Cricket Betting Sites

Company Bonus Pros & ConsAction
Betway bonus
Betway bonus
100% up to R1000
as a Free Bet
Pros & Cons
Best cricket betting site in SA
Great coverage of international cricket
Awesome cricket betting odds
No cricket betting promotions
Fafabet bonus
Fafabet bonus
150% up to R5000
Pros & Cons
Good range of cricket bets year round
Bet on most fours, most sixes, and more
Good cricket betting odds
Cricket betting site can be hard to navigate
Gbets bonus
Gbets bonus
100% up to R1000
+ R25 Free Sports Bet
Pros & Cons
Awesome Cricket Betting Coverage
Cricket betting section is well laid out
Great Cricket Betting Odds
No Cricket Betting Promotions
Easybet bonus
Easybet bonus
R1000 First Bet Match
On Your First Euro 2024 Bet
Pros & Cons
Best in virtual cricket betting
Offers betting stats on cricket
Cricket live scores and more
Modest selection of cricket markets
100% up to R20 000
+ R50 Free Bet
Pros & Cons
Best Cricket Betting Odds
Most Cricket Betting Markets
Great Cricket Betting Coverage
No Cricket Betting Promotions
R25 in Free Bets
+ 50 Free Spins
Pros & Cons
One of SA’s favourite Cricket Betting Sites
Offers plenty of outright cricket betting
Offers great cricket bet builders
Limited Cricket Coverage

Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket Betting Sites tickled your fancy? We get the picture! Cricket betting is one of South Africa’s favourite pastimes.

The Proteas have become one of World Cricket’s consistent performers, making them increasingly exciting to bet on.

What’s more is that with leagues such as the Mzansi Super League, the star studded IPL, Australia’s Big Bash, and New Zealand’s Super Smash, there’s so much cricketing action to choose from.

Owlie cricket za

But the task of choosing which cricket betting sites to use can be a tall order.

Especially since the vast majority of bookmakers offer coverage of the sport… But that’s where we come in. We’ve put together a list of the very best online cricket betting sites in South Africa, as well as guides on how to choose them, and how to use them.

Interested in learning more? Click on one of the quick links in the table of contents, or get started with reading on!

Table of Contents

In this one stop shop into all things cricket betting and cricket betting sites, we’ve come up with a list of queries that we believe to be at the top of every cricket betting enthusiast’s list.

Take a look at the topics covered on this page in the list below:

Cricket Betting Sites

How to Choose Cricket Betting Sites

Our Top 3 Cricket Betting Sites

How to Start Cricket Betting

How to Bet on Cricket

Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket Betting Markets

Best Cricket Betting Events

Live Cricket Betting

More Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket Betting Pro Tips

So without further ado, let's dive right in!

FAQs about cricket betting sites in South Africa

Commonly asked questions surrounding betting on cricket in SA

🏏 What is Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting refers to the practice of wagering on a certain outcome to happen within a particular cricket game. Odds are attached to possible outcomes that are provided by cricket betting sites, and bettors win if they select the correct outcome that eventually unfolds.

Click here to learn more about cricket betting.

❓ How do I bet on Cricket?

Much like other forms of betting, cricket betting is done by selecting outcomes that you think will happen within a given cricket match.

These outcomes are provided by bookmakers, and have odds attached to them, which represent the likelihood of events happening, as well as the amount you stand to win.

Once you have made your selection (which is done by clicking on the outcome you think will occur) your bet slip will appear, where you are able to adjust the amount of money you would like to wager with.

Once this is done, there is a confirmation button found on the bottom of the betslip, and once clicked, your bet will be placed.

To learn more about how to bet on cricket, click here.

🥇 Which is the best cricket betting site?

That's a tricky question, as there is no one concrete answer. The answer to this depends on the your preference, and what is most important to you.

Each of the best cricket betting sites differs in what they offer, some offer the best odds, others offer the best range of markets, and some can offer the best betting options.

If you’re interested in the best range of markets, we recommend Betway, but if you’re looking for the best odds, we recommend Sportingbet. If betting options is what you find most important in a cricket betting site, then we suggest going with Betway.

💸 Can I make money betting on cricket?

