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We Compare the Best NFL Betting Sites in Canada

Gambling on the NFL is a huge part of watching and enjoying football, perhaps more so than any other sport.

The beginning of each NFL campaign sees more people sign up to sportsbooks than at any other time of the year - everyone wants a piece of the action.

If you’ve never bet on the NFL before, we can help guide you towards success.

Every game from week one right through to the Super Bowl presents a huge variety of betting markets, and the football experts at have been through it all over the years.

For people who have never previously watched football, it can seem quite daunting.

The games are long, there are so many players and quite a lot of stoppages.

But once you’ve grasped the tactics and intricacies of the game and appreciate the tension and outstanding skill on display, you’ll be just as hooked as we are!

On this page, we will talk you through some of the most common NFL bets, as well as advise you on where to find the best odds and what else to look for in a great football betting site.

Frequently Asked Questions About NFL Betting Sites

This page provides a comprehensive guide on NFL Betting in Canada, but for a quick summary of the key points, see the below FAQs.

🏈 Which Canadian betting site is the best for NFL?

It all depends on your preference, but 888sport is great because of its high odds and excellent variety. LeoVegas is also a terrific option as they give the bettor a lot of flexibility. Read our full guide to see which bookie suits you best.

🔢 What do point spread and money line mean?

Point spread is the number of points by which a certain team is favoured by the oddsmakers over their opponents. The money line is a straight-up bet on who will win the game.

📊 How do you read NFL odds?

The odds on a standard points spread bet are usually -110 in American format, which when converted to decimal format is 1.90, and in fractional it's 10/11. They represent the same value, and it means that if you bet $11, you win $10 plus your initial stake.

🏟 What are the NFL Super Bowl odds?

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game in the NFL, and you can bet on the outright winner of the next Super Bowl at any time. During the season, odds will change regularly based on results and performances. Right before the Super Bowl game, lots of props and specials will be available on each Canadian betting site.

💨 Is live betting available on NFL?

Yes. Most sportsbooks will allow you to place bets during NFL games, and also let you cash out any wagers that you wish to close early.

🇨🇦 Can I bet on NFL games legally in Canada?

You can! Lots of online betting sites based overseas accept Canadian players. At we list and review all of the ones we would recommend for NFL betting.

Best NFL Betting Site in 2022

Bet365 NFL Betting

Our Pick for Odds and Lines

If you want the best value across the board and a betting site you can rely on to have the NFL markets you want every week, Bet365 is truly as good as it gets. Their odds are routinely better than most other bookies, and everything functions well including live betting which has cash out available. Punters can browse between main props, score props, and team props, as well as 1st half bets.

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Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

How Do You Bet on NFL?

When betting on American football, the jargon used and the most popular bet types are vastly different from many other sports.

Typically, there are three main types of bet which you should be aware of when preparing to make some wagers on NFL games.

Money line

A market that bettors on other sports will recognise, this is simply a bet on who will win the game. Ties are extremely rare in the NFL, so this is just a choice between the home team and the road team.

With American style odds, the favourites always have a minus sign in front of their price, and the underdogs a plus sign, e.g. Bears -175 (1.57), Saints +155 (2.55).

Point spread

Prior to a game, oddsmakers will create a spread which is essentially a handicap in order to level the playing field and make each game 50/50 from a betting point of view. The bigger the perceived gap between the two teams is, the bigger the spread.

NFL Betting Point Spread Example

If the New England Patriots had a 6-0 winning record and went into a game at home against the Miami Dolphins who had an 0-6 record, the spread might be around 23.5.

Both would have odds of around -110 (1.90) to cover the spread, with the Patriots needing to win by 24 or more if you back them, and the Dolphins needing to avoid losing by more than 23.


You can back over/under on various markets such as total touchdowns or rushing yards, but the most common over/under bets are on total points in a game.

Oddsmakers will set higher lines for games featuring teams with strong offences, and lower for defence-heavy matchups.

The best NFL betting sites will have hundreds of available bets for each game.

22Bet offer alternative point spreads and over/unders with lots of flexibility for the punter. Instead of being restricted to just moving the line by around 10 points either way which is the case with some NFL betting sites, a huge range is covered and the bettor can be as safe or as audacious as they wish.

