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Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Hailing from down under, Pointsbet are busy blazing a trail through the North American betting scene. Having launched in the US in 2019, you can expect a superior interface, great offers, and an all round great experience from this bookmaker.

Pointsbet score

  • Best odds for North American sports
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Unparalleled features
  • Support could improve
  • Limited payment options
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

Pointsbet Canada

Why Opt with Pointsbet

Our pick for Features

✅ Best odds for NBA, NHL, NFL

✅ Some of the best features

✅ Great interface

✅ Unique betting lines

Is Pointsbet Legal?

Having been one of the first operators to acquire the iGaming Ontario license, Pointsbet is legal to use in the province of Ontario.

If you're arriving at this review, and you're from another one of Canada's provinces, we encourage you to use other betting sites, because you'll, unfortunately, be blocked from using the site.

Is Pointsbet Legit?
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Ever watched Border Security: Australia's front line?

Yeah... Good luck getting a used tissue past those guys.

Australia's passion for safety is emulated in their flagship bookie: Pointsbet.

They've done everything above board when it comes to entering the Ontario market, which speaks volumes considering how many other offshore betting operators have chosen to exist in Canada's grey area.

Pointsbet is a safe sportsbook and offers Ontario residents plenty when it comes to betting.

Pointsbet Review at a Glance

💯 Pointsbet Odds

Pointsbet is the market leader when it comes to odds for American sports. We're talking hockey, football and basketball.

Not only do they offer some of the best odds for sports that are most popular in North America, but they also offer regular booster odds for big competitions and events.

Odds on Pointsbet are approved by my betting sites!

📑 Pointsbet License

Pointsbet was the first operator to receive an Ontario, making them completely legal to bet with.

As frontrunners in this regard, you can rest easy knowing that you are betting with one of the first sportsbooks to acquire the license.

📊 Pointsbet Lines

Another area Pointsbet excel is with the lines and bet types they offer.

The variety of lines they offer is probably the first thing that will grab your attention, but what’s more is that they offer a feature called Name-a-bet, wherein you’re able to specially craft a bet type that will be included just for you.

You’ll need to contact them two hours prior to the event you’d like to create the new bet type for, but the feature is available across all the sports in their sportsbook.

📺 Pointsbet Live

Live betting with Pointsbet is great. Influenced largely by their user-friendly site, the live betting side of their site is easy to navigate, and clearly displays changing odds and the current standing of the match result.

They also offer live streaming, cash out, and partial cash out. Allround, their live betting platform is super impressive.

💫 Pointsbet Features

Pointsbet leads the way for interesting features in North America.

We’ve already mentioned name a bet, but other features such as points betting, same game parlays are brilliant.

Pointsbet features pass the test!

💸 Pointsbet Payments

Currently, you can deposit and withdraw on Pointsbet with cards (VISA and Mastercard) and Paypal.

We've received word from Pointsbet that they will be adding more deposit methods soon.

📞 Pointsbet Support

Pointsbet offers support via live chat and email.

Like with most live chat functions on betting sites, you'll be talking with a bot that is focused on answering certain keywords, and not your question.

If you have general queries, the live chat may do the job, but if you're looking for a more personal touch, we recommend email.

Pointsbet Canada Overall Rating: 9/10


Pointsbet ComparisonPointsbetLeoVegasUnibet
Betting variety10/109/109/10
Mobile experience10/1010/109/10
Payment Options7/108/109/10
Betting experience10/108/109/10

Trailer Park Boys vs. NHL Alumni

Pointsbet Review

Pointsbet is clear evidence that the Australians know a thing or two about sports betting. This betting site is a top up and comer in North America, having opened up shop in the US in 2019.

In that time, they have managed to establish a trusted reputation based on innovative features, quality odds, and unique betting lines.

Pointsbet means business, and they have been taking bets in Ontario since day 1.
  • Below, we’ve gone into detail about where this bookmaker exceeds expectations, as well as where they could improve:

Pointsbet Pros

💯 Best Odds of North American Sports

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. When we compared Pointsbet’s odds with the rest of their competitors, no operator could compete with them when it came to North American sports.

Yes, you heard right. An Australian bookie offers the best odds for the NBA, NHL and NFL.

We found it hard to believe too, but it’s the truth. If odds mean a lot to you, Pointsbet could very well be your best bet.

