Best UFC Betting Sites in Canada

It’s time - to find a UFC sportsbook

We’ve spent the last 6 weeks comparing 11 UFC Betting Sites that are available in Canada. After all of that, we settled with Bet365 as our top pick for betting on the UFC.

How we tested each UFC sportsbook

We signed up, deposited, made bets, and withdrew on each of these sportsbooks. We measured their odds margins, counted the number of bets they had, and checked to see if there were any features that stood out.

What you’ll find on this page

We’ve started by highlighting the top 5 UFC books. The best overall, the best for odds, the best for range of bets, the best for features, and the best app. We then list the other books that offer UFC betting and go on to review them further on down the page. We’ve also added a UFC betting guide to help out with how to bet, what different bets mean, and how to find the best odds.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Best UFC Sportsbook overall

Bet365 UFC Betting

  • Easy book to use and bet with
  • Solid UFC odds
  • Bet on which round the fight will finish
  • Bet on the fight to go the distance
  • Only UFC bet builder in Canada
  • Markets for non-title fights could improve
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Top 5 UFC Betting Sites in Canada

  1. Bet365 - UFC bet builder
  2. Bwin - Most niched UFC bets
  3. Betway - Best UFC features & stats
  4. LeoVegas - Best UFC betting app
  5. Pinnacle - Best UFC betting odds

We’ve made picks for which UFC betting sites are the best for each feature, which expand on the top 5 UFC sportsbooks listed above. You can also check out a couple more detailed mini reviews on this page if you want to learn more.

Where to bet on the UFC

To us at My Betting Sites, odds, markets, features, and in-app betting are the most important things to look at when choosing a sportsbook. Some books are good at one, but suck at the rest. Others are really well-rounded. Kinda like fighters.

Below, you’ll find our top picks for each UFC sportsbook category we deem important.

UFC betting site with the best markets


✅ Bet on the fight to finish in 60 seconds.

✅ Bet on whether the fight will go the distance.

✅ Bet on how the fight will finish.

Aside from the three markets listed above, Bwin offers odds on which round the fight will end, the exact outcome (KO, TKO etc.), method of victory, and more. Only Bet365 had markets that were competitive with Bwin’s.

Bwin UFC on iphone and ipad

UFC betting site with the best features


✅ Tale of the tape (fighter statistics).

✅ Match up statistics (form statistics).

✅ Shows full fight card (all fights taking place on fight night).

It looks as if Betway has a deal with the UFC, as Betway’s UFC page pulls all the relevant data from the organization, such as the tale of the tape (individual fighter stats) and match up stats. All fight winner bets have cash out, which is a big perk.

Betway UFC on iphone and ipad

UFC betting site with the best app


✅ Available on iOS & Android.

✅ Easy download process.

✅ Numerous markets available.

If you want an underdog book with outstanding mobile functionality, there’s no better than LeoVegas. While initially built for casino, LeoVegas switched to sports betting, and has made a mark, offering plenty of bets along with a great app.

Leo Vegas UFC iphone and ipad

UFC betting site with the best odds


✅ Odds margins of 3.56%.

✅ Odds released well in advance for big events.

✅ Total rounds odds available.

Pinnacle’s odds had the lowest margins, which means that their odds return the best winnings on UFC bets. Pinnacle also releases odds for UFC fights well in advance, and they make totals bets for rounds available.

Pinnacle UFC on iphone and ipad

More UFC Betting Sites (Pros & Cons)

Sports Interaction UFC

  • Bet on the fight to go the distance
  • Bet on method of victory
  • Bet on the round the fight will end in
  • Bets are suspended frequently
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AGCO licence number: OPIG1242525
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Website: sportsinteraction.comFounded: 1997
Owner: Mohawk Online LimitedHeadquarters: Kahnawake
Author: Ben Smith Ben Smith

