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Soccer Betting Guide

Hello and Welcome to your very own, all inclusive guide to soccer betting in South Africa. Soccer is hands down the most popular sport to bet on in SA, despite the hold rugby and cricket have over sports fans.

Betting on the soccer, however, takes some time and practice, and most of the time when you're starting out, a lot of trial and error.

  • But that’s why we’ve created this page
Our goal is to ensure that soccer betting is an absolute breeze for you!

The guides on this page have been designed to take you from a total beginner to a well versed soccer punter. You're in for a treat!

We're here to ensure that you are well looked after from a soccer betting perspective. From odds and markets to features and promos. This fella down here said it best! 👇

Dooder south africa guide to soccer

On this page we’re covering it all, so that you’re well equipped to take the next step in becoming a seasoned soccer bettor. We’ll share top tips, high value leagues, and even show you how to read the odds!

🏆 Betway No. 1 For Soccer Betting


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  • Plenty of Markets
  • Amazing Features
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Website: 2006
Owner: BetwayHeadquarters: Century City, Cape Town
Author: Alex Goldstein Alex Goldstein

Entering in South Africa in 2018, Betway has become many punter’s go-to bookmaker. Boasting a beautiful site full of incredible features and heaps of markets, Betway is South Africa’s most complete betting site.

Betway comes Highly Recommended ⭐

Visit Betway

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Betway Soccer Betting
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Betway is internationally recognised for being one of the leading soccer betting outlets.

Sponsoring the likes of West Ham and Levante, they have a vested interest in being the best site for soccer betting.

Aside amazing odds, markets and features, Betway’s beautifully laid out Website design makes them a perennial favourite of ours.

Here you’ll find a brief guide into how to bet online on soccer with Betway:

  1. Log In/ Sign Up
  2. Click on Soccer
  3. Click on League and take your pick
  4. Find your Event
  5. Make your selection
  6. Enter Your Stake
  7. Confirm Your Bet

Betway Comes Highly Recommended 🌟

🥈 Gbets - No. 2 For Soccer Betting


Promos Pick
  • Great for Live Soccer Betting
  • Heaps of Soccer Promos
  • Plenty of Odds Boosts
  • No Live Streaming
Welcome Offer
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+ R25 Free Sports Bet
Claim Go to Gbets
Website: 2005
Owner: Dhrupal AminHeadquarters: Roodepoort, South Africa
Author: Alex Goldstein Alex Goldstein

For decades, Gbets have been entertaining eager punters with their fantastic sports betting offering. Founded in 2005 by the Gold Rush Group, Gbets have been significant players in South Africa’s online betting industry, and have emerged as crowd favourites for their generous bonuses, amazing platform, and immense betting and gaming suites. If a premier, and reliable bookmaker is what you’re in the market for, Gbets may be the one for you.

Gbets comes highly recommended 🌟

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🥉 World Sports Betting - No. 3 for Soccer Betting

World Sports Betting

Odds and Markets Pick
  • Offers Live Streaming
  • New Cash Out Offer
  • Unparalleled Markets On Offer
  • No Asian Handicap
Welcome Offer
100% up to R20 000
+ R50 Free Bet
Claim Go to World Sports Betting
Website: 2002
Owner: World Sports Betting PTY (Ltd)Headquarters: North Riding, Johannesburg
WSB Homepage
WSB Racing
WSB Soccer
Author: Alex Goldstein Alex Goldstein

Founded in 2002, World Sports Betting has provided sports betting services in South Africa for just over two decades. In that time, the online bookmaker has tailored its site for local punters. Today, WSB is on par with the leading sportsbooks in South Africa.

WSB comes Highly Recommended ⭐

Visit World Sports Betting

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Learn Soccer Betting with Us

Looking for the very best soccer betting resource in South Africa? We have you covered.

We’ve made it our mission to bring you a no holds barred guide into all the different aspects of soccer betting to ensure that you are well equipped to start right away.

  • Think of us as your instruction manual - we’ll show you how it’s done 📖
Owlie guide to soccer betting 2

If you’re new to betting, you probably have a heap of questions, which we have made our mission to answer.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in! Take a look at our table of contents, or go ahead and click on the button below to get started!

Table Of Contents

The following topics have been covered at length for your convenience.

See a section that interests you? Go ahead and click it, or simply read on!

The Best Sites For Soccer Betting

How to Place A Soccer Bet Online

How to Read Soccer Betting Odds

The Best Soccer Betting Markets

The Very Best Soccer Betting Features

Understanding Live Soccer Betting

How to Use Cash Out in Soccer Betting

The Popular Soccer Betting Leagues

The Best Soccer Betting Promos

Our Top Soccer Betting Tips

  • And some more insights along the way!

🚀 Buckle up and get ready for a in depth dive into all things soccer betting!

FAQs About Soccer Betting

Some of the more frequently asked questions about soccer bets in South Africa.

🤔 How do you Bet on Soccer?

Betting on Soccer as a process is fairly simple.

