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Caesars Sportsbook overview

Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

Caesars sportsbook offers users one of the best options for prop betting in Ontario. Caesars also offers plenty of same game parlays across most of their sports, and the favourites feature allows you to bookmark sports that you like to bet on. Caesars sportsbook could improve their customer support, along with their app, which can log users out. Otherwise, Caesars sportsbook was launched in April 2022, and offers Canadian users exclusive odds.

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Caesars Sportsbook score

  • Great option for prop bets
  • Same game parlays for most sports
  • Handy favourites feature
  • Underwhelming support
  • Glitchy app, imperfect user interface
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Caesars Sportsbook review in 30 seconds

Our Pick for Well Priced Odds

Caesars’ Sportsbook is one of the leading options for prop bets, same game parlays and the sportsbook offers up a favourites feature worthy of a mention.

Caesars could however improve the support they have on offer, along with their app.

We go into more detail below:

Caesars Sportsbook Ontario Review

Caesars' Betting Variety 8/10

While Caesars Sportsbook largely excels with the betting options it offers users, we felt that the likes of Bet365 and Betway offered up slightly more, which is why we’ve given Caesars no more than 8.

Caesars' Mobile Experience 7/10

All things considered, what’s offered on Caesars’ app is great. Recent updates have led to some glitches, and spontaneous log-outs, but we feel that these problems will soon be amended. The score is bound to go up with time.

Caesars' Payment Options 9/10

Caesars offer up a good range of payment options in Ontario, covering Interac, Paypal, and regular bank transfers. While some other betting sites may offer more, Caesars offers the basics well, with the majority of Ontario residents making use of these methods.

Caesars' Betting Experience 10/10

One of the things we like most about Caesars is how easy it is to place bets with them. The sportsbook makes moving between different pages and processes absolutely seamless, which is why they get a perfect score.

Caesars' Support 6/10

Certainly our biggest Caesars bugbear, the support on this bookmaker needs to be improved if they want to ascend the betting site hierarchy in Ontario. The support isn’t helpful enough, and it’s an issue that most users comment on.

Caesars' Summary 8/10

Overall, Caesars’ is definitely worth a mention, and is easily one of the better sportsbooks to have launched in Ontario. While the Caesars team have a lot of work ahead of them if they’d like to improve their all round offer, they have a very good base. 8/10 is a very good score!

Below, we highlight the aspects of Caesars we liked most, and where we felt they could improve.

What stood out on Caesars Sportsbook

✅ Great option for prop bets, especially on NFL & NBA games.

✅ Same game parlays for all top sports on the platform.

✅ Handy favourites feature - helpful when you place bets on the same sport.

✅ Lots of odds boosts available daily

✅ Built in casino in the sportsbook app

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What Caesars Sportsbook could do better

❌ Customer support could significantly improve.

❌ App could undergo improvements, as it’s glitchy, and can log users out.

Comparing Caesars' to other sportsbooks

Caesars Sportsbook's props, parlays, and favourites feature go down as our biggest pros for this operator, and their well priced odds, that change regularly, were memorable too.

Some of the things that could be addressed include the lacking customer service, which doesn’t quite measure up to that of Bet365.

Another area Caesars’ Sportsbook could improve with their product in Ontario is with their app. Pointsbet’s app is a better option for betting on a smartphone.

Caesars Compared Caesars Sportsbook Caesars Sportsbook Caesars Sportsbook
Betting variety8/1010/1010/10
Mobile experience7/109/1010/10
Payment Options9/1010/107/10
Betting experience10/109/1010/10
Table of Contents

What’s it like to bet with Caesars Sportsbook

Placing bets on Caesars' Sportsbook is excellent. The processes of searching for your bets, finding more lines to bet on and selecting your odds all felt seamless to us, which is inspired by a slick, yet simplistic design.

We also really appreciated the featured section, which doesn’t just list money line bets, but unique props that are trending on the sportsbook.

We’d have to say that pre match betting is best with Caesars, especially if you’re betting on the app. We’d only really recommend live betting with Caesars if you’re doing so from a desktop device.

How to bet on Caesars Sportsbook

Once you’ve created a Caesars’ account, and have deposited, you can follow the steps listed below to place a bet on Caesars:

  1. Find the sport you want to bet on (e.g. football).
  2. Click on the league that interests you (e.g. NFL).
  3. Find & select juicy looking bet (whether money lines or same game parlays).
  4. Enter your stake (never more than you’re willing to part with).
  5. Confirm your bet (big button toward the bottom of your bet slip).
How to bet on caesars infographic

What's the Caesars’ Sportsbook App like?

