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888sport score

  • Handy bet tracking feature via “bet feed”
  • Customized “made for you” bets available
  • 888 specials for a wide range of sports
  • Points spread and total toggle feature
  • Customisable bet builders for several sports
  • Buggy app that tends to crash
  • Odds aren’t up to par
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

888Sport Review in 30 seconds

888Sport best serves bettors that like points spreads the best. The sportsbook's other features, like the bet feed tracker, and the made for your section, are also memorable.

Aside from no live-streaming and an underwhelming range of basketball options, there’s not much wrong with 888sport.

Below, we explain a little more as to why we have given 888sport an overall 8.6/10.

888Sport Review in 30 seconds

888Sport’s betting variety 8/10

888Sport offers up a wide range of sports to bet on, along with a good range of betting options per sport. While they lack basketball lines, their all round betting variety is strong.

888Sport’s mobile experience 6/10

888sport’s app gets mixed reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store. While we liked using the app, complaints about log-outs and bad UX brings this overall score down.

888sport’s payment options 10/10

Offering a wide range of payment options, including Interac, 888sport gets a perfect score in the payment methods department. Deposits are instant, and withdrawals take between 2 - 8 days.

888Sport’s betting experience 9/10

Betting on 888sport is easy and seamless. The sportsbook offers up one of the best websites for user experience, which users can experience on the app as well.

888sport’s support 10/10

888sport offer a live chat feature, an email address, along with a toll-free phone number. The sportsbook also offers up a detailed FAQ section, rounding out a perfect score for support.

888sport summary 8.6/10

888sport’s well-rounded sportsbook, packed with sports, decent odds and good features, ranks highly on our list of sportsbooks in Ontario and throughout the rest of Canada. We can recommend this sportsbook to players that like a points spread bet, along with those that like a handful of nifty features.

What stands out about 888Sport

✅ One of the best betting sites for points spread bets.

✅ Unique bet feed feature allowing you to track trending bets.

✅ “Made for you” feature churns out suggested bets.

✅ Wide range of options across a number of sports.

✅ Exclusive odds feature on ready-made parlay bets.

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Where 888Sport could improve

❌ 888sport should begin offering live-streaming in Canada.

❌ 888Sport could add more basketball betting options to its site.

❌ 888sport could work to fix the bugs on its betting app.

888Sport compared to other sportsbooks

888sport offers up a sportsbook that contests with the best betting sites in Canada. Their main strengths include their points spread bets, which are comparable with the ones offered by Royal Panda, and the “Bet Feed” and “Made For You” features.

The bet feed and made for your features are quite unique in Canada. The closest thing we found to 888sport's “Made For You” feature was LeoVegas’ “My Favourites” feature, and Betway’s “My Bets” feature.

As for the “Bet Feed”, we’ve not quite seen anything else like it. Below, you can check out how 888 compares to the rest based on our rankings.

888sport compared 888sport Royal Panda LeoVegas Betway
Betting variety8/107/109/109/10
Mobile experience6/106/1010/108/10
Payment Options10/1010/108/1010/10
Betting experience9/106/108/109/10

What it’s like to bet with 888sport

888sport has a slick user interface, but also has some issues attached to it. As you enter the site, regardless of whether you’re on desktop, mobile, or the app, you’re met with a well laid out betting site, with highlighted sports for you to choose from.

Navigation is simple, and most buttons are clearly marked. 888Sport also makes a light theme available, for players that might get tired of the black and orange site layout.

The process from finding your sport, to confirming bets, and later withdrawing winnings are all straightforward with this sportsbook. Some issues can arise on both the app and desktop when it comes to technical aspects, as is highlighted underneath the image.

888sport mobile
How can betting with 888 be better?

The first way 888sport’s betting experience could improve would be through their app. As it stands, the app is a little buggy, and can log users out at frustrating times.

Another aspect, that is more of an issue on the desktop, is the way odds are presented. If you’ve used other betting sites before, you may be used to seeing odds listed horizontally for game lines. 888sport mix and match their presentation of their odds. Some game lines can appear either horizontally or vertically, which, at a glance, can lead to the wrong bet being made, especially for beginners.

888Sport Odds

888sport offers satisfactory odds that are neither good nor bad. As an odds' provider, they sort fall behind LeoVegas and Bet365. Aside from some exclusive odds that they provide for premade parlays, their odds aren't the best.