The process involves a couple of steps, which can be found below:

  1. Log in/Sign Up with a Betting Site
  2. Navigate to the Sports Tab
  3. Choose Soccer from the list
  4. Choose the League you want to Bet on
  5. Find the Event that Interests you
  6. Make a Selection by clicking the odds
  7. Enter Your Stake and Confirm

If you’d like to learn a little more about the process, we have a dedicated section on how to place soccer bets online.

🤑 Can you get rich from Soccer Betting?

You certainly can, however we don’t advise getting into the practice of soccer betting for the sole purpose of trying to win a fortune.

While there have been huge winnings in the past, betting should be practiced for the sole purpose of enjoyment, and nothing more.

So if you’ve decided to start betting on soccer purely because you want to get rich quick, think again. You should be betting for the pure enjoyment of it all.

🏆 How do you win in Soccer Betting?

In soccer betting, you make selections, which have odds attached to them.

If the selection you make ends up being the correct one, you win back the money you wagered multiplied by the odds that were attached to that selection.

This could be best explained with an example.

Say you bet on Arsenal to beat Crystal Palace. You bet R10 that they will win the game, and the odds of that happening are 2.00.

If Arsenal did end up winning, you would win your bet, and subsequently, you would have pocketed R20 (R10 x 2).

Ton read more about how to win, check our section on how to read odds.

🤷 Which site is the best for Soccer Betting?

This is very much based on personal preference and opinion.

We really love Betway, but there are some out there that would very much disagree with us.

So essentially, the betting site that prioritises the thing that you’re looking for in the best way is the soccer betting site that will be best for you.

🌍 Which Soccer Leagues Should I Bet on?

That again is absolutely up to personal preference.

Most of the time, you’ll probably be more inclined to bet on some of the more major leagues. This is pretty natural, as these leagues have more information readily available at your fingertips.

The lower leagues however, are where you’ll most likely find a bit more value.

So our advice is to mix it up. If you love the premier league, place a couple bets there, but never rule out the Vietnamese or Belarusian leagues.

Sites like Betway and World Sports Betting offer up plenty of leagues to choose from.

⚖️ Is Soccer Betting Legal in South Africa?

Soccer betting is absolutely legal in South Africa, as with the rest of online betting.

The only time you’ll find any legal issues when it comes to online gambling is if you engage with either unlicensed bookmakers or online casino portals.

This is due to the fact that all bookmakers in SA need to be licensed for you to legally gamble with them, and further, all forms of online casino, poker and bingo are forbidden in the country.

With Soccer betting however, legally, you’re good to go.

🎓 Where can I find Soccer Betting Tips?

Unfortunately, while we are here to guide on how to bet on soccer, we refrain from offering a betting tips service.

As far as our expertise goes, we are well versed on betting operators, and how to use them, but we’ve collectively not seen enough bets come off to give you any kind of advice on which bets to place.

We do however offer a section on this page that covers general soccer betting tips.

💭 Is this a Soccer Predictions Website?

Unfortunately not, no.

We independently review and compare betting sites, and we further provide guides on how to choose and use some of South Africa’s leading bookmakers.

We are experts in this field, and as a result, we steer clear from making our predictions known.

We keep our predictions and selections for Superbru, and betting sites.

➖ What do Soccer Betting lines mean?

Betting lines is another term given to betting markets.

In South African betting, you don’t hear too many lines, because the terms betting markets is more popularly used.

If you hear “betting lines” just think of betting markets. Naturally, this applies to soccer betting too.

If you hear someone mention the “money line”, they are talking about the match result bet.

📊 What are Soccer Betting Markets?

Markets refer to all the different outcomes within an event you’re able to bet on.

Different markets in Soccer include:

Match Result - Bet on the winner/whether the game will end in a draw.

Overs/Unders - Bet on whether the teams will score more/less than a certain no. of goals.

Handicap - bet on a team to have to score more than a number of goals.

Asian Handicap - more technical version of handicaps, which can be read more about here.

Halftime/Fulltime - bet on who will be the winner after 45 min/ 90 min.

First to Score - which team will score the first goal.

Next Goal - who will be the team to score the next goal.

If you’re new to soccer betting, we always recommend getting the hang of match result bets, and moving on to more complex markets from there.

Betway and World Sports Betting offer some of the most markets in SA

Betway - The Very Best In Soccer Betting
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Betway is hands down the best soccer betting site in South Africa.

Hell, they could even be the best soccer betting site in the world.

Their mixture of an easy to use website, market leading odds, and never ending markets are part of our reason for continuously choosing them over the other bookies that offer soccer.

These are some of the reasons why we feel that Betway take first prize:

  1. Some of the best soccer betting features
  2. Consistently provide leading odds
  3. Offer up a range of soccer betting markets
  4. Offer up some top notch soccer betting promos

As you can see, Betway is impossible to ignore when looking at the different online soccer betting options on the market.

Betway comes Highly Recommended 🌟

Visit Betway Today

Join Betway Today!

