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888sport App Review - Find out whether this is the app for you!

Apr. 15, 2024

Thinking about downloading the 888sport app, but haven’t decided yet? This article is dedicated to giving you a full account of what to expect from the app, to help you choose whether or not you want to download it. Keep reading to find out more!

888Sport App Review

888sport offers one of the better sports betting and casino platforms in Canada. What is offered on the website is well transferred to the app. We can recommend the app to mobile bettors who like to bet on live events, as well as those who like to bet on the spread and use bet builders.

If you’re quickly annoyed by longer load speeds, or by being logged out, we recommend taking a look at some other betting apps in Canada.

Below, we’ve provided a detailed list of what we like and dislike about the app:

What we like about the 888Sport App

Live betting is clear and pleasing to interact with

✅Intuitive spread betting toggle feature on the app

Bet Builder is easy to use on the app

✅Great user experience and app layout

What we dislike about the 888Sport app

❌ Users have mentioned the app loads slowly

❌ Users have complained about occasionally being logged out

888Sport App Verdict

Alex My Betting Sites Content Writer

I’ve used the 888sport app on both iOS and Android, and while the app can be a bit slow to load, and log you out from time to time, we felt that these were significant issues when considering what the app does right.

I don’t think I’ve come across a live betting experience I enjoyed more than on the 888sport app, and the features that are available on the website were transferred perfectly to the app.

If you like your live bets, and using features like bet builders and spread bet toggles, we recommend using 888Sport.

Join 888Sport and get the app!

888 sports App

One of the measures of a good betting app is whether or not it feels like you what you get from the website is available on the app, along with what kind of perks you get from using the app.

That’s part of the reason we’re fans of what 888 has to offer. The features available on the app are easy to use, and the look and feel of the app will ensure that your betting experience is a breeze.

888sport app offers basketball football hockey and more

The 888 sports app has however been noted to be a bit slow from time to time, and it may log you out while you’re using the app, so be sure to be mindful of these issues before deciding to download.

Below, we’ve picked apart some key aspects of the 888 sports app, to help you decide whether or not it’s the one for you:

888Sport app odds

Based on our calculations using our margin calculator, 888sport offers some very valuable odds across its sportsbook, particularly for hockey, football and basketball.

Other bookmakers tend to offer margins of around 4%, but with 888sport odds for hockey especially were closer to 5%.

If you’re looking for a betting app that offers solid odds, 888sport could be the app for you.

How we measured 888sport’s odds

We enter the odds for a specific event that is provided by 888sport, and the calculator churns out a margin, which represents the percentage that bettors can get from the bookmaker when they bet with them.

The higher the margins, the better. Usually, bookmakers offer margins that are at around 4%, but when we crunched the numbers of 888sport’s odds, the margins were closer to 5%, which we found to be pretty impressive.

888Sport app lines

Overall, we found the lines that are available on the 888sport app were satisfactory, and will more than likely leave most bettors happy.

When we assessed the hockey lines, we were expecting a little more. We couldn't find any period bets on 888sport’s app, and we were expecting a few more prop bets.

888sport app has plenty of lines to offer

For soccer, however, 888sport more than made up for it, offering plenty of lines within one event. The same could be said for basketball and football.

Below, you can find some of the bets available for hockey football, basketball and soccer:

Best lines offered on 888sport app

Money lines

888sport offers high-value money lines for the main sports on their platform.

Money lines for hockey, football, basketball and soccer are all offered generously, making this one of the reasons the 888sport app is as popular as it is.

If money lines are your favourite type of bet, 888sport’s app is a solid choice.


The totals bets offered by 888sport can also be considered high value based on our measurement of them in our margin calculator.

Totals are spread across the sports 888sport prioritize, and in some cases, you’re able to bet on totals for specific periods within a certain game.

The totals bets offered are of even higher value than the money lines, so if this is your favourite type of bet, 888sport is the way to go.


Spreads are also offered well by 888sport and are viewable straight from where you see the event listed.

We assessed the generosity of the odds given for spreads on 888sport’s app, and again, we were very impressed by the value on offer.