My Betting Sites Recommends

BeNFL Betting

Our Pick for Odds and Lines

✅ Plenty of NFL lines

✅ Great for spread betting

✅ Top NFL live betting sportsbook

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Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

Four Top Tips for NFL Betting Success

🐶 Don’t always back against the underdog

It is very easy to fall into the habit of just trusting the favourites to win or cover the spread. You may look at the point spread set by the oddsmakers and think that they’re overestimating a bad team.

Just remember, they take so many factors into account when setting NFL lines, and while the better team will, of course, win the game more often than not, covering the point spread is a different matter altogether.

🗞 Read all of the latest NFL news

In order to be good at NFL betting, you need to know exactly what is happening across the league. It is a very physical sport, so there are lots of injuries, often to key players.

The quarterbacks may get all of the headlines, but there are so many key cogs in each NFL machine, that even a particularly effective defensive lineman picking up a knock can swing a game one way or the other. Be sure to follow some beat writers on social media for the most up to date news.

🤓 Study the matchups

There are so many elements to an NFL game, and lots of individual battles to be won between various units and players. Some franchises are better suited to playing teams with a bad run defence, whereas some can shut down a top quarterback due to an elite pass rush.

Some teams may be coming off a bye week whilst their opponents played four days ago. Make sure you consider all of this and read previews if you prefer NFL betting experts to do the legwork for you.

📚 Know your history

Consider the past record of players or teams in the stadium or matchup they are playing in.
Has one of the wide receivers caught a touchdown pass in each of his last five meetings with this opponent? Have the road team failed to score more than 20 points in this stadium over the last decade?

These things don’t happen by accident. Look for trends and see where you can find value.

Where to Find the Best NFL Lines and Odds

The bottom line when determining where to place your NFL bets is, ultimately, you want to be wagering with the bookies that are going to give you the best value in return.

With the NFL, it is crucial to compare lines and odds across a number of bookies throughout the week leading up to a game, as things can change quickly and some betting sites may reflect these changes quicker than others.

When the book opens on an NFL game around a week before the match, each bookie will set the lines for the point spread, over/under and more props.

Point spread is the most common market to bet on, and it is not unusual for the line to move throughout the week.

By the time the game is set to start, it could have been moved several points one way or the other compared with how it opened.

Sometimes, bettors might strategically choose the right time in which to place a bet on a certain team, in anticipation of line movement at some point.

Various factors can cause a line to change, such as injuries, trades or other news. A large volume of bets on one side can also cause lines to alter.

NFL Betting Line Movement Example

Let’s say that the Kansas City Chiefs are playing against the Denver Broncos on Thursday night, and the Chiefs open as 4.5 point favourites.

A report comes out on the Monday that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has picked up a shoulder injury in practice and is now questionable for Thursday.

At this point, you may see some bookies move the line more in Denver’s favour, as Mahomes is Kansas City’s star player and an MVP candidate.

If there is one sportsbook that you have an account with that has not moved the line, it might be a good time for you to place a bet on the Broncos +4.5.

Alternatively, if you think the Chiefs would still win comfortably even without Mahomes, now is not the time to back them to cover the spread, as you will be able to get a more favourable line before the game if Mahomes is confirmed as being unavailable.

On Wednesday, the Chiefs confirm that Mahomes will miss the game, and all of the bookies move the line accordingly. At this point, it is crucial to check with each betting site you are signed up with and shop for the best line for the bet you want to place. Some might now have the Chiefs as just 1 point favourites, whereas some might not have moved so far on it.

NOTE: It is also worth checking the odds for each team to cover the spread. Because the spread has been applied to make the game a 50/50, each team is usually around the -110 (1.90) mark, but it may be slightly better on some bookies.

My Betting Sites Recommends

888sport NFL Betting

Our overall spread betting pick

Each week during the NFL campaign, 888sport has thousands of markets with a wide selection to choose from on each and every game. When you head to the NFL section of the betting site, you will be presented with the money line, point spread and total points over/under odds straight away. You can then go into one of the fixtures to see more markets such as margin of victory and first-quarter total points. The lines and odds fluctuate throughout the week based on news and betting activity, and their prices are always among the best.