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AGCO licence number: OPIG1233054

BetRivers overview

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Bet Rivers is one of the new operators to enter Ontario, and has a solid reputation as a trustworthy sportsbook. BetRivers launched in 2019, and having partnered with iGaming heavyweights Kambi, can promise great odds and fantastic betting lines.

BetRivers score

  • Goods Odds
  • A lot of betting options
  • Streaming for smaller sports
  • App could be better
  • Site feels dated
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

BetRivers Canada

Why Opt with BetRivers

Coming soon to Canada

✅ Great Odds and Lines

✅ Streaming for Niched Events

✅ Match Stats, Tips, and Predictor

Is BetRivers Legal?

Good question - BetRivers have acquired the Ontario license, making them legal.

BetRivers have operated legally in the US for years now, and ensure that they do everything by the book legally.

Is BetRivers Safe?
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

BetRivers is a safe and trustworthy betting site to use.

One thing they have going for them with regard to safety is that they've waited for Ontario to open up before they decided to enter Canada. Many other betting operators made use of the fact that Canada’s offshore betting industry is unregulated, and set up far earlier.

BetRivers’ decision to wait is evidence of the fact that this bookie is safe, and does not engage in any shady dealings.

BetRivers Review at a Glance

💯 BetRivers Odds

Due to their partnership with Kambi, BetRivers offer top of the range odds as well as a list of unique odds-influencing features.

Kambi are also odds providers for Unibet and 888Sport, meaning that they’ve already partnered with some of the best in the betting business.

If odds are a dealbreaker for you, then BetRivers are certainly in with a shout.

💰 BetRivers Bonus

As BetRivers hasn’t officially launched in Canada, bonus information for the sportsbook is not yet available.

If, however, BetRivers decides to offer a bonus similar to what they offer in the US, you’ll be in for a treat.

Stay tuned to find out more about what BetRivers will be offering Canadian players!

📄 BetRivers License

BetRivers are scheduled to be one of the first betting operators to acquire the Ontario license, which means that from the 4th of April, Canadians will be able to legally access BetRivers.

Whether or not they will be licensed in other provinces still remains to be seen, but if they open up in Ontario, there’s a good chance that they’ll open up elsewhere in Canada

📊 BetRivers Lines

Another perk of partnering with Kambi is the fact that BetRivers is home to plenty of betting lines.

Everything from money lines to parlays, and spread betting to totals, BetRivers offers it all.

📡 BetRivers Live

BetRivers hosts a decent live betting section, but in all honesty, it would be made better if the overall site received an update.

The site feels like it’s straight out of 2004, which plays a significant role on how you’ll feel when you’re navigating through the different features and functions.

All in all, BetRivers live passes the test.

🗒️ BetRivers Features

BetRivers features aren’t a huge selling point, but this sportsbook does have a number of nifty perks that are worth mentioning.

For example, they list a bunch of pre game statistics for the event you’re looking to bet on, which can greatly influence your betting strategy.

What’s more, is that they also offer tips on top of the stats.

You can also find some of the usual suspects in BetRivers features, such as live streaming, cash out, and boosts from time to time.

💸 BetRivers Payments

As of right now, we’ll still need to wait and see as to which payment methods will be accepted by BetRivers when they enter Canada.

Stay tuned to get a better idea soon!

💬 BetRivers Support

Again, it's hard to know which customer support options BetRivers will offer before they launch.

In the US, they currently offer live chat, email, and phone, but we cannot guarantee that those same options will be available in Canada when the time comes.

You can be assured however that we will be the first to report on the matter!

BetRivers Overall Ranking: 8/10


BetRivers ComparisonBetRiversUnibetLeoVegas
Bonus offer8/108/109/10
Betting variety9/109/109/10
Mobile experience7/109/1010/10
Payment Options8/109/108/10
Betting experience7/109/108/10

BetRivers Review

BetRivers is fast becoming a household name amongst betting communities in North America.