888sport’s spreads are available for all the main sports on the platform, as well as a couple more.

Player Props

Some of the more entertaining bets on display on 888sport are player props.

The only issue we had with this was that we couldn't always find player props available on the 888sport app.

These lines can be great fun and are a smash hit amongst bettors, so we were disappointed to see that these types of lines weren’t available for all events.

888Sport app live betting

If you’re a live betting fan, you’ll be happy to know that the 888sport is the answer to your live betting on mobile woes.

The live betting side of 888sport’s app is easy to use and navigate, and the features are highlighted particularly, especially the virtual feed that gives a breakdown of exactly what is going down within an encounter.

Live betting with the 888sport app is one of the best features

The only issue we found with 888sport’s live betting platform is the fact that there was no streaming available, which was a glaring omission.

If you can handle no live streaming, we recommend 888sport’s app for live betting.

Read more about the way 888sport offers its live betting features betting below:

Live Betting Features on 888sport app

Virtual Feed

The virtual feeds on 888sport’s app are what we like most about how they offer live betting.

It almost feels like you’re watching a miniature TV. It’s this aspect that is prioritized most, which makes us love live betting with the 888sport as much as we do.

Whether it’s hockey, tennis or soccer, you can follow the movement of the ball, and be notified when something significant happens.

In-Game Stats

If you’re interested in learning more about a specific game that’s underway, the 888sport app’s in-game stats have you covered.

You’re able to view detailed facts about possession, chances, territory, and more, either just fro looking at the virtual feed, or by clicking on the stats section.

There’s no better way to update yourself on the happenings in a game than with 888sport’s in-game stats.

Fluctuating Odds

The fluctuating odds offered by 888sport’s app are easy to see, and act upon, and are signalled by green arrows when prices are increasing and red arrows when prices are decreasing.

The odds themselves are of high value, making this a stand-out feature when live betting on the 888sport app.

888Sport app features

These days, a betting app is only as good as the features it has on offer, and 888sport ensure that users have a range of them available.

For us, betting features are important, as they can take your sports betting to the next level. 888sport is aware of this, and as a result, offers the likes of cash out, bet builders, same game parlays, and bet feed.

Below, we’ve listed and explained each of these features to give you a better idea of what to expect from them:

Top features on the 888Sport App


Cash-out lets you close your losing bets, and 888Sport offers some of the better cash-out offers in Canada.

Cash-out offers tend to increase and decrease as a specific event comes closer, and does so even more as a game rolls out.

888sport’s offers are always fair, which is why it’s a feature we had to highlight.

Bet builders

A feature we’re big fans of on 888sport’s app is that bet builders are available for so many sports.

We found bet builders for hockey, basketball, football, basketball and soccer, and each allows you to bet on several different outcomes within the same game.

For example, if you were interested in betting on soccer, and you notice that Liverpool is playing Burnely, you may bet on Liverpool to win the game, for them to score first, for them to get over five corners, and for Mo Salah to score.

The options with Bet builders are endless!

Same Game Parlays

Some bookmakers refer to same game parlays and bet builders as the same thing, but 888Sport very clearly offers these features differently.

With 888Sport, bet builders refer to the tool that allows you to select the different outcomes you want to bet on.

Same game parlays are similar, but they’re pre-selected, so all you have to do is choose the range of bets you like, set your stake and place your bet!

Bet Feed

A unique feature coming from 888Sport is BetFeed, a tool that allows you to view the trending bets in real-time that are placed on a particular game.

You’re also able to customize your feed to only show you the sports that interest you.

Pretty nifty if you ask us!

Sports available on 888sport

Another one of the areas that 888sport offers its users plenty of is the sports available on their platform. The number of sports available on 888sport’s app is impressive and ensures that bettors with a wide range of interests are kept happy.

From hockey and football to cricket and Gaelic hurling, 888sport offers plenty of sports.

Below, we’ve listed the sport prioritized most by 888Sport, followed by the full list of sports available:

Best sports offered by 888sport


In our opinion, if you’re a basketball fan, the 888sport app offers all you’ll need for your betting.

As you enter the basketball section of the app, you’re met with several upcoming events, that you can either place bets on or click on to learn more about.