We’ve measured 888sport’s odds margins against the margins offered by LeoVegas and Bet365, to show you which of these sites offers the best odds for games across the NHL, NFL, NBA and EPL.

The lower the percentage in the table below, the better the odds.
888sport odds compared 888sport LeoVegas Bet365
Predators vs. Maple Leafs (NHL)4.76%3.81%3.70%
Chargers vs. Jaguars (NFL)5.56%4.64%4.34%
Bulls vs. Wizards (NBA)6.44%4.19%4.64%
Liverpool vs. Chelsea (EPL)6.85%4.95%6.68%

As can be seen from the table above, LeoVegas and Bet365 offer up significantly lower percentage margins, which means that the odds available on these two sites are better than what is offered on 888sport.

We’ve had Ben explain how odds margins work.

How odds margins work

Odds margins are basically what a bookmaker charges you for providing you with the odds you find on their site.

So in the table above, if you see a smaller percentage, it means the odds are better.

This is the reason for why we say 888sport’s odds are not as good as LeoVegas’ or Bet365’s.

Ben Smith
Ben Smith

Top sports featured on 888Sport

888sport Hockey

888sport have thousands of markets for Canada’s number one sport every day throughout the season. NHL fans can back the regulation time result or the winner, including overtime and penalties. Other bets such as correct score and total number of goals are also listed.

888sport American Football

The NFL and CFL feature on the sportsbook, as well as college football. Single bets or parlays can be wagered, and odds are in line with competitors. Live betting during games is also an option for punters.

888sport Basketball

Outright futures bets and wagers on individual match-ups can be placed on leagues all over the world, but the NBA is the main focus here. There is a great in-house database of live scores and stats, making 888sport a terrific one-stop shop for betting and gathering knowledge.

888sport Soccer

All the top leagues in Europe as well as North American tournaments are on 888sport. Games from more obscure nations for soccer can also be found on a daily basis. The in-play function works especially well for soccer, and in terms of markets available per fixture, it is right up there with the best soccer betting sites in Canada.

888Sport extras and features we love

888sport offers up a number of good features for bettors who like something more than the same old. Aside from a good sportsbook, the variety of features on offer are probably 888sport’s biggest strength.

For one, their points spread betting feature, that includes a toggle that you can use to set your score margins and odds, is very useful.

The sportsbook’s “Bet Feed” feature is another handy tool that players can use to see which bets are trending on the sportsbook on a given day.

Finally, we liked the “Made For You” feature. We liked the suggestions that we found, and thought it was a handy, and time saving way to bet.

Below, we go into a little more detail for each of these features:

Does 888sport have the best points spreads in Canada?

888sport’s spread betting feature is up there with the very best. We’re big fans of the toggle feature that players can use to change the margin of victory, which then changes the probability of the given team to cover the spread (which changes the odds).

The points spread feature is available on all major sports on 888, from football and hockey (called the puck line), to MLB (called the run line), and soccer (most often called handicaps).

Only Royal Panda and LeoVegas offer similar points spread features on their sportsbooks, and in our opinion, 888sport’s is the most enjoyable to use.

888sport points spread feature

What’s special about 888’s bet feed feature?

We liked 888sport’s bet feed feature mainly because it gave us a good gauge of which bets users were making. This can be helpful if you’re eager to place a bet on a sport you like, but aren’t sure about which direction you want to go.

We also liked that the bet feed comes with a filter, so you can sort by sport, bet type, as well as most recent.

We also just found it interesting to see what kind of bets users were placing, which can also give you ideas for parlays, or other selections.

888Sport Made for you feature explained

888Sport’s made for you feature interested us because it suggested a wide range of bets that we thought were pretty appealing. What gets better, is that as you bet more, the made for you feature becomes more and more intuitive, and starts listing bets that are closer to what you would have selected by yourself.

888’s “Made for You” section feels like it cuts through the noise of a regular page on this sportsbook’s website. On a regular page you’ll see money lines, totals and points spreads, while on the made for you section you just see one bet type per event, with odds that you can add directly to your bet slip.

We think this is a great addition to 888sport’s site, especially for those of you that are in a hurry.

888sport made for you feature

What’s it like to use 888sport on mobile?

When we think of 888sport mobile, we think of their betting app, which could use a few tweaks. We reviewed 888’s app, and found that while it was good for the most part, users on the App Store had a few things not so positive things to say about it.