If you spend some time reading reviews left on the App Store and Google Play Store, you'd see that users are less than satisfied with the app.

While we may share in some of this dissatisfaction, we do need to give Caesars a bit of credit. Yes, the app is glitchy and can log you out. However, if you’re placing pre match bets from time to time, this app can certainly work for you.

The app is laid out in a simple, and effective way, and while there may be some issues concerning the technicalities, we are sure that the app will come around, and become one of the best in Ontario

What we like most about the Caesars’ App

Odds and lines are well laid out and easy to interact with.

Casino & sports built into one app, which can't be said for all betting apps.

Great for pre match bets. Easy to place bets and track them in the bet slip.

Caesars Sportsbook App Ontario

Are Caesars’s Sportsbook Odds good?

We measured Caesars’ odds against LeoVegas and 888Sport (for an NFL, game) to see how legit their prices were. We were impressed to see that the margins offered for football were narrowly better than what was offered by LeoVegas. 888Sport, however, offered up the best odds out of all three for the NFL.

When it comes to soccer, however, we recommend LeoVegas over Caesars, as the margins offered by LeoVegas are far lower, meaning that the odds on LeoVegas are far more valuable for you as the player.

Overall, if you're betting on sports most popular in North America, such as American football, ice hockey, basketball or baseball, Caesars is a great option. For soccer, we recommend LeoVegas instead.

Ben, what do you mean by margins?
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Good question! Margins are essentially the amount of money that the bookmaker keeps from you. It's like the price they charge for providing you with odds.

So when we measure odds, we use a calculator that churns out a margin percentage, based on the odds that are offered by sportsbooks.

The lower the margin, the less the bookmaker is charging you for their services. Basically, the lower the margin percentage, the better the odds.

What Caesars Extras do we love?

There are a couple of handy features and extras that Caesars offers, that make their sportsbook stand out from the rest. For one, they offer up a superb casino, the betting experience they offer is smooth, and Caesars overall is one of the biggest brands within gambling.

In terms of extras that are really memorable, there are three features that stand out. For one, the same game parlays, that are available for all the major sports on the platform, are great. Second, the props, and player prop bets, that are more unique and better priced than on other betting sites are fantastic. Lastly, the favourites feature, that improves the usability and overall betting experience, is also really good.

Does Caesars Sportsbook have the best Same Game Parlays?

What we like about Caesars’ same game parlays is that they offer a lot of options on the NFL, allowing you to build your bet accordingly based on which way you feel the game will swing. In this regard, Caesars’ is better than sites like Betway, and LeoVegas, as some same game parlays can be fixed.

When it comes to where Caesars' same game parlays could improve, we felt that their Rapid Same Game Parlays, that they offer for soccer are a little too limiting, We found that Bet365’s same game parlays were better for soccer.

Overall, Caesars’ is one of the best options for same game parlays in Ontario, especially for NFL, NBA and NHL.

Same game parlays on Caesaes Sportsbook

Caesars same game parlays for a game in the NFL. Caesars allows you to change the theme on the site from light to dark.

What about Caesars’ Sportsbook Prop Bets?

While the prop bets offered by Caesars are pretty good, we don’t feel that they can be considered the best in Ontario. What makes them good is that they’re interesting, they offer props for individual players, and the odds for most of the selections are pretty good.

Northstar Bets, and Bet99, however, offer a wider range of prop bets in general, and in and amongst these wider varieties, come some really good options that can be added to same game parlays.

Prop betting on Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars' offers a great range of prop bets, which are illuminated by the light theme available on their site.

Does Caesars have the best favourites feature?

We really liked Caesars’ favourite feature, but again, we’re not sure if it’s the best one in Ontario. LeoVegas, for example, offers one very similar to Caesars’, that allows you to add different sports by simply clicking a star next to the league. Out of the betting sites active in Ontario, Caesars’ and LeoVegas are the only two to offer this feature.

Whether Caesars' Sportsbook has the best favourites filter in Ontario is very much up to personal preference. It’s quite a niched functionality to offer, so the fact that Caesars’ offers it makes them stand out.

Where are Caesars’ betting options lacking in Ontario?

Overall, Caesars Sportsbook could probably offer a wider range of sports for users to bet on. While many bettors stick to just a handful, we felt that novelty bets, and some soccer leagues, were missing. While this is the case, it’s only more niched sports and leagues that Caesars aren’t offering, so this isn’t the end of the world.