Once you click on a specific event, you have plenty of potential bets that appear, including prop bets, money lines, spreads, and totals.

Another perk is that you’re able to use both same-game parlays and bet builders on basketball.


Being a British bookmaker, 888sport’s app was never going to skimp on the soccer betting that it had to offer.

The soccer betting lines available are exceptionally wide, and the range of bets you have access to placing is incredibly impressive.

The bets are split up into several categories including popular, bet builder, same game parlays, goals, half, handicap, Asian goal scorer, and all markets.

The soccer betting section of 888sport’s app is well optimized for users, as scrolling through different options does feel seamless. 888sport’s app is a great option for those looking to place a bet on soccer.


Another sport 888sport’s app does a good job of prioritizing is American football, which is easy to navigate from the front page of the app.

When you arrive at the football section of the site, you’re met with several upcoming events in the NHL and CFL.

Once you click on a specific event, a range of betting options will appear, including everything from money lines to props.

The odds offered for football are generous, making 888sport a strong contender for being the leading football betting app in Canada.


Despite the puck line betting feature that we’re really big fans of, we thought 888sport’s offering of hockey betting could be improved.

It’s still a sport they prioritize, but in all honesty, we were expecting a little bit more.

That being said, you can still find some lines split up into popular bets, bet builders and same game parlays.

The hockey side of the side is just easy to navigate as the pages for other top sports, making it overall a decent option for hockey betting.

888casino app

888 offers one of the better casino platforms in Canada. Unlike plenty of other sports betting apps, the 888casino exists separately from the sportsbook, but it is navigable from the sports app.

The casino is characterized by its black and green look, intuitive feel, and a wide array of available casino games

888casino homepage live casino and slots game

Below, you can find some of the 888casino app’s leading aspects:

The Best of 888casino app:

Award-winning casino platform

888casino is known for being one of the best out there. Their track record which is littered with awards year after year shows exactly that.

The most recent award the casino app has received was from the EGR awards, which are considered the Oscars of the online gambling community.

If you’re looking for an award-winning casino app, look no further.

Over 500 games

The selection of games on 888casino is shockingly vast. The range of games, that are split across various lobbies will leave your head spinning.

Whatever your interest is, 888casino probably has a game that is aligned with that interest.

500 games is a staggering amount, so if you’re a fan of online casinos with a wide variety of options, 888casino is a great option.

Hollywood-themed slot games

Looking for slot games based on your favourite movie? You’re bound to find just that at 888casino.

888 offers the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street, Top Gun, Grease, Mad Max and Jumanji-themed slots games.

We recommend 888casino slots to any movie fans out there!

A separate site for online poker

888 has been offering poker for the last 20 years. It’s another side of the site that has received its website, which shows just how seriously they take their offering of the activity.

You’re able to play a range of different types of poker, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, BLAST, SNAP, and more.

If you’re a fan of online poker, you should try what’s on offer on the 888poker app.

How to Use the 888Sport app

Using the 888sport app can feel like a daunting task if you’ve placed bets on sports betting app before. If this is you, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Getting started with sports betting apps requires following some different steps. The good news? They’re all really easy to follow!

Below, we’ve outlined the steps that need to be followed to use the 888sport app:

Visit 888sport on Mobile

The first step in the process of using the 888sport app is to get to their website.

This where the majority of the magic happens is this is where you’ll need to create an account, and click on a download link.

You can get to 888sport mobile by clicking on the button found below.

Create 888sport account

The next step in the process is to go ahead and create an 888sport account.

We encourage our readers to complete this step first because it makes life easier after you’ve downloaded the app. To create an account with 888sport, go ahead and click on the Signup button from the homepage, fill in the details that are required, and click create an account.

888sport will also need to verify your contact information, usually via email, so make sure you provide them with accurate details.

Contact details for 888sport

888sport need the following details from you if you’re looking to create an account with them:

  • Name & Surname

  • Username

  • Password

  • Date of Birth

  • Social Security number

  • Email

  • Phone

And more.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Download 888Sport App

Once you’ve created your 888sport account, the next step in the process is to go ahead and download the app.