Bet99 UFC

  • Bet on winning method
  • Bet on winner & exact round
  • Quick single betting feature
  • Lacks bets for non-title fights
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Our Pick for Player Prop Bets
AGCO licence number: OPIG1235604
Visit Go to Bet99
Website: bet99.comFounded: 2019
Owner: BQC ConsultingHeadquarters: Switzerland
Author: Alex Goldstein Alex Goldstein

Bet99 offers the best player prop bet selection in Canada, along with same game parlays for NBA, NFL & soccer, and provides football stats pulled directly from the NFL. Overall, Bet99 offers better odds than other betting sites, making it a worthy choice even if there are a few areas that still could be improved, but the addition of a mobile app and improved live streaming has certainly improved Bet99 in Canada.

Visit Bet99

Read full review

888Sport UFC

  • Bet on total rounds
  • Bet on the fight to go the distance
  • Limited bets on non-title fights
  • Markets for big fights are released late
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Our Pick for Puck Line Betting
AGCO licence number: OPIG1225636
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Website: 888sport.comFounded: 2008
Owner: 888 Holdings PLCHeadquarters: Gibraltar
Author: Ben Smith Ben Smith

Powerplay UFC

  • Bet on the fight winner
  • Bet on fight franchises aside from UFC
  • Lacks betting options
  • UFC odds could improve
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Our pick for Virtual Bets
AGCO licence number: OPIG1242190
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Website: Founded:
Author: Alex Goldstein Alex Goldstein

UFC Betting in Canada - 3 things you need to know

Betting on the UFC is a bit different from betting on other big sports in Canada. When it comes to the NHL, NBA and NFL, different sportsbooks offer very similar bets and options.

With the UFC, the difference between what is offered on sportsbooks is really noticeable. Some books only offer fight winner odds, others may release more markets three days before the fight begins, while others may only offer more bets for headlining events.

Below are three things you should know about betting on the UFC in Canada:

More bets are made available when the fight gets closer

Unlike bets on the NBA and NHL, sportsbooks only release fight winner odds a few weeks in advance. If you’re interested in betting on method of victory, or on total rounds, you’ll have to wait until fight week to see those bets.

The reason is that in MMA, a lot can happen in the build up to a fight. A fighter can get injured, or may need to pull out for personal reasons, or they may miss weight. So, sportsbooks tend to only release more betting options once they’re more sure that the fight will happen as planned.

Bet365 is one of the few sportsbooks that offers more options earlier, sometimes as early as a week before Bruce Buffer does his thing.

More bets will be available for headlining fights

If you’re looking to bet on a fight to go the distance in the prelims, you may be out of luck. When we were logged into these sportsbooks, we noticed that it was only the bigger fights that had a couple of bet options available.

Fights like Nunes vs. Aldana, and Oliveira vs. Dariush had more bets available, while fights like Dvorak vs. Erceg (in the prelims) were only given fight winner odds. Your best option for getting more bets is to opt with Bwin or Bet365.

Some sportsbooks only offer fight winner odds

Books like 888 and Powerplay only offer up odds for the fight winner, while Bet365 and Bwin offer far more options. If you only care about betting on the winner, then you could use any of the sportsbooks we’ve listed on this page. If you’re keen to also bet on outcomes like method of victory, total rounds, and specials, we’d recommend Bwin & Bet365.

Top 11 UFC Betting Sites in Canada in Detail

Bet365 UFC

#1 UFC Sportsbook in Canada

According to the guys at My Betting Sites, Bet365 offers up the best UFC sportsbook. No other book offers more bets, or a bet builder. Only a handful of books offer odds that are competitive with Bet365’s, and LeoVegas' app only narrowly trumps Bet365's in terms of usability.

Bet365 is easy to use and bet with. Processes like signing up, depositing, betting, and eventually withdrawing are all seamless, and fast. In terms of the bets available, Bet365 consistently has more bets to choose from than other UFC book. For example, you could have bet on Nunes to win by any stoppage in her final title defence against Aldana, or you could've bet on Nunes to win any of the five rounds that the fight was scheduled to include. This can be handy if you know a fighter has good cardio, and comes alive in those championship rounds.

