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List of the 11 Best World Cup 2022 Betting Sites in Canada

Nov. 15, 2022

This article lists the best World Cup betting sites available in Canada and then goes on to review each of what they offer from a World Cup perspective. Keep scrolling to read more!

The 11 Best World Cup Betting Sites in Canada

You want it, we have it. Below, you can find the list of the 11 best betting sites for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 available for Canadians. You can click on the green “PLAY NOW” buttons to visit the specific bookmaker, or you can click on the red linked text of the given bookmaker to read our extensive sportsbook review.

The best World Cup 2022 betting sites available in Canada are Betway, Bet365, 888Sport, LeoVegas, Royal Panda, Coolbet, Comeon!, Casumo, BetVictor, Bwin & Sports Interaction.

Note: In the list below "WC" stands for World Cup.

Already know which bookmaker you’re gonna go for, and want to look at the world cup favourites? Or perhaps you know your bookmaker but don’t know how to bet? Click on one of the grey buttons below to either view which teams the bookmakers have dubbed as favourites, or check how to place a bet on the world cup:

Rankings & Ratings of the Best World Cup Betting Sites

Below, you can see the product of our overall rating system for the top 11 World Cup betting sites listed just above. In the table below, we’ve ranked the best books (from 1 - 11), listed their top feature, and also provided the ranking we’ve given them out of 10 based on our tests.

You can click on the red-linked text of the given bookmaker to jump to a quick 1-minute review we’ve written for them, or jump back up to the main list, and click the green “PLAY NOW” buttons to start the process of joining one.

RankBookmakerTop FeatureScore (out of 10)
1.BetwayLeading WC bet builder9.6
2.Bet365Best WC odds9.5
3.888SportUnique "Bet Feed" feature9.5
4.LeoVegasBest WC mobile betting operator9.1
5.Royal PandaBest in-play betting site8.5
6.CoolbetBest combo-generators for WC8.3
7.Comeon!Best personalized bets for WC8.0
8.CasumoGood WC betting experience8.0
9.BetVictorSolid WC app & bet builder7.7
10.BwinGood for WC live streaming7.6
11.Sports InteractionGood WC betting features7.5

How we’ve ranked our list of World Cup Betting Sites

World Cup odds on offer

We put the odds through a margin calculator to be sure about which books were offering the very best. Below, you can see our scores for the odds offered by each betting site listed above:

RankBookieScore out of 10
6.Royal Panda8.7
11.Sports Interaction7.3
Range of World Cup lines

We counted each of the lines available for the World Cup and translated the number of lines offered into scores based on the number of lines available, as well as the number available relative to what else was out there.

RankBookmakerScore out of 10
5.Royal Panda8.5
11.Sports Interaction7.5

Special World Cup features available

Special World Cup features, in our eyes, relate to the things offered by betting sites that can take your betting experience to the next level. Things like bet builders (same game parlays), bet feeds and personalized bet features rank particularly high. Below, you can find the betting sites that offer the best features for the world cup:

RankBookmakerScore (out of 10)
6.Sports Interaction8.2
9.Royal Panda7.8
Ease of placing World Cup bets

While user experience, and the ease with which placing bets can be rather subjective, we’ve come up with a scoring system for how easy we found it to bet with each of the 11 betting sites listed below. We considered things like how easy was the site to navigate, how easily were we able to reach the World Cup tab and the lines held within. Here are our results:

RankBookmakerScore (out of 10)
5.Royal Panda8.7
11.Sports Interaction7.5
Ease of placing World Cup bets on mobile/app

The final metric we measured the top 11 World Cup betting sites against had to do with how easy it was to bet on the app or mobile websites made available by these books. Again, we’ve use the apps, and given scores to how each of them functioned. The scores for our tests can be found in the table below:

RankBookmakerScore (out of 10)
5.Royal Panda8.7
11.Sports Interaction7.2

The Best Betting Site for the World Cup

Betway is the best betting site for the World Cup in 2022. Betway offers users the best World Cup features, the best World Cup betting experience, and the widest range of betting lines. The final impressive aspect includes Betway’s betting app, which is perfect for World Cup betting on the go.