We also felt that Caesars could offer more for MMA. As it stands, Caesars only offers odds for the fight winner, whereas DraftKings & Bet99 offer up far more lines, including how the fight will end, number of knockdowns and takedowns, and so on.

Otherwise, Caesars have a pretty well-rounded sportsbook.

Our experts respond to complaints about Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars is a big brand, and while we’ve done a lot of research, and tested the site ourselves, we thought you might want to read about the experience other users had while using Caesars Sportsbook in Ontario.

We have checked Reddit forums, as well as reviews on the App Store and then weighed in on each of the comments we found.

Caesars reviews on reddit app store google play

What Reddit Users said about Caesars Sportsbook

A lot of people look to Reddit for advice on certain things, or guides on how to do things. With Caesars still being fairly new in Ontario, we’ve had to take reviews that concern the US version of the sportsbook. The differences are marginal, and these comments still paint a good picture of how users feel about the sportsbook:

[deleted] on Reddit said:

Caesars Sportsbook review on reddit

Ben, is Caesars’ the worst sportsbook?

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

My Betting Sites Betting Expert

I think that assessment is a little harsh. I mean, there are sportsbooks like Play Falls View that are available in Ontario, and that one is far worse than Caesars. With that said, we can also understand the issues faced here must have been pretty annoying.

While this person seems to think that Fanduel is a better option than Caesars' because of things like payout speed, that shouldn’t be the sole reason for that decision. Caesars are working to improve some of their issues, so if you like betting with the sportsbook, we recommend hanging in there.

What app store reviewers said about Caesars’ Sportsbook

Since betting apps have become more popular in North America, we felt that checking out Caesars App Store reviews would be useful. Largely speaking, Caesars’ app has a good reputation in Ontario, with a 4.6/5 ranking on the app store.

Here are some of the opinions that reviewers left:

Note: the reviews that have been left on the app store have been trimmed, as they were extremely long.

"Russ5tide" on the App Store said

Caesars sportsbook app sore review

Ben, is the Caesars’ Sportsbook App Glitchy?

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

My Betting Sites Betting Expert

Yeah, if we’re speaking honestly, “Russ5tide” is absolutely right. All Caesars have to offer on its platform is great, but when an app is glitchy and doesn’t work, the result can be extremely frustrating.

This user also speaks on a bigger issue that there are not sufficient statistics and resources that are available in-app. The absence of a sports blog is another issue that they should look to address.

Our Final Thoughts on Caesars Sportsbook Ontario

Caesars is a great option for sports bettors in Ontario that like a same game parlay, prop bets, and a personalized betting experience. Other highlights include their changing odds, that are updated every other day, along with the live bet odds change notifications.

Like with any betting site, Caesars has room for improvement, and for them, the improvement could come in their customer service department, which isn’t responsive or helpful enough. Their app could also undergo some changes for the better, as it can be the cause for some frustration.

Caesars Sportsbook FAQs

Is Caesars Sportsbook legal in Canada?

In all of Canada? No. In Ontario? Yes.

This sportsbook is licensed and regulated by AGCO, and holds the Ontario license, making them a legal operator in that province. They, however, do not have a sportsbook that caters to the rest of Canada.

How do I withdraw money from Caesars Sportsbook?

Once you have accumulated winnings at Caesars, you can click on the account icon, where you can search for the button that says withdraw.

From there, you can select an amount you would like to withdraw, and choose your withdrawal method.

Should I use Caesars Sportsbook to bet on NFL?

Yes, we’d recommend Caesars for NFL bets. The sportsbook offers great options for same game parlays and prop bets, making it a good choice for betting on football.

Does Caesars Sportsbook have good odds?

Caesars odds are pretty good, but not as good as 888Sport for (American) football, or LeoVegas for soccer. If you want the best odds, we’d probably have to recommend Bet365.

Is Caesars the best sportsbook in Ontario?

Here at MyBettingSites, we think that Betway is the best sportsbook in Ontario, but Caesars enters our list in the number 3 position. You can check out our full list of Ontario betting sites article to get a better idea of the standings.

How much can I withdraw on Caesars Sportsbook?

Caesars allows bettors a maximum withdrawal of $5000 per day.

How long does it take for Caesars Sportsbook to pay?

Withdrawal requests should be processed within 72 hours by Caesars.

Is Caesars Sportsbook reliable?

Caesars sportsbook is 100% reliable. They are regulated, and licensed in Ontario, and offer a safe, and legitimate sports betting product.

Caesars Sportsbook review

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