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Royal Panda

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Royal Panda overview

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Royal Panda offers a wide range of bet builders across different sports on their platform, and also offer up “pre-pack” combos for soccer. The sportsbook also offers up a decent point spread toggle feature. Where Royal Panda could improve is with the page load speeds on the site, affecting user experience, and the absence of a sports betting app.

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Royal Panda score

  • Bet builders for a wide range of sports
  • Convenient “pre packs” for soccer
  • Handy points spread bets feature
  • Site takes ages to load
  • No betting app
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Royal Panda Review in 30 Seconds

Our Pick for Pre-Pack Combos

19+. T&C Apply. Please play Responsibly.

Royal Panda’s pre pack combos are our favourite aspect of their sportsbook. The bet builders are also worth a mention, as they are available across so many sports. We also really enjoyed using the points spread toggle feature.

Royal Panda could vastly improve the website it offers sports betting on. Pages take ages to load, which is quite frustrating. Royal Panda could also work to start offering a betting app.

Below, we give a more detailed breakdown of our thoughts on Royal Panda.

Royal Panda Canada Review

Betting Variety on Royal Panda - 7/10

Royal Panda offers a range of betting options that will keep most players satisfied. The range of betting options is a bit inconsistent across the sports offered, which is why they score a 7.

Royal Panda’s Mobile Experience - 6/10

Royal Panda’s mobile experience is alright, but not fantastic. The mobile website functions reasonably well, but the lack of a betting app, and slow load speeds hold it back.

Royal Panda’s Payment Options - 10/10

Royal Panda offer a wide range of payment options across their platform, giving users plenty of options to load up their accounts. They get a perfect score for payment options.

Royal Panda’s Betting Experience - 6/10

The biggest drawback about betting with Royal Panda is the load speeds. The pages take too long to load, which really affected the general experience for us.

Royal Panda’s Customer Support - 8/10

You can reach Royal Panda’s customer support via live chat and email, and via phone. The live chat operates from 3am to 6:30pm EST. It'd be better if they offered 24/7 support.

Royal Panda’s Overall Rating - 7.4/10

All in all, Royal Panda offers a good option for sports betting and casino. While the sportsbook isn’t perfect, you can find some handy combos, and features that can lead to some enjoyable bets.

Below, we highlight what stands out about Royal Panda’s sportsbook, along with what they could improve on.

What stands out about Royal Panda

✅ Pre-pack combos across soccer, NBA & more. Convenient way to make a parlay bet.

✅ Bet builder across a wide range of sports. Building bets is seamless and easy.

✅ Points spread toggle feature. Change margins with odds changing accordingly.

✅ Great live betting site. All options clearly laid out, with detailed statistics.

✅ Wide range of payment methods. Lots of options to credit your betting accounts.

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Where could Royal Panda improve

❌ Website doesn’t function well. Pages take long to load, which can be frustrating.

❌ No betting app. The mobile website functions well, but a betting app would be better.

❌ Odds available on the site are not as valuable on other betting sites.

Royal Panda compared to other sportsbooks

Royal Panda’s biggest strengths lie in their combos and bet builders. They rival the likes of Bet365 when it comes to these features. Royal Panda’s live betting platform is also worth a mention, as it’s one of the best in Canada.

Royal Panda could learn a thing or two from 888Sport when it comes to the functionality of their website.

If they were to develop a betting app, they could also take some inspiration from LeoVegas, which offers the best betting app in the country.

Royal Panda Compared Royal Panda Royal Panda Royal Panda Royal Panda
Betting variety7/1010/109/108/10
Mobile experience6/109/1010/106/10
Payment Options10/1010/108/1010/10

What’s it like to bet with Royal Panda

Generally speaking, betting with Royal Panda is easy, but the whole experience could be made a little better by load speed of pages improving. The web pages can take a while to respond, especially as you come onto the site for the first time, but tend to improve as time goes on.

Overall, the basic black and white design that Royal Panda have opted for works in the users’ favour, as odds are clearly displayed, and buttons are clearly labelled.

Aside from the less than ideal load speeds, Royal Panda makes placing bets pretty easy. We also enjoyed the pre-pack combos, which make betting on parlays extremely simple. More on them later.