Bet365 is also the only sportsbook to offer up a bet builder for UFC fights, which enables users to build different selections including the fight winner, method of victory, round bets (which fighter will win a given round), totals for rounds (how many rounds will the fight last), and whether the fight will go the distance. These bets are provided well in advance, which isn’t the case for the rest of the UFC sportsbooks in Canada.

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Bwin UFC

#2 UFC Sportsbook in Canada

Bwin offers up a solid option for betting on the UFC, mainly because of the range of bets they make available for every fight. Our biggest highlight was their “gone in 60 seconds” market which lets you place a bet on whether the fight will be over within the first minute.

Talking more about the bets we liked, the method of victory bets on Bwin are second to none. Bwin offers bets such as how will the fight finish (by decision, KO, TKO, DQ or submission), as well as the method of victory and the fighter who will win (e.g. Gaethje by KO, Poirier by decision and so on). Bwin also gives you the option to bet on the fight winner, the round, and the method of victory altogether (e.g. Adesanya, KO, round 1). No other sportsbook has a better range of method of victory bets.

The only thing we’d change about Bwin’s sportsbook is the fact that their total rounds bets were a little disappointing (they only offered two options when Bet365 offered about 10), but aside from that, Bwin's offering was very impressive, and worthy of signing up and betting on for UFC events.

Betway UFC

#3 UFC Sportsbook in Canada

Betway’s another solid option for betting on the UFC. Betway’s UFC stats appear to be pulled directly from the UFC’s site, so you’ll have some of the best insights like form guides and fighter stats to help with your bets.

Betway’s up there with some of the best when it comes to the different bets they offer users. Betway provide fight winner odds well in advance, but early into fight week, Betway start offering more bets for all fights that make up the card. Users can choose to bet on rounds (e.g. Boser to win round 3), Method of victory (Whittaker by KO), when will the fight end (rounds 1 through 3 or 5 for championship fights), along with will the fight go the distance (yes or no), to win by decision (e.g. Poirier by decision), and to win by finish (e.g. Nunes by TKO).

One issue we had was the lack of cash out availability for UFC bets. Betway gives the option to cash out fight winner bets, but doesn’t offer cash out for any other bets on a specific fight. We preferred the cash-out offers listed on Bwin.

LeoVegas UFC

#4 UFC Sportsbook in Canada

LeoVegas does a great job of offering bets for the UFC. Their app is our top pick for betting on fights with a mobile, and the number of options they make available is impressive. They offer up fight parlays, which, aside from LeoVegas, were only being offered on Bwin and Bet365.

LeoVegas is another book that tends to only start offering more bets when fight week rolls around. When we checked the bets available for a fight 2 weeks into the future (in this case it was Vettori vs. Cannonier), they only made fight winner odds available.

We did like the preset fight parlays, which allowed you to bet on three combined outcomes - the fight winner, the method of victory, and the round. For example, you could bet on Jonny Bones to win by submission in round 3 whenever he fights next. Don't hold your breath when it comes to betting on Bones again, as you’d have to wait for his next fight to be announced, and then you’d have to wait until the week that fight will go down.

LeoVegas wasn’t too great with the features they have on offer. There weren’t any stats available on the site, and while they offer pre-made fight parlays, there’s no option to build your own same game parlay.

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Pinnacle UFC

#5 UFC Sportsbook in Canada

Pinnacle’s sportsbook offers up the best odds for UFC fights. They’re not higher up on the list because aside from the odds, the rest of what they offer for UFC isn’t quite up to par.

We measured their odds against the odds found on LeoVegas, 888Sport, Sports Interaction, and Powerplay and found that Pinnacle pays you more for the same bets that you’d be able to make on these other bookmakers. The margins offered on Pinnacle were 3.56% which indicates the percentage of your stake Pinnacle keeps on won bets. On average, other bookmakers were offering margins of between 4.5% and 6% which may not sound like a lot, but if you’re looking to use a sportsbook for a long time, the difference in value that Pinnacle offers can become sizeable.