Why Betway is the Best Betting Site for the World Cup

Betway Test Scores

Here’s how Betway scored on our test (the maximum points being 10):

  • Betway WC odds: 9.7
  • Betway WC lines: 9.9
  • Betway WC features: 9.8
  • Betway WC user experience: 9.5
  • Betway WC betting app experience: 9.3
  • Betway’s WC betting site total score: 9.6/10

Join Betway, and bet on the World Cup

Three reasons to choose Betway for the World Cup:

⚽ Best overall soccer betting site

🔨 Bet builders for the World Cup

💯 Competitive odds

Betways match odds for the World Cup 2022 on an iphone XR

World Cup Betting Sites - Rankings & 1 Minute Reviews

The remainder of the article will be focused on reviewing each of the 11 world cup betting sites that have made it onto this final list. We begin by listing the pros and cons and then continue by highlighting some key things, while also providing you with some drawbacks that are worth keeping in mind.

Keep scrolling to start reading the reviews, and if a betting site interests you, click on the green "PLAY NOW" button.

1. Betway

Betway for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅Great bet builder for the World Cup

✅Great World Cup betting app

✅ Plenty of lines for the World Cup

❌Been known to limit accounts

❌Betting site can log you out from time to time

Best Overall World Cup Betting Site

Betway’s our number 1 pick for World Cup betting sites because as a sportsbook it ticks all of the boxes. It has great features to take your World Cup betting to the next level (especially the bet builder) and they have a great interface. This makes betting lines for the World Cup easy to find, which translates well onto a great betting app. We refer to Betway the most in our how-to bet on the World Cup article, because of how well the site is laid out.

Issues with Betway include the fact that they have been known to limit winning accounts, and while none of us here at My Betting Sites have experienced that (maybe because we don’t win enough), knowing that it has affected others is somewhat concerning. Mixed with the fact that the desktop site can quickly log you out means that this book is far from perfect.

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2. Bet365

Bet365 for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅Best odds for the World Cup

✅Great World Cup live betting platform

✅ Many World Cup lines to choose from

❌Could offer more generous cash-out settlements

❌ Restrictions tend to be applied to winning accounts

Best World Cup Betting Site in terms of Odds

Bet365 is one of the most popular betting brands in Canada, and for good reason. They offer the best odds in the country (World Cup included), along with a range of lines only competed with by Betway. Along with their live betting platform that’s easy to use, and bursting at the seams with stats, Bet365 could easily take the top spot on another list.

The reason they don’t take the top spot here though is because live betting is a standard fixture of a tournament like the World Cup, and Bet365’s cash-out offers are a little stingy if you ask us. Paired with the fact that like Betway, winning accounts are known to be restricted, these are the reasons Bet365’s near-perfect platform falls short of the number 1 spot.

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3. 888Sport

888Sport for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅Unique bet feed feature for World Cup games

✅Solid odds, that are updated regularly

✅Desktop betting site is easy to use (World Cup fixtures easy to find)

❌Betting app can log you out

❌No live streaming available in Canada

Great World Cup Betting Features

888Sport is one of the leading World Cup betting sites largely because they cover a number of bases particularly well. For one, they have great features. Aside from the bet feed feature, that tells which bets are trending, there’s a bet builder you can use for the World Cup too. What’s more the odds are very well priced (not as good as bet365, but still good), and the desktop site is really nice to use.

888Sport falls short in that the app it has to offer can log you out from time to time, which can get frustrating, especially if you’re placing live bets. The lack of streaming in Canada can also be considered a problem because many bettors will be keen to tune in and watch their bets materialize in real-time on the betting site they've selected. All in all, however, 888Sports is a good choice for World Cup betting and comes recommended by everyone here at My Betting Sites.

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4. LeoVegas

LeoVegas for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅ Award-winning mobile operator (perfect for WC betting on the go)

✅ "Favourites" bets allow for a personalized bet experience

✅ Pre-set trending combos that will come in handy for World Cup betting

❌Desktop betting site is underwhelming

❌Heavy casino focus can make the site harder to navigate

Best Mobile World Cup Betting Site

LeoVegas is one of the leading mobile-first operators in the world. Mix in favourite bets that allow for greater personalization for your wagers, and trending combos, and you have a cocktail that is unmatched in terms of its uniqueness. It has one some of the best-priced odds for World Cup favourites in Canada.