How are Royal Panda’s Odds?

Royal Panda’s odds are quite simply not the best. We’ve measured the value that you can get with their odds against 888Sport and LeoVegas, and we weren’t too surprised to see that Royal Panda’s odds do not quite match up.

Part of these could be the fact that Royal Panda is still an up and coming sportsbook, with its focus being on its online casino. If they are to compete with the best sportsbooks in Canada, they will need to improve the value they offer.

Below, you can see how their odds margins measure up against 888Sport and LeoVegas:

Royal Panda Odds Comparison Royal Panda Royal Panda Royal Panda
Jaguars vs. Jets (NFL)8.14%5.34%4.74%
Panthers vs. Bruins (NHL)7.59%4.61%3.37%
Jazz vs. Cavaliers (NBA)7.79%4.76%4.53%
Arsenal vs. West Ham (EPL)6.56%7.72%4.14%
How does My Betting Sites measure odds?
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

We put odds of a handful of match ups through a margin calculator. This helps us understand whether the odds are good or bad based on a percentage that gets produced from the odds we insert.

The lower the percentage, the more valuable the odds, and as you can see from the table above, Royal Panda’s odds could significantly improve.

Top sports offered by Royal Panda

Royal Panda Soccer

There are hundreds of soccer betting markets on big fixtures in the Premier League, Champions League and other big competitions, and also lots to play on both in-play and pre-match across a huge number of leagues worldwide.

Asian Handicaps are available, plus double chance combinations such as a team to win or score over 2.5 goals.

Royal Panda Tennis

Punters can back specific points in games during live events, or the correct score in a game, as well as points handicap in a game.

This applies to ITF or Challenger events as well as the Grand Slam tournaments.

There are tennis events taking place all day most days across multiple continents, and there is a graphic in the top right corner of the site showing what is happening in a particular match.

Royal Panda Hockey

Each NHL matchup will appear on the site a few days in advance, and give players a chance to make wagers on over 100 different markets.

European hockey leagues are also on Royal Panda, and there are a multitude of in-play betting options.

Royal Panda’s extras and features that we love

Overall, Royal Panda’s sportsbook is one with a lot of potential. While some aspects of the sportsbook could greatly be improved, there are a handful of things that we really enjoyed about the interface.

For one, we love that there are so many bet builders across so many sports.

Another thing we really liked were the pre-pack combos, allowing you to place a bet on a ready-made parlay. We thought this was super convenient.

We’re also big fans of the points spread toggle feature.

Below, we briefly discuss how we feel about all of these features that Royal Panda offers.

Does Royal Panda have Canada’s best bet builders?

Royal Panda’s strength when it comes to bet builders is the fact that the sportsbook offers this features across so many sports. We found bet builders available for NHL, NFL, NBA, Soccer, and plenty more.

As you enter the bet builder page, it can feel a little confusing. Royal Panda only list their “selected markets”, with all the other lines you can bet on hidden. We feel that a good bet builder shows you all the options from the offset. The show more buttons are quite easy to miss.

Aside from that, a good bet builder turns into a great bet builder if the odds are good, but with Royal Panda, they unfortunately are not. We feel that there are better bet builders on Bet365.

Royal Panda Bet Builder on laptop

Once you click on an event, Royal Panda's bet builder feature can be found running across the top of the screen.

Does Royal Panda offer Canada’s best pre-pack combos?

Seeing as not too many other operators offer this type of feature, Royal Panda is certainly in the running to take this prize. The pre pack combos can be found across a wide range of sports, and offer up some very interesting combos that can easily be bet on.

Aside from Royal Panda, Coolbet offers an exciting combo feature, that serves more a combo generator than pre pack combos. Bet99’s hockey combos can also compete with Royal Panda’s combos, but all in all, Royal Panda’s pre pack combos are the best in Canada.

Does Royal Panda offer up Canada’s best points spread betting feature?

Royal Panda’s points spread toggle feature is one of the best ones out there, but it does have some shortcomings. For us, it’s not as good as the one offered by 888sport. The main reason for this is that it’s hidden behind buttons, where it should be prioritized, as betting on points spreads (or handicaps) is exceptionally popular.