As for the bets on offer, even in fight week, Pinnacle only offer odds for the fight winner, and for total rounds. We didn't like that total rounds bets are just named total, because it makes the market feel a bit unclear.

Sports Interaction UFC

#6 UFC Sportsbook in Canada

Sports Interaction makes more bets available than most other UFC sportsbooks, but they’re frequently suspended, which can be frustrating if you’re looking to get a bet in early. That being said, their UFC bet catalogue does make up for it.

Sports Interaction give you the option to bet on the fight winner, fighters to win a round, total rounds of the fight, for the fight to go the distance, and method of victory. Compared to Pinnacle and Powerplay, this range of bets is pretty good. We were a bit disappointed to see that there was no potential to build same game parlays, or bet on combos. Sports Interaction already makes these bets available, so it can’t be hard to create some options that involve more than one outcome.

We also felt that Sports Interaction could improve the range of stats available for UFC fights. The overall lack of features were what we were most unsatisfied with.

Bet99 UFC

#7 UFC Sportsbook in Canada

We were impressed with what was offered on the sportsbook that has GSP and Juliana Pena as two of their cover stars. When we first checked on the Monday of UFC 289, we were pretty disappointed because it looked a lot like Bet99 were offering the same as Pinnacle and Powerplay (which isn't much), but closer to fight night the range of bets increased significantly.

The bets on offer were similar to what’s on offer on Bwin and Bet365, with odds being made available for the fight winner, total rounds, the fight to go the distance, and winning method, along with a few more. Bet99 offers up a great bet builder for the NBA, and soccer, but not for UFC fights. We would have liked to have seen that same functionality applied to fights. Being able to bet on a same game parlay of Oliveira to win, Oliveira to get the KO & Total rounds under 2.5 would’ve been nice.

Other things, like the lack of a betting app, the odds not being priced well, and the lack of any stats or fighter info are why they’re appearing lower down on our list.

888Sport UFC

#8 UFC Sportsbook

888sport’s another one that likes to keep the bets on hold before they’re sure that all fighters are healthy in the build up to fight week. With that said, we were a little disappointed with the number of bets they make available during fight week. They aren’t as varied as what’s available on Bet365 & Bwin for example.

888Sport make all the regular bets available, but don’t offer single method of victory bets, and offer limited total rounds bets. We also couldn’t find any of the statistical info that could be found on Betway and Bwin, which would have improved the overall quality of what 888Sport has to offer for the UFC.

All in all, you’ll likely be better served by one of the UFC sportsbooks listed above. UFC

#10 UFC Sportsbook’s UFC betting site left a lot to be desired. They’re another book that don’t make a lot of bets available in advance. Another thing we weren’t so sure about were the fighter form charts that the sportsbook makes available next to where the odds are displayed. We liked the concept, but it was pretty inconsistent, since it only listed fight form charts for a handful of fighters.

We were also left a bit disappointed with regard to the range of bets they make available close to fight night. Only offer fight winner bets, winner three-way (bet on the which fighter to win, or the fight to end on a draw, which doesn’t make too much sense since there are very few draws in the UFC), and total rounds. You can find far more, and unique bets on Bet365 & Bwin. The odds on were also pretty forgettable.

All in all, we think you’d be better off with a book that is listed further up this page.

Powerplay UFC

#11 UFC Sportsbook

Out of the 10 sportsbooks that are safely offering bets on the UFC in Canada, Powerplay was the least impressive, for a couple of reasons. For one, the odds weren’t very good. You’re better off using Pinnacle or Bet365 if you’re interested in betting with the best odds.

The next issue we had was the lack of bets that Powerplay made available. Regardless of the time leading up to fights, Powerplay only offers up fight winner odds, which is simply not good enough compared to what else is out there. Powerplay also offer up no stats or information, and barely any specials.