Their appearance on screens during the Superbowl had everyone wondering who this fresh faced sportsbook was, and we’re here to tell you that they’re the real deal.

While BetRivers have room for improvement, they are a great sportsbook to opt for, and offer a number of features that will have you coming back for more.

  • Below, we’ve listed some of the things we like about BetRivers, as well as areas where this operator could improve:

BetRivers Pros

🌟 Great odds

One of the perks of partnering with Kambi is the promise that the odds are going to be good.

BetRivers offer extremely competitive odds, which put them into any betting conversation.

We’ve used a margin calculator to measure their odds against some of the existing brands in Canada, and we were very impressed by the value BetRivers offers.

👐 Wide Variety of Bet Types

Following from the odds that are offered on BetRivers, another perk of the partnership they have with Kambi is the fact that they’re able to offer a wide range of bet types.

On BetRivers, you have the option of betting on everything from money lines and totals, to all kinds of different parlays and props, and beyond.

If you like mixing up your bets, then BetRivers has you covered!

📺 Live Streaming

BetRivers offer live streaming on smaller events, which we think is a great bit of value.

Usually on the smaller events, you’ll find far higher value for your bets, and getting some premium data in the form of actually getting to see what is going down in the game is an awesome option to be able to use.

While there is high demand for live streaming for bigger events, the truth is that offering streaming for smaller events is also a really great feature to make available.

🌱 New Bookmaker

There’s something that always gets us really excited about a new betting site.

Perhaps it’s the offers, or maybe it’s the fresh take on dated features, but new sportsbooks always put a smile on our faces.

BetRivers only entered the scene in 2019, which makes them still exceptionally young, giving them the edge in terms of offering something fresh!

📈 In depth statistics

We were blown away by the level of detail that could be found on BetRivers’ platform.

When you select a particular event that you’re interested in betting on, a bunch of different statistics will appear, which can heavily influence your betting strategy.

Information such as form and head to head data is offered off the bat, but you’re also able to view more statistics by clicking the “view more stats” option.

Under this tab, you can view more in depth head to head information, as well as which players are injured, what kind of injuries they have and so much more.

This is something that really sets BetRivers apart.

🗣️ Betting tips offered

It’s fairly rare to find betting tips offered on a betting site, but BetRivers bares all when it comes to giving you information on to how to best approach your betting strategy.

Betting tips can be found toward the top of a particular event, where you can also view some stats, and more information regarding the league.

Pretty great if you ask us!

Where BetRivers could Improve

As you must know by now, no betting operator is perfect, and this is the case with BetRivers. They do plenty right, but there are also a number of areas in which they could improve.

Where Bet Rivers could Improve

BetRivers' App could be improved

BetRivers’ app is an area they could be significantly improved.

Betting apps are taking over in North America, as more and more people favour betting on mobile over betting on desktop.

BetRivers’ app is quite slow, and it’s not the easiest to navigate, which we feel should be addressed.

BetRivers' Website could use an update

BetRivers’ platform looks pretty dated to be honest.

Considering all the ways you could optimise a platform for your users, and what competitors are doing these days, we feel that the least BetRivers could do is make their website a little more slick.

This may not be the biggest deal for some of you, but for us, user experience is pretty important.

BetRivers: Final Verdict

BetRivers is a great sportsbook to opt for.

They do the important stuff right, which is evident in their odds and variety of bet types.

While their desktop and mobile interfaces could use some love, we feel that with time, BetRivers could easily emerge as one of the leading betting operators in Canada.

BetRivers Sign Up

As it stands right now, you can sign up with BetRivers, but you will not be able to progress fully to the stage of being able to place a bet with them.

What you can do in the meantime however, is sign up to get more info as to when they will launch, and you can play a version of their online casino.

Bet Rivers Sign Up Doc

How to Sign up with BetRivers:

  1. Visit Betrivers

  2. Click on “ON” (for Ontario)

  3. Fill in your email address

  4. Click on Submit.

This way, you will be able to receive breaking information as developments happen in real time!