👨‍💻️ Host a Range of Innovative Features

In order to stand out in a market such as the US, you’ve got to be daring, brave, and even a little off the wall.

Pointsbet ticks all these boxes in the best way possible.

Their features are fantastic because they’re so unique, we haven’t seen anything like what they’re offering.

We’re talking features like "name a bet" and "points betting", as well as same game parlays, quick parlays, and even some long-standing favourites like cash out, partial cash out, and live streaming,

📱 Offer a Fantastic App

Pointsbet prides itself on their app, so much so that they mention it in their about us section.

The app is easy to use and emulates their cutting edge take on sports betting.

Pointsbet also puts a large amount of focus on ensuring that their app is the fastest, and the most user friendly, a goal they have exceeded.

If betting on the go is a big deal for you, Pointsbet’s app could be the perfect fit for you.

🖥️ Great Interface

When we came across Pointsbet’s website we really liked what we saw.

The platform feels slick and modern, the options are clearly laid out, and the odds are easy to see.

Forget the spreadsheet feel on Bet365, there’s a new sheriff in town.

🌱 New Betting Site

Pointsbet isn’t only new to Ontario, they’re new in general.

This platform was launched in 2017, making them a very fresh face in the betting world. Australia has become known for being a breeding ground for new and innovative bookmakers, and Pointsbet may just be the most innovative to come from down under.

With new betting sites, you can expect great usability, as we’ve already touched upon, as well as plenty of great offers, and great features.

⚡ Unique Betting Lines

In their own words, Pointsbet prides itself on being on the cutting edge of giving bettors new bet types, as well as more bet types.

They offer odds for markets (betting lines) such as "quarterback completion %", "player rushing yards", "player receiving yards" and "time of first touchdown in seconds".

They’re reinventing the North American betting wheel, and we think it’s best to get on board.

Pointsbet Cons

For all the great things they offer, there are of course areas in which Pointsbet could improve.

If Pointsbet were perfect, the wild west-like terrain of the bookmaking business would be awfully boring.

  • Listed below are areas where Pointsbet Ontario could improve.

Pointsbet Cons

Support Could be Improved

No betting site is perfect, and while Pointsbet does plenty right, their customer service could improve.

Maybe it’s down to the fact that they’ve just opened up in Ontario, but as of now, they don’t offer any phone support.

Sometimes, when you run into an issue with a betting site, you really just want to know another person is on the other end of the line, walking you through the fray.

While Pointsbet offers email and live chat support, phone support would be a welcome addition.

Could add more Payment Options

Pointsbet payment options on offer are an area they could potentially improve in all the markets they’re active in.

In the US, Australia, and Ontario, this bookie trails from the pack in this regard, but we’re sure that with time, they will improve this.

Pointsbet Canada: Final Verdict

What can we say?

Pointsbet is an exceptional bookie if you’re looking to break free from the same old.

New features, great odds for North American sports, and a slick website and app catapult this sportsbook into the Ontario betting conversation.

What’s more? They’ve partnered with the trailer park boys... Who else can say they’ve done that?

Pointsbet is certainly a bookie to watch and is bound to become one of the most popular new betting sites in Ontario.

Pointsbet Sign Up

Pointsbet's sign up process is simple, fast, and free.

Creating an account with this sportsbook is one of the easiest things you could do.

Pointsbet Sign In 1

How to Register an Account with Pointsbet:

  1. Visit Pointsbet
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Click on Join Pointsbet
  5. Verify your Email
Ben's take on signing up with Pointsbet
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

One thing is for sure, Pointsbet will be changing the betting game when they launch in Canada.

While there's still much to be released in terms of bonuses, and information, one thing is for sure - Pointsbet are serious about becoming the number one betting operator.

SO we recommend booking your ticket, and getting on one of the most exciting betting related hype trains in North America!

Pointsbet Bonus

Our Pick for Features

We Cannot Show you Pointsbet Bonus Offers

In accordance with the law, we are unable to show you any Pointsbet bonus offers.

Only Pointsbet is able to show you this information.

Pointsbet offers new and existing users plenty.

Fresh ways to bet, market-leading odds and live streaming are but a few ongoing features you can make use of whenever you're looking to bet with them.

Reasons you don't need to see the Pointsbet Bonus

  1. Market-leading odds for hockey, football and basketball.
  2. Name a bet and points betting features.
  3. Great sportsbook for live betting.
  4. Fast and user friendly app.