Our rating:
  • Great for Beginners
  • Easy to use platform
  • Great Mobile App
Sport bonus:

100% up to R1000
as a Free Bet

Turnover: 1x bonus amount Bonus code: No Code Lowest odds: n/a

Best Sites For Soccer Betting

A guide that claims to be the best resource of soccer betting on the market would be incomplete without presenting to you the handful of sites that are best for betting on the sport.

Soccer betting sites are some of the most popular in South Africa, as the sport is the most popular to bet on, watch, and support in the country.

While rugby and cricket are where SA are strongest, it is soccer that locals are most passionate about.

As a result, we must present you with the very best betting sites for soccer betting in South Africa, to best aid you on this quest to become a seasoned bettor on the beautiful game.

  • Take a look at the options to get into some:

Online Soccer Betting

  1. BetwayBest Features and Markets
  2. World Sports BettingAmazing Odds
  3. Hollywoodbets Wide Range of Virtual Soccer Bets
  4. GbetsImmense Number Leagues Offered
  5. Best Soccer Betting Interface
  6. Sportingbet Best Live Soccer Betting Sites
  7. Sunbet Offer same game bet builders and Asian Handicap
  8. SupabetsOffers plenty of Soccer Betting Promos
SA Soccer Fans

How to Place A Soccer Bet Online

The beauty in soccer betting is that it’s not rocket science. Placing a bet can be done within the click of a few buttons.

The trick however, comes with placing the right bets. This, you see, is a little more like rocket science. Sport is unpredictable, and predicting what will happen is exceptionally difficult.

That being said, it can be a helluva lot of fun!

This section here is dedicated to ensuring that you are equipped with each of the steps that you need to start placing bets on your favourite soccer fixtures.

  • Below provides a general guide into placing online bets for soccer. Each bookie may differ slightly, but this guide is mostly generic.

Online Soccer Betting Guide

We’ve paired the steps with screenshots from Betway, because they’re our favourite site from a soccer betting perspective, and theirs is similar to the rest of the best SA soccer bookies.

We sure that you'll be placing bets in no time!
  • Read on to see how it’s done

Step By Step Guide for Soccer Betting in SA

How to bet on soccer steps
Log in/ Sign Up with Your Chosen Betting Site

The first step in placing a soccer bet is to go ahead and either log into your existing betting account, or to sign up with a soccer betting site.

If you don’t have an account with one of SA's bookmakers, don't fret, the task of signing up with them is a walk in the park. All they require are a couple of details from you, as well as your consent.

The process can be completed within the click of a few buttons!

Pro Tips:

Save your login details to ensure easy access.

Read our soccer betting sites page to choose a bookie.

If you’re unsure, go with Betway (they’re the best).

Soccer Betting Betway 1
Select Soccer from the Sportsbook

The next step is to go ahead and select soccer from the list of sports offered by the sportsbook.

Usually betting sites have their lists of sports to the left of the screen on desktop, or in a clickable tab on mobile.

Either way, it’ll be easy to find. All it’ll take is clicking and scrolling.

Pro Tips:

Soccer can usually be found from the bookie’s homepage.

If you’re unsure, find the tab that says “sports”. You’ll find soccer there.

You can use the search tab to find particular match ups.

Soccer Betting Betway Step 2
Select the League/Country

Once you’ve selected soccer/football from the list of available sports on the betting site’s sportsbook, go ahead and select the league/s you’re interested in betting on.

This can change amongst betting sites. Some will require you to choose the country your league is in before choosing the league itself, while others will allow you to choose the league straight away.

Pro Tips:

If you’re not sure of the league you want to bet on, Google it.

Multi bets allow you to bet on more than one league with one stake.

Don’t forget the value that can be found in lesser known leagues.

Soccer Betting Betway Step 3
Find Your Event/s

Once you’ve chosen your league, all of the upcoming matches will appear on a page on the betting site.

This part of the process merely requires you to scroll through the available matchups, and find the one/s that you want to place a wager on.

The beauty of multi bets allows you to bet on more than one event at a time.

Pro Tips:

This part can be aided by utilising the search field.

Multi bets are a great way to maximise potential winnings.

Sites like Betway offer promotions for using their multi bet features.

Soccer Betting Betway Step 4
Make Your Selection/s

Once you’ve found your event, it’s time to make your selection/s. You can do so by clicking the odds that can be found next to the specific outcome.

Remember the odds can determine your winnings, and should be central to your decision making. The better the odds, the better your winnings.

Making your selection, however, can be done with the click of a button.

Pro Tips:

Making your selection must rely on choosing the odds.

In this part of the process, use your head, not your heart.

You can never over analyse a bet, so take your time.

Soccer Betting Betway Step 5
Enter your Stake and Confirm your Bet

Once you’ve made your selection, you will wrap up this process. Next, you need to open up your betslip, and enter the amount you would like to wager on your selected outcome occurring.

Your stake, multiplied by the odds, equals your potential winnings.