Powerplay’s another book that we wouldn’t recommend if your main interest is betting on the UFC.

Top 3 UFC Betting Apps

LeoVegas’ UFC Betting App

LeoVegas won the mobile operator of the year award back in 2019 at the EGR awards ceremony. Those awards are a little like the Oscars for betting sites and apps, so this was quite a big deal. They offer fight parlays, great odds, and plenty of method of victory bets, which on top of their app that’s easy to use, makes them our top UFC betting app pick.

Leo Vegas App Store Screenshot

Bet365’s UFC Betting App

Bet365 is next on our list of the top 3 betting apps for the UFC. There’s no competing with what Bet365 make available for betting on this sport. Their app is solid, and rakes in a 4.6 ranking on the app store. Bet365’s UFC betting options narrowly trump LeoVegas’, but the reason they’re second on the list is because we found LeoVegas’ app easier to use.

Bet365 Ontario

Betway’s UFC Betting App

Betway’s app is another one that gets great reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store, and offers plenty of betting on the UFC, especially when fight night is coming up. Their app can be downloaded on iOS and Android, and is easy to use and interact with. Betway’s app get the highest app store ranking out of the three on this list, but overall their UFC offering is the least substantial out of these three.

Betway App Store Screenshot

How to bet on the UFC in Canada

Betting on the UFC requires a couple of things. Firstly, you need to be of the legal gambling age that’s stated in your given province. The legal online gambling age is 19 in all provinces aside from Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta, where it’s 18. You’ll also need a device, internet connection, some money, and a bank account that can be used for deposits, and eventually withdrawals.

If you’ve got all of these things, you can get started with working through the steps below to bet on the UFC.

How to Bet on UFC fights

Choose a UFC Sportsbook

The first step in getting started with betting on the UFC is to choose a sportsbook.

We’ve made 11 UFC betting sites available on our list, and we’ve gone to review each of them.

Once you’ve found one that feels like a good fit, go ahead and click on one of our accompanying links to go to the respective bookie.

Screenshot 2023 06 15 at 15 05 23 iphonexrspacegrey portrait
Create an account and/or Login

Once you’ve navigated to your given book, you’ll need to create an account with them.

This is a pretty easy process that involves providing the sportsbook with some personal details such as your name, address, contact details and source of income.

The information you need to provide is required to ensure that you’re a real Canadian, and is always kept safe. These bookmakers make use of top of the line security software.

Once you’ve created your account, make sure you’re logged in.

Step 2 create an account for ufc betting
Click on MMA/Combat Sports

While the UFC is growing in popularity, it’s still a niche sport on online bookmakers, so you’ll most likely need to navigate to UFC bets from a list of all the sports that are offered across the site.

You can do so by checking the sports on the left side of a desktop, or clicking on the menu button, clicking on “all sports” and then clicking on “MMA/Combat Sports” if you're using a mobile device.

Step 3 find UFC under MMA Combat Sports
Find your fight & bet

Once you’ve navigated to the MMA/Combat sports section, you’ll notice a bunch of fights, that are usually ordered from the first fight on the prelims to the main event, as well as a couple of bets for big fights coming up in the future.

You’ll need to go through, find the fight you’re looking to bet on.

Once you’ve done that, find the outcome you think will happen.

Note: Most sportsbooks make bets like method of victory available closer to the day of the fight, sometimes as few as three days beforehand.

Step 4 Find a fight a Bet
Select the odds

Once you’ve found the outcome you’re looking to bet on, you’ll need to go ahead and choose the odds which represent the probability of that outcome happening.

If you see odds within the -500 to -250 range, you can be assured that outcome is highly likely to happen, and your winnings will be pretty small.

When you start seeing +100 or more, you’re bound to start getting some money back from your bets, so keep that in mind when you’re selecting your odds.

To select your odds, simply click on the number that is connected to the given outcome that you think will happen.

Step 5 choose your UFC bet odds
Enter your stake & confirm your bet

Once you’ve selected your odds, that bet will automatically be added to your bet slip. It automatically pops up on the homepage if you’re using a desktop device.