You can indeed. Making money by betting simply involves winning a few bets. While it is possible to make money from betting, we don’t advise making betting a primary source of income. Rather keep it as a hobby.

If you are interested in getting more value for your bets, it's always a good idea to use a betting site with High Cricketing odds, like Betway.

💰 Can I get a welcome bonus from a cricket betting site?

All the cricket betting sites mentioned in this list offer new users a welcome bonus. The types of welcome bonus change amongst betting sites, but the most common forms of bonuses include free bets and first deposit bonuses.

To learn more about welcome bonuses, click here.

⚖️ Is cricket betting legal?

Cricket betting is legal provided that you have decided to bet with a licensed betting site. We recommend choosing one of the cricket betting sites from our list to go about your cricket betting legally.

To learn more about legal betting sites, click here.

📱 Which cricket betting app is the best?

That’s a tough one, but we’d have to say Betway. Their app is super user friendly, and is a pleasure to bet with.

🤔 Which cricket betting site offers the best odds?

The battle for which cricket betting site has the best odds is fiercely contested. The three front runners are Betway, World Sports Betting and Sunbet.

World Sports Betting offer the best odds but the margins are tight.

We recommend going with the three cricket betting sites we’ve mentioned here for betting with the best cricket odds.

How to Choose Cricket Betting Sites

The truth is, South African punters are spoiled for choice when it comes to the number of bookmakers that offer cricket. Cricket, along with rugby and soccer tends to be one of the most widely offered sports by betting sites.

This however, does not mean that each of these bookmakers can be considered cricket betting sites. Cricket betting sites are those that prioritise their offering of the sport.

They offer the best odds, markets, and the most leagues.

In order to guide you, we have drawn up a list of features that every cricket betting site worth its salt should offer.

What to Look For in Cricket Betting Sites

The following features are things that cricket betting sites tend to prioritise. You’ll know that you’ve found a top notch cricketing bookmaker if at least some of these features are offered in abundance:

  1. Cricket Betting Odds - Always go for the Best
  2. Cricket Betting Markets - Always go for the most
  3. Live Cricket Betting - Always look for the most features
  4. Coverage of Cricket Leagues - The more the merrier
  5. Welcome Bonus - Size and Wagering Requirements
  6. Cricket Betting Features - What’s there to boost my betting?
  7. Cricket Betting Promos - More chances to win big!
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

The truth however, is that these are simply the things that we look out for when choosing between cricket betting sites. These are our boxes that we feel need to be ticked, but your boxes may be very different.

We encourage every user coming to My Betting Sites to make their own decisions, by trying out and testing each betting site for themselves.

This is the exact method we have taken, and trust us, it’s powerful. No opinion is more important when it comes to cricket betting sites than your very own!

At the end of the day, the best cricket betting site is the one that works best for you!
Dooder south africa your opinion

Best Cricket Betting Site in South Africa Right Now

Betway - Best Cricket Betting Site in SA

Betway’s impressive platform manages to take the top spot as South Africa’s best cricket betting site.

If you think we’re being biased towards Betway, you can take a list of the factors below that prove that they are in fact the best.

  1. Some of the Best Cricket Betting Odds
  2. Best Cricket Betting Markets
  3. Great Cricket Betting features like bet builders and cashout
  4. Awesome coverage of cricket betting leagues
  5. Great cricket betting interface that’s easy to use

As you can see, Betway ticks more boxes than most could, and is why they are the first betting site we go to when betting on cricket.

Betway comes Highly Recommended ⭐

Visit Betway

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket. A game steeped in tradition, that has had no problem keeping up with the times. Today, cricket draws fans from around the world, who are ever eager to see the action unfold.

The sport has managed to adapt to what fans are out for. The purest form of the game lasts five days, and is a test of mental strength, as well as physical capability.

These days however, the ODI, and T20 formats have become the dominant forms of the sport.

These new formats have done one thing in particular. They have made the sport scintillating and an absolute dream to bet on. What’s deeply important however, is ensuring that you’re betting with a bookmaker that has prioritised cricket.