Where this book falls short is with the fact that if you’re a desktop bettor, we’d highly recommend choosing another book, because LeoVegas is very underwhelming on a computer screen. Another issue we have is that LeoVegas’ landing page is very casino focussed, so newer users may have trouble finding the sports betting side of the site and eventually placing bets on the World Cup there. That aside, LeoVegas is a good shout and is an especially good choice for players who like betting on a mobile device.

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5. Royal Panda

Royal Panda for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅The leading live betting site for the World Cup

✅Betting site functions well on desktop and mobile

✅Royal Panda’s front end is provided by Kambi, making WC betting easy

❌No dedicated sports betting app

❌ Odds for the World Cup are not as good as other operators

Best Live Betting Site for the World Cup

Royal Panda’s betting site is the perfect answer for any live bettors out there. The site is well laid out and is really easy to use, with quick load speeds, and smooth transitions from page to page. Their partnership with Kambi means the betting site is a pleasure to interact with.

Royal Panda falls short in that it doesn’t offer a dedicated sports betting app. While the mobile betting site makes up for it slightly, the lack of a betting app really is a bit of a shame. Mixed in with odds that simply aren’t as valuable elsewhere, Royal Panda really is just a book for live bettors or bettors who appreciate a well-laid-out betting website.

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6. Coolbet

Coolbet for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅Bet builders for the World Cup

✅Great for live bets on the World Cup

✅ Combo generator is great for World Cup parlays

❌No betting app available

❌Could offer a few more World Cup lines

Known for its Combo Generator that's Perfect for WC Parlays

Coolbet has one of the best-looking betting sites in Canada, which is backed by bet builders for the World Cup, a unique combo generator feature, and a live betting platform that rivals Royal Pandas. The site has the power to appeal to a wide range of bettors, which we can't say about all books on this list.

Where Coolbet comes short is with regard to the lack of a betting app, and the fact that we could find quite a few more betting lines on the likes of Bet365 and Betway. While not every bettor cares about those more niched lines, many bettors would be a little discouraged by the lack of a betting app. Overall, however, Coolbet can be a nice solution for betting on the World Cup games.

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7. Comeon!

Comeon! for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅ “Super Odds” for World Cup games

✅ “Create your bet” feature for World Cup games

✅ Cash out feature functions well

❌Website isn’t the best to use

❌Live betting odds could improve (especially during the World Cup)

Create your bet feature sets Comeon! apart for WC

Comeon’s super odds and create your bet features are what make the book memorable. The cash-out feature also works well (Bet365 could learn a thing or two from them), and overall it’s not a bad betting site.

But it’s not one of the best either for two reasons in particular. For one, the betting site looks bland and drab and doesn’t give off the same exciting feel as when you’re using a site like Betway or Coolbet. What’s more, the live betting odds could significantly improve before the World Cup. We felt like with live betting, it’s one step forward two steps back. Yes, the cash-out feature works well, but it’d be great if the odds were good too (they aren’t)

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8. Casumo

Casumo for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅ Great choice for mobile World Cup bets

✅ Great WC betting site for user experience

✅ Good range of lines on offer

❌More of a casino focus

❌Homepage is messy

Good for bettors who like to use an easy-to-use betting site

While Casumo is primarily a casino site, it does also offer a sportsbook, which is probably championed by its mobile version. Casumo is one of our top picks for user experience, and despite its casino focus, it has a decent range of lines to bet on for the World Cup.

Casumo does of course have its flaws, and its heavy casino focus is one of them. We can sum it up like this. Some betting sites offer online casino, and some online casinos offer sportsbooks. Casumo is a casino that offers a sportsbook. With a messy homepage and odds that don’t quite match what else is out there, Casumo may only be well received by bettors who appreciate a decent betting site design, and an eye for some online casino games.

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9. BetVictor

BetVictor for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅Great app for World Cup betting

✅Bet builders are available for the World Cup

✅Odds for the World Cup are decent

❌Desktop site looks like it's from the 90s

❌Heavy UK focus, can miss the special information concerning CANMNT

Good for bet builders and in-app betting

BetVictor as a World Cup betting site is best highlighted by the bet builders on offer, along with the app that can be downloaded on the app store or Google Play store. The odds are also pretty decent.

BetVictor does however come short in that the desktop website looks very much outdated, and the fact that the Canadian site feels like it’s been made for people from the UK. These things aside, BetVictor is still a decent operator, and worth a look for bettors who like bet builders and a good betting app.