BetRivers Bonus
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

As it currently stands, BetRivers have not yet released any information regarding the bonus they’ll be offering Canadian players.

If however, their bonus in Canada is anything like their bonus in the US, Canucks will be in for a real treat!

All we can do now however is wait and see what will be offered.

BetRivers Sports Betting

As an operator that ticks all the betting related boxes, BetRivers feels like a solid operator to bet with.

While we’ve mentioned that their interfaces could use a bit of an update, the odds, bet types, and variety of statistics and betting tips more than make up for it.

While it feels dated, the desktop website is fairly easy to navigate, albeit slightly crowded.

We’re pretty confident in the fact that users will enjoy their betting experience with BetRivers.
  • Below, we’ve explained betting with BetRivers in more detail:

More on Betting with BetRivers

BetRivers Odds

You can probably tell by now that we’re pretty impressed with the odds that BetRivers offer.

We’re big fans of Kambi, and the fact that BetRivers have partnered with them is a masterstroke.

Think great value, slick features, and all round great betting experience when it comes to the odds on offer.

BetRivers Bet Types

Bet types are another area in which BetRivers excel, offering a wide variety of different bets to all those who are interested in going above and beyond money lines.

Think parlays, same game parlays, combos, players points, and many, many more.

Like we say, BetRivers cover the important stuff well, with bet types being one of these areas.

BetRivers Bet Picks

BetRivers also doubles as your very own tipster.

When you’re browsing through the many events that are available on their platform, you will notice that there are three options that are located just above the teams that will be taking part of the event.

One of them is the league such as “NHL” where you can learn more about the league, the other is stats, where you can get a good idea of some crucial info, and then “betting tips”, where you can get insights into what the experts think.

This is a pretty nifty addition if you ask us.

BetRivers Betting Info

As mentioned already, BetRivers offers in depth information about upcoming events.

Learning more about a certain encounter is a simple click away, which can yield some really insightful information that can be factored into your betting.

BetRivers leads the way in terms offering detailed information, and is something that really sets them apart.

How to Bet with BetRivers


Login/Create a BetRivers Account

The first step in placing a bet with BetRivers is being logged into an account.

If you don’t yet have an account, you can learn how to create one here.

If you do have a BetRivers account, you’ll need to log in, which can be done by visiting the site, and entering your user name and password.


Find your Sport

Once you’ve logged into your BetRivers account, the next step in the process is to go ahead and choose your sport from the list of options available on the sportsbook.

You have the option to choose from 14 sporting disciplines on their platform.


Find your League and Event

Once you’ve established which sport you’d like to bet on, and found it, the next is to select the league you’d like to make your bets on.

Bet Rivers cover all the major leagues for sports that are covered in Canada.

Once you’ve found your league, go ahead and search for the event you want to bet on from the list of upcoming fixtures.


Choose your Odds

Once you’ve found your event, you’ll notice that there will be odds attached to the team names.

These represent the probabilities of outcomes occurring.

To choose your odds, simply click on the square that contains the numbers that represent the probability of the outcome you think will happen.


Enter your stake and Confirm

Once you’ve clicked the odds, your betslip will appear.

Your bet slip is a little like your betting receipt, and it is where you can enter your stake (the amount you are betting on the event).

Once you’ve gone ahead and entered your stake, you can complete the last step in the process, which is pressing on the confirmation button toward the bottom of the betslip.

BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers offer a decent sportsbook that plays host to odds and betting lines for the most popular sports in Canada, as well as a few more niched sports that Canadians may have never even heard of before.

The truth is, we have no issue when it comes to sportsbooks that don’t offer a ton of obscure sports. If they offer what Canadians are interested in, then that’s all that matters.

  • Below, you can find the sports that BetRivers prioritize most:

BetRivers NHL

Bet Rivers NHL

NHL is one of the sports prioritized on BetRivers, and for good reason, it’s one of the most popular sports for Canucks to bet on.