  • Take a look at the best cricket betting sites from the list below:

Top 6 Online Cricket Betting Sites For South Africans

  1. Betway → Best all round cricket betting site
  2. Fafabet → Bet on most fours, most sixes, etc
  3. Gbets → Best Cricket Betting Interface
  4. Easybet → Best Cricket Betting Promos
  5. World Sports Betting → Best Cricket Betting Odds
  6. Hollywoodbets → Offers Plenty of Outright Cricket Betting
England vs South Africa Test Cricket

Test Cricket is said to be the purest, most challenging form of the sport

What to look for in Cricket Betting Sites

If you’ve read some of this page, by now you should know that it takes more than simply offering cricket for a bookmaker to be considered a cricket betting site.

Whether a sportsbook can be considered a cricket betting site is fully determined by the extent to which they prioritise the sport.

Cricket betting sites tend to offer better odds, more markets, and more cricket betting coverage!
Which cricket betting sites are the best

We’ve compiled a list of features that we believe to be absolutely crucial to consider when thinking about cricket betting sites.


We need to let you know that no one betting site can offer each of the factors we are about to list in the best way. That’s part of the reason as to why we have outlined our top picks, to try and ease the load for you.

It’s important to choose the factors that are most important to you, and then sign up with the cricket betting site that best caters to your needs.

That is part of what our goal is on this page. To single out the most important factors, and then inform you of who offers these factors in the best way.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Things to look our for in Cricket Betting Sites

💯 Cricket Betting Odds

Arguably the most important facet of any cricket betting site is the odds they have to offer. To us however, odds aren’t the be all and all, but they are a huge factor to consider when choosing between bookmakers.

The best odds simply ensure that you have more to win, based on simply opting for a bookmaker who is offering you a better deal. That’s all!

Cricket Betting Sites with the Best Odds include:

📈 Cricket Betting Markets

Cricket betting markets are the next entry onto the list of things we feel to be crucial to consider when it comes to choosing bookmakers that prioritse cricket.

Since they determine just how much betting you can get after, it’s generally the sportsbooks that offer more markets that mean business.

Cricket is a rule laden game, which points to the fact that there is plenty that can happen within a cricketing event. Runs can be scored in a number of ways, wickets can be taken in a number of ways, and all in all, it’s anyone’s guess as to how things are going to play out.

Even the more certain events have their fair share of unmissable action.

Cricket Betting Sites with the Best Markets

💻 Live Cricket Betting

Cricket, much like a host of other sports, truly comes alive when you start placing live bets on the sport.

Live betting allows you to place bets in real time as the event is rolling out, and the bookmakers that offer more live betting features tend to stand out from amongst the rest.

Some of the best live cricket betting sites include:

  • Betway → Cashout, some live streaming
  • Sportingbet → Cash out, Edit Bets, some live streaming
  • Gbets → Cashout and edit bets
🏏 Coverage of Cricket Leagues

Coverage of cricketing leagues is another area that is crucial to consider when looking into which of the best cricket betting sites to choose. If you’re a die hard cricket fan, with an interest in betting on the sport, you will want as many options as possible.

The simple truth is that some cricket betting sites offer more leagues than others, and those that offer more, tend to be (in our book) better.

Cricket betting sites offering some of the most leagues:

  • Betway → Offering leagues from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India
  • World Sports Betting → offering leagues from Australia, England, India, SA, and international leagues
  • Supabets → Offering leagues from New Zealand, Australia, India and SA
💰 Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is like any betting site’s first impression, making it increasingly important to look out for a welcome offer that tickles your fancy.

Generally, in SA, free bets and first deposit bonuses reign supreme, but there are a few other betting sites out there that offer some different bonuses.

Things to look out for when choosing between welcome bonuses include:

  1. Free bets or no deposit bonuses (or both)- which you would prefer
  2. Wagering Requirements
  3. Bonus Size
  4. Bonus Percentage
  5. Validity Period

Best Cricket Betting Bonuses:

🗒️ Cricket Betting Features

To us, betting features are all of the things, aside from betting, that boost your punting experience.

Things like live betting, cashout, edit bets, bet builders, and coupons all form part of this category.

Some cricket betting sites with the best features include:

  • Betway → bet builders, cashout, awesome live betting feature, and more!
  • Gbets → cashout, edit my bet, and a solid live betting feature
  • Sportingbet → auto cashout, edit bets, great live betting feature, and more!
📢 Cricket Betting Promos

The final way to establish whether a betting site really means business when it comes to their cricket betting, is to take a look at the promotions they are offering.

