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Best Cricket Betting Sites in South Africa

Take a look at our top picks for cricket betting sites in South Africa

Best Cricket Betting Sites


Best Betting Odds
  • Unrivalled odds
  • Great range of promotions
  • Fantastic user experience
  • Huge sportsbook: bet on soccer, horse racing, rugby, cricket, tennis and more!
  • Few deposit methods
  • Complicated withdrawal process
Welcome Offer
100% up to R1000
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Website: 2010
Owner: Sun InternationalHeadquarters: Sandton, Guateng
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Sunbet Sportsbook
Live Betting with Sunbet


Author: Alex Alex

Forming part of the highly esteemed Sun International Group, Sunbet entered the online sports betting scene in 2010, and little over a decade have provided their users with a touch of elegance. This is displayed in the sophisticated layout and design of their website, phenomenal odds, and unrivalled sportsbook, which ensure ultimate user satisfaction.

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Great for Beginners
  • Strong International Presence and Reputation
  • Great user experience
  • Great range of unique features
  • Plenty of deposit methods
  • Customer service is hard to reach
Welcome Offer
R25 in Free Bets
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Website: 2006
Owner: BetwayHeadquarters: Century City, Cape Town
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Betway Esports


Author: Alex Alex

When it comes to betting sites in South Africa, Betway provide a service that is rivalled only by few. Sporting an impressive range of features, along with a well constructed, user friendly platform, it is no wonder why Betway rank amongst the most popular bookmakers in the highly contested South African sports betting market.

Betway comes Highly Recommended ⭐

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World Sports Betting

  • Substantial sportsbook
  • Convenient deposit methods
  • Huge range of lucky numbers markets
  • Impressive live betting feature
  • Cluttered website design
  • Some betting options are unclear
Welcome Offer
Up to R10 000 in Free Bets
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Website: 2002
Owner: World Sports Betting PTY (Ltd)Headquarters: North Riding, Johannesburg
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Author: Alex Alex

Founded in 2002, World Sports betting have applied their sports betting services to the South African public for just under two decades. Joining the online betting scene in 2009, and more recently with World Sports Betting Mobile, this platform is one of South Africa’s leading, and most popular online bookmakers, with one of the more impressive sportsbooks in the industry.

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Cricket Betting Sites

Are you looking to join one of the top cricket betting sites and start your journey into betting on cricket? We can understand why.

Nothing accompanies that special South African summer feeling more than cricket.

The sport is steeped in rich history and tradition, but has also undergone several revisions which have each impacted those who play, support and bet on this incredibly technical sport.

Anything can happen in Cricket, making it one of the most exciting sports to bet on.

Cricket Element
Table of Contents

On this page we will be presenting you with plenty of information regarding cricket betting sites. You can expect to find:

  1. Our Top 3 Cricket Betting Sites
  2. How to choose a cricket betting site
  3. How to start betting on cricket
  4. Popular cricket betting options
  5. Live Cricket Betting
  6. Mobile Cricket Betting

... And More!

So strap in and get ready for a detailed guide into cricket betting sites in South Africa!

FAQs about cricket betting sites in South Africa

Commonly asked questions surrounding betting on cricket in SA

🏏 What is Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting refers to the practice of wagering on a certain outcome to happen within a particular cricket game. Odds are attached to possible outcomes that are provided by cricket betting sites, and bettors win if they select the correct outcome that eventually unfolds.

❓ How do I bet on Cricket?

Much like other forms of betting, cricket betting is done by selecting outcomes that you think will happen within a given cricket match. These outcomes are provided by bookmakers, and have odds attached to them, which represent the likelihood of events happening, as well as the amount you stand to win. Once you have made your selection (which is done by clicking on the outcome you think will occur) your bet slip will appear, where you are able to adjust the amount of money you would like to wager with. Once this is done, there is a confirmation button found on the bottom of the betslip, and once clicked, your bet will be placed.

🥇 Which is the best cricket betting site?

That's a tricky question, as there is no one concrete answer. The answer to this depends on the your preference, and what is most important to you. Each of the best cricket betting sites differs in what they offer, some offer the best odds, others offer the best range of markets, and some can offer the best betting options. If you’re interested in the best range of markets, we recommend Betway, but if you’re looking for the best odds, we recommend Sportingbet. If betting options is what you find most important in a cricket betting site, then we suggest going with Betway.

💸 Can I make money betting on cricket?

You can indeed. Making money by betting simply involves winning a few bets. While it is possible to make money from betting, we don’t advise making betting a primary source of income. Rather keep it as a hobby.

💰 Can I get a welcome bonus from a cricket betting site?

All the cricket betting sites mentioned in this list offer new users a welcome bonus. The types of welcome bonus change amongst betting sites, but the most common forms of bonuses include free bets and first deposit bonuses.