Pointsbet Sports Betting

Pointsbet is a breath of fresh air in the North American betting landscape.

They have done a great job of prioritizing North American sports, as the best odds provider for the likes of the NHL, NBA and NFL.

They’ve also worked hard to make betting a breeze through a user friendly site.

Points bet tick all the boxes - from odds and lines to unique features and price boosts.

More about Betting with Pointsbet

📊 Pointsbet Betting Lines

The variety of lines is a big strength with Pointsbet. Depending on the sport you’re looking to bet on, the three main lines they offer off the bat are money line, totals, and spreads.

When you click on a particular event, plenty more bet types appear, giving you plenty of choices when deciding upon which bets to make.

For hockey, football, and basketball, you’re able to bet on Mains, totals, spreads, Props, and spreads per quarter/period/half.

On top of that, they offer new bet types for Hockey, Football and Basketball, which is bound to make any Canadian very happy.

💯 Pointsbet Betting Odds

Pointsbet offers the best odds for North American sports.

More specifically, you’ll do very well to find better odds for events in the NHL, NBA and NFL.

Across the rest of the sportsbook, the odds are solid, and price boosts are offered regularly.

You have the option of changing the way the odds are presented, in case you struggle to understand American odds.

Overall, we can confidently tick the odds box when it comes to what Pointsbet have to offer.

⚡ Introducing… Points Betting

Points betting is another fresh feature brought to you exclusively by Pointsbet.

Points betting works on a reward or dock system. If you make the right selection, you’re rewarded, if you make the wrong selection you’re docked. High risk, high reward.

Essentially you’re rewarded for how right your selections are.

We wouldn’t recommend this type of betting to total newbies, and we also encourage the use of the built-in win/loss limit.

Pointsbet Betting ComparisonPointsbet888sportRoyal Panda
Betting variety10/109/108/10
Betting experience10/107/107/10

Pointstbet Sportsbook

As you may know by now, Pointsbet are leaders in how they offer North American sports.

Here’s a closer look at their offering of some of the more popular sports in Canada.

Pointsbet NHL

Pointsbet Ice Hockey

Hockey is one of Pointsbet’s featured sports, that you can access right from the homepage.

When you click on the hockey tab, a list of NHL events will appear, where you will find the highlighted bet types running across the screen diagonally.

If you’d like to find more wagers, for a particular event, you can click on the red arrow next to where it says: “more wagers” (usually there are hundreds more).

For the NHL, you can bet on everything from Money Line, double chance and first to score, to first period spreads, game props, and “pick your own line”.

Take a look at the screenshots below to get better acquainted with NHL on pointsbet.

Best NHL Bet Types with Pointsbet

⏰ Periods

One of the best collections of bet types on Pointsbet can be found under where it says periods.

Periods are listed from 1 to 3, and within these options, you can find money lines, points spreads, and totals.

Considering you have all these options for each of the periods within a game of hockey, the opportunities are endless.

We love the options for betting on periods, and we're sure you will too!

🥅 Totals

Totals give you the opportunity to bet on the total number of goals scored within a game.

That's goals scored by both teams, so if you're betting over 6.5, you're betting on the outcome that entails more than 6 and a half goals being scored in the game, and not just by one team.

Betting on totals can make any game come alive, and can secure you some solid profits.

👐 Points Betting for NHL

Pointsbet's high-risk high reward bet type is a stand out for betting on the NHL.

While we don't necessarily promote this bet type to newbies, we think these bets could be fun for those of you who know your way around a betting site, and more importantly, know your way around hockey.

With points betting, every correct selection is rewarded, while every incorrect selection gets docked, so the name of the game is accuracy.

Points betting makes those wins so much sweeter, making it a great way to wager on hockey.

Pointsbet NFL

Pointsbet American Football

Just like with betting for hockey, betting on American football is also directly accessible from the homepage through a tab that says “football”.

When you click it, a number of featured football events will appear, and similar to hockey, there will be three bet options visible, money line, spread and total.

To access more bet types, you can click on the red arrow located next to the "number of wagers" text, as has been shown in the screenshot series just below.

This will open up a load of other bet types, including featured wagers, touchdowns, several props options, totals and more.

Placing a bet is pretty simple, all it requires is clicking on the odds, entering your stake, and confirming your bet.

