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Leo Vegas App Review on a backdrop of men playing basketball

LeoVegas App Review - Why Download The App for Sports and Casino

Apr. 15, 2024

Below, you can read about whether or not this market-leading sports and casino app is the right fit for you.

LeoVegas App Review

The LeoVegas app is a good choice for bettors that enjoy a personalized betting experience, daily combo bets, and a well-laid-out live betting platform. What’s more is that the range of sports available is impressive, and the user experience on the app won it a “Mobile Operator of the Year” Award in 2019.

User reports highlight that customer service could be improved, and iPhone users may become frustrated with having to download separate apps for sports and casino.

LeoVegas App Quick Facts:

  • App Store Sports App Rating: 5/5
  • App store casino app rating: 4.7/5
  • Google Player Sports & Casino Rating: 3.7/5
  • Number of Google Play Store Downloads: 100K +
  • Mobile Operator of the Year: 2019
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein
Need a little more info?

Now that you’ve received an overview of which bettors are well suited to getting the LeoVegas app, below, you can read a little more about the pros and cons we’ve assigned to this operator:

What we Like about LeoVegas App:

✅ Award-winning mobile-first operator

✅ Personalised betting experience through selecting “favourites”

✅ Unique trending combos specials available daily

✅ Well laid out live betting platform, with easy-to-access stats and feeds

✅ App is available both on iOS and Google Play

What we dislike about LeoVegas App

❌Seperate apps for casino and sports on iOS devices

❌ Browsing through sports is a bit of a hassle

❌ Commonly cited customer service issues

Ben's Verdict On the LeoVegas App

Ben Smith
Ben Smith My Betting Sites Editor

I’ve used LeoVegas’ app well before it was my job to rate and review it, and I must say that this app is one of the better ones on the market.

While iPhone users may be frustrated by the fact that they need two separate apps for casino and sports, and the customer service isn’t the best, I’ve never really experienced any negative issues with the app. Overall, LeoVegas is legit and I can highly recommend their app!

Alex's Verdict on the LeoVegas App

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein My Betting Sites Content Writer

My experience with LeoVegas’ sports and casino app has mainly been good, albeit with some issues from time to time. What I like most about the app is the personalization of your betting that LeoVegas makes available. That and their trending combos and live betting platform left me quite happy.

I think the sports app can be improved when it comes to browsing different sports, but otherwise, I haven't experienced any issues personally.

Join LeoVegas and Get the App

Mybettingsites leovegas review on a mobile device with text guiding users to click on a button on the image to get the app

Still not convinced?

If, however, you’re still not convinced on whether or not the LeoVegas app is the one for you, and you’d like to learn a little more before taking the plunge, take a look at the navigation links below, and click one of the grey buttons to learn more about what the LeoVegas App has to offer!

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

LeoVegas Sports App

While LeoVegas largely made its name as an online casino after it had launched, the operator added a sportsbook to its offering, which was soon after included on their app.

The LeoVegas sports app has a lot of things going for it, which you may know by now if you’ve all the content on this article so far. The app does a good job of offering popular sports in Canada and offers plenty of lines, good odds, and features that elevate your betting experience.

3 iphone X Rs with Leovegas baseball combo trends and live events on the screens

After having used the app for quite some time, we felt that the “browse sports” section could be neater and easier to navigate, and we felt that the app’s development team should look into some of the bugs that cause the “error messages” that some users have complained of.

All in all, if you’re a sports fan that likes a few neat features, and an all-around top-notch mobile betting experience, we LeoVegas’ sports app is very much worth looking into.

Let’s Talk LeoVegas Sports App Specifics...

So you have an overview of what’s on offer on LeoVegas’ sports app, but you may be interested in learning a little more about some of the specifics that you can access on the app if you’re looking to bet on sports. That’s what we’ll be covering next!

Ben Smith
Ben Smith

Odds on LeoVegas Mobile App

If you carefully read the small print on the LeoVegas app homepage, you’ll notice that they’re very sure of the odds they offer on the app. That got us a little curious and made us go on and do some further research of our own to see just what kind of margins this betting app has to offer.

When we put some of their odds through our margin calculator, we were surprised, because while all bookmakers tell users they have the best odds, not all of them stand by this promise. LeoVegas’ sports odds available on the app are very generous, especially on live soccer, basketball and hockey.

