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Bet365 account restricted: Why this happens & what you can do

15 December 2022

Find out the reasons why bet365 restricts and suspends some betting accounts and what the solutions are if this happens to you.

Bet365 account restricted

Why is your your Bet365 account restricted?

There are several reasons why your bet365 account may be restricted, including engaging in activities that violate bet365's terms of service, unusual activity being detected on your account, or you having self-excluded.

This article will cover some common causes of bet365 account restrictions, the difference between restrictions and suspensions, as well as what you should do if your bet365 account is restricted.

Why is my bet365 account restricted?

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Bet365 accounts can be restricted for various reasons, including the exploitation of bonuses and promotions (such as through matched betting or arbitrage), atypical betting behavior, and voluntary self-exclusion. These reasons are typically consistent with the account restriction policies of other leading UK betting websites.

Abusing free bets and promotions

All betting offers or promotions advertised by bet365 come with a lengthy list of terms and conditions. If your activity is found to breach any of these terms, you may end up with a restricted or suspended account.

One example of bonus or promotion abuse is setting up multiple accounts using different identities in an attempt to claim bonuses multiple times.

Matched betting

Matched betting is where punters place bets across multiple betting sites simultaneously to create an overall position in a market that is guaranteed to make profit.

Another word for this is arbitrage and it is frowned upon by online bookmakers. It is considered to be bonus abuse if bettors use sign up bonuses and other promotions to create arbitrage opportunities.

Unusual activity

Unusual betting activity is a broad term that covers anything that differs from your regular patterns of betting on a bet365 account.

For example, say you sign up at bet365 because it's one of the best football betting sites there is, and you place a £10 acca each week on the Saturday afternoon football fixtures. If you suddenly start regularly winning £200 odds-on wagers on table tennis in-play points markets, you can expect your account to be flagged at the very least.

You can also get caught in this net if a tipster your follow posts a tip on an obscure market - if a large number of people suddenly place a significant amount of money on this obscure market, it’s easy for bet365 to identify that they are part of the same group.

Self exclusion

If you have self excluded from online sports betting, you will not be able to access your bet365 account.

Does bet365 close winning accounts?

The truth is, the overwhelming majority of online bookmakers will close winning accounts eventually - including bet365.

Sports betting operators are businesses and they don’t make a profit if everyone wins. Some bookmakers are quicker to halt serial winners than others.

There’s (understandably) not a huge amount of publicly available information on bet365 regarding their policy on restricting or suspending winners’ accounts.

However, we’ve dug around and we think it’s fair to say that bet365 don’t limit winning accounts more aggressively than any other leading bookmaker.

Restricted? Limited? Suspended?

Different penalties can be applied to your bet365 account depending on the nature of the activity on your account.

Punters who win a lot of money in a short period of time, for example, may find that their account is limited (but not restricted/suspended). You can still place bets using a limited bet365 account, but your maximum stake or potential winnings will be capped at a low level.

An account can be restricted or suspended for a number of reasons (as explained in more detail above) including abusing promotions or unusual betting patterns as well as self-exclusion.

What to do if your bet365 account is restricted

The best thing to do if your bet365 account is restricted is to get in touch with bet365 and try to find out the reason for this action.

After all, mistakes happen and the restriction on your account may well have been placed in error.

Best ways to contact bet365

You can email bet365’s customer service division, but we find that the live chat service is the best way to get in touch with someone.

We regularly use bet365’s live chat to ask about features on their site, to get clarification on the rules of a specific promotion, or to get answers to account related questions.

Each time, we have found the live chat support staff to be helpful and responsive.

Can you remove restrictions on a bet365 account?

The only situations where restrictions on a bet365 account might be removed are

  • If they have been placed in error, or

  • They have been put in place because bet365 was unable to verify your identity details but documentation has now been received.

If your restriction is in place as a result of a self-exclusion action, you will not be able to remove this after the fact. Please gamble responsibly.

If your restriction is in place as a result of bet365 determining that you have engaged in suspicious or unusual activity, or activity that has breached their terms and conditions, it is unlikely that this penalty will be lifted.

Can you make another bet365 account?

It’s not possible to create a second bet365 account using the same details as were used on to set up an existing account.

Even if you use a different email address or payment method, you are eventually required to provide bet365 with sufficient ID documentation, at which point it will be clear that this account is linked to an existing one.

We have heard about people trying to get around this by, for example, asking a family member or friend to set up an account which they then use to place bets themselves. This would be a clear violation of bet365’s terms of use and is simply not worth doing.

Your best bet is to find an alternative sports betting site:

Bet365 alternatives

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BetUK is our favourite bet365 alternative. It has a big free bet welcome offer, a huge range of markets, fantastic mobile optimization (including dedicated iOS and Android apps and 24/7 live chat support.

For more bet365 alternatives, you can check out the article below:

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Bet365 account restricted - summary

Bet365 accounts can be restricted or suspended due to bonus abuse, unusual betting activity or because players have self excluded.

If your account is restricted or suspended, the best course of action is to contact bet365 via live chat, or find a bet365 alternative.

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