Once that’s done, simply click on the confirm bet button, which officially places your bet. All that’s left is to wait and see if your bet comes off.

Pro Tips:

Your bet slip can be thought of as your betting receipt.

You’ll need to click on “Bet slip” when you’re on Mobile.

If you’re on desktop, your bet slip will appear automatically.

Soccer Betting Betway Step 6

The guide above should be enough to see you through, but just in case, we have compiled a list of common queries when it comes to getting started with soccer betting.

  • Take a look at the list we’ve included below:

Tips For Starting Soccer Betting

👤 Info You Need to Provide for Signing Up?

It’s always good to be aware of some of the information you need to provide betting sites before you’re required to sign up.

All bookmakers require this information from you to ensure that they are conducting their business with real South Africans.

These are some of the details you need to provide them with:

  1. Your name and surname -(spelled correctly)
  2. ID number and Date of Birth - to verify you’re real
  3. Your Contact details - normally an email address and phone number
  4. Your Title - Mr/Mrs and the like
  5. Your Home address - important it’s accurate for FICA (which comes later)
  6. Your Income Source - usually, options include salary, government grant etc.

Among a few others. All of these details you’ll more than likely be able to provide off the top of your head.

🤔 Which Leagues to Choose as a Beginner?

We generally like to advise our new bettors to bet on the leagues they know the most about.

Betting on a league you know nothing about is a little like stumbling around in the dark.

So rather, start with the soccer leagues you know, and once you’ve found your feet, you can move onto researching, and eventually betting on some of those lesser known leagues.

🤷 How to Choose Between Outcomes?

The different outcomes (such as match winner or over/under), can be difficult to choose between if you’re new.

Generally, we say follow your instincts, but never forget that a little bit of research can go a long way.

Off the bat, if you were to see Arsenal vs. West Ham, you may see Arsenal given shorter odds for winning (which means the bookie will think they have the higher chance of winning). Historically, you may be inclined to bet on Arsenal.

But if you do some research, you may find that Arsenal are struggling, have a lot of injured players, and are really battling to keep any sort of home form.

West Ham on the other hand could be firing on all cylinders, full strength, and could have an away record that makes the likes of Arsenal shiver.

In this case, the smart bet may be to go for West Ham.

So the balance of instinctive feelings, and hard facts can help you choose which outcome to select.

💵 How Much Money Should I Enter as My Stake?

That is totally dependent on how much money you’re willing to spend.

In the beginning, especially when you’re learning, a R10 stake is enough, because in most cases it’s not the end of the world if you were to lose ten bucks.

Once you’ve become a little more calculated both with your bet making and risk taking, you can start increasing your stake a little.

Generally, the more sure you are, the more you can put down, but be careful. Never put down more money than you’re willing to part with.

❓ How Do I Know Once My Bet Has Been Placed?

Generally, once you’ve clicked on the confirm button, your bet will be placed.

If, however, you’re in an area with poor internet connection, and aren’t sure whether your bet was placed after you confirmed on your bet slip, you can give the tab labelled “Open Bets” a click to see if the bet has been placed.

Information about your bet will remain there until the bet is closed (the event has come and gone).

How to Read Soccer Betting Odds

Now that you have a bit of a better idea with regards to how to bet, you may be interested in learning more about how to read the odds that are attached to the outcomes of your favourite soccer match ups.

Reading the odds is simple enough, and we’re certain that you’ll grasp the concept in no time.

Odds are central to betting, they determine your potential winnings, and probability of outcomes.

Reading the odds may take some time to understand, but the more you bet, the more you’ll come to understand them, and before you know it, you’ll be reading odds like you read words.

Soccer Betting Odds analysis

Understanding odds, at its core, is based on understanding probabilities. The higher the probability (like Brazil beating Bafana), the shorter (or less) the odds are given to that particular outcome unfolding.

Brazil to Beat Bafana
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein
  • For example, you might see Brazil being given odds like 1.1 to beat Bafana. That’s because it’s extremely likely.

So if you were to bet R10 on Brazil beating Bafana, and Brazil won, your return would be R11.00, meaning that you would have made R1.00 in profits.

You see, your potential winnings can be calculated by multiplying your stake (the money you put down) by the odds attached to the particular outcome you have selected.

The lesser the likelihood of a certain soccer event happening (Bafana beating Brazil), the higher the odds will be for that particular event.

Bafana to Beat Brazil
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein
  • To continue the example, Bafana might be given odds of up to 12.00 to beat Brazil or more. This is because it is extremely unlikely for Bafana to pull this off.

Again, if you were to bet R10 on Bafana winning, and they somehow managed to beat the mighty Brazilians, your return would be R120.00, and you would have made a whopping R110 in profits.

There are hundreds of other things that odds providers take into account. The weather, home ground advantage, injured players, morale. The list is honestly endless.

  • It’s always super helpful going for betting sites that offer up the best soccer odds on the market, which can be found in the list below:

The Best Soccer Betting Markets

The beauty of soccer betting is the fact that there are so many different things that can happen within 90 minutes.

