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Bet365 are one of the biggest players in sports betting, and since their inception in 2006 they have earned a reputation as the premier betting site in multiple countries.

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We Compare the Best CFL Betting Sites in Canada

Canadian football is a type of gridiron football played north of the border and closely resembles the American version of the game which NFL viewers will be familiar with.

Both versions of the game were inspired by rugby football played by English immigrants that came across the Atlantic in the 19th century, and have gone on to become huge hits in Canada.

Betting sites in Canada cover the CFL extensively.

The NFL may have more prestige and fans worldwide, but for Canadians, the CFL is held in high esteem and the Grey Cup championship game is one of the biggest events of every year.

Our gridiron football experts at have enjoyed their fair share of CFL betting, and with each campaign beginning in June during the NFL offseason, there are plenty of reasons for Canadians to get involved.

While Canadian football rules may be slightly different than the NFL, the betting markets are the same, and so is the level of enjoyment when a wager is successful.

Whether you’ve never watched football before, or you’re an American football fan looking to venture into betting on the Canadian game, use this page as your guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About CFL Betting Sites

The CFL is among the most popular leagues to bet on in Canada. For a quick CFL betting summary, see some of the most common questions and answers here.

🏉 Where can I bet on the CFL?

Most bookmakers in Canada take bets on all Canadian Football League games, as well as Grey Cup futures wagers. Some of the best betting sites for CFL are 888sport and LeoVegas.

💵 What are the best CFL bets?

Typical markets for CFL betting are point spread, money line, and total points over/under. Many bookies also offer prop bets for individual players and teams.

🏆 What are the CFL Grey Cup odds?

Any betting site with a CFL section should have a market for the Grey Cup winner, whether it is at the start of the season or close to the end. 888sport's Grey Cup odds are excellently priced.

🤔 How do I bet on CFL point spreads?

Head to a bookmaker with CFL betting, and look for the point spread market. One team will have a plus sign (+) next to the point spread number - this team will be the underdogs. When you back them to cover the point spread, this means they have to lose by a number lower than the number after the plus sign. The other team has a minus sign (-) before the number, and have to win by more than that number to cover the spread.

🇨🇦 Is CFL betting the same as NFL betting?

The betting markets are almost identical, with the most popular in each league being the money line, point spread and total points over/under. There are some differences between Canadian football and American football when it comes to rules and the size of the field.

🏆 What is the best CFL betting site?

In our humble, yet expert opinion, we feel that 888sport is your best bet when it comes to CFL betting.

Our reason for picking 888Sport above its competitors is based on the number of lines available, along with the live bets you can place on the CFL.

The competition is pretty tight though, we also really like LeoVegas and 888sport.

Top 4 CFL betting sites

  1. 888sport - Great for CFL spread betting
  2. Bet365 - Best CFL odds
  3. LeoVegas - Great for mobile CFL betting
  4. Royal Panda - Perfect CFL live betting option

Top CFL sportsbooks

  1. Great for CFL spread betting

  2. Best CFL odds

    Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

  3. Best for mobile CFL betting

    19+. T&C Apply. Play Responsibly.

  4. Great for CFL live betting

    19+. T&C Apply. Please play Responsibly.

Best CFL Betting Site in 2022

Bet365 CFL Betting

Our Pick for Odds and Lines

Bet365 ticks every box when it comes to betting. Grey Cup odds, as well as CFL lines and point spreads for upcoming games are always available, and very competitively priced. This betting site is a great option for those who like live betting and a wide selection of markets. The design on desktop and mobile is simple and easy to use, which makes this sportsbook the full package when it comes to CFL betting.

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Bet365 operates pursuant to an agreement with iGaming Ontario.

How Do You Bet on CFL?

There are nine teams in the Canadian Football League, split into two divisions. Each week, there is a maximum of four games, and the lines open up for each game at the beginning of the week with games taking place at the weekend.

The markets you can expect to see on every betting site in Canada are the money line, point spread and over/under. Some sportsbooks will go beyond this and offer more specific props and alternative lines.

Money line markets give bettors two options, either team 1 or team 2. This is a straightforward bet on which team will win the game. Tied games are extremely rare in gridiron football, so this option is not offered in CFL betting.

Oddsmakers will set a point spread for each game, which is essentially the number of points by which the favourite is expected to win. By doing this, the objective of the bookies is to create a market that takes a similar amount of bets on each side.

CFL Betting Point Spread Example

So, if the Calgary Stampeders are 2.5 point favourites against the Winnipeg Bluebombers, the bookmakers are anticipating that around as much money will be wagered on the Stampeders -2.5 and the Bluebombers +2.5. Odds would be around -110 (1.90) for each choice.

Lines tend to move throughout the week in the build-up to a game. A high volume of bets on the Bluebombers +2.5 could move the line to 2, then to 1.5, and so on.

Injuries and other significant news would likely cause movement on the point spread.

Half point handicaps are in place on some games to prevent a push when neither the bettor or the sportsbook wins. A push is when the bet stake is returned to the bettor.

If the point spread was Stampeders -3, you bet on that, and they win by 3, you would neither win or lose, so the outcome would be a push.

If the spread was Stampeders -2.5 and you wager on it, them winning by 2 would result in a losing bet, but a victory by 3 points would be enough to win the bet.

The over/under on total points market also often works with half points so that there is a guaranteed decisive outcome, but the line is sometimes set as a whole number, making a push a possibility.

Depending on the teams involved and their attacking and defensive prowess, the line is usually somewhere between 35 and 60 for the combined number of points scored by both teams. The over and under options should both be priced at -110 (1.90).

The better betting sites in Canada will allow you to back alternative point spreads.

With alternative spreads, you can swing it more in one team’s favour and the odds will adjust accordingly. The same can sometimes be done with the over/under on total points.

Other props such as odd or even points, touchdown scorers, and futures bets on the outright Grey Cup winner can be found frequently too.

My Betting Sites Recommends

888sport CFL Betting

Our pick for CFL spread betting

✅ Great CFL option

✅ Cash out on CFL bets

✅ Great for spread betting on CFL

Where to Find the Best CFL Odds

Finding the best odds should be among the top of every bettor’s priorities, as we all want as big a return as possible on every winning wager.

While odds on point spread and total points bets are always likely to be -110 (-1.90), the line might be slightly different on one bookmaker compared with another. If you want to back the under on total points, it is best to back it on a betting site which has the line at 48.5, rather than another which has it at 48.

Money line odds can certainly vary across different sportsbooks. Some bookies might slightly favour one team, whilst some might just have more generous odds across the board.

Before joining a betting site, look at the CFL markets you are interested in and compare the odds with other bookmakers. Money line odds are a good indicator of prices - if one site has higher odds for both teams on all games, you can view this as a sign that their odds are just better.

Grey Cup odds and all futures bets should also be compared.

There could be a significant difference in prices, especially on long shots. It is not inconceivable that a team is +2000 to win the Grey Cup on one betting site, and +3300 on another.

My Betting Sites Recommends

888Sport CFL Betting

100% up to $250

888Sport is licensed and regulated in Canada, and as such their CFL selection is among the very best out there. When you compare their odds with other leading bookmakers, the prices are very strong overall. 888sport is also a top drawer bookie in terms of its variety of bets, and in the number of payment methods available to Canadians.