Ben's Favourite NFL Bet Types
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

I love myself a juicy NFL bet, and with Pointsbet, they don't get any juicier.

These are a couple of my favourite bet types to make with Pointsbet when I place some bets on the NFL:

  • MVP
  • Quarterback Props
  • Player Props
  • Team Totals
  • Novelty Props
  • Spread Betting
  • Name a bet

Pointsbet NBA

Pointsbet Basketball

As with the other major North American sports offered by Pointsbet, basketball betting is super easy to navigate and is featured in one of the tabs on the homepage.

Trust us, betting on the NBA with Pointsbet will be a slam dunk!

A simple click on the tab will transport you straight to the section that will present the odds and bet types for all the upcoming events in the NBA.

Pointsbet NBA

Similar to the other major sports, you’re able to find three main bet types off the bat: money line, totals, and spreads.

Again, by clicking the red button located next to where it says however many more wagers, you can access all the other bet types for the particular event you’re looking to make a bet on.

If you’re looking to place a bet, simply click on the odds that represent the outcome you think will occur. Then, go ahead and enter your stake, and confirm your bet!

Alex's Favourite NBA Bet Types
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

I've always loved betting on basketball, so when I started placing a couple of bets with Pointsbet, I was blown away.

Here are a few of my favourite betting lines to bet on the NBA:

  • Totals
  • Quarters
  • Spreads
  • Props
  • Pick your own Total

Pointsbet UFC

Pointsbet MMA

Pointsbet’s UFC section is a little harder to find than some of the other sports mentioned, but overall, if we consider the overall design of the site, it’s really not hard at the end of the day.

If you’re on Pointsbet’s homepage, you can get to their UFC tab by clicking on the red menu icon in the top left hand corner of the site, and then scrolling to where it says MMA.

Pointsbet only features upcoming events in the UFC, so if you’re a fan of Bellator, One Championship, or Pride, we recommend looking for another bookie.

The difference with MMA betting on Pointsbet is that they only offer one bet type: fight result. Essentially, you select who you think will win the event, and that’s it.

When it comes to MMA, the fight result is technically the most important factor, but it can be fun to bet on knockouts, TKOs, takedowns, and so on, which they do not offer bets for.

Full Pointsbet Sportsbook

📖 All sports Available on Pointsbet

Below you can find all the sports available on Pointsbet’s extensive platform:

  • Aussie Rules Football

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Boxing

  • Cricket

  • Cycling

  • Darts

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Hockey

  • MMA

  • Motorsports

  • Rugby League

  • Rugby Union

  • Soccer

  • Tennis

How to Bet with Pointsbet

By now, you could probably tell that we are big fans of Pointsbet’s platform.

We’re admirers of Pointsbet, particularly how easy it is to bet with them.

Below, you can take a look at the steps that need to be completed in order to place a bet with Pointsbet.

We don’t do betting tips.

Just a little disclaimer that we are not a betting tips service.

Think of this as your instruction manual for placing a bet with Pointsbet.

You can find all the steps that need to be completed below.

Steps To Bet with Pointsbet


Sign Up or Log in

If you don’t have one yet, you can quickly create a Pointsbet account.

If you do have a Pointsbet account, you can go ahead and log in to kickstart the process of placing a bet with them.


Find your Sport

Once you’re logged in, look for the sport that interests you most.

Pointsbet features hockey, football and basketball on the front page, but if you’re looking for something else, you can click on the red menu button found at the top left of the home screen (on desktop and mobile).


Find your Event

Once you’ve selected the sport that you’re interested in betting on, you can take a look through the upcoming events to find the event/s you’re most interested in betting on.

Usually, the events are listed in order of when they will occur (as in the time of day, or date), so if you know that the event you’re interested in is starting later, you can scroll through the list.


Choose your Odds

By now, you will have found your way to the event you were keen to bet on, and you’ll be ready to complete the most important part of making your bet.

Choosing the odds can be done by simply clicking on the number that is attached to the outcome you expect will unfold.

Remember, always bet with your head, not your heart.


Enter Stake and Confirm

The last step in the process simply requires you to enter the amount of money you are wanting to bet on the particular event.

The money will be docked from the money in your betting wallet and will be multiplied by the odds of your selection if your pick is the correct one.

That’s all there is to it!

Betting with Pointsbet
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

I’ve been around the betting block, and can confidently say that Pointsbet’s fresh approach to betting is going to leave Ontario residents smiling. New bet types, points betting, and an overall easy to use site are what characterise this bookie.