For one, many users weren’t fond of recent design updates, complaining that navigating the site had become more difficult after the supposed improvements. We found that the app’s design met our expectation pretty well, so this could be more up to personal preference.

Another issue was that users found that they would be logged out of the app randomly, which was exceptionally frustrating when placing live bets. We can confirm that this did happen to us, and it was pretty annoying.

Overall, the app is alright. It’s not perfect, and it may do the job for many, but if you spend lots of times in a betting app at once, you may be left annoyed.

We’ve written an article explaining how to download 888’s app if you’re interested in giving it a try.

888sport mobile

Our expert react to 888Sport complaints

We’ve had our experts trawl Twitter threads and Trustpilot pages to check the public opinion surrounding 888sport amongst Canadian players.

They found some scathing reviews, and have shared their thoughts on whether they agree, or whether they shared a similar, or different experience.

Complaints about 888sport on Twitter

888sport twitter complaint

Alex, does 888sport limit accounts?

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein My Betting Sites Editor

We know that Bet365 and Betway limit accounts, but this is the first time we’ve heard about 888sport being involved in such practices. We feel a little unsure about this one. Since 888sport usually gets really good reviews across multiple platforms, and since this is an issue we haven’t heard from many other users, we don’t think it’s 100% legit.

Perhaps this user broke one of their terms of service, and this is why their account was limited so significantly.

Complaints about 888sport on Trustpilot

888sport trustpilot complaint

Ben, does 888sport disable accounts?

Ben Smith
Ben Smith My Betting Sites Betting Expert

Similar to the comment left by the Twitter user, we have never heard another account of a Canadian’s 888sport account being disabled. We again have some off feelings about this because if you check other review type platforms, the issues normally have to do with things related to how the sportsbook works rather than issues of getting accounts disabled.

We have a sneaky suspicion that this user may have broken a terms of service agreement, but the good news is that 888sport responded to the complaint, which makes us feel that the issue has been resolved.

Our Final thoughts on 888Sport

All in all, 888sport is one of the best betting sites in Ontario. What stands out the most is the points spread betting feature, that can be used across a range of sports. We also really liked their bet feed feature, which gives you the ability to track trending bets. Last but not least, we are big fans of the “made for you” feature, that suggests bets for you.

The main issues we had with 888sport involved the lack of any live-streaming, along with a very limited range of basketball betting options. We also feel that the app could be improved, as while it functions pretty well, several users tend to have issues with slow load speeds, and getting logged out.

Overall, we recommend giving 888sport a try. We have given it an 8.6/10 rating.

Frequently Asked Questions About 888sport Canada

Can I access 888sport in Ontario?

888sport carry the Ontario license, along with 29 other Ontario sportsbooks, which makes them available in Ontario. You can access their site at 888sport.ca.

Is 888sport available in the rest of Canada?

888sport is one of the few operators to be available both in Ontario, and Rest of Canada. Their website focussing on all of Canada outside of Ontario can be accessed at 888sport.com.

Is 888sport legal?

888sport is legal to use in Ontario. Residents outside of Ontario can also use 888sport as it remains unregulated, but accepts Canadian players, and Canadian deposit methods like Interac.

Is 888sport one of the best betting sites in Canada?

In our opinion, it’s up there with the likes of Bet365 and Betway, but that’s why we recommend trying the site out for yourself.

We liked how it felt using the betting site, but there are issues (like the lack of streaming, and shortage of basketball options). These issues may be too much for some bettors, and not a problem for others.

Does 888sport have an app?

888sport does have an app, but if we’re honest, not all users have had positive things to say about it. Users have expressed unhappiness with the app logging you out, and that navigation from page to page is slow.

We’ve tested the app ourselves, and we’d have to agree that this are the two issues with the app. We’d recommend either using their mobile website, and bookmarking their page in your browser, or using their desktop website.

Can I play casino on 888sport?

888sport offers a full stack gaming product allowing to play online casino games, along with online poker.

You can navigate to the casino and poker pages via the 888sport website.

Is 888sport safe?

888sport is indeed safe.

All the licenses 888sport have acquired around the world serve as proof for their safe and legitimate status. They’re a trustworthy sportsbook to use.

What are good alternatives to 888sport?

In our opinion, Bet365, LeoVegas’ sportsbook and Bet365 are all good alternatives to 888sport.

888sport review

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