⚖️ Is cricket betting legal?

Cricket betting is legal provided that you have decided to bet with a licensed betting site. We recommend choosing one of the cricket betting sites from our list to go about your cricket betting legally.

📱 Which cricket betting app is the best?

That’s a tough one, but we’d have to say Betway. Their app is super user friendly, and is a pleasure to bet with.

🤔 Which cricket betting site offers the best odds?

The battle for which cricket betting site has the best odds is fiercely contested. The three front runners are Sportingbet, Sunbet and Betway. Sportingbet offer the best odds but the margins are tight. We recommend going with the three cricket betting sites we’ve mentioned here for betting with the best cricket odds.

Cricket Betting in South Africa 🇿🇦

For decades, the Proteas have dominated world cricket rankings, and have produced some of world’s best cricketers, as well memories that we as South Africans will cherish forever.

Who can forget Herschelle Gibbs’ six sixes in the 2007 Cricket World Cup against the Netherlands?

Or what about when South Africa chased down Australia’s mammoth 434 run innings in 2006, and won the game with a ball to spare? South African cricket has truly produced a highlight reel for the ages, and is a source of great pride for all in our nation.

The revisions that cricket have undergone have arguably benefitted cricket bettors, and cricket betting sites most of all, as one day internationals and T20s have allowed more cricket to be played, and thus more cricket to bet on.

England vs South Africa Test Cricket

Test cricket is said to be cricket's purest and most challenging format

Top 3 Cricket Betting Sites

Selecting one of the top cricket betting sites requires a bit of background research.

It's easy to find any old betting site that offers cricket, but doing so could mean that you’d be missing out.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the research, and scoured the different available betting sites, and have provided you with the best cricket betting sites in South Africa. They are:

  1. Sunbet - best odds
  2. Betway - great coverage of leagues
  3. World Sports Betting - wide range of cricket betting options

Sunbet Cricket Betting

100% up to R1000

Sunbet offer the best cricket betting odds relative to their South African competitors, providing far higher odds than most.

Sunbet also provides cricket bettors a host of different betting options to choose from, which is important considering all that can happen within a game of cricket.

On top of all of this, Sunbet leads the pack in terms of promotions, and offers a host of brilliant cricket offers that ensure that cricket bettors have fresh and exciting ways to win.

Betway Cricket Betting

R25 in Free Bets

Betway's impressive platform provides cricket punters with the option to choose from national leagues and competitions from all over the world, as well as international test match cricket.

Their offering of such a wide variety of cricketing leagues is arguably their biggest strength as a cricket betting site.

To build on this further, Betway offer cricket fans plenty of betting options, ensuring that punters have plenty to chose from when making their bets.

World Sports Betting Cricket Betting

Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

While cricket betting in South Africa is highly contested by Betway and Sunbet, another reliable option to choose is World Sports Betting.

World Sports Betting's strength as a cricket betting site is what they offer their users in terms of betting options to choose from.

Some of these include 1st innings score, top batsman for either team, most sixes, and plenty more.

Our Top 3 Cricket Betting Sites

  1. 100% up to R1000

  2. R25 in Free Bets

  3. Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

Poteas vs India Cricket

South Africa facing off against rivals India

How to choose a cricket betting site

Choosing a cricket betting site requires a little bit of background knowledge about what makes betting site prioritise cricket.

While several betting sites offer cricket, only some can be considered cricket betting sites.

The way we distinguish certain betting sites to be cricket betting sites is by:

  1. Coverage of leagues - the number of cricketing leagues and events they cover
  2. Betting odds - How good their cricket betting odds are
  3. Betting options - How many cricket betting options (or markets) they offer punters to bet on

When choosing upon which cricket betting site is the one for you, you need to be aware of which of these factors means the most to you. No betting site offers the best of all three of these factors. The perfect cricket betting site for me may not be the perfect one for you. Ask yourself:

  • Are odds the most important to me?
  • How much does variety of leagues mean to me?
  • How important are different betting options to me?

Coverage of Cricket Leagues

Quite simply, this is the number of active leagues worldwide that cricket bettors are able to choose from on a particular cricket betting site.

This is an important factor to consider because this ultimately determines the amount of cricket betting you are able to do.

The introduction of the T20 format has given rise to several national leagues. This is due to the fact that cricket no longer needs to be played over the duration of five days, or even one day.

Popular examples include leagues from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and India, but punters could also find opportunities to bet on competitions in Pakistan, Bangladesh and other nations were competitions are underway.

It's important for cricket betting sites to provide coverage of as many of these popular leagues as possible in relation to the amount of active cricketing action there is in the world at a given time.