On mobile, you’ll have a little notification type icon on where it says bet slip, which you can then open to view it.

Once you’ve got your bet slip open, you can go ahead and set your stake.

Your stake is the amount you bet on this event, and determines how much you’ll win if your bet is correct, but it is also what you’ll lose if your pick is the wrong one.

We also advise to never bet more than you’re willing to lose. Once you’ve set your stake, you can go ahead and confirm your bet.

Step 6 enter stake and confirm UFC bet

Popular UFC Bet Types

Unlike the NBA, NHL & NFL, bets on the UFC can feel quite limited. Normally only fight winner odds get released early, with more options being made available closer to the day of the fight card.

We encourage you to keep on the lookout for the different types of bets listed below. Click on one of them if you’re unsure of what they mean.

Fight winner

Simply pick the fighter you think will win the bout. Odds are provided for each fighter, which indicate the probability of them winning.

Some books make three-way fight winner odds available, which factor in the possibility of a draw. Draws are pretty unlikely in the UFC, so keep that in mind if you feel like you want to make that bet.

Round betting

Bet on the fighter you think will win a given round. Options for each fighter to win rounds 1 - 3 or 1-5 (for championship fights) are listed, and these bets are typically made available closer to the day of the card. The outcomes are determined after the fight based on the judges scorecards if the fight goes the distance.

Total Rounds

Bet on the total number of rounds the fight will last for. This is a fun bet if you’re expecting a finish sometime in the fight. The bet is structured like an over/under bet, and you can bet on whether the fight will last over or under 2.5 to 4.5 rounds on some fights.

Method of victory

Pretty much as it’s stated in the name, you’re betting on how fight will be won. You can bet on KO, TKO, DQ, sub, or decision. Some books combine the fighter with the outcome, which we thought we pretty fun.

Will the fight go to the distance

This bet is probably the most simple of them all. Your bet is basically an answer to the question regarding whether the fight will go the distance, so you’ll need to select yes or no.

Alex’s top bet type

The bet that stood out the most for me was offered by Bwin, and was labelled gone in 60 seconds. Essentially you’re betting on whether the fight will end in the first minute of the fight. Would have been a nice one to pick when Masvidal baptized Ben Askren in 5 seconds back in 2019.

Aside from this one, I like method of victory bets, along with total rounds bets.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Find the best UFC Betting Odds

If you’re new to betting, finding the best odds may be a little tricky, so we’ve done the hard yards for you. We’ve used Pinnacle’s margin calculator to crunch percentages from the odds. These percentages determine the split of your winning bets the bookmaker keeps, so the less the percentage the better the odds.

Below, we’ve highlighted the top bookies that offer the best margin percentages for the UFC in Canada:

  1. Pinnacle: Averages 3.39% margin
  2. Bwin: Averages 4.71% margin
  3. LeoVegas: Averages 5.31% margin
  4. Bet365: Averages 5.56% margin
  5. Betway: Averages 5.93% margin

how we ranked ufc betting sites

Value of UFC betting odds

We put the odds offered on all of these 10 books through a margin calculator to come up with the average value offered so that you don’t have to.

While Pinnacle offers the best margins, we’d recommend Bwin because their margins were closest to Pinnacle’s, while also offering more bets.

Number of UFC bets available

We counted the bets on each of these 10 books, and made sure to come back to check in on what was offered during the three days leading up to the fight, to get a good idea of all bets that may have been released late.

Bet365 offered up the best range of bets, followed closely by Bwin.

Specials bets & features for the UFC

Unfortunately, since MMA is still considered a niche sport when it comes to betting, there aren’t too many features and specials available.

We can however highlight Bet365's bet builder, as well as the gone in 60 seconds bet found on Bwin.

Ease of using the sportsbook

When it comes to making bets, you’re going to want a book that’s easy to use and interact with. Tiny text, confusing prompts and sidebars that are overloaded with casino banners are all red flags to us.