As cricket is a fairly seasonal sport, it’s really important to take into account which promotions are being released when significant events are underway.

For example, promotions tend to be released for the IPL, other T20 competitions, ODI’s, Test cricket, and events such as the World Cup.

All round however, there is one cricket betting site that stands out from the competition in terms of the cricket promotions they consistently offer:

  • Easybet → Plenty of cricketing promotions, giving you plenty of ways to win big!

Our Top 3 Cricket Betting Sites

Now that you know a little more about the betting sites that prioritise cricket, along with some of the things you should be looking out for when it comes to choosing cricket betting sites, we thought it be best to introduce you to our favourite cricket betting sites.

Our top cricket betting sites are determined by taking some of the factors that we feel to be most important, and measuring each cricket betting site against them to see which stand out.

We have carefully selected some important factors, and measured the best cricket sites against them
Best all round cricket betting sites

Our goal in the last section was to inform you of all the things you should be considering when it comes to choosing among the many cricket betting sites.

What we’ve done here, however, is list the factors we believe to be most important, and then measured our top 3 cricket betting sites against them.

  • Take a look at the box below to view our crucial make or break factors

Crucial Factors for Cricket Betting Sites

These are the factors we believe to be the most crucial when it comes to establishing the very best cricket betting sites:

  1. Cricket Betting Odds
  2. Cricket Betting Markets
  3. Cricket Betting Coverage
  4. Live Cricket Betting

Now that you know the most important factors to consider, let’s take a look at the very best cricket betting sites SA has to offer!

Top 3 Cricket Betting Sites

Betway Cricket

🏆 Best Cricket Betting Site

Betway’s amazing platform is well geared to cricket bettors, so much so that it takes our top spot as the best cricket betting site in the country.

Amazing odds, tons of markets, and plenty of cricketing coverage are what make Betway’s cricket offering stand out.

Here’s how they measured up against our criteria:

✅ Cricket Betting Odds - Brilliant, market leading odds

✅ Cricket Betting Markets - Plenty of cricket betting markets

✅ Cricket Betting Coverage - heaps of cricket betting action to enjoy

✅ Live Cricket Betting - one of the most sophisticated live betting interfaces in SA

As you can see, Betway’s cricket offering speaks for itself. If you’re a cricketing fan, there are no better options for cricket betting than Betway.

Gbets Cricket

🥈 The Runner Up

Gbets are our next best option for all of the cricket punters out there. Gbets offer a platform tailored to betting on the gentleman's game, that is teeming with great odds, plenty of markets, and awesome cricketing coverage.

Throw in a sophisticated live betting platform, and you have a truly complete cricket betting site.

This how Gbets have measured up to our criteria:

✅ Cricket Betting Odds - Solid odds

✅ Cricket Betting Markets - Good selection of markets

✅ Cricket Betting Coverage - plenty of interesting leagues to bet on

✅ Live Cricket Betting - One of the better live cricket betting sites in SA

World Sports Betting Cricket

🥉 Third Place

World Sports Betting is the third entry into our list of the best cricket betting sites in South Africa. World Sports Betting has been around for a long time, and thus offers a platform tailored to the sports that South Africans love most, with cricket being one of them.

Here’s how they measured up to our criteria:

✅ Cricket Betting Odds - Some of the best cricket betting odds in the country

✅ Cricket Betting Markets - Offer a platform loaded full of great markets

✅ Cricket Betting Coverage - Cover heaps of cricket betting markets

➖ Live Cricket Betting - Live cricket betting could be better

While their live betting option could be improved, the rest of what they offer is truly top notch.

How to Start Cricket Betting

So now that you’ve been set up with the three best cricket betting sites in South Africa, you may have some questions surrounding how to start this beautiful adventure into learning how to bet on cricket.

Like with anything, there are some things that need to be completed in order to start betting on cricket.

Getting started with cricket betting isn’t rocket science, however, if you’re completely new to the practice you may have some questions.