Cricket Betting Sites with the most Leagues


R25 in Free Bets

Betway’s heavyweight presence in South African betting spills over into their offering of cricket betting options (or markets).

With Betway, cricket punters can choose to bet on ODIs, as well as national competitions from a host of countries when they are active and underway.

World Sports Betting

Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

World Sports Betting closely follows Betway in terms of the active leagues and competitions they offer cricket punters.

With World Sports Betting, bettors can choose from national competitions from around the world when they are active.

From national leagues in Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa, as well as International Test Cricket, there's plenty to choose from with World Sports Betting.

Cricket Betting odds

Odds play a crucial role in all of betting, and are are an important factor to consider when deciding among cricket betting sites.

Odds serve two important purposes, they provide punters with a representation of the likelihood of an outcome occurring in a game, and they further represent the proportion of money that the bookmaker will pay them if they select the correct outcome.

One of the biggest areas that bookmakers differ is the odds they attach to different outcomes unfolding. These odds are in some cases higher, and others lower, making it crucial to select a betting site that prioritises cricket and provides odds that are higher.

Quick example of odds

If Australia are facing India in an ODI, and one betting site offers 1.3 odds on Australia to win, and another offers odds of 1.6 on the same outcome, the betting site offering odds of 1.6 is offering the better odds.

Odds are so important because they influence the amount you are able to win. In this example, if your stake was R100, and you bet on Australia to win, and they did win, you'd be making an extra R30 just by choosing a betting site that offered the better odds. This may not sound like much, but over time will enable you to win plenty more.

While odds are not the only factor to consider, they certainly are one of the most important.

Note: This is simply a hypothetical example to illustrate the importance of odds.

Cricket Betting Sites with the Best odds


100% up to R1000

Sunbet offers the best cricket betting odds in South Africa.

When comparing odds with other South African cricket betting sites, the odds provided by Sunbet were higher in almost every case.

Considering the importance of odds, Sunbet should not be overlooked.


R25 in Free Bets

Coming in at a close second, Betway offer odds that closely follow those that are offered by Sunbet, and still provide cricket punters with odds that can be considered competitive and certainly worthwhile.

There's no going wrong with Betway.

Cricket Betting Sites with the best Odds

  1. 100% up to R1000

  2. R25 in Free Bets

Cricket Betting Options

Betting options (markets) are another important factor to consider when selecting cricket betting sites, and refer to the number of different outcomes one can choose to bet on in a particular game.

The most common betting option in cricket is the customary match result bet, where you select which team you think will win the match.

Cricket is one of the more rule-laden games in the world. Teams are able to score runs in a number of different ways, and opposing teams are further able to take wickets in a number of different ways, so it's important to consider cricket betting sites that cover a wide range of different options to bet on.

Other popular betting options include most fours, most sixes, team with the top batsman, and total runs.

Betting sites with the best betting options


R25 in Free Bets

Betway offers the widest range of cricket betting options in South Africa.

Betting options are distinctly categorised into subheadings, and include popular bets, match bets, overs bets, innings bets and player bets.

There are plenty of options (markets) to choose from under each of these headings.

World Sports Betting

Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

World Sports Betting also offers cricket bettors with an impressive range of betting options on their platform.

Punters can choose to select a host of different outcomes, that include everything from match winner bets to individual player bets, and total boundaries.

How to Start Betting on Cricket

Betting on cricket can be a profitable and entertaining pastime provided that you have chosen a betting site that prioritises cricket.

It can however feel a little bit daunting if you have never done so before.

Not to worry if this applies to you. In this guide we will take you through the steps of what you need to do to bet on cricket.

Step 1: Choose a Cricket Betting Site

With the knowledge that you would have gained by now, selecting cricket betting sites should feel like a walk in the park.

It's important to ensure that if you want to get the most out of your cricket betting, you need to select a betting site that prioritises cricket.

It is also important to decide which of these factors is the most important to you, because there is no one betting site that offers the best in each of these departments.


Choosing a cricket betting site should revolve around considering 3 factors:

  • Coverage of cricketing leagues
  • Odds
  • Betting Options

Note: Not all cricket betting sites are created equal. One cricket betting site may offer better odds, while another may offer more betting options. Its up to you which of these factors are most important to you.

Step 2: Sign up with them

Once you have chosen one of the best cricket betting sites, the next step is to sign up with them.

This process typically involves giving off some personal information such as your name and surname, date of birth, ID number, source of income and a few other details.

Sign up is free, straightforward and can be completed within a matter of minutes.

Sunbet sign up mock up guy

Signing up with a betting site takes minutes to complete!

Step 3: Make a Deposit

Once you've signed up with one of the top cricket betting sites, in most cases the next thing you'd need to do is make a deposit.

This is done by selecting your preferred deposit method that is offered by the betting site, entering the amount you would like to deposit, and confirming your payment.