Players can score goals, get sent off, take corners, and so on. And you guessed it, you have the opportunity to bet on some of these different happenings.

Soccer betting markets refer to the different outcomes within a particular event that you have the option to bet on.
Soccer Betting markets

The more markets you’re able to choose from, the better, because at the end of the day, there’s so much more that can happen within a soccer game than who wins at the end.

  • Some of the more popular soccer betting markets can be found in the list below:

Most Popular Soccer Betting Markets

🎖️ Match Result

Match result is probably the most popular market within all of betting, soccer included.

When you bet on the match result, you are betting on who will win the event after 90 minutes.

It’s important to note that the score is taken after 90 minutes, and not extra time.

So if you’ve placed a bet on Man United to win, and the game stays goalless for 90 minutes, and they score in the 94th minute, you would lose your bet.

Aside from the 90 minute rule, this is probably the simplest betting market.

🔃 Overs/Unders

In this market, you are essentially placing a bet on the number of goals that will be scored in the game.

So for example, you may see some options saying over 2.5. If you were to bet on this option, you are betting that by the time the game reaches 90 minutes, there will have been more than 2.5 (so 3) goals scored in the game.

The goals don’t need to come from 1 team. If you kept this Over 2.5 option, and the game would end 2-1, you would win your bet.

The same concept can be applied to the “Unders” side of the market (you bet on “Under 2.5”, and if the game ends with less than 2.5 goals (no more than 2) you would win your bet).

⚽ First Goal

Quite simply, bet on the team that you believe will score first in the game.

Tip: This market is great to bet on if you have access to live streaming, or a television set that you can watch the event on.

🥅 Next Goal

Again fairly simple, bet on the team that you believe will score the next goal in the game.

Another market that really comes alive when you are betting live. Live streaming, and watching the game are great sources of data for this market.

📈 Handicap

A handicap is a slightly more complex market, but we are convinced that you’ll get an understanding of it if you were to bet more on it.

With Handicaps, you are essentially giving one team a head start over another. When you bet on the handicap market, you are betting that a team will score more than a certain number of goals.

So for example, if you were to bet on Man City in -0.5, you would only win your bet if they were to score more than 0.5 goals (so 1 or more). Technically, they’re starting with a minus goal

If they don’t, you would lose out on your bet.

So essentially, you are betting on a team to score more than a certain number of goals. If they do, you win, and if they don’t, you lose.

📊 Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is one of the more complicated betting markets to get an understanding of. It’s not too common amongst betting sites in South Africa. In fact, only Sunbet and Supabets offer this market in SA.

In Asian Handicap, the concept of handicap betting is taken a step further. This will all get quite theoretical, but we’ll do our best to explain it as best as possible.

With Asian Handicaps, goals are split into “quarters” (like with normal handicaps, you’ll see -0.5, with asian handicap you will see -0.25, or -0.0;-0.5 (these mean the same thing)), and therefore, the stake that you put down is split into two stakes.

So if you elect to bet on an Asian Handicap, and select “Man City - 0.0; - 0.5” (or -0.25), and they were to win by 1 goal, both those split stakes would win, and you would win your bet.

We are aware that it’s pretty complicated, but to get a better understanding, we recommend playing with Sunbet’s Asian Handicap tool, it will begin to make far more sense.

The Very Best Soccer Betting Features

When it comes to soccer betting, there are a host of features that can really take your wagering to a new level. We often like to say that a soccer betting site is only as good as it’s features, and we stand by that.

Features are everything from live streaming and cashout, to multi-bets and bet builders.

Using Soccer Betting Features will undoubtedly benefit you in the long run!

A further perk of betting features is that they’re all fairly self explanatory, and easy to start using once you have a basic understanding of soccer betting, and interacting with betting platforms.

In the list below, we’ll go through some of the best soccer betting features, and explain them in a little more detail.

  • Click on the list of drop downs to find out more.

List of the Best Soccer Betting Features

🚀 Odds Boosts

First on the list of our favourite soccer betting features is odds boosts. With odds boosts, the concept isn’t too hard to wrap your head around.

Odds are simply given better prices, improving your chances of claiming better winnings.

There’s no real need to include some grand guide on how to use odds boosts, as all you need to do, is bet.

📺 Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the best features that can boost your soccer betting experience.

Some betting operators offer live streaming for their users, which at the end of the day is the best tool for informing your betting strategy.

You can draw data from watching the event roll out in front of you eyes, which no other betting feature can offer.

The truth, however, is that securing this feature is rather expensive, and tough to maintain, so soccer betting platforms rarely offer coverage of the best leagues.

This is no problem though, as there is plenty of value in those lesser known leagues.

🤑 Cash Out

Cashout is another offering that generally falls under the list of features attached to live betting.

Cashout allows you to do two things with your bets. Each of which essentially ensures longevity with your betting.

We can break these two things that you can do with cash out into two broad categories: cutting your losses and securing your profits.

