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Horse Racing Betting Sites

Take a look at our top picks for Horse Racing Betting Sites in South Africa

Horse Racing Betting Sites

While South Africa may be well known for its rugby and cricketing prowess on the world stage, horse racing is often the forgotten sport that dominates betting in the country.

Horse racing is one of the original sports associated with betting, and is the most popular sport to bet on in South Africa. Our nation plays host to eight major tracks, which together host an impressive number of horse racing events that are recognised around the world.

Horse racing betting has a rich history in our country, and acts as the foundation upon which some of South Africa’s most popular betting sites have built themselves upon.

Keeping this rich history and importance in mind, we have provided you with the best horse racing betting sites in South Africa, how to use them, and how to decide which of the best horse racing betting sites is the one for you.

Best Betting Sites for Horse Racing


SA's Favourite Sportsbook
  • Most popular betting operator in SA
  • Best range of horse racing options in SA
  • Unique features that can't be found anywhere else
  • Only offer one deposit method (EFT)
  • Welcome bonus could be better
Welcome Offer
R25 in Free Bets
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Website: www.hollywoodbets.netFounded: 2000
Owner: HollywoodbetsHeadquarters: Umhlanga, KZN
Hollywoodbets Old Site
Hollywoodbets New Site
Hollywoodbets Live Games


Author: Alex Alex

As the saying goes, local is lekker. Hollywood bets is a proudly South African betting dynasty, that started in 1986 as a company specialising in the publishing and distribution of racecards for South African Horse Racing. In 2000, Hollywoodbets took to betting, and thus offer South Africa’s oldest betting establishment. Bagging an 8th place ranking on the Top 50 Gaming Sites Worldwide published by iGaming Business Magazine in March 2019, it’s clear that Hollywoodbets are a serious player in the South African online betting scene.

Hollywoodbets comes Highly Recommended ⭐

Visit Hollywoodbets

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Best Betting Odds
  • Unrivalled odds
  • Great range of promotions
  • Fantastic user experience
  • Huge sportsbook: bet on soccer, horse racing, rugby, cricket, tennis and more!
  • Few deposit methods
  • Complicated withdrawal process
Welcome Offer
100% up to R1000
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Website: 2010
Owner: Sun InternationalHeadquarters: Sandton, Guateng
Sunbet Homepage
Sunbet Sportsbook
Live Betting with Sunbet


Author: Alex Alex

Forming part of the highly esteemed Sun International Group, Sunbet entered the online sports betting scene in 2010, and little over a decade have provided their users with a touch of elegance. This is displayed in the sophisticated layout and design of their website, phenomenal odds, and unrivalled sportsbook, which ensure ultimate user satisfaction.

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World Sports Betting

  • Substantial sportsbook
  • Convenient deposit methods
  • Huge range of lucky numbers markets
  • Impressive live betting feature
  • Cluttered website design
  • Some betting options are unclear
Welcome Offer
Up to R10 000 in Free Bets
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Website: 2002
Owner: World Sports Betting PTY (Ltd)Headquarters: North Riding, Johannesburg
World Sports Betting Homepage
World Sports Betting Live Games
World Sports Betting Lucky Numbers


Author: Alex Alex

Founded in 2002, World Sports betting have applied their sports betting services to the South African public for just under two decades. Joining the online betting scene in 2009, and more recently with World Sports Betting Mobile, this platform is one of South Africa’s leading, and most popular online bookmakers, with one of the more impressive sportsbooks in the industry.

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Best Welcome Bonus
  • Fantastic Welcome Bonus
  • Wide range of Features
  • Supabets accept several deposit methods
  • Crowded website design
Welcome Offer
200% up to R1000
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Website: 2008
Owner: Phumelela Gaming and LeisureHeadquarters: Melrose North, Johannesburg
Supabets Homepage
Supabets Live Betting
Supabets Live Games


Author: Alex Alex

One of the more popular betting establishments in South Africa, Supabets have been bringing their users the opportunity to win for a little over a decade. Spending some time on Supabets’ busy platform can quickly explain their popularity. With a welcome bonus that is rivalled by none, and a host of features that will keep you entertained for hours, Supabets ensures a complete betting experience, and one that will keