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Sportingbet Live → Your Guide to Everything Sportingbet LIVE!

5 August 2021

Sportinbet’s live offering is truly one of the best in South Africa. When it comes to live betting, which is made so much better by live streaming, you’d do well to find a bookmaker that offers more than Sportingbet Live. Read on to find out more!

If you’ve caught wind of Sportingbet live, you may not yet know that they are the best live betting site in the country. They are also one of only two betting sites in SA to offer live streaming.

Sportingbet Live has it all. Live betting, live streaming, and some of the best live features in SA!
Sport bonus:

Up to R3000 Deposit Match
+ 300 Free Spins

Turnover: 10x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.7 Bonus code: No code

Not sure how to get started with live betting or live streaming? We have you covered!

  • Take a look at the quick guide to get you up and running!
Sportingbet Live
Live Betting 👨‍💻️Live Streaming 📺

1️⃣ Visit Sportingbet

1️⃣ Visit Sportingbet
2️⃣ Click on Live Betting2️⃣ Click on Live Betting
3️⃣ Find Your Sport3️⃣ Click on Live Streaming
4️⃣ Choose Your Event4️⃣ Choose an Event
5️⃣ Make a Bet5️⃣ Make a Bet
Learn More

Learn More

Sportingbet Live Betting and Streaming

Live Streaming and Live Betting on Sportingbet!

The above was simply a taste as to what is out there in terms of Sportingbet Live. There is plenty to discuss and learn when it comes to this topic, and is precisely why we have dedicated a full article covering Sportingbet Live.

If you’d like to find out more, click on the dropdown below, and jump straight to a sub topic that interests you!
Table of Contents
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

Below you can find some of the topics that we have covered in depth to present you your very own all inclusive guide into the world of Sportingbet Live:

Sportingbet Live FAQs

Why Use Sportingbet Live

What you need for Sportingbet Live

How to get started with Sportingbet Live

Sportingbet Live Betting

Sportingbet Live Streaming

How does Sportingbet Live compare to others?

Sporting Live on Mobile

Sportingbet Live on the App

Sportingbet Live FAQs

🤔 What is Sportingbet Live?

While technically Sportingbet live is not a tab or feature of their site, Sportingbet live can be used as a term to group all of their live offerings together.

For example, Sportingbet live can refer to their offering of live betting (which is the best in the country), their live streaming features, as well as that they provide in terms of live casino games.

As far as live offerings go, no one quite offers the quality that Sportingbet does, making them an outstanding live site for betting and gaming.

💻 What do I need to use Sportingbet Live?

There are a couple of things that are required for you to possess in order to use Sportingbet live.

First off (and not quite a possession), you need to be over 18. Gambling as a minor is illegal, and will lead to you facing some form of punishment such as a fine, or worse.

If you’re over 18, you’ll need a device, such as a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet. Aside from that you’ll need a stable internet connection, as well as a Sportingbet account.

🏦 Is Sportingbet Live Free?

Sportingbet live is technically free to access, however in order to place any bets, you will need to have made a deposit.

While you will be able to visit each of the Sportingbet live tabs without any money in your account, you won’t be able to place any bets.

So technically, while it’s free to look at, it kind of costs money to use.

Is there a Sportingbet Live Bonus?

Sportingbet offers one of the more generous deposit bonuses in the country. When you create an account, you will be rewarded with 100% of your deposit (up to R2000) in bet credits.

There however, is not a bonus that is available for when you start live betting or live streaming.

The bonus is exclusively offered to users who are creating an account for the first time.

❓ Does Sportingbet offer live betting?

One of the reasons Sportingbet live is as popular as it is, is due to the fact that Sportingbet’s live betting platform is simply the best on the South African market. So yes, they do indeed offer live betting.

They offer some of the best live betting features, including cash out and edit bets, and have some of the better odds in South Africa.

What’s more is that their interface is simply the most optimised to live betting, making them stand above the rest when it comes to this feature.

📡 Does Sportingbet offer live streaming?

Sportingbet do indeed offer live streaming, and are one of only two betting sites in the country to do so.

They offer live streaming for soccer, basketball, tennis, table tennis, ice hockey, and a few other sports.

In order to access Sportingbet’s live streaming tab, you need to have an account, and you need to be signed into that account.

📺 How do I use Sportingbet Live Streaming?

In order to use Sportingbet’s live streaming service, you need to create an account with them. Once you have an account, you need to log into that account, and click on the live betting tab. Once that has been done, you will be able to access a live streaming tab.

Once you click on the live streaming tab, you will be able to access all of the sports that are being covered by Sportingbet’s live streaming. You can then use the footage of the game to inform your betting strategy.

No paying for the service required!

🎰 Do Sportingbet have live casino games?

Sportingbet do indeed have a long list of live casino games that are offered as part of their impressive platform.

Some of the most popular ones you can find include:

  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Lightning Dice
  • Crazy Time
  • Megaball
  • Casino Malta Roulette
  • Free Bet Blackjack

Why Use Sportingbet Live

Up to R3000 Deposit Match
+ 300 Free Spins

Using any one of Sportingbet Live’s offerings comes with a ton of benefits attached to it. From an amazing user experience, to live streaming, to some of the better live betting odds in the game.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider using Sportingbet Live:

✅ Best Live Betting Site in South Africa

✅ Live streaming (one of only 2 sites in SA to offer this)

✅ Best user experience for live betting

✅ Great range of live casino games

✅ Great live betting features like edit bets and cashout

These are just some of the major reasons you should consider using Sportingbet live. More reasons will be discussed in greater detail later on in this page.

Sportingbet Live Streaming Mock Up

What you need to Use Sportingbet Live

As with starting most things, you need a couple of things to get started with Sportingbet live. The truth however, is that if you’ve found yourself on this page, you more than likely have all that you need to get started.

Getting started with Sportingbet live and all the features involved is easy as pie!
Sportingbet Live Things you need

Aside from a device, a stable internet connection, and a Sportingbet account, there’s not much else you’ll need to get up and running!

  • Take a look at the list below to get better acquainted with the things you need to get start with Sportingbet Live:

Sportingbet Live Prerequisites

🔞 You need to be 18+

If you want to access Sportingbet Live, as well as any other betting site in South Africa (as well as the world), you’ll need to be over the age of 18.

It is illegal for minors (people under the age of 18) to gamble in South Africa, and this is a law that is upheld almost everywhere.

If you are younger than 18, and falsify your information, Sportingbet will block you.

We recommend coming back to this site once you’ve reached 18 years of age. If however you’re older than 18, read on!

💻 You need to have a device

This may seem like a fairly straight forward addition, but in order to access Sportingbet, and all their live offerings, you’ll need to have a device.

A PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone will do the trick.

We also like to encourage only using personal devices for when you bet, because you won’t want others to access your account if you mistakenly save your password on another person’s device.

🌐 You need to have internet access

If you’re looking to use Sportingbet Live, you will need to have access to the internet, and what’s more, the connection needs to be pretty solid.

Live betting and live streaming relies on a strong internet connection, making this factor crucial if you’re looking to engage with Sportingbet’s live platform.

If you’re on mobile, a positive data balance would do, but if you’re on your laptop, tablet, or PC, a strong wifi connection would be optimal.

👤 You need to have a Sportingbet Account

While you may be able to watch odds fluctuate on Sportingbet’s live betting platform without an account, you won’t be able to actually place any bets without having completed the Sportingbet Sign Up process.

What’s more, is that you won’t be able to access Sportingbet’s live streaming if you have not registered an account.

Needless to say, you’ll without a doubt need a Sportingbet account in order to access all that comes with Sportingbet Live.

📕 You need to have some knowledge of betting and sports

Getting started with live betting is already a challenge. It is not recommended if you’re a total newbie. However, in the absence of at least some sports knowledge, live betting can be far too much.

If you’re totally new to sports betting, we recommend that you study and get to know the sport/s you’re interested in betting on. From there, place a couple pre match bets, and get comfortable with making bets online.

From there, you can venture into the wild world of live betting.

How to Sign Up with Sportingbet
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

As has been mentioned in the list of things you need to start using Sportingbet Live, you will need an account with the bookmaker.

Not to worry however, as the process is very simple to complete.

All you need to is:

  1. Visit Sportingbet
  2. Click on Register
  3. Enter your Details
  4. Click on "Create My Account"

And that's it! Your Sportingbet account will be up and running!

How to get started with Sportingbet Live

Now you know some of the perks of using Sportingbet live. You also know about the things you need to get started. As a result, we thought we’d dedicate a section on to how to get started, in order to help ease you into using Sportingbet Live.

In all honesty, all that’s required is a Sportingbet account to access Sportingbet Live. The rest is just a matter of clicking buttons. You may however, have a few questions.

That’s where we come in, we’ll show you exactly how to use this awesome feature!

Sportingbet Live Guide
  • Take a look at the steps below to learn how to get started with Sportingbet Live

Get Started with Sportingbet Live

👤 Create a Sportingbet Account

The first thing you need to do in order to get started in your Sportingbet Live journey is to create an account with Sportingbet.

Without doing so, you won’t be able to place any live bets, nor will you be able to view any live streaming.

We’ve come up with a guide on how to complete this process, which can be found here.

💸 Make a Deposit

Once you’ve created your Sportingbet account, you need to make a deposit with them.

You can do so by using one of the following deposit methods:

  1. Ozow
  2. Visa
  3. Mastercard
  4. Fast Bank Transfer
  5. 1Voucher
  6. Promo Code

💰 Claim your Welcome Bonus

Immediately after you’ve made your initial deposit, you will be able to claim your welcome bonus.

Sportingbet offers a 100% up to R2000 bonus to all users who create an account for the first time, and make an initial deposit.

This is one of the higher bonus amounts you can recieve in South Africa, making Sportingbet’s bonus impossible to ignore.

👨‍💻️ Visit the Live Betting Tab

Once you’ve followed each of the preceding steps, you will be able to access the live betting tab, and start looking into how to place bets, and how to access the live streaming service.

Sportingbet Live Betting

Now that you know how to get started with Sportingbet Live and all the platform has to offer, you may be interested in finding out a bit more as to how exactly you use the two major individual live offerings that are made available by Sportingbet.

Starting with live betting, we’ll show you just how to place a live bet, some things to consider, and which features you can utilise when engaging in this form of betting.

We’ll provide you all that you need, so that you’re well equipped to start Live Betting!
Dedicated to sportingbet live betting
  • Take a look at the steps below to equip yourself with the tools needed to start live betting with Sportingbet.

Sportingbet Live Betting Guide

👤 Step 1: Login to your Sportingbet Account

Once you’ve created your Sportingbet account, and have gone through with the process of making a deposit and claiming your bonus, you may want to take a quick look around and then perhaps logout.

Once you feel the desire to get into some live betting, simply log back into your account, using the email you entered when creating your account, and the password you developed when registering.

It’s that simple!

🤳 Step 2: Click on Live Betting

Once you’ve logged back into your account, and are keen to start checking out Sportingbet live, simply click on the live betting tab.

This can be found next to the “Sports” tab on desktop, and is the first tab on the top row of options on mobile.

Once you’ve clicked this, you will be transported to all the Sportingbet Live options.

🏟️ Step 3: Select the Sport you want to Bet on

Since not every sporting event that Sportingbet offers is being played at once, only a handful are available at a time to bet live on.

What’s more, is that there are a handful of sports that are truly prioritised for live betting, and have events going on that can be found available almost always.

These tend to be:

  1. Soccer
  2. Tennis
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Basketball
  5. Ice Hockey
  • And a few more!

☑️ Step 4: Select your event

Once you’ve found the sport you’re interested in live betting on, you’ll need to check the events that are currently being covered by the live betting platform.

A good method to ensure that you can in fact bet on the events that you want to, is to do some research and check when they’ll be getting underway.

So for example, if you’re wanting to bet live on an upcoming game between Man City and Everton, you can set an alarm for when the game starts, and head over to Sportingbet and place a couple live bets on some of the outcomes of the event.

🎲 Step 5: Choose a Bet

Once you’ve found your event, the next move is to choose a bet from all the markets that are available.

Why we’ve added this as an important is due to the fact that certain other markets, aside from the match result, become really interesting when you start betting live.

You can always include a match result bet, but bets like the next goal in soccer, or the team with the most fours in cricket can become especially exciting while you bet on the game as it unfolds.

💯 Step 6: Select the Odds

Once you have a good idea of which event/s you would like to bet on, and are clear as to which markets you would like to bet on, the next step is to go ahead and choose the odds that represent the outcome you think will come to fruition.

This is simply done by clicking the odds that can be found next to the option that has been provided by Sportingbet Live.

💸 Step 7: Enter your stake

If you’re betting on a desktop, your bet slip will appear directly after you’ve made your selection.If however you’re on mobile, the bet slip will be loaded, but it will not appear. Rather, you will need to click on it to access it.

This shouldn’t be too hard, as once you’ve made your selection on mobile, your betslip will have a red notification-type icon to tell you that there is a new selection in your betslip.

When you open it up, you can enter the amount of money you would like to place on the selection you’ve chosen.

✅ Step 8: Confirm Your Bet

Once you’ve completed each of the preceding steps, you will be ready to simply click the confirmation toward the bottom of the bet slip, which will confirm your selection, and officially place your bet.

Live Betting Features
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

These are some of the live betting features that can make or break your live betting strategy:

  1. 💯 Sportingbet Live Odds (fluctuate as changes happen in the game)
  2. 📈 In game stats (via stats centre)
  3. 🏟️ Mini Virtual Feed (get a good idea of where the action is)
  4. 🛰️ Live streaming (to be covered next)
  5. 🤑 Cashout (settle your bets early)
  6. 📑 Edit Bets (change your bet based on where the game’s headed)
Roma Live Betting Sportingbet

Sportingbet Live Streaming

If you’re a seasoned live bettor, and you find yourself on this page, it’s most likely due to the fact that you’ve heard about Sportingbet’s live streaming feature. What catapults Sporting live into being the leader of the South African live betting elite is because they offer this feature (among others).

Live streaming truly changes the game when it comes to live betting!
Sportingbet live streaming ultimate tool

Live streaming can be greatly influenced when betting on events as they happen. It can be a huge source of actionable data, that when acted upon, can lead to great returns.

What’s more, is that Sportingbet live is totally free! All you need is an account, and to be logged into that account in order to access this unreal offering!

  • Click on the dropdown below to find out exactly what you need to do in order to access Sportingbet Live streaming!
How to Use Sportingbet Live Streaming
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

If you’d like to get involved with some live streaming, you can take a look at the steps below to see just exactly how it’s done.

  1. Log into your Sportingbet account
  2. Click on the live betting tab
  3. Click on Live Streaming
  4. Choose form one of the events
  5. A live stream of the action will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen

And that’s it, you’ll be able to live stream a range of sporting events for free!

How does Sportingbet Live compare to others?

In this section, we’ll discuss just how good Sportingbet live is, by pitting the platform against some of the other better live betting platforms in the country.

If you’re not yet convinced as to whether or not you should start using Sportingbet live, we’re sure that this section will convince you!

Sportingbet is the best live betting site in the country, and we’re about to show you why!
Live betting contest
  • Take a look at some of the top contenders below!

Sportingbet Live Betting Contenders

  1. 100% up to R1000
    as a Free Bet

  2. 100% up to R1000
    + R25 Free Sports Bet

  3. 100% up to R1000

We have set aside some parameters to measure which of these platforms offers the better live experience.

Let the showdown Begin!

Live Betting Ranking Factors
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

These are the factors we have ranked Sportingbet, as well as it's competitors, against to establish the best live offering in the country!

  1. 💯 Live Betting Odds - Which site offers better odds, and which odds are better visually
  2. 📈 In Game Statistics - which site offers more and better presented stats
  3. 📡 Live streaming - which site offers live streaming, and how many events
  4. 🤑 Cashout - which site offers cashout, and how good is the cashout feature
  5. 🏟️ Virtual Feeds - which site offers the best virtual feed for events
  6. 📑 Edit Bets - who offers this feature in the best way
  7. Live Betting Overall - the overall winner, given a score out of 6
  • *In each of these features, only one betting site can be awarded a point. This will be represented by a 1 in the respective column. If one of the betting sites loses the point, they will get a 0.

Sportingbet Live vs Betway Live

An almighty clash considering these two are the leading live betting sites in the country. Sportingbet Live vs. Betway Live. Two bookmakers with immense offerings, with their roots in Great Britain.

Both offer live streaming, and live betting suites that are absolutely top notch.
Sportingbet vs Betway
  • Click on the dropdown to see how they fare based on the criteria.
Sportingbet vs. Betway
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

💯 Live Betting Odds10
📈 In Game Statistics10
📺 Live streaming01
🤑 Cashout10
🏟️ Virtual Feeds01

📑 Edit Bets

Live Betting Overall



While Betway certainly put up a good fight, it’s Sportingbet that win this battle 4-2. Somewhat of statement considering Betway is the next best live betting site in the country.

  • An impressive victory to start off the live betting tournament!

Sportingbet Live vs Gbets Live

In the second battle, Sportingbet take on the incredibly impressive live platform that can be found on Gbets’ website. In this edition, we have a battle between the 2 betting sites in South Africa with the best user designs.

Sportingbet and Gbets have one thing in common - their user interfaces are both top quality!
Sportingbet vs Gbets
  • Click on the dropdown to see how they match up!
Sportingbet vs. Gbets
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein



💯 Live Betting Odds10
📈 In Game Statistics10
📺 Live streaming



🤑 Cashout10
🏟️ Virtual Feeds



📑 Edit Bets

Live Betting Overall



Another impressive victory for Sportingbet to show just how dominant a force they are when it comes to live betting.

  • That makes it two from two for Sportingbet!

Sportingbet Live vs Sunbet Live

Last but not least, comes Sunbet, the owners of another great live betting site.

The only issue that must be noted about Sunbet’s platform is the fact that it takes a little long to load, however other than that, it’s a great all round platform.

Keep reading to see how Sportingbet fares against Sunbet!
Sportingbet vs Sunbet
  • Click on the dropdown to take a look at how Sportingbet and Sunbet squared up against each other.
Sportingbet vs. Sunbet
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein



💯 Live Betting Odds10
📈 In Game Statistics10
📺 Live streaming



🤑 Cashout10
🏟️ Virtual Feeds



📑 Edit Bets

Live Betting Overall



While Sunbet certainly do offer a platform that’s impressive, it’s simply no match for what Sportingbet have to offer.

A clean sweep ends the discussion, and proves just how good of a platform Sportingbet live is!

Click on the button below to get started with Sportingbet right away!

Sportingbet Live on Mobile

Now that you have a better understanding as to how to use Sportingbet live, you might be keen to find out more about how to use this exciting platform on mobile. The truth is, mobile betting has taken South Africa by storm, with it now being the preferred method to wager.

Live betting on Mobile is amazing, and no one does it better than Sportingbet!
Sportingbet Live Betting on Mobile

What’s more is that these days, mobile betting sites are perfectly tailored to smartphone users, as they still offer all of the same features that full desktop sites have. What this alludes to is that Sportingbet live is not only available, but is offered in abundance on mobile.

  • Take a look at some of the awesome features that are also offered by Sportingbet Live on Mobile

Sportingbet Live Betting on Mobile

Sportingbet Live on the App

If you’re interested in downloading the app, there’s no doubt that you’ll be keen on knowing whether or not Sportingbet Live is available. We’re happy to tell you that yes, it indeed is, and is perfectly designed for use on a mobile phone.

The Sportingbet app is very similar to Sportingbet mobile in it’s offering.

You can enjoy both live betting, and live streaming, as well as all of the other features that come with Sportingbet live on both the Android and iOS versions of the Sportingbet app.

  • Take a look at the article inserted below to learn more about the Sportingbet App!

Learn More about the Sportingbet App

Sportingbet App - 7 Steps to Download on Mobile (Android & iOS)

12 July 2021

Interested in the Sportingbet app? Look no further! This article is dedicated to showing you each of the steps needed to complete the Sportingbet app download process, as well as ... Read more

Sportingbet Tennis Live Betting Mock Up

And that’s a wrap!

You now know all you need to know about Sportingbet Live, and you’re in the best position to go ahead and sign up with them and get started today!

Go ahead, we promise it’s worth it!
Sport bonus:

Up to R3000 Deposit Match
+ 300 Free Spins

Turnover: 10x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.7 Bonus code: No code

  • Is Sportingbet Live not the one for you? Take a look at these other premium live betting sites!

Best Alternative Live Betting Sites

  1. 100% up to R1000
    as a Free Bet

  2. 100% up to R1000
    + R25 Free Sports Bet

  3. 100% up to R1000

  4. Deposit Bonuses up to R5000
    + R50 Free Bet & 100 Free Spins