We also feel that Royal Panda’s points spread toggle doesn’t offer up the same range of options as the one found on 888Sport, and the odds simply don’t compare.

That aside, it can be used for soccer, NBA, NHL, NFL, and a handful of other sports, and can come in really handy when betting on a game with a clear favourite.

Royal Panda Points spread feature on laptop

Royal Panda's points spread toggle allows you to change the margin of difference, while viewing how this difference affects the odds.

What’s Royal Panda like on Mobile?

Royal Panda’s sportsbook would benefit from an app, but as of now the platform is yet to begin offering one. As it stands, Royal Panda offers a mobile version of their sportsbook, that functions well enough for the time being.

Royal Panda’s issues on desktop are reflected on the mobile website as well. The slower load speeds, and sloppy layout don’t make things easy for navigating through sports and features.

We feel that an overhaul of the website design, that focuses on their mobile website as well, would influence them positively. If you’re a bettor that prefers placing your bets on a mobile device, we’d have to recommend LeoVegas.

Royal Panda on mobile

Royal Panda's sportsbook, in-play platform and casino are all available on the mobile website.

Our Experts React to Royal Panda Complaints

Most sportsbooks out there have some unsatisfied customers, and Royal Panda is no different. We have scoured Reddit forums and Trustpilot reviews to bring you two reviews of the harsher kind, and we’ve had our experts read them, and share their thoughts.

Complaint from a disappointed Reddit User

Royal Panda Reddit Review

Alex, does Royal Panda pay money out?

Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

My Betting Sites Editor

In our experience, we’ve never had issues with Royal Panda withdrawals and payouts. Take into account however that this post is from two years ago. A lot can happen in that period of time, including more efficient payout methods.

We read a bit further down the Reddit comments to see that Royal Panda did indeed rectify the issue, but this points to a less than optimal customer service department back then. This user had to work a little too hard to get their money back, but we can confidently say 2 things; that Royal Panda does pay out, and that Royal Panda’s customer service has improved since then.

Complaint from a user on Trust Pilot

Royal Panda Turst Pilot Review

Ben, what you use OLG over Royal Panda?

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

My Betting Sites Betting Expert

If it were me, and if I were a casino player, I’d probably stick with Royal Panda over OLG.

It wasn’t me, though, and I’m not a regular casino player, so my opinion on the matter may not be worth as much.

Royal Panda has a well established reputation as an online casino, even after being taken over by LeoVegas. We feel that it’s product is overall better than OLG’s, but again, that’s up to personal preference.

Our final thoughts on Royal Panda

Royal Panda offers a good sports betting alternative in Canada, which is best highlighted by their pre pack combos, bet builders, and handy points spread feature. The online casino turn sportsbook still has a long way to go before it can be considered one of the best betting sites in Canada.

Royal Panda could significantly improve the functionality of its website, along with the fact that they do not offer a sports betting app. The odds could also be significantly improved, along with some general layout and design of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Royal Panda Canada

Does Royal Panda have a sportsbook as well a casino?

Yes, in 2017 they entered the sports betting world, and they have a dedicated section on their site for sports, as well as casino, live casino and virtuals.

What sports are available on Royal Panda in Canada?

There is an extensive selection of markets on the Royal Panda sportsbook, including Canadian favourites like hockey, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, MMA and tennis.

Check out Royal Panda to view them all.

Is Royal Panda available in Ontario?

It sure is! Royal Panda has recieved the Ontario license, and is now accepting players from Ontario.

Is live betting a feature on the Royal Panda sportsbook?

Indeed. In fact, it is perhaps the best part of the betting site. When you arrive on the site, it is the first thing you will see. You can toggle between various categories and set up your own live betting multiview.

What banking methods does Royal Panda accept?

Popular deposit and withdrawal methods such as Visa, MasterCard, iDebit, Paysafecard and more are permitted.

Is Royal Panda a safe and secure bookmaker?

As trustworthy as any other betting site. The firm is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, and was licensed by iGaming Ontario in April 2022.

Royal Panda review

Why Royal Panda?

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