Scenario A: Cutting your Losses:

You place a bet on Burnley to beat Newcastle, but after 70 minutes, they’re two goals down, and they’re looking absolutely hopeless.

You may be inclined to use the cashout feature to get some (but not all) of your stake back.

So if you bet R10 on Burnley winning, and you wanted to use the cash out function, you would be getting back anything from R7.00 to R9.00. Cash out offers differ, and tend to lessen as the game gets closer and closer to the 90 minute mark.

Scenario B: Securing Your Profits

In this scenario, you have made a fictitious bet on Brighton to beat Wolves.

They’re currently 1-0 up after 75 minutes, but Wolves are stringing together attack after attack, and are close to equalising.

You may be inclined to use cash out in this scenario, as doing so will mean that you are able to secure at least some of your potential winnings, and remove the risk of potentially losing your bet altogether.

Either way, cash out is a great tool to ensure that your bets last, and is one of the most popular features in soccer betting.

🔧 Bet Builders

Bet builders are another standout feature that can take your soccer betting to the next level.

Bet builders are fairly similar to multi bets, but they differ in the fact that they allow you to add multiple selections to your bet slip for markets within the same game.

Take a look at the table below to get a better idea:

Bet Builders

Multi Bets
Liverpool to WinChelsea to beat West Ham
Liverpool to get First GoalCity to beat Tottenham
Liverpool to get Over 0.5 CornersBayern to beat Wolfsburg
Liverpool to get Next goalPSG to beat Rennes
✖️ Multi Bets

We touched on multi bets slightly when we spoke about bet builders, so here we’ll speak a little more on the perks of using multibet functions.

For a very quick refresher, multi bet functions allow you to add more than one selection to your bet slip.

Multi bets are a great way to take a small stake and turn it into incredible potential winnings.

The catch? The more different events you add to your bet slip, the less likely you’ll see that bet win (based on probabilities).

Doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Especially considering some of the features and bonuses attached to winning multi bets!

Best Soccer Betting Features


Best Soccer Betting Features

✅ Live Streaming

✅ Cash Out

✅ Bet Builders

✅ Bet My Way (Suggested Bets)

Understanding Live Soccer Betting

Live betting is hands down one of the best developments to online betting, with soccer probably being the sport that has benefitted the most from this new feature.

Live betting allows you to place bets after the game has begun, allowing you to use valuable data from the game itself to inform your betting strategy.

Soccer is by far our favourite sport to place live bets on!

Below you can find the best live betting features available in SA:

📺 Live Streaming - live footage of the game underway

🤑 Cashout - allowing you to close bets early

💯 Live Odds - fluctuate as the game progresses

📊 In game stats - giving you a good idea of what’s going

🏟️ Mini virtual Feeds - so you can keep an eye on the action

In order to help you understand live betting on soccer, we will paint a picture to show you just how much fun it can be. It’d be a good idea to get acquainted with the different features that can aid your live betting strategy.

  • Click on the dropdown to view the scenario we’ve come up with to help you understand the concept of live betting a bit better.
Live Soccer Betting Scenario
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

You’re interested in placing your first live bet/s, and you have an event in mind that you’re interested in betting on.

While live streaming won’t be provided for events in the Premier League, you tune in on your TV, or go to the bar to watch the game.

You have your mobile betting site open, and are ready to start betting.

You see that West Ham are favourites to beat Norwich, and think it’d be wise to bet on them, but you hold off, to see how the game unfolds.

You start watching the game, and you are convinced after the first ten minutes that your instincts served you well. West Ham are looking dominant, and are flooding Norwich with attack after attack.

You use the fluctuating odds as a guide to see what the bookmakers think is happening.

Based on what you’re seeing, you use a bet builder to bet on West Ham to win the game, and for them to score the first goal.

You use the In game stats to assess whether their performance really is worth the bet, and are kept abreast with the game when you go to the bathroom via the live feed.

You decide to place the bet, and you wait and see.

A huge momentum shift occurs, and while West Ham have scored first, it’s looking a lot like Norwich will equalise. You use Cash out to secure your profits, because you don’t want to risk losing it all.

West Ham ended up conceding, and end the game with a draw, and you have just walked away with at least a decent proportion of your winnings.

  • That’s how you could use each of the live betting tools that a betting site offers you when you’re placing your wagers in soccer
A Note On Live Betting

We don't recommend live betting to betting novices.

There is a lot going when betting live, and this can feel quite overwhelming if you don't have a good foundation to work with.

We recommend starting with match result bets, and moving on to live betting later.

How to Use Cash Out in Soccer Betting

The process of using cashout is more of a decision than knowing how to actually get it done. The process itself is really simple, but knowing when to do it is something else completely.

We have already talked at length about when you should be using cashout, and we have created some scenarios to show you when the cash out function can be used best.

Cash out essentially ensures some level of longevity with your betting.


🤕 Scenario A: Cashout can be used to secure some of your stake when your betting is looking to go sideways.

