing and more.

On desktop, it is very easy to set the stream up so that it appears in the same place where you place your live bets. You can keep one eye on the markets as the odds change in real time, and another eye on the live action.

Macbook app with Bet365 live betting on the screen on a background of men playing American football

Clicking on the image above will take you to Bet365's dedicated live streaming page where you can learn more!

And Bet365’s game lines?

As has been mentioned at length on this review, Bet365 offers up some of the most valuable odds, and plenty of lines.

But offering lines upon lines only appeals to a handful of players. The majority of sports bettors care about game lines above and beyond anything else, so we decided to take a deeper dive into Bet365’s money lines, totals, and points spreads.

Money lines

Bet365 offer up two-way and three-way money lines for all sports on their platform. When we did our assessment on money lines, we largely focussed on football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer.

For each of these sports, the money lines on offer are exceptionally valuable, and from the offset, the choice is yours, you can either bet on three-way or two-way depending on what you think the outcome is going to be.

Since Bet365 is our pick for odds and lines, the book is our pick for money lines as well.


Bet365’s range of totals bets is impressive. Not only do they offer good odds for these types of bets, but the number of different over/under amounts they list is truly second to none.

The more we tried to find holes in what they offered, the more our eyes opened to all there is to enjoy. We have nothing to criticize about what Bet365 offers for totals.

Points spreads

Bet365 has plenty of points spreads on offer, but while this sportsbook offers up the best money lines and totals, and one of the best ranges of points spread options.

With all that said, we actually prefer opting for 888Sport or LeoVegas for points spread betting.

The reason is that Bet365 does not offer the toggle feature that can be found on the two books listed above. The toggle feature allows you to change the margin of winning, and as you do that, you can see the odds change accordingly.

If Bet365 were able to offer something like that up, it would take them to even greater heights.

Our experts react to complaints about Bet365

While we have a lot of good things to say about Bet365, we don’t want your decision to sign up with them or not to be only influenced by what we here at My Betting Sites have to think. So, we’ve enlisted the help of some of our friends.

We’ve scoured Reddit forums, and checked comments left on the App Store to see what the consensus is regarding Bet365. We had plans to look at Trustpilot and Google Play as well, but no reviews currently exist for Bet365 Canada on those platforms.

So, do people think it’s as good as we think it is? Are our estimations off compared to others who have used the site? You can find more about what others think below:

Bet365 website open on an iphone xr and on a macbook air with text mentioning that people have read reddit and app store reviews to see what other people think about the betting site

What users on Reddit say about Bet365

Reddit is one of the most popular sites for sports bettors to post any issues they’ve come across, with an army of other users that provide their own experiences.

We searched forums on Reddit that touched on Bet365, and found three that summed up what you can find there.

“Gosh Jordan” on Reddit Said:

“They'll limit the account if you aren't profitable for them, like beating the closing line regularly or finding a profitable niche market.

"They'll ban the account for breaking the TOS, like giving someone access to your account.”

Does Bet365 limit accounts, Alex?

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein
My Betting Sites Editor-in-chief

In our experience, Bet365 have come to limit accounts, which is a bit of an issue we have with their platform overall. This has never affected us directly, because here at My Betting Sites, we bet for fun, and don’t win enough for accounts to be limited.

Regardless, we’ve spoken to several users who have complained about this, and we think it’s a big issue. Especially considering Bet365’s supposed commitment to responsible gambling. Not too responsible or fair of them to limit winners.

What do reviews on the App store say about Bet365

The app store can provide users with plenty of insights. Bet365’s app store score (4.6/5) is one of the highest among betting apps in Canada, only being trumped by the likes of Betway and LeoVegas.

What does set Bet365’s app store reviews apart is the fact that there are many users that have left positive reviews of the app. The same cannot be said for Proline OLG for example. Here's a comment, followed by Ben's response.

“Toscot” Commented:

“A Joke.

“Forcibly switched me over to the Canadian app, lost all my historical bets. Now won’t accept my verification. Can’t even withdraw my money now.”

Ben, does Bet365 forcibly switch users to a Canadian app?

Ben Smith
Ben Smith
My Betting Sites Betting Expert

Yeah, I mean, this review is pulled from Bet365’s Canada app store page, and while it can be frustrating to lose your bet history, what could “Toscot” expect? If he’s Canadian, and betting on a Bet365 app that is not Canadian, sooner or later, they would have needed to switch their account.

When you switch your account, you will lose the history that is present in the other one, because it’s a new account. Bet365 won’t forcibly switch you over to the Canadian app if you’re not Canadian, but if you are Canadian, and you’re not using their Canadian app, they have every right to switch your account to the Canadian app.

Other things to know about Bet365

With Bet365 having been a grey market offshore bookmaker, to having now received the license in Ontario, there are many questions surrounding the bookmaker that we felt necessary to answer.

Below, you can find some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Bet365 we’ve come across.

Is Bet365 available throughout Canada?

Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario, that enables them to operate within Ontario on a specific URL (https://on.bet365.ca), as well as outside the province on a different URL (https://bet365.com).

So, in summary, Bet365 is indeed available throughout Canada.

Is Bet365 legal?

Bet365 is legal within the province of Ontario. It has acquired the Ontario license.

As for Bet365’s legal status within the rest of the country, the sportsbook is not illegal to use. There is no law within Canada’s criminal code that outlaws sports betting on grey market bookmakers, so if you are outside of Ontario, and want to use Bet365, you would not be breaking any laws. You can read more about Bet365's legal break down in our article answering whether Bet365 is legit.

Is Bet365 Canada’s best betting site?

That largely depends on who you ask. If you read our section where we assessed some Reddit comments that have been posted about Bet365 in Canada, you’ll get mixed reviews.

Some think it’s the best (like Ben), while others think Betway, or other betting sites are better.

What we can say, with utmost confidence, is that Bet365 is one of the best betting sites in Canada. It appeals to a wide range of sports bettors, which is why many players (but not all) will share in the belief that it is indeed the best.

Is Bet365 legal in Ontario?

Bet365 is indeed legal in Ontario, and has been since April 2022.

Our final thoughts on Bet365 in Canada

When we began this review, we posed a question. Is Bet365 still the best betting site in Canada, after a range of new brands have entered the market?

We think it is. It’s hard to say one betting site is out-and-out best for all players, but Bet365 just ticks so many boxes, and appeals to such a wide range of sports bettors.

Below, you can see our final round up and scores for Bet365:

Frequently Asked Questions About Bet365 Canada

Is Bet365 available in Ontario?

Bet365 has received the Ontario license and is now available in the province.

If you're from another one of Canada's provinces, you can also use Bet365, as there is no law stating that you cannot do so.

Is Bet365 legal?

Bet365 is legal in Ontario and is not illegal in the rest of Canada.

They are licensed in Ontario, but also carry licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, and are licensed in the UK.

Overall, yes, Bet365 is legal.

What makes Bet365 a great bookmaker?

Bet365 is an elite betting site in many ways, but it is the sheer volume of odds, including live betting, which makes them arguably the best in the game.

Is Bet365 trustworthy?

It is among the most respected bookmakers in Canada, so you can be sure that you are safe to bet with them. Their 24/7 support team are on hand for any issues and is always professional.

How do I withdraw money from Bet365?

Use the same method you used to deposit money. It is a very simple process with many options to choose from.

Can I live stream sporting events on Bet365?

You can indeed. A number of your favourite sports will be available to watch on any of your devices. This is another reason why many punters love to use Bet365 for their bets.

Bet365 review

Bet365 sportbonus

Our Pick for Odds and Lines

Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.