Steps to start cricket betting

To Start Betting On Cricket

🤔 Choose Between the Best Cricket Betting Sites

Before reading this page, you may have had a hard time doing this, however, now that you’ve been introduced to a few cricket betting sites, as well as how to choose them, you may be in a better position to make a few decisions.

We recommend signing up with a bunch of cricket betting sites (which can be found in the list below) to follow our method and to see which is in fact the one for you.

Or, simply choose one, and see how it works for you. The choice is all yours.

🖊️ Sign Up with your Chosen Cricket Betting Site

The next step is far simpler than the previous one, as all it entails is giving a couple details to cricket betting sites in order to create your account.

Some of the details that you will need to provide when signing up with cricket betting sites include:

  1. Your name and surname
  2. Your Contact details
  3. A username and password
  4. Your address
  5. Your ID number
  6. Date of Birth
  7. Income source

And a few others.

💸 Make an Initial Deposit

A good plan of attack when it comes to signing up with a new betting site is to make an initial deposit.

While in some cases you may receive a free bet no deposit welcome bonus, those tend to be quite limited, so making a deposit can ensure that you have more to bet with from the start.

In the cases where betting sites have a deposit bonus, the more you deposit (up to the limit of course) the more you will receive as a bonus.

💰 Claim your Welcome Bonus

If you’re using a betting site that offers a deposit bonus, then the next step in the journey is to claim your bonus. If however, you have elected to use a betting site with a free bet (no deposit) bonus, then you will have the option of claiming your bonus straight away.

Either way, this process is simple to complete, and either follows signing up with a betting site for the first time, or it follows making your first deposit on a betting site.

🎲 Start Betting!

Once you’ve followed all of these steps, you’ll be ready to start placing some bets!

How to Bet on Cricket

Now that you know how to get your cricket betting process started, the next step in the journey is to learn how to start betting on cricket.

The process itself isn’t rocket science, however placing the right bets on cricket is where the challenge comes in.

The cricket betting process is simple, but placing the right bets on cricket is where some tend to come up short.

Now’s a good time to mention that we’re here to teach the general process of how to place bets on cricket.

The process is fairly similar across betting sites, but of course, there might be some slight differences across bookmakers’ different platforms.

Cricket Betting is Easy

Take Note

🚫 No Betting Tips Here

We are not a betting tips site, and therefore cannot offer any advice as to which bets to make.

This is not our goal, and does not fall into what we are looking to achieve with our site.

Rather, we are here to share insights into processes, rather than theory. If betting tips are what you’re looking for, we recommend visiting a betting tips site.

  • Now we have that cleared up, take a look at the steps that need to be followed in order to place bets on cricket!

How to Place A Bet on Cricket 🏏

Once you've completed all the steps that were outlined in the section above, these are the steps that need to be followed in order to place your first bet on cricket.

The steps are super easy to follow, and we promise that you’ll placing your bets in no time!
  1. Click on Cricket from the options offered in the sportsbook
  2. Click on the country/league that interests you
  3. Locate the event/s that you would like to bet on
  4. Make your selection/s from the available options (markets)
  5. Enter your stake once your bet slip appears
  6. Confirm your bet at the bottom of your bet slip
  • If you’d like to learn more about each of the steps in the process, take a look at the dropdown below:

How to Bet on Cricket Online (Expanded)

These are each of the steps needed to be followed to bet on cricket, just simply expanded.

Click on Cricket - Simply locate cricket from all the options in the sportsbook. If you’re on desktop, the sportsbook is usually located to the left of the screen, however if you’re betting on mobile, you’ll likely see a tab that when clicked on will display all the sports the betting site offers.

Click on the country/league - Once you have located and clicked on cricket, a number of options will appear, which may be different amongst betting sites. Some will show you the leagues available, while others will display some countries. If the leagues are displayed, simply click on the league that interests you, however, if the country is displayed, click on the country that plays host to the league that interests you.

Locate your event/s - Once you’ve clicked on the league that interests you, you need to locate the event (or events) that interest you most. This is a simple case of scrolling through the options, and checking for what you’re in the market for.

Make your selection/s - Once you’ve located your event, click on the outcome you believe will occur. If you’re looking to access more betting options, click on the more bets button, which can also be signified with either +45 or <45 (signifying that there are 45 more markets to choose from).

Enter your stake - Once you have made your selection, it will be automatically uploaded to your betslip. If you’re on desktop, your betslip will automatically appear, but if you’re on mobile, there will be a notification that pops up where it will say betslip. If you’re on mobile, you can click where it says bet slip to view your selection. There is a space for you to enter the amount of money you would like to wager. Go ahead and enter the amount of money you would like to bet.

Confirm your bet - Once you’ve entered your stake, and are absolutely sure about the bet you are looking to place, the next step in the process is to confirm your selection, which can be simply done by clicking on the “Confirm My Bet” button found toward the bottom of the bet slip.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Cricket Betting Odds

Now that you have some idea as to how to get started with cricket betting sites, and how to bet on cricket, we thought it’d be a good time to mention some of the key factors to be considered when it comes to betting on cricket.

The first of these, and arguably the most important, are cricket betting odds. Cricket betting odds can make or break your betting strategy. So much so, that it’s always important to consider the cricket betting sites that offer the best odds.

Better odds simply mean higher winnings, making them a feature that is absolutely impossible to ignore.
Dooder higher odds more to win

Cricket betting odds work in a similar manner to a lot of other sports betting odds. High odds are given to outcomes that are less likely to occur (e.g. Zimbabwe beating the Proteas), and lower odds are given to more “sure things” (India beating Ireland).

Odds can be an important first thing to consider in your betting strategy, as they simply determine your potential winnings. Your potential winnings can be calculated by multiplying your stake ( the amount you are betting with), by the odds you have selected.

  • Take a look at the betting sites with some of the best cricket betting odds:

Cricket Betting Markets

If you’re new to cricket betting, or betting in general, you may not be familiar with the concept of markets. Markets refer to the different outcomes within a certain event that have been given odds, that you can bet on.

Generally, a rule of thumb is the more markets, the better, as this can ensure that you can get more betting opportunities.
More cricket betting markets the better

Since so much can happen in a game of cricket, betting sites (with cricket betting sites in particular) tend to offer plenty of markets to bet on.

  • Here are a list of popular cricket betting markets that can be plenty of fun to bet on:

Popular Cricket Betting Markets

🥇 Match Result

Select who you think will be the winner after the event has elapsed. Your options are home team to win, a draw, or away team to win.

Match result is the most popular form of betting, and is generally many a punter’s go to.

🤷 Coin Toss

Before every cricket match, the captains of the competing teams get together to toss a coin to determine who does what first (bat or bowl).

The captain that correctly predicts the correct outcome of the coin toss is the one that gets to choose what their team will do first.

What makes this little mini event so much fun is that you can bet on it!

✴️ Most Fours

You have the option to bet on which team will score the most fours by the end of the game.

If you know that a particular team has a couple more big hitters than their competitors, it may be a good idea to bet on them to get more fours in a particular encounter.

↕️ Overs/Unders

Over/unders refer to the kind of betting where you can bet whether more or less of a certain thing will occur. For example you can bet over/unders on fours, wickets, and sixes.

These kinds of bets can be risky, but can also be a lot of fun.

🏆 Team with the Top Bowler

In this option, simply pick the team you think will include the top bowler for the encounter.

Odds are given to each team, and it’s up to you select between the two teams.

🏏 Team with the Top Batter

Similar to the top bowler market, you need to select which team you believe will have the top batsman by the end of the encounter.

Odds are given to each team, and you will be required to select who you think the team with the best batsman will be.

Best Cricket Betting Events

There’s no denying that your betting experience can be significantly boosted when certain betting events are on the horizon.

Certain competitions truly bring out the best in cricket betting sites, so it’s a good idea to have an idea of what these are, and to then keep your eyes peeled for all of the promotions and features that come with them.

Keeping up to date with cricket betting events can play a huge role in the winnings you could potentially gain!
Cricket betting events
  • We have compiled a list of the best cricket betting events that you should keep an eye on if you’re interested in boosted odds, promotions, and special features

ICC Cricket World Cup Betting

The cricket world cup is possibly the most anticipated cricketing spectacle in the world. It draws the best of the best in terms of cricketing nations together in a competition designed to establish who is in fact that best cricket team in the world.

The event occurs once every four years, and is the hallmark event on every cricket fan’s calendar.

Some cricket betting sites go as far as releasing outright odds long in advance (as in years)before the competition gets underway, showing just how highly betting sites prioritise this event.

Cricket World Cup SA vs India

The World Cup is the most anticipated cricketing event in the World!

IPL Betting

The next biggest event in the world of cricket is the Indian Premier League, best known as the IPL. The IPL draws plenty of anticipation and excitement from around the world, as all of the biggest names in cricket tend to play in this highly lucrative league.

The competition is played in the T20 format, and teams are elaborately named, with games being action packed.

The T20 format is without a doubt the most exciting format, as teams are only given 20 overs to score as much runs as possible, and get as many wickets as possible, leading to non-stop, immeasurable action.

IPL logo image

The IPL attracts the biggest names in cricket from around the world!

Mzansi Super League Betting

The Mzansi Super League is another high flying, action packed competition filled with excitement, wickets and sixes, as South Africa’s finest cricketing institutions meet to battle it out to establish who in fact are the kings of cricket in SA.

Another T20 format competition, The Mzansi Super League is filled with non stop action.

The pull of the IPL opens up the Mzansi Super League to more local, up and coming talents, making it a really popular competition to monitor, and support.

International Cricket Betting

International cricket always has the power to bring out the very best in cricket betting sites. Whether it's a five day international, ODI, or a thrilling T20 clash, when international teams get together to battle it out, cricket betting sites tend to ensure that you know about it.

There’s nothing that feels more like summer than when South Africa take on one of our many international foes in our backyard.

International cricket is an exciting affair, which allows you several opportunities to win big. As a cricket punter, we suggest that you keep your calendar up to date when it comes to which international cricket events are on the horizon.

AB Devilliers

Now retired Proteas legend AB De Villiers doing what he does best!

Live Cricket betting

As with plenty of other sports available to bet on, Cricket is simply made so much better with live betting.

Live betting gives you the opportunity to place bets on events as they happen in real time, which simply means that you are able to adjust your betting strategy based on data from the game itself.

Live Betting is one of the greatest advancements in online betting, and continues to thrill punters on a daily basis!
Owlie live betting SA

Cricket is one of those sports that truly comes alive when you start to place live bets on the sport. Markets like top bowler and top batsman become ever more exciting, just to name a few.

  • If you’re a cricket fan, and have made a couple bets before, we recommend starting to place a couple live bets today!

More Cricket Betting Sites

Earlier on on this page, we presented to you the best cricket betting sites in South Africa, and while these are the ones that we feel to be the best, we can’t help but encourage you to take a look at some of the other options out there.

Variety is the spice of life, and the same can be said for cricket betting sites!
Sign up with more cricket betting sites

If you’ve reached this far, and would like to be reintroduced to the cricket betting sites that we believe are the best, simply click on the button below to be transported to them, along with why we have decided to choose them as our top 3.

In case you’ve forgotten which factors we believe to be most important, and those that we have measured the best cricket betting sites against, you can find them by clicking on the dropdown below 👇

Cricket Betting Sites Factors Reminder

In case you’ve forgotten, or skipped the first half of the page, these are the factors that we feel to be most important when it comes to choosing cricket betting sites:

  1. Cricket Betting Odds
  2. Cricket Betting Markets
  3. Cricket Betting Coverage
  4. Live Cricket Betting

Based on these factors, we have ranked and reviewed what we like to call, the best of the rest when it comes to cricket betting sites.

Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

The Next Best Cricket Betting Sites


R25 in Free Bets
+ 50 Free Spins

The first entry onto our list of the best of the rest is Hollywoodbets. Certainly no slouches when it comes to cricket, Hollywoodbets have an impressive offering, and just fall short of our top 3 positions.

Here’s how they measured up to our criteria:

✅ Cricket Betting Odds - Certainly decent, but not the best

❌Cricket Betting Markets - You could most likely find a better range of markets elsewhere

✅ Cricket Betting Coverage - Decent cricket betting coverage. Covers the major events

✅ Live Cricket Betting - Great live cricket betting feature with an awesome display of options.

Supabets Cricket

Deposit Bonuses up to R5000
+ R50 Free Bet & 100 Free Spins

Supabets’ cricket betting platform is another solid option for the cricket punters out there looking for something reliable. They offer solid markets, decent odds, and a live betting experience that is certainly above average.

Here’s how they measured up against our criteria:

✅ Cricket Betting Odds - Solid, but there are better out there

✅Cricket Betting Markets - Great range of markets

✅ Cricket Betting Coverage - Offers coverage of the biggest leagues, and plenty more

✅ Live Cricket Betting - Offers a great live betting platform well tailored to cricket

Easybet Cricket

R1000 First Bet Match
On Your First Euro 2024 Bet

The final entry onto the list of cricket betting sites is Easybet. Certainly not bad when it comes to cricket, it’s just that the site is pretty new, but we look forward to checking out Easybet's cricket promotions for the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023.

When it comes to promotions, no one does it quite like Easybet, and if this page was about cricket betting promotions, there’s a good chance that Easybet would be at the top of the list.

That aside, this is how Easybet measured up to our criteria:

✅ Cricket Betting Odds - Pretty decent, rivals World Sports Betting

✅ Cricket Betting Markets - Over 100 odds for popular events

✅ Cricket Betting Coverage - Offers outright bets for the Cricket World Cup well in advance

✅ Live Cricket Betting - Fast, straightforward live betting, but no streaming

Cricket Betting Pro Tips

As we have said already in this page, we are not a betting tips site, however that doesn’t mean that we can't shed light on some of the things we like to keep in mind when placing a couple bets on the cricky.

This page will not provide you with selections of upcoming events, but this section will provide some insight into where our heads are at before we start betting on some cricket.

Alot of what makes a great cricket betting strategy is possessing knowledge of the sport.

With that in mind, here are some of the things we always tend to preach when asked about how to go about cricket betting.

Cricket Betting Pro Tips

👨‍🎓️ Study Up

One of the first things we tell anybody looking to bet on cricket is to make sure that you know the ins and outs of the sport.

While cricket can be unpredictable, it pays to know who’s in form, which batting partnerships work well together, which bowlers are on top of their game and so on.

If you don’t already have a good grasp over cricket, it’s important to ensure that you utilise resources, watch games, and speak to like minded people in order to grow your knowledge!

🧐 Be Wary of Draws

Draws in cricket may be given high odds, but the only reason this is is because they so rarely occur. It’s extremely uncommon for a game of cricket to end in a draw, unlike say for example games of football or games of ice hockey.

Try not to be sucked by the inflated odds attached to draws, as 9 times out of 10, you may lose your money.

If you do decide to select a draw, make sure it’s a calculated decision and not a random hail mary.

🌐 Make some live bets

Certain markets in cricket betting truly come alive when you start to bet live on the sport, so our biggest advice to punters who are comfortable with betting would be to place some live bets.

We don’t really encourage total newbies to live bet as it can get quite overwhelming, so if this is you, we recommend getting comfortable with pre match bets first.

Bets like most fours, and overs/under for fours really come alive when you move into the realm of live betting.

Trust us, there’s plenty of fun to be had!

💰 Use Bonuses and Free Bets

If you’re a seasoned punter, but are also looking to test out a couple new betting sites, we couldn’t give you better advice than to use your bonuses and free bets liberally.

What we mean by this is still be calculated, but since you’re not playing with your own money, you can go ahead and make those more risky selections you wouldn't usually make.

Use your welcome bonus, use your free bets, and don’t be afraid to go big.

And that’s a wrap!

Now that you know all there is to know about cricket betting, and cricket betting sites, all that’s left to do is to go ahead and sign up with one (or all) of the cricket betting sites from the list below, and to get started!

Go ahead, you won’t be disappointed!
Company BonusAction
Betway bonus
Betway bonus
100% up to R1000
as a Free Bet
Fafabet bonus
Fafabet bonus
150% up to R5000
Gbets bonus
Gbets bonus
100% up to R1000
+ R25 Free Sports Bet
Easybet bonus
Easybet bonus
R1000 First Bet Match
On Your First Euro 2024 Bet
100% up to R20 000
+ R50 Free Bet
R25 in Free Bets
+ 50 Free Spins