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BetVictor Pick 6 ultimate guide (£1000 jackpot)

Mar 11, 2022

Win a grand with BetVictor’s free-to-play football prediction game!

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BetVictor Pick 6 - Free-to-play game

BetVictor Pick 6 is a recently launched free-to-play game that any punter with a verified BetVictor account can play.

A £1000 jackpot can be won for answering six questions correctly.

Loads of online bookies have free-to-play football prediction games these days, but BetVictor Pick 6 is a little more nuanced than most:

Each of the six questions is worth a set amount of points, and the points available for each of the multiple choice answers is based on the likelihood of that outcome occurring.

The overall winner doesn’t necessarily have to get all six questions correct - they just have to get the most points in total for the answers they do get right.

How to play BetVictor Pick 6

Log in to your BetVictor account

If you don’t already have an account, then you can take advantage of a fantastic free bets sign up offer by joining BetVictor via My Betting Sites today.

Bet Victor Pick 6 Step 1
Navigate to Pick 6

Find the Pick 6 game via the link in the main navigation menu or via one of the numerous Pick6 banners that display across the site.

Bet Victor Pick 6 Step 2
Choose a username

Your Pick 6 username will be displayed on the leaderboard.

Bet Victor Pick 6 Step 3
Make your picks

Six Premier League or Champions League matches will be featured in each round. Select an answer to each of the six multiple-choice questions.

Bet Victor Pick 6 Step 4
Answer the tie-break

Answer the tie-break question, which will come into play if two or more players obtain the same number of points after the six questions.

Bet Victor Pick 6 Step 5
Edit your picks (optional)

You can change your answers right up until kick-off in each match. Each question is worth a set number of points, with the points available for each possible answer based on the corresponding odds of that event occurring (the greater the odds for your pick, the more points you’ll receive for getting it correct).

Bet Victor Pick 6 Step 6
Follow the action

If you're happy with your picks, sit back and relax! If you want to actively manage your entry, keep a close eye on the leaderboard and amend your remaining answers accordingly.

If you win, your prize will be credited within 24 hours of the final game finishing.

Bet Victor Pick 6 Step 7

BetVictor Pick 6 strategy

With most free-to-play football prediction games, the winner is simply the player that gets all of the questions correct. If more than one player achieves this, then a tie-break question settles matters.

The BetVictor Pick 6 points system brings an extra level of complexity (and opportunity!) to the free-to-play prediction game.

The winner of BetVictor Pick 6 is the player with the most points from six questions.

BetVictor Pick 6 Points

The points for each answer are 10x the decimal odds BetVictor are offering for that outcome on their sportsbook. Let's look at this recent Pick 6 question as an example:

Watford - Arsenal: Who will win this match?

BetVictor Sportsbook odds
BetVictor Pick 6 points










If a player answers all six questions correctly, then the points are not particularly important as it’s not possible to achieve a higher score if you get five questions or fewer correct in that round.

If more than one player achieves the same top score, a tie-break question will decide the £1000 jackpot winner. All other top-scorers for that round will bag a £20 free bet consolation prize. However:

It starts to get very interesting if no single player gets all six questions correct!

For example, let's suppose that player 1 gets five of the six questions correct and player 2 only gets three of the six questions correct.

It’s perfectly possible for player 2 to win the £1000 jackpot ahead of player 1 despite answering fewer questions correctly if they get more points for their correct answers (by selecting answers that are less likely to occur):

Pick 6 question
Player 1 points
Player 2 points






















You can see that by correctly predicting an unlikely outcome in question 2 (in this case, a goalless draw), player 2 has racked up way more points than player 1 despite not getting as many answers correct.

The ability to amend your answers as the round progresses is also key.

For example, if after three of the six matches, you are a long way behind the leading points scorer, it is worth changing your selections in the remaining games to outcomes that are less likely and therefore worth more points.

On the other hand, if you’re right up at the top of the leaderboard after the first few matches have finished, you might want to switch remaining answers to safer selections to try and ‘protect’ your position at the top.

BetVictor Pick 6 tips

  • For the best chance of winning a prize, pick the most likely outcome for each question (if you get all six correct but lose the tie-break, you’ll still win a £20 free bet).

  • For the best chance of winning the jackpot outright, it's worth risking at least one answer on an unlikely outcome, as you’ll gain a significant number of points if correct.

  • Remember to track your selections as the round progresses. You can change each selection right up until kick off in that match: That means you can check your position in the leaderboard during the round and amend your remaining selections to protect or improve your position.

  • The tie-break question is always the time of the first goal in the final match in that round. The average time of the first goal over the last five Premier League seasons is around the 30-minute mark.

BetVictor Sign Up Offer

Bet £10 Get £40

BetVictor is a classic UK online bookie. The range of betting options is first class, especially on football and horse racing, and the sign up offer is very generous.

18+ New customers only. Opt in, bet £10  on any football market at minimum 1/1 odds. No cash out. Get £40 in Free Bets on selected events. Free Bets expire in 7 days. Debit card / Apple Pay payments only. T&Cs apply, see below. | Please gamble responsibly

BetVictor Pick 6 FAQs

How do I qualify to play BetVictor Pick 6?

Any UK punter with a verified BetVictor account can play Pick 6 for free.

If you don’t already have a BetVictor account, then sign up via My Betting Sites today and bag yourself a tidy sign up bonus.

What is the BetVictor Pick 6 top prize?

The top prize for the BetVictor Pick 6 is £1000. If multiple players finish with the same number of points, the jackpot winner will be determined by a tie-break question. Players that lose the tie-break will still get a £20 free bet!

How many points is each BetVictor Pick 6 answer worth?

The points available for each answer in BetVictor Pick 6 are based on the odds for that outcome (i.e. the likelihood of it occurring). For example, you’ll get more points for correctly predicting an underdog to win, or for selecting zero goals in the match.

Can I change my picks once I have made them?

Yes - you can edit your picks right up until kick off in that match. Based on where you are in the leaderboard for that round, you might want to edit your remaining picks to either defend your top spot with safer picks or try to climb the rankings by picking an answer that’s worth lots of points.

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