⚠️ Scenario B: Cash out can be used to claim most of your profits early if it is looking like your bet is in danger.

World Sports Betting Cashout
  • Take a look at the box below to learn how to complete the process of cashing out a bet.

How to Use Cash Out for Soccer Betting

💵 Place A Bet

The first step in the process of using cash out is placing a bet.

It is impossible to cash anything out if you don’t have an open bet.

If you're not too sure how to do this, click here to take another look.

👀 Make Sure to Keep an Eye on the Game

This part of the process is crucial.

Make sure that you’re either able to keep an eye on the game on the telly, or make sure that the game you’re looking to bet on is being offered by the site’s live streaming feature.

Otherwise, you’re always able to use the site’s mini virtual feed and in-game stats to keep track of scores and other valuable info.

🤔 Make a Decision

When using cash out, it’s the decision making that’s key, ahead of anything else.

If you see a bet going a way that you didn’t want it to go, make a decision.

Either hold on, or use cash out.

⌨️ Click on Open Bets

If you’ve decided to use cash out, click on the open bets tab on the betting site

🖱️ Click on Cash out

Once you’ve clicked on open bets, you can go ahead and click on cash out.

The site will let you know of the amount you would be entitled to when you cash out.

  • Note: betting sites tend to offer very different cash out offers, so always keep an eye out for whether or not cash out is being offered for the particular event. Sometimes you can only do this once you’ve placed your bet.

The Popular Soccer Betting Leagues

Soccer is without doubt the most popular sport in the world. There’s no arguing the fact that the sport is the most followed and supported, both in South Africa, and across the planet.

What’s important to note however, is that there are certain leagues that feel almost universal, that are extremely popular to bet on - for a number of reasons.

Leagues like the Premier League, the Champions League, and World Cup draw a huge betting crowd from South Africa!
Soccer Betting Leagues and promos
  • Below, we will discuss some of the most popular soccer betting leagues in the country, and some of the best promos and offers that are attached to them.

Premier League Betting

The world’s most followed and supported sport has it’s most followed and supported league. That league is the English Premier League.

You ask the vast majority of South Africans who they support when it comes to soccer, and they will very often reply with one of the Premier League’s top 6.

The Premier League is arguably the most competitive, and thus exciting league on the planet.

Naturally, when it comes to start of the Premier League, soccer betting sites release a host of new offers and promotions to boost your betting, and we advise you to make the most of these offers.

Soccer betting with leicester

No one will forget when Leicester shocked the world and won the Premier League! Anything can happen in the EPL!

Best Premier League Betting Site


Best For Premier League

✅ Plenty of Markets

✅ Great Odds

✅ Regular Promos

Champions League Betting

The Champions League is another competition that South Africans fondly place soccer bets on. Each year, the footballing world comes to a stand still as the biggest teams from across Europe battle it out in attempt to claim European football’s biggest prize.

Winning the champions league ensures footballing immortality, as the names of those who have lifted the coveted trophy are etched into the history books.

The beginning of the Champions League season is famous for unique promotions and offers.
Champions League Betting General Tips
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

The champions league can sometimes be a little more challenging to bet on. There are plenty of upsets in this competition, and it is exceptionally dificult to get to grips with each and every team that takes part in the competition.

Our advice is to do as much research as possible, but also perhaps lessen your stakes when you bet on the Champions League.

We also advise making use of some of our favourite soccer betting features, such cash out to ensure some security/longevity.

Otherwise, just enjoy it!

Best UCL Betting Site

World Sports Betting

Best For The UCL

✅ Stand Out Odds

✅ Multi Bets

✅ Huge Range of Markets

FIFA World Cup Betting

The FIFA World Cup is one of the more anticipated footballing events in the world.

Often referred to as the World Cup finals, there is a rigorous qualification process, that occasionally sees some of world football’s better teams not qualify.

With it only happening every four years, the online outlets that provide soccer betting tend to offer plenty in the promotions and special features department.

Aside from exceptional footballing action, the World Cup is always clearly marked on the keen soccer bettor’s calendar.

Expect all the very best promotional features from the sites that prioritise soccer betting, and a whole lot of action.

SA Soccer Celebrations

All of SA stood still

Best FIFA World Cup Betting Site


Best FIFA World Cup Betting Site

✅ Releases odds early

✅ Great Soccer Betting Section

✅ Plenty of Regular Promos

Europa League Betting

The Europa League is another one of the standout soccer betting tournaments in the world, and draws some of the more niched teams from across Europe’s top leagues.

What makes the competition that much more interesting is that the certain teams that fail to qualify for a round in the Champions League join up with the Europa League, making the competition that much stiffer.

While the Europa league is secondary to the Champions League, it's still immensely popular

Bets in the Europa League can be a little more straightforward, as the competition level shows a lot of variance. That being said, upsets certainly still do happen, especially on those cold nights in Eastern Europe.

