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LeoVegas Android App Download Guide - Get The App in 5 Easy Steps!

Aug. 15, 2022

Below, you’ll find our leading, user-tested guide to downloading the LeoVegas android app. Read on to find out more!

LeoVegas App Download for Android

The LeoVegas android app is downloadable from the Google Play Store, which means you no longer need to download an APK file to bet on the sports app or play games on the casino app. The app can be downloaded in 5 easy to follow steps, with the download link navigable from LeoVegas’ mobile website’s homepage.

5 Step LeoVegas Android App Download Guide

Visit LeoVegas on Mobile

The first step in the process of getting the LeoVegas android app is to visit the operator from your mobile device. You can do this by clicking this link that will take you directly to LeoVegas.

Other options include bouncing out of this page, and searching for LeoVegas again (but let’s face it, that sounds like way more work), or going straight to the Google Play Store, where you could find the wrong app. Going through the link we just included is the safest, most convenient option.

Download Leo Vegas Android App Step 1 Annonated
Create a LeoVegas Account

Once you’ve navigated to LeoVegas’ homepage, you’ll need to click on the "LOG IN" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen, followed by the "REGISTER NOW" button as in the picture in order to create an account.

We recommend creating an account before getting the app for 2 reasons in particular. For one, you get the chance to poke around the mobile site and get a feel for what the app will be like. Secondly, makes the adjustment from downloading the app to betting far easier. Signing up can be done in a handful of easy-to-follow steps.

Download Leo Vegas Android App Step 2 Annonated
Click on “Open” in the Top Banner of the Page

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll need to go ahead and click on where it says "OPEN" on the white banner extending across the top of the site.

Doing so will take you to the Google Play Store, where you can start finishing up the download process.

Download Leo Vegas Android App Step 3 Annonated
Click on “Install” from the Google Play Store

Now that you’ve clicked the link that takes you to the Google Play Store, you’ll need to click on the install button, found next to where it says reviews, the number of downloads, and PEGI 18.

Clicking on the “Install” button will begin the download process, and takes roughly 30 seconds to 2 minutes to complete, depending on your internet connection and the amount of space on your phone. You’re almost there!

Download Leo Vegas Android App Step 4 Annonated
Launch the App and Start Betting

Once the download has been completed, you’ll be able to launch the app directly from the Google Play Store, or exit the Google Play Store, and launch the app from your home screen (the choice is yours).

Once you’ve launched the app, sign in with the same details you used when you created your account, or create a new one if you skipped that step, and start betting!

Download Leo Vegas Android App Step 5 Annonated
Screenshot of Leo Vegas App on the Google Play Store

On the LeoVegas App, you're promised sports betting, casino, and plenty of action!

What about the LeoVegas APK?

Now that betting apps are available on the Google Play Store in Canada, Android bettors no longer need to worry about downloading APK files in order to access their favourite betting apps.

This has been the case for some time now, but despite this, some android users are confused, as it felt a little like one day, you needed an APK, and the next, you could simply get your app from the Google Play Store.

No APK, No Problem!

Now that betting apps, including the LeoVegas android app, are available on the Google Play Store, you no longer need to worry about changing security settings on your phone, and going through long, windy download processes to get your android betting apps!

LeoVegas iOS Download

If you’ve reached this article, and you’re an iPhone user, we have you covered.

Below are the steps to download the different LeoVegas iOS apps:

How to Download LeoVegas Apps on iOS

  1. Visit LeoVegas

  2. Create an Account

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page

  4. Click on “Our Apps”

  5. Either Select the Casino, Live Casino or Sports App

  6. Click on Get on the App store

  7. Launch the App, and Start Playing

Leo Vegas App Screenshot from the i OS App Store

Regardless of your online gaming interests, LeoVegas is a great choice, on iOS and Android!

Is Downloading the LeoVegas Android App Worth it?

Yes, we tend to think so, but what’s more important is whether or not you think so.

The app is great for personalized bets and offers up some really nifty features in the form of their trending combos, favourite bets feature and the detailed blogs they have on offer.

We cover all this, and more, in an article dedicated to teaching you about all the ins and outs of the LeoVegas App:

Check Out Our LeoVegas App Review

LeoVegas App Review - Why Download The App for Sports and Casino
Jul. 7, 2022

Below, you can read about whether or not this market-leading sports and casino app is the right fit for you.

LeoVegas Android App Download Guide Summary

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein My Betting Sites Content Writer

Downloading the LeoVegas on android devices has never been easier thanks to the fact that the app is now being offered on the Google Play Store. Whether you’re new to betting, or a seasoned campaigner, downloading the app will be a breeze.

During the research we conducted, and the tests we carried out, we found no issues downloading the app on an android device, and we’re confident that you won’t have any issues either.

LeoVegas Android App not the one for you?

Perhaps LeoVegas' app isn't the one for you, and you'd prefer to shop around?

We have you covered too.

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