2 iphone X Rs with bastkeball and soccer odds on 1 and combo trend odds on the other

Pre-match events had margins of up to 6%, and in-game odds rose to as high as 11%, which is considerable given that the averages surrounding odds margins are around 4%.

If you’re like most of the bettors out there who appreciate great betting odds, we recommend LeoVegas’ app.

How We Measure LeoVegas App Odds

Here at MyBettingSites, we’re committed to giving you the most accurate account of what’s on offer, and that’s why we make use of a leading odds calculator to provide you with odds margins that are free from manipulation and error.

We use an odds calculator from Pinnacle so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of measuring the value of odds all by yourself.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein
The Odds Pass the Test

So we have established the odds on the LeoVegas app are great. But what about the lines?

We explore that next!

Lines on LeoVegas App

Another reason you may want to consider the LeoVegas app for sports betting is because of the lines they have on offer. LeoVegas is slightly different in its layout compared to other betting apps available in Canada, as they don’t overload the homepage with as many lines as other betting sites.

This is very much up to personal preference. New bettors may find all the lines shown at once to be a little confusing, while more advanced bettors may like to see spreads and totals alongside money lines.

2 i Phone X Rs with odds for a KC Royals vs HOU Astros baseball game and odds for Spain vs Ukraine Basketball match

Regardless of the sport, LeoVegas tends to offer money lines on the homepage listing the range of upcoming sports, and provide more lines if you click on a particular matchup. The lines you’ll see after clicking will depend largely on the sport you’re looking to bet on, but include prop bets, periods, goal scorers, and so on.

We’ve compiled the best lines available on LeoVegas’ app:

Best Lines on LeoVegas App

Money Lines

The classic betting line is offered on all of the bets that LeoVegas has to offer.

Usually, the value on this line is great on the LeoVegas app, which is what makes betting on the outcome of the event overall such a pleasure with this bookmaker’s app.


Whether it be total points or total goals, you can find a range of total bets on the different sports available on LeoVegas’ app.

We also really enjoyed the fact that LeoVegas added a toggle feature to help you adjust your totals bets, and even includes a “show list” button where you’re able to see all of the different options you have at your disposal.


Whether it’s halftime/full-time on soccer or the period 2 and 3 in hockey, LeoVegas understands that Canadians love their time-sensitive bets, and this is why these bets are offered well on the app.


Another one of the more popular bets on North American sports, prop bets are available on several sports available on LeoVegas.

If you’re a fan of predicting the more niched outcomes, whether it be player props or game props, this could well be the app for you.


Lastly, the spreads offered on the LeoVegas app are steeped in value and can be exceptionally fun on matchups that include a heavy favourite.

Spreads on the LeoVegas app are navigable from the events listed either on the homepage or a given sports category page and offer very good value for money when compared to other betting sites in Canada.

The Lines Are Good... What about the Features

Next up, we discuss the features available on the LeoVegas app, and talk about whether or not they're any good.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Features on LeoVegas Sports Betting App

Features on betting apps can sometimes be incredibly underrated of what they do for your betting experience. While LeoVegas doesn’t offer as many betting app features as Bet365, there are still some nifty features that can enhance your betting.

LeoVegas are leaders in creating a personalized betting experience with users, and they do this by creating a “my favourites” tab, that lists several sports of your choosing to the tab. You can list up to 10 favourites.

2 i Phone X Rs with MLB odds and Tredning combos from Leo Vegas

Another nifty feature is the specials tab, which lists some pre-determined bets which can easily be added to a bettor’s betslip, along with season bets, that allows you to bet on outrights.

Aside from these, listed below are the top features we found on LeoVegas’ app:

Top LeoVegas App Features


A staple of betting sites these days is cash out, and a further upside is the fact that LeoVegas makes some generous cash-out offers available if your bets placed are looking like they’re about to go sideways.

The cash-out function is easy to use once you’ve placed a bet and is available on multiple sports.

Detailed Blogs

Whether you’re looking for expert betting tips or the latest casino insights, LeoVegas has you covered with their extensive blogs available on the site.

One of the only betting apps to offer blogs for both casino and sports, if you’re a more inquisitive gambler, LeoVegas’ app is the perfect betting app for you.

"My Favourites" Feature

This feature was so good, that we had to mention it again.

If you’re a fan of betting on a given sport, you can click on the star found next to it to add it to your list of favourites. Once you’ve done that, simply navigate to the “My Favourites” tab to view all of your favourite sports in one place!