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10. Bwin

Bwin for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅Great range of streaming options for the World Cup

✅Decent range of World Cup lines

✅Easy to use WC section of the betting site

❌No betting app

❌Odds aren’t great

Good live streaming option for the World Cup

With Bwin, the best features they offer include live streaming, its range of World Cup lines along with its easy-to-use interface.

Bwin falls short by not offering a betting app, and by further offering odds that just don’t quite cut it. Live streaming is a really nice addition, but in this case, it isn’t quite supplemented with substance, due to the odds on offer.

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11. Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction for the World Cup

Pros & Cons

✅Canadian World Cup Betting Site

✅Nice World Cup features

✅Good resources for the World Cup (tips, blogs & so on)

❌No live streaming

❌No betting app

A good option for those who want a Canadian focussed WC betting site

Sports Interaction is Canada’s betting site, and this fact can be the difference for many bettors looking to bet on Canada in the World Cup. The features are also good for the World Cup, and there are some really nice resources to help keep bettors in the loop with tips, blogs, and so on.

Sports Interaction fails to provide a betting app, and the absence of live streaming makes this site feel like it’s missing some crucial things for it to be a well-rounded sports betting solution.

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World Cup Betting Sites Summary

From the World Cup betting sites listed above, we feel that many will be well catered by what is on offer out there. Remember, when selecting a sportsbook for the World Cup, keep in mind what you’re looking for, as that’s most important. If you’re looking for a bet builder, go with Betway. If you’re looking to bet on mobile, go with LeoVegas. If you’re looking for the best odds, go with Bet365.

Below, you can find which betting sites our guys here at My Betting Sites will be using for the World Cup:

Ben, which betting site will you be using for the World Cup?

Bet365 all the way. I like knowing I have the best odds available, and Bet365 always provides the best odds. Bet365 is also a great live betting site, and their bet builder is also really nice.

Ben Smith
Ben Smith
Alex, which betting will you be using for the World Cup?

It was close, but Betway’s my final World Cup choice. I really like how easy it is to navigate through the site, and I'm a fan of the World Cup bet builder. I also like betting from an app, and Betway's is up there with the best.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

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World Cup Betting Site FAQs

Where should I bet on the World Cup?

In the end, it’s up to you and should be based on what you value in a betting site. With that said, we feel like Betway and Bet365 are the overall two best betting sites for the World Cup based on what they make available to users (features like bet builders, odds, live betting & more).

Which is the best World Cup betting site?

Betway is the best betting site for the World Cup. Betway’s the best because it offers great features that can be utilized for World Cup betting, such as bet builders, live betting, and cash out. Betway is a sportsbook that caters to the widest range of sports bettors in our minds, and that is why we’ve picked them as the best site for World Cup betting.

Which betting site offers the best World Cup odds?

Bet365 offers the best World Cup odds. We ran all of the odds offered by the betting sites listed above through a margin calculator, which determines the value of the odds provided, and Bet365 consistently offered the best margins.

How do I bet on the World Cup?

We’ve published a how to bet on the World Cup article, but in short, to bet on games and events in the World Cup, the following steps found below can be followed:

  1. Choose a betting site from the list
  2. Create an account & make a deposit
  3. Navigate to the soccer tab, and choose World Cup
  4. Identify & click on your desired event
  5. Choose your line & click on the odds
  6. Enter your stake & confirm your bet
Where can I find World Cup bets today?

You can find the World Cup bets available today by visiting your chosen bookmaker, navigating to the dedicated World Cup page, and taking a look at all the events that odds have been provided for. Note that the odds are bound to change during the build-up to events, so keep reading over them, and only make a bet when you’re certain that you want to do so.

Which betting sites offer World Cup money lines?

All of them. All the betting sites we’ve included in the 11 best World Cup betting sites list offer money lines for the World Cup. Simply take your pick from the list on offer, navigate to the World Cup page, and view all the money lines provided for the opening round of games.

Who are the favourites to win the World Cup?

As it stands, the favourites to win the World Cup are Brazil according to all the bookmakers that we’ve provided in this article. Keep checking as the tournament progresses to see if things change as time goes on.

Should I bet on Canada in the World Cup?

That’s up to you. If you feel that Canada can beat a certain team, then bet on them, but just make sure that your decision is calculated. Put in some research for both teams, and be mindful of any other external factors that could influence the game.