NHL betting is exceptionally easy to navigate to from the homepage, and when you click on the tab, a list of upcoming events will appear.

Each of the events that do appear have money lines, puck lines, as well as totals bets to choose from, but for those of you who want more, you can get more options by clicking on one of the teams involved in the encounter.

BetRivers offer close to 300 different betting lines for NHL events - everything from regular money lines, to goal scorers, periods, and player points.

NHL odds are really good, and betting tips and stats are provided for all events. You can even enjoy live streaming for the NHL - what more could a hockey fan want?!

Best NHL Bets with BetRivers

Money Lines

BetRivers offer high value money lines for the NHL.

There’s no going wrong with a money line, as it tends to be the standard way to bet.

Money lines are always interesting, and with BetRivers' money lines on the NHL, you have options - you can either bet on a regular time money line (3 way), or you have the option of betting on the winner including OT and shootout.

We recommend watching out for regular time vs. OT and Shootout, because sometimes, you can have a feeling that a team will win, but you may feel like they’ll win after full time, so in that case, it would be important to go for that option.

Game Combos

Game combos are kind of like pre decided same game parlays.

You have the option to choose from a number of combos, that include the matchwinner, as well as a totals bet. Both of the outcomes are given a single set of odds, and you’d need both outcomes to occur in order to win your bet.

We can’t think of a better way to up the stakes than by increasing the risk, and ofcourse the reward!

Goal Scorer

We love the goal scorer line.

Partly because it’s so unpredictable, but also partly because you can track player form, and whether or not a particular player has a history of scoring against the team they’ll be playing against.

This bet type is split even further, into whether the player you think will score first, last, or if they’ll score at all.

Pretty great if you ask us!

Player Multi Goals

With this bet type, you can choose whether you think a player will score at least two goals.

The player’s name is listed, as well as the odds provided for them scoring a minimum of two goals.

You can simply select the odds to make your pick, and then enter your stake and confirm your bet to complete the process.

This is a great way to make every goal that’s scored a little more fun!


Periods are great way to access more general bet types for specific times in a particular game.

For example you could bet on money lines or totals for the first period alone, and so on.

This could be super valuable for if you know a specific team usually starts strong, and tends to score goals in the first period, and so on.

BetRivers NFL

Bet Rivers NFL

Another one of the more popular sports in the great white north, American football is also well offered by BetRivers,

Another sporting discipline that is easy to navigate to, the American football tab can be easily found from the homepage, and you’ll notice that some NFL events are featured in the highlights section of the page.

When you arrive on the NFL betting tab, you can see the events that will be coming up soon, as well as the popular betting lines you can bet on for these upcoming events.

You also have the option to bet on futures, so those of you with a knack for longer term predictions are well taken care of.

There are plenty of NFL bets available on BetRivers, including everything from money lines, to totals, and far more.

You’re also given detailed statistics and betting tips when you get to the NFL section, which again can be super helpful in your betting strategy.

Ben’s Top NFL Bets with BetRivers
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

I love a bet on the NFL, and after testing out BetRivers, I can confidently say that these bet types stand out on their platform:

  • Money lines

  • Totals

  • Props

  • Futures

BetRivers NBA

Bet Rivers NBA

BetRivers prioritise NBA betting more than a lot of the other sports they offer on their sportsbook.

The NBA tab is super easy to access from the homepage, and once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll see each of the upcoming events that will be taking place in the near future.

Once you’ve clicked NBA and can see the upcoming events, you’ll also have the option of viewing odds for spreads, 2 way money lines, and total points.

If you click on one of the teams, you’ll be redirected to the tab in which you can find even more betting lines - more than 90 bet types for a certain game.

Bet Rivers offer everything from 3 way money lines, to points spreads, where you’re able to use a toggle to adjust the spread you’re looking to bet on.