Note: this step can be ignored if you have elected to bet with a cricket betting site that welcomes its new users with free bets, like Betway.

Step 4: Receive your Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses generally follow your initial deposit. These are known as first deposit bonuses, but welcome bonuses do come in another form too. Betting sites may also offer you free bets, which do not require users to deposit upon signing up.

Regardless, once you have received your welcome bonus, deposit needed or not, the next step is what you've all been waiting for.

Sport bonus:

Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

Turnover: 5x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.5 Bonus code: No Code

Step 5: Place a Bet

Once you have received a welcome bonus, you will be all set to start betting on cricket.

This is done by:

  • Signing into your account
  • Clicking on cricket under the different sports options
  • Finding the league you're interested in betting on
  • Finding the match you're interested in betting on
  • Clicking on the outcome you think will occur
  • Entering your stake
  • Confirming your bet

Note: if you're new to cricket betting we recommend sticking with match result bets until you feel more comfortable and well versed in the art of betting on cricket. If you know cricket well however, it can be a lot of fun to broaden your horizons and look for other betting options to wager on.

Popular Cricket Betting Options

Match Winner

In this option you are simply selecting which team you think will win the encounter, or whether you think the event will end in a draw. Higher odds are given to the underdog, so careful consideration should be given to betting on the team given inflated odds.

Most Fours 4

In this betting option, punters are given the chance to select which team they think will hit the most fours in the match.

Most Sixes

With this betting option, cricket punters get to select which team they think will end the game with the most sixes.


In overs/unders bets, punters can select whether a team to score above or below a certain threshold that are provided by the cricket betting sites. Overs/Unders can apply to fours and sixes, as well as runs, wickets, and more.

Coin Toss

In cricket, before the game commences, a coin toss is done to determine which of the team's captains gets to select whether they will bowl or bat first. Coin tosses are absolutely random, and rely solely on chance, but can be fun to predict as there are only two outcomes that can occur.

Team with the Top Bowler

Much like most fours and most sixes, cricket betting sites allow punters to select which team they think will have the top bowler of the event.

Will there be a tie

In this option cricket betting sites offer punters the chance to select whether they think the match will end in a draw. Odds are provided for the two options, which are either yes or no.

Live Cricket Betting

Cricket is an unpredictable game.

A change in overs, and thus bowlers can produce anything from a wicket to a six, and it is this potential volatility that makes live betting on cricket so popular and entertaining.

This especially applies to the T20 format of the game, where teams are pressured to either score as many runs, or get as many wickets as possible in the limited number of overs.

A result of this pressure is an all in approach, which leads to unrivalled action, which is best experienced while live betting.

Live betting on cricket allows you to place bets while games are unfolding.

Where pre match odds are fixed, live betting odds fluctuate based on what's going on in the game, and any of the best cricket betting sites will make this clearly visible to you by indicating odds increasing with a green icon, and odds decreasing with a red icon.

If you’ve never experienced live betting on cricket, we encourage you to get started right away.


R25 in Free Bets

Betway are well known for being one the best live betting platforms in South Africa .

Much of what makes a live betting feature is how easy it is to interact with, and gain information from, and Betway build on their already fantastic user design to provide a live betting feature that is rivalled by none.


100% up to R1000

Sunbet makes live betting on cricket an absolute joy. Their site is a pleasure to interact with, and this is built on with their live betting feature.

Odds fluctuations are clearly indicated, and can be seen rising and falling with help of clearly visible green and red arrows. There’s no going wrong with live betting with Sunbet.

Live Streaming Cricket

Cricket Live Streaming is unfortunately not something that is offered in South Africa.

In fact only a few betting sites in South Africa offer live streaming, but none offer cricket.

Sports that are generally live streamed include tennis, table tennis, esports, basketball and volleyball.

Part of the reason for this is that live streaming is a tricky service to secure, and is quite expensive for cricket betting sites to sustain, especially 5 day international tests. While live streaming is sorely missed you can always catch the cricket on T.V and follow along with live betting on your mobile.

Mobile Cricket Betting Sites

South Africans like to be on the move.

We’re busy, hard working people who also love to socialise. This fact makes the existence of mobile cricket betting sites so important.

You don’t have to be bound to your desktop to place your bets, because luckily, each of the cricket betting sites worth their salt either has an app or a mobile version that is easy to use and provides just as much as a cricket betting site’s desktop version does.

So whether you’re getting ready for work in the morning, or on your way to your friend’s house for a braai, you will be able to place your bets.

Sunbet cricket betting Mock Up

You can place your bets while you're having your morning coffee!

Best Mobile Cricket Betting Sites

  1. Easy to Use App

  2. Great Mobile Layout

  3. Data-Free Mobile Version