Best Europa League Betting Site


Best Site for the Europa League

✅ Great coverage of events

✅ Betway Insider Blog

✅ Plenty of markets in the Europa League

The Best Soccer Betting Promos

When it comes to soccer betting, a good promo can really go a long way. The best part about this, is that it’s usually soccer that many betting operators focus on when they come up with their promotions.

The standard soccer betting promos you’ll find are usually attached to accumulators, in what are known as stake back, or money back promos.

While these are perhaps a little more standard, there are some really unique soccer betting promos out there up for grabs!
Soccer betting promos
  • Below you can find some examples of some really stand out, unique soccer betting promos:

List Of Unique Soccer Betting Promos

🤑 Gbets - 200% Stake Back Special

As we have mentioned, this kind of promo is pretty standard amongst soccer betting sites in South Africa.

We have deicided to enter this one into the list because a 200% stake is pretty impressive.

This is how it works:

No. of selections

Minimum odds per leg

Stake Refunded


1.3 per leg



1.3 per leg



1.3 per leg



1.3 per leg


Terms & Conditions:

  • You’ll need to email to claim your winnings.
  • Only match result bets qualify.
  • The promo only applies if one of your selections doesn’t come off.
  • Unfortunately, Free Bets don’t qualify for this promo.

Sign up with Gbets to view the Promo.

💵 WSB - 0-0 Stake Return

With World Sports Betting, you can get a voucher on correct score, halftime/full time markets if the game ends in a goalless draw.

The maximum amount that you’d be able to receive is R1000.

In order to apply for your voucher, you’ll need to email with the following specifications:

  • Subject: 0-0 Money Back
  • Include your Full Name,
  • Include your Account Number or Username
  • Include your ticket number

Sign up with World Sports Betting to view the promotion.

🕰 Sunbet - After 90 minutes

One of the biggest issues when it comes to soccer betting, is that when you’re betting on a team to win, and they score the winning goal after the 90th minute, you are considered to have lost your bet.

Sunbet addresses this in some way with their half stake back after 90 minutes promo, wherein if your team loses after the 90th minute, they will return half your stake.

Sign up with Sunbet to view the promotion.

Our Top Soccer Betting Tips

We felt that a page that covered soccer betting would be incomplete if we didn’t leave you with some of our top tips. We’ve come up with a list of things that we feel should be your main take aways from this page before you go off to do some soccer betting.

Our goal is to ensure that you have all you need to start betting successfully on soccer.
  • You can take a look at the tips that we feel to be the most important in the list below:

Our Top Tips for Soccer Betting

🚦 Start With Match Result Bets

If you’re new to betting on soccer games, we suggest that you start out with the classic match result bets.

These bets are by far the most common within all of online betting, and are great for getting to grips with understanding odds, making use of betting platforms, and all in all getting started.

It’s always good to start here, and build.

✖️ Use Multi Bets/Bet Builders

The reason we have added this to our list of top tips is because using multi bets or bet builders is a great way to turn your stake into absolutely massive winnings.

It’s easier said than done, because with every selection you add to the bet slip, the probability of you winning your bet reduces slightly.

That being said however, if you do win, you will win big.

💡 Diversify Your Bets, and Try Other Markets

Once you have a good hold over betting on the match result, you can look to start diversifying your bets, and you can start looking to bet on other markets.

Some really fun markets to bet on are first goal and next goal, overs/unders, and eventually, handicap betting too.

As you begin to feel more confident and comfortable, you will come to realise that these markets no longer feel intimidating, and more approachable.

📖 Always Do Your Research

Always always always do your research.

Research is the difference between a good bet and a bad bet. If you’re betting on the favourite just because they’ve got a bigger and better reputation without analysing the team’s forms, homeground advantage, injured players, and the like, you may find yourself losing your bet.

Make use of different sources of information. Some of the better resources that you can consult for statistics include: Soccerway (just google soccerway) and Total Corner (also just a term you can google).

👨‍🏫️ Bet on the Lesser Known Leagues

While the big leagues can be fun to bet on because of how well known they are, betting on some of the lesser known leagues can be excpetionally profitable.

The reason for this is that odds are determined by experts, and big betting operators are more inclined to send their very best experts to these games, and usually, they get the odds spot on.

On the lesser known leagues however, they are more inclined to make a few more errors, giving you the opportunity to take advantage and make some really great returns.

🎓 Become a Master of One League

Many make the mistake of betting on a variety of leagues, and simply go with who they think will win without doing enough analysis.

Proper winning analysis takes time, effort, and lot of dedication, making it exceptionally difficult to reach a level of mastery when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of different leagues.

So pick one. Pick one that’s lesser known with high potential value. Like the Australian A-League, or the Icelandic 4th division.

And That's a Wrap!

Now you're well equipped with all the tools to go off and try your hand at soccer betting.

Allthat's left for you to do is to go ahead and create a betting account, and get involved!

Trust us, if you're a soccer fan, you'll love betting on the sport!
  • Go ahead and choose a bookie, by clicking on one of the claim buttons below!