You can also use a toggle for total points, and you can also bet on game combos, and results at the end of certain quarters.

When you’re on the points spread bet type, you can also click on the “show list” button, which will allow you to view a range of alternative lines.

If there’s one site that prioritises the NBA, and basketball in general, it’s BetRivers.

Alex’s favorite NBA Bet Types
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

I love a bet on basketball, with the NBA in particular, and these bet types were those that stood out for me on BetRivers:

  • Points Spreads - I always love using the toggle

  • Game Combos

  • Money Line

  • Alternate Lines

BetRivers UFC

Bet Rivers UFC

BetRivers also offer some good odds for the UFC, but it’s clear that mixed martial arts isn’t as much of a priority to them as NHL, NFL and NBA.

That being said, you can still place money line bets on who will win a particular fight, and you can take a look at a bunch of meaningful stats that can help you make your decisions.

Bet Rivers UFC Betting

What’s more is that once you’ve signed up with BetRivers, you’re able to see the UFC fight center. This feature acts as a hub that doubles as both a sports betting product, and a content hub.

While we feel that BetRivers could perhaps offer a little more in terms of bet types, their offering of UFC is more than adequate, and will keep fans of betting on the sport happy.

BetRivers Soccer

Bet Rivers Soccer

BetRivers offers an extensive range of soccer leagues and events to bet on, which makes a lot of sense considering it is one of the most wagered on sports in the world.

You’re able to bet on major leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A, as well as the up and coming MLS.

The soccer betting tab can be accessed easiest from the column to the left on desktop, or by clicking on the menu icon in the top left hand corner.

BetRivers can offer up to more than 300 different bet types on particular events, which is pretty impressive.

When you’ve selected a league, you’ll be presented with the upcoming fixtures, as well as some of the main bet types for soccer.

One area we feel BetRivers could improve is in how they display their soccer betting odds. The odds are displayed in quite a confusing way, and could benefit from a bit of a simplification.

Best Soccer Bet Types on BetRivers

🤑 3 Way Money Line

3 way money lines are probably the most common bets to make on soccer, and BetRivers offer great value.

You’re essentially betting on who would win the encounter or whether the encounter would end in a draw after 90 minutes.

Keep in mind that the 90 minute rule can be sneaky. If the team you’ve bet on to win scores the decider in the 93rd minute, you’ll lose your bet, because the goal wasn’t scored within "full time".

🏟️ Totals

BetRivers also offers the toggle feature for totals, allowing you to see how the odds change based on your selection.

With total goals, you’re betting on whether there will be more than a certain number of goals in the game, and not just scored by a particular team.

BetRivers makes betting on totals interactive and fun, and that’s why this is a top bet type that they offer.

⚽ Both Team to Score

BetRivers also offer great odds for the “both teams to score” bet types.

If you know that the teams that will be competing in the event you want to bet on are high scorers, you can choose whether or not both teams will score.

This bet type can yield great results, and can make matchups more enjoyable!

BetRivers Features

While BetRivers aren’t quite known for their slick features like Pointsbet for example, they do offer exceptionally insightful tools to improve your betting experience.

For one, we haven’t seen a sportsbook offer as much in terms of statistics, but what’s more is that BetRivers is committed to giving you better chances of winning by including expert betting tips.

Below, we’ve listed some of the features that can be found on BetRivers that stood out for us.

BetRivers Top Features

🗣️ Betting Tips

You’ll do well to find other sportsbooks that offer betting tips as part of their platform.

BetRivers betting tips are based on facts derived from past encounters, and league standings, which make them trustworthy and worth looking into.

Betting tips can be hard to get right, so always keep in mind that your gut feel is the most important when choosing a selection.

📊 In Depth Statistics

We've said it before on this review, and we’ll say it again, BetRivers do a great job of offering very in-depth and insightful statistics.

Head to head stats can yield great insights into how teams have performed against each other, but BetRivers don’t stop there; you can expect to find league standings and performance, as well as injured players, and much more!