The easiest books to use on desktop were Bet365 and Bwin, while the easiest books to use on a mobile were LeoVegas and Betway.

Deposits & withdrawals

Ease of depositing and withdrawing your money is crucial. All the books listed on this page accept Interac and card payments.

Our highlight for payments was Pinnacle, because their sportsbook has so many methods available, and they have a track record of releasing payments seamlessly, without users having to get involved from time to time.

Legality & trustworthiness

We checked to see if all brands carried both the Ontario license, and licenses from international regulatory jurisdictions from around the world. We did this to cover the backs of users who are not visiting this page from Ontario.

While gambling on offshore bookmakers remains unregulated, it is not clearly stated as being illegal. When it comes to picking a licensed and trustworthy book, any of the ones from our list meet this requirement.

Summarizing the Best UFC betting sites in Canada

With the UFC having grown tremendously into the organization it is today, more and more sportsbooks are beginning to offer better options for getting a bet down for fights. While the UFC has some ways to go when it comes to betting options offered, with time, the quality of the odds, bets, and stats will all increase on sportsbooks in Canada.

If you’ve come all the way down here, and you’re still not too sure about which sportsbook you want to opt for, we’ve given you a bit of a rundown below.

UFC Sportsbook Rundown

  • Best UFC sportsbook overall - Bet365
  • Best UFC sportsbook for odds - Pinnacle
  • Best UFC sportsbook for markets - Bwin
  • Best UFC sportsbook for stats - Betway
  • Best UFC bet builder - Bet365
  • Best UFC betting app - LeoVegas
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

UFC Betting Sites FAQs

What websites can you bet on UFC?
  1. Bet365
  2. Bwin
  3. Betway
  4. LeoVegas
  5. Pinnacle
  6. Bet99
  7. Royal Panda
  8. Sports Interaction
  10. Powerplay
Can I bet on the UFC in Ontario?

Yes, you can bet on the UFC in Ontario. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) issued a temporary ban of the UFC, as the organization’s policies surrounding athletes abilities to bet on events within the UFC did not align with standards set by the AGCO. The UFC later amended its athlete conduct policy, which led to the reversal of the AGCO’s ban.

Is betting on the UFC legal?

Betting on the UFC is legal in Ontario, and remains unregulated in the rest of Canada’s provinces and territories. What this essentially means is that regardless of where you are in Canada, betting on the UFC isn’t illegal.

What’s the best bet for the UFC?

Here at My Betting Sites, we’re big fans of method of victory bets. If you’re betting on two fighters that are bound to provide fireworks, these bets can be really fan. We also liked the “will the fight go the distance” bets. Betting on total rounds can also be really fun.

How to bet on UFC fights?

Betting on UFC fights is pretty simple. You can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Choose a sportsbook, create an account & login
  2. Navigate to the MMA/Combat sports/UFC tab
  3. Find your fight & bet
  4. Select your odds
  5. Enter your stake & confirm your bet

We have a section on this page that explains the process of how to bet on UFC fights in more detail.

What is a 3-way money line in the UFC?

3 way money lines involve choosing between three options. You'll need to choose whether one of either fighter will win, or for the fight to end in a draw.

They are very common in sports where points scoring is low, like soccer and hockey. When it comes to the UFC however, three-way money lines are less common because draws are so uncommon in the mixed martial arts.

What is the best betting app for the UFC?

According to the guys here at MyBettingSites, the best app for betting on the UFC is LeoVegas. They make a good range of bets available, while offering an app that functions really well.

How often do the favourites win in the UFC?

The UFC is full of upsets. We can’t tell you exactly how frequently favourites win in the UFC, but we can think of a few times an underdog has managed to defeat a heavy favourite.

Chris Weidman against Anderson Silva has to be up there with one of the greatest upsets, along with Matt Serra’s defeat over GSP. Favourites still win fairly frequently, but the very nature of fighting means that anything is possible.