What comes next?

LeoVegas offers up some nifty features, that you're aware of now.

The app looks like it's ticking all the boxes, but does it tick one of the most important ones of all? Does it offer a wide range of sports?

Find out by reading the next section!

Ben Smith
Ben Smith

Sports on the LeoVegas Betting App

The sports listed on LeoVegas’ app are wide in number, with the sports most popular sports in Canada prioritized the most. Sports bettors can bet on hockey, football, basketball, soccer, horse racing and many more.

Bettors who like to diversify their bets with niche sports are also well taken care of, with sports such as trotting, volleyball, and table tennis offered well too.

3 iphone XRS with Leo Vegas basketball Baseball and UFC on the screens with a basketball graphic a baseball graphic and a boxing glove graphic

The downside to the range of sports however is the fact that they are a little hard to navigate when you click on the “All Sports” button on the homepage. While it can feel like a bit of a hassle, in the beginning, we felt that browsing through the sports gets easier as you use the app more.

Below, we’ve listed how the LeoVegas app offers the top sports in Canada:

Top Sports on LeoVegas App:


Hockey is one of the better-prioritized sports in Canada, and hockey fans can bet on the top hockey leagues in the world, with some of the best hockey odds available on the LeoVegas app.

The LeoVegas app allows you to bet on the NHL, Champions Hockey League, “Liiga” from Finland, the Swedish Hockey League, as well as the World Championships.

There are plenty of hockey lines to choose from, and the hockey page on the app is easy to navigate, making this app perfect for hockey bettors.

American Football

American Football is another sport well offered by LeoVegas and comes with the regular lines you’d expect from the sport, including money lines, spreads, totals and props.

The odds for football are valuable, and the range of lines will keep even the most dedicated American football fans happy.

If you’re looking for a solid football betting app, LeoVegas is a great choice.


If basketball betting is your preference, the LeoVegas app is a great solution.

Listing a range of different basketball leagues including the NBA, the WNBA, and the PBA (from the Philipines). The lines for these events are wide enough in variety to give bettors a solid range of different options.

When the basketball season is at it’s height, and you’re looking for a basketball betting app to use, LeoVegas could well be the one for you.


Finally, soccer bettors are very well taken care of by LeoVegas.

Soccer is the sport wherein most lines are offered on the LeoVegas app, and what’s more, is that the odds offered for this sport are some of the most generous on the platform.

The specials tab also allows you to bet on Premier League season winners, and the Trending Combo tab regularly lists soccer bets from a range of different leagues, allowing you to diversify your bets with little effort.

LeoVegas is one of the leading soccer betting apps, making them a great choice if you want to start placing mobile bets on soccer.

All Sports on LeoVegas App

These are all the different sports that you can find on the LeoVegas app:

  1. Baseball

  2. Tennis

  3. Formula 1

  4. UFC/MMA

  5. Aussie Rules Football

  6. Badminton

  7. Beach Volleyball

  8. Boxing

  9. Cricket

  10. Cycling

  11. Darts

  12. Esports

  13. Field Hockey

  14. American Football

  15. Gaelic Sports

  16. Golf

  17. Greyhounds

  18. Handball

  19. Hockey

  20. Horse Racing

  21. Motor Sports

  22. Pesapallo

  23. Politics

  24. Rugby League

  25. Rugby Union

  26. Snooker

  27. Soccer

  28. Surfing

  29. Table Tennis

  30. Trotting

  31. TV & Novelty

  32. Volley Ball

  33. Winter Sports

  34. WWE/Pro Wrestling

As you can see, LeoVegas offers up an impressive range of sports!

LeoVegas Casino App

Another part of LeoVegas’ app offering is their casino app, which comes with the sports app on Android devices, but comes separately for those of you using an iPhone. While this may be somewhat annoying for some, if you’re a fan of both sports and casino, downloading the apps separately is worth it.

LeoVegas casino has won "Operator of the Year" 5 times, which is more than any of its online casino competitors.
3 i Phone X Rs with Leo Vegas casino live casino and bingo on the each of the screens

The casino, along with what’s offered on the sportsbook managed to win 2019 mobile operator of the year, which is arguably the LeoVegas app’s biggest achievement in recent years.

While LeoVegas added a sportsbook to its offering back in 2016, the operator has always had a strong casino focus, bringing users cutting-edge games week in and week out.

