Is Bet365 Legit

Is Bet365 Legit?

Oct. 27, 2023

You’ve asked it, and we’re answering it - Bet365 is legit. Licensed by multiple gambling authorities, and one of the leaders in promoting responsible gambling, find out more about what makes Bet365 legit.

Is Bet365 Legit?

Yes, Bet365 is legit and trustworthy. Bet365 is one of the most reputable bookmakers in the world, with over 60 million players from more than 100 different countries. Bet365 is licensed by gambling authorities in the UK, Malta, and by iGaming Ontario in Canada.

Bet365 quick facts

Operating since: 2006

Licenses in: Ontario, UK, USA, Malta, Greece, Argentina & more!

No. of players globally: 63 million

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

What Makes Bet365 Legit?

📢 Here's why Bet365 is Legit

Bet365 doesn’t scam you out of your money and runs an honest and trustworthy operation.

Bet365 encourages you to set time limits so that you can be logged out if you exceed the time you’ve chosen to spend on the site.

Bet365 places limits on accounts, which proves its commitment to responsible gambling.

Bet365 was one of the first operators to receive the Ontario license, showing their commitment to operating legally in Canada.

We've called in the big gun to give you his final verdict as to whether or not Bet365 is legit 👇

What our Betting Expert said when we asked him if Bet365 is legit

Ben Smith
Ben Smith My Betting Sites Editor

I've used Bet365 for years, and all I can say is that this sportsbook is fully legit.

The reason I've kept coming back to this sportsbook is that its odds are better than anyone else's, its lines are never-ending, and its live betting platform is one of the best out there.

Bet365 is also a leader when it comes to promoting responsible gambling, showing its commitment to being a trustworthy, and legitimate operation.

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We’re aware that asking whether or not this sportsbook is legit is a layered question.

Legit could refer to whether or not Bet365 is a scam, whether or not it’s legal, or whether what they offer is any good.

For this reason, we’ve broken up this article into a couple of sections, answering each of these possible questions:

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Is Bet365 legal?

Yes, Bet365 is legal.

While the question may seem kind of simple, the answer is quite a layered one given the complex betting landscape in Canada.

The sportsbook is licensed by iGaming Ontario, which makes it a legal operator for residents in that province.

When it comes to the rest of Canada, licensing systems have not yet been set up, but there is an absence of any laws that prohibit the use of Bet365, making it not illegal.

All in all, this makes the use of Bet365 legal for all residents in Canada.

Bet365 operates pursuant with an agreement with i Gaming Ontario

Bet365 is available to residents across Canada based on an agreement they've struck with iGaming Ontario

Where is Bet365 legal?

Bet365 is currently legal for everyone that resides in Canada.

The sportsbook is fully operational in all of Canada’s provinces and territories, with users able to create accounts and start betting in a number of easy steps.

Below, we’ve created a list showing you the legal status of Bet365 to help clear up any doubt:

Provinces where Bet365 is Legal

Ontario - Legal

Quebec - Not Illegal

British Colombia - Not Illegal

Alberta - Not Illegal

Manitoba - Not Illegal

New Foundland and Labrador - Not Illegal

Nova Scotia - Not Illegal

Yukon - Not Illegal

Nunavut - Not Illegal

Northern Territories - Not Illegal

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Is Bet365 a Good Betting Site?

In short? Yes. Bet365 is a very good betting site.

Bet365 is one of the best betting sites in Canada, if not the best.

Bet365 is absolutely legit from the perspective of what they offer. We’re talking about the market leader in odds and lines, one of the best live betting sites in Canada, and the country’s top betting site for live streaming.

Below, you’ll find a couple of reasons we’ve given this sportsbook it's legit status

Bet365 is legal and worth signing up with

Bet365 is Legit

No scams, legal, and offers plenty

💯 Best odds in Canada

📊 Plenty of betting lines available

📺 Leading live streaming betting site

📡 Fantastic live betting site

Play now

Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

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Is Bet365 Legit - FAQs

Is Bet365 legal in Canada?

There is no law prohibiting Canadians from betting with Bet365.

In Canada, you can use Bet365 legally, without any worry of getting into any trouble.

Is Bet365 legal in Ontario?

Bet365 is licensed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's iGaming branch known as iGaming Ontario.

The sportsbook is legal, and fully functional at this time.

Is Bet365 safe?

Bet365 is absolutely safe and is trusted by millions of people worldwide.

Bet365 is one of the best betting sites in the world, with a reputation for taking great care of its users.

Your information and money are safe with Bet365.

Can Bet365 be trusted?

Bet365 is well respected and well trusted.

Not only is this sportsbook one of the best, but it is also one of the most secure in the world.

Is Bet365 a scam?

Bet365 is not a scam.

The sportsbook has been paying out its winners since 2006 and will continue to do so for a very long time.

If you have any issues with Bet365 withdrawals, be sure that it’s more than likely a technical issue, that can be solved by their customer service team.

Is Bet365 any good?

Yes. Bet365 is one of the best.

What they offer in Canada is only matched by a handful of other betting sites.

If users want the full betting experience, we’d recommend Bet365, regardless of whether you’re starting out, or have been betting for years.

How long does Bet365 take to payout?

Bet365 payout can be issued anywhere from 2 hours to 5 days depending on the payment method you’ve picked.

Is my money safe with Bet365

Yes, at its heart, Bet365 is a financial institution that has handled people’s money for years.

Bet365 has a track record of ensuring that users’ money is safe and secure, so there’s no need to worry if you’re thinking about making a deposit with Bet365.

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