🏠 House Specials

Who doesn’t love a little special from time to time?

BetRivers offer a specific bet that involves three bet types, that they attach really good odds to.

All you need to do to access this is click on house specials from the homepage, and click on the odds to place this special bet.

📰 News Feed (real money winners)

BetRivers lists all the users that have recently won a bet, or pick, which is a great way to inspire trust, and show users that those that bet with BetRivers do indeed see winnings.

Hell, one day you may even see your own name floating around on the list.

📺 Streaming

Offering streaming is a big deal, and while BetRivers largely offer streaming for more niched sports, they also offer streaming for the NHL.

Live streaming is one of the best tools that can help inform a betting strategy, and the fact that they offer streaming for one of the biggest sports in Canada speaks volumes.

Simply sign up, and make sure you’re logged in to access this great feature!

BetRivers Live Betting

BetRivers offer a sophisticated live betting platform that would keep the most dedicated live bettors happy.

As you enter the live betting section, which is appropriately mentioned “live” on the site, you’ll be met with a number of events that have been highlighted, which can be viewed towards the top end of the page.

The live betting section looks a lot like the regular homepage, but as soon as you click on a particular event, you’ll notice that there’s plenty more to catch your attention.

Bet Rivers Live Betting Mock Up

You have a number of selected betting lines (on BetRivers they’re called markets), where you can choose odds, and to the right of the screen, you’ll notice a virtual representation of the event taking place.

Beneath that, you’ll be able to notice head to head statistics, which can provide plenty of insights.

  • Below you can find all the live betting features available with BetRivers:

Live Betting Features on BetRivers

♻️ Fluctuating Odds

BetRivers fluctuating odds are clearly visible when betting live.

You can see prices increasing and decreasing in real time, with changes being signaled by green and red arrows appearing next to changing odds.

This is a great way to get an understanding as to how the game is rolling out, and how BetRivers is reacting to certain happenings in the event.

📺 Live Streaming

As has already been mentioned, BetRivers provides live streaming for more niched sports, and also offers live streaming for the NHL.

Streaming is a great tool that bettors can benefit considerably from, especially when being offered for a sport as big as Hockey.

🏟️ Virtual Feeds

BetRivers offer some of the best looking virtual feeds in the business, that can accurately give you insights into what’s going down in the game without you having to watch it.

Balls or pucks are clearly marked, and you’re able to easily see whether or not an attack is dangerous when it comes to ice hockey, soccer, or football.

A real nifty feature if you ask us!

📊 In Game Stats

One of BetRivers biggest strength is the stats that they have on offer.

Above the head to head stats that are offered as part of the platform, you can also take a closer look at what’s going on in the game by taking a look at the general games stats.

🤑 Buy Out

Buy out is the name BetRivers have given to their cash out function.

BetRivers are known for offering fair cash out options, which can in turn ensure that you can achieve longevity while placing live bets, or pre game bets with them.

BetRivers App

BetRivers offer an app that’s available to both android and iOS users, which can either be downloaded on the app store on iOS, or on the play store for Android users.

Betrivers app store

The downside however, is that the BetRivers app simply can’t compete with some of the other apps that are available out there.

Their app is pretty slow, and the interface doesn’t feel as optimized for mobile users as some of the others in the market.

With that being said, you can check out how to download the BetRivers app on iOS or Android in the dropdowns below:

How to Download BetRivers Apps

🍏 How to Download the BetRivers App on iOS

  1. Vist BetRivers

  2. Create an Account

  3. Make a Deposit and Receive your Bonus

  4. Go to the App store

  5. Search for BetRivers app

  6. Download from the App Store

👾 How to Download the BetRivers App on Android

  1. Vist BetRivers

  2. Create an Account

  3. Make a Deposit and Recieve your Bonus

  4. Go to the Play store

  5. Search for BetRivers app

  6. Download from the Play Store

BetRivers review

Why BetRivers?

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