Below, you can find some of the aspects we like most about LeoVegas’ casino app:

The Best of the LeoVegas Casino App

Detailed explanations of games

If you’re visiting an online casino for the first time, you may be a little overwhelmed by all that’s on offer, and the case with LeoVegas is no different.

One area where this casino is a bit better than its competitors is the detailed guides available if you keep scrolling down the given casino game-type page.

Below where all the games are available, LeoVegas does a great job of explaining what each game type is, which can help you in understanding what the outcome of the game is.

Dedicated casino blog

If you’re someone who loves to learn and enjoys keeping abreast with all the latest news and information when it comes to online casinos, then LeoVegas’ casino app is the one for you.

While sports blogs are regular features on sports betting apps, casino blogs are rare. LeoVegas’s addition of an online casino blog on the app is proof that is one of the great online casinos currently available in Canada.

"Ready to Drop" Section

Waiting for new games to play with LeoVegas?

Then simply head over to the “Ready to Drop” section, which lists all of the casino games that are soon to be released on LeoVegas’ bountiful selection of games.

What’s pretty nifty about this section too is that you’re able to try the different games that will be soon available, giving you the ultimate sneak peek of what’s going to be available.

Plenty of New Games Available

Another way LeoVegas categorize all the games on their platform is through a tab called “new games”, which lists plenty of the latest games to be available on casino apps.

Tired of the same old? Sign up with LeoVegas, get the app, and try out the new games tab, you won't’ be disappointed!

What’s up next for the LeoVegas App Review…

Now you know all there is to know about LeoVegas sports and casino apps, it’s time to get introduced to how to use the app. If you’re new to betting on a smartphone, or new to betting in general, the guide below can serve you well if you’ve liked what you read about the LeoVegas app so far.

Ben Smith
Ben Smith

How to Use The LeoVegas App

Either, you’ve found yourself in this section because you’ve read all the content found above, or you’ve navigated here through the quick link posted at the top of this article. Either way, you find the LeoVegas app somewhat enticing and want to learn more about how to use it.

The good news is that using the LeoVegas app is an absolute walk in the park. All you need is a smartphone, to be over the age of 19, and to have a stable source of internet, through mobile data or wifi.

The steps below will help you get started with using the LeoVegas app:

Infographic explaining how to use Leo Vegas App

Sign Up with LeoVegas

The first step of the process when it comes to using the LeoVegas app is to create an account with them. While it is possible to first download the app, and create an account later, reports from many of our users indicate that bettors prefer signing up first, as once they’ve downloaded the app, they can get straight to betting.

Another reason bettors tend to prefer signing up first is that they’re able to poke around the site a bit, to get a feel for what’s on offer.

If this isn’t the way you prefer doing things, then you can skip the next step, but if this sounds like you, you can read how to sign up with LeoVegas in the steps below:

Signing up with LeoVegas

  1. Visit LeoVegas (clicking on the link will take you directly to LeoVegas’s website)

  2. Click on “Play Now”

  3. Click on Register Now or create an account with your Google Account

  4. Enter Your Details

  5. Create Your Account

  6. Verify your email address

Details Needed for LeoVegas Sign Up

The following are some of the details LeoVegas will require from you when signing up:

  • Your name and surname

  • A password of your choosing

  • Your mobile number

  • Your social security number

  • Your email address

  • Your physical address

…And a couple of other details.

Download The LeoVegas App

Once you’ve signed up with LeoVegas, the next step in the process is to go ahead and download the app. The app is available on the iOS App Store, as well as the Google Play Store, which makes the download process very easy.

We’ve assigned download guides for users with both kinds of devices, so click on the little arrows in the rows below to find out how to download the app on your device:

Downloading the LeoVegas App on Your Device:

Download the LeoVegas App on Android
  1. Click on get the betting app from the homepage

  2. Click on the Available on Android button

  3. Click on Install from Google Play Store

  4. Launch the App

  5. Start Betting!

Download the LeoVegas App on iOS
  1. Click on the “Get the App” pop up

  2. Click on Get on the App Store

  3. Confirm your decision to download the app

  4. Launch the app

  5. Start Betting!

Download the LeoVegas App on your Device

LeoVegas Android App Download Guide - Get The App in 5 Easy Steps!
Jul. 12, 2022

Below, you’ll find our leading, user-tested guide to downloading the LeoVegas android app. Read on to find out more!