Pointsbet Features

One of Pointsbet’s biggest strengths is the features they have available on their platform.

They offer the classics like live streaming and cash out/partial cash out, but also offer parlays, same game parlays, quick parlays, name-a-bet, boosted odds, and much more.

  • Take a look at the options below to get to know Pointsbet’s features more.

Best Features on Pointsbet

📺 Live streaming

One of the best features to be offered by betting sites is live streaming and it can truly change the game when it comes to the impact it can have on your betting strategy.

Pointsbet offers live streaming for a range of different sports, including tennis, darts, ice hockey, soccer and golf just to name a few.

You can find the live streaming platform by clicking on the menu icon toward the top left of the homepage, and by then clicking on streaming.

If there are no events that Pointsbet is providing streaming for at a particular time, they will inform you, and they provide you with a list of upcoming events that can be streamed.

🤑 Cash out/Partial Cash out

Cash-out allows you to settle your bets early, and Pointsbet offers great cash-out offers, as well as partial cash-out offers.

The difference between the two on Pointsbet is that with regular cash out, you are withdrawing all of the money you have placed on an event if the bet is losing or all that is offered by Pointsbet if your bet is winning.

With Partial cash out, you don’t have to claim all of the money that you placed on an event, only some of it.

With cash-out offers for most of the events covered in their sportsbooks, this is a great feature that can ensure longevity with Pointsbet.

🔨 Parlays/Same Game Parlays/Quick Parlay

If you’re Canadian, you’ll most likely know all about parlays.

The parlays available on Pointsbet however are a little different to the parlays available on Canadian sports lotteries. For one, there are more of them, but what’s more, is that they’re better valued.

Here are the different types of Parlays available on Pointsbet:

Regular Parlays: betting on multiple outcomes, across different events. You’ll need all selections to be correct in order to win your bet.

Same Game Parlays: Also known as bet-builders, same game parlays give you the option of betting on a number of different betting lines in the same game.

Quick Parlays: This feature allows you to quickly sift through some ready-made parlay options prepared just for you by Pointsbet. No need to scroll around and search for events, all you have to do is choose a couple of options.

🙋 Name a Bet

A great new feature from Pointsbet is name-a-bet.

With name-a-bet, Pointsbet gives you, the bettor, the option to name a bet type to them.

They boast that they can get bet types up pretty quickly, all you need to do is notify them 2 hours before a game starts, and they will get the market you’re looking to bet on up and running.

🚀 Booster Odds

Pointsbet releases booster odds for major competitions. A fairly standard feature across a lot of betting sites, booster odds can give you the option of increasing your winnings, without changing your betting strategy one bit.

Considering how good p´Pointsbet odds are as it is, the fact they even offer boosted odds is an absolute treat.

If you’re unable to find the booster odds hub, simply type booster odds into the search bar, and this will take you straight to the events or competitions that booter odds have been offered for.

Pointsbet Live Betting

Pointsbet’s commitment to being one of the leading operators in North America is evident in how they’ve structured their live betting platform.

Pointsbet’s live betting platform is easy to find and use, and is rather easy on the eye.

Another aspect of their site that’s very easy to use and navigate the live betting platform can be accessed by clicking on the menu button toward the top left of the screen, and then by clicking on “Live”.

From there, you will be directed to the page that shows all of the events that are in play at the time, as well as a graphic that displays the result of the game as it is happening.

Pointsbet Live Betting

Pointsbet App

Pointsbet pride itself on offering the fastest, most intuitive and user-friendly app in all the markets they operate in.

Betting apps are taking over, especially in North America. Operators place a lot of emphasis and a lot of attention on ensuring that apps are of high quality.

With Pointsbet, the same slick feel that can be experienced on a desktop is available on the app, as well as their mobile website.

Pointsbet app screenshot
  • The Pointsbet app is available on both android and iOS, and download guides can be found below for each.

Pointsbet App Download

🍎 Pointsbet iOS App

  1. Create an account on Pointsbet

  2. Go to the App Store

  3. Search for Pointsbet App

  4. Download the App

👾 Pointsbet Android App

  1. Create an Account with Pointsbet

  2. Go to the Play Store

  3. Search for Pointsbet App

  4. Download the App

Pointsbet review

Why Pointsbet?

Our Pick for Features