888sport’s app is available both on the google play store and app store, which are downloadable from a link on the 888 sport homepage.

Downloading the app is a fairly simple process, which can be completed by following the steps listed below:

  1. Scroll down the homepage

  2. Find the betting app link and click it

  3. Click on get/install on the app store/play store

  4. Log into your 888sport account

How to Download the 888sport Android App

6 Step 888sport Android App Download Guide
Jun. 17, 2022

Android bettors can now download the 888sport app on the Google Play Store. This article shows you how to get the app in 6 easy steps!

Do you need a 888Sport APK?

Fortunately for Android users, betting apps in Canada no longer require you to download APK files.

We've published a number of articles, wherein we outline the steps to download Google Play Store Betting apps, namely for the Bet365 and LeoVegas Android apps, along with the 888sport android app ofcourse.

Check these articles out to get a better understanding of how to get these apps from the Google Play Store!

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Deposit on 888sport

Once you’ve downloaded the app, and are logged into your account, the next step will be to make a deposit, so that you can start getting ready to place some bets.

The deposit methods offered by 888sport are easy to place a payment through and are safe and convenient.

The following deposit methods are offered by the 888sport app:

  • Interac

  • Visa/Mastercard

  • Paypal

  • ApplePay

… and more!

Place a Bet on the 888Sport App

The last step in the process is to go ahead and make a bet on the 888sport app.

If you’re completely new to betting, and you’ve downloaded the 888sport, the thought of placing a bet may feel a little daunting.

The guide below is designed to help you place your first bet on the 888sport app:

  1. Click on the sport you want to bet on

  2. Select the league that interests you

  3. Find the event you want to bet on

  4. Select the odds

  5. Enter your stake

  6. Confirm your bet

888sport app review summary

Alex My Betting Sites Content Writer

888sport offers Canadian users a fantastic betting app, that is guaranteed to keep mobile bettors happy. While the app could be improved from a functionality perspective, with regard to slow load speed and users being logged out, we feel that there is much more to like about the app than dislike.

Live betting, great features, and a slick layout are what characterize this app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

888Sport App FAQs

Does 888sport have an app?

Yes, 888sport has an app that is downloadable for Android and iOS devices.

You’re able to download the app from google play and app stores.

Is the 888sport app free?

The 888sport app is free to download, but you’ll need to make a deposit in order to bet on the app.

We’ve listed all the ways to deposit on the 888sport app in this article.

Is the 888sport app good?

We like to think so.

Aside from slow loading times, and reports of users getting logged out from time to time, there’s not much the 888sport app does wrong. We liked the layout and general look and feel of the app, but some users have reported that they’re not big fans of the way the app looks.

What’s undeniable is the fact that the app offers a great live betting platform on the app, and there are plenty of features to choose from.

We’ve listed the pros and cons of the 888sport app at the beginning of the article.

How do I download the 888sport app?

Downloading the 888sport app can be done by following the steps listed below:

  1. Visit 888sport

  2. Create an account

  3. Scroll down the homepage

  4. Click on the betting app link

  5. Click download the app

  6. Install the app from the app store/play store

Is there an 888sport app for android?

Yes, those with android devices are able to download the 888sport app.

The app is available from the Google Play Store, and the download link can be found on 888sport’s homepage.

How do I bet on the 888sport app?

Betting on the app is a fairly simple process that can be followed using the steps below:

  1. Select the sport you’d like to bet on from the menu

  2. Choose the league you want to bet on

  3. Select the game you want to bet on

  4. Choose your odds

  5. Enter your stake

  6. Confirm your bet

Is there an 888sport casino app?

Yes, there is an 888casino app, but what’s important to note is that this app is separate from the sports app.

If you want to download the 888casino app, go to the 888casino homepage, download the on the casino app link, and download the app from the app store or play store.

Is there a 888 app for poker?

There is also a separate 888 app for poker, that is also downloadable through the poker website, and on the app store or google play store.

To get the app, you’ll need to visit 888sport on mobile, click on the download link on the homepage and then download the app from the google play store or app store.

888Sport App not the one for you?

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