Is there a LeoVegas APK?

These days, top betting apps in Canada are listed both on the Google Play Store, and the iOS app store.

This has made the download process much easier for android users, who can now choose from a wider range of easily available apps.

If you're still unsure, we've included download guides for the 888sport android app and the Bet365 android app, and we're busy working on a download guide for the LeoVegas android app as you're reading this, to help you through the process.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Make A Deposit

Making a deposit is another easy-to-follow process that needs to be followed if you want to place bets on LeoVegas’ app. The app accepts each of the leading payment methods available in Canada, including:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Instant Bank Transfer

  • iDebit

  • Interac

And more!

How to Deposit on the LeoVegas App

Below is a short step-by-step guide designed to help you make a LeoVegas deposit:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your account

  2. Click on “Deposit”

  3. Choose your deposit method

  4. Choose the amount you want to deposit

  5. Follow the instructions set out by LeoVegas

  6. Complete your payment

Start Betting

Now that you’ve gone through all the preceding steps, you’ll be ready to start betting on the LeoVegas app. All that’s required of you now is clicking a few buttons, and you’ll be on your way.

Placing a bet can be done by following the steps listed below:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your account

  2. Click on the sport that interests you

  3. Click on the league that interests you

  4. Find the game you want to bet on

  5. Selct your odds

  6. Enter your stake and confirm your bet

LeoVegas App Review Summary

LeoeVegas’ app is one of the best options for mobile bettors in Canada. The app is easy to download, and easy to use, and offers both sports bettors and online casino fans a great platform that is bound to satisfy.

While we’ve spoken of all the awards and the good that LeoVegas has to offer, it’s important to be mindful of some of the cons too. Before downloading this app, you should be aware that there are separate apps for sports and casinos on iPhones, which may take up unnecessary space on your phone, the sports section can be hard to navigate, and the customer service is known to be the more responsive.

Despite these factors, far outweigh the cons. We can recommend the app to bettors who like a personalized betting experience, casino lovers, bettors who like a well-laid-out live betting platform, and bettors who appreciate detailed information, through blogs.

If you're interested in learning more about what LeoVegas has to offer as a betting site, you can read our detailed LeoVegas review.

LeoVegas App FAQs

Does LeoVegas have an app?

It sure does, and it’s one of the better ones we’ve encountered.

LeoVegas has an app that’s available to download from the Google Play Store, and the App store, with download links available on the bookmaker’s mobile website homepage.

LeoVegas app any good?

We tend to think so.

It could in fact be the best betting app in Canada... For you.

If you like a personalized betting experience, fun combo trends, and an app that has an overall exceptional user interface, we recommend LeoVegas.

Is the LeoVegas app safe?

LeoVegas is indeed safe to use, and will not scam you out of any of your hard-earned money.

The fact that the app is listed on both the google play store and the iOS App Store is proof that these institutions trust the app, which is good enough for us. Aside from that, LeoVegas makes use of encryption software that keeps your money, and your data safe.

Is the LeoVegas app available in Ontario?

LeoVegas is indeed safe to use, and will not scam you out of any of your hard-earned money.

The fact that the app is listed on both the google play store and the iOS App Store is proof that these institutions trust the app, which is good enough for us. Aside from that, LeoVegas makes use of encryption software that keeps your money, and your data safe.

Is there a LeoVegas app on Android?

There is indeed, and the android app is downloadable on the Google Play Store.

If you’re an Android user, you no longer need to download a LeoVegas APK to enjoy betting with the app.

Is the LeoVegas app legit?

It sure is. We recently published an article giving our verdicts as to whether or not LeoVegas is legit, but those same conclusions we came to in that piece apply to the LeoVegas app. It’s legit!

Can I play casino on the LeoVegas app?

You sure can, but it’s important to note that if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll need to download a separate app for casino and sports.

This can be frustrating for some, because the apps take up space, and many people have mentioned their disappointment that you need to download two separate apps to get the full LeoVegas experience.

If this is an issue for you, you can always play LeoVegas casino games on their mobile website, and download the sports app (or vice versa).

Is the LeoVegas app available on the app store?

The LeoVegas app is indeed available on the app store.

You can either go to the App Store directly, and search for the app there, or you can go to the LeoVegas homepage, and use the download link provided.

LeoVegas Not the one for you?

Keen to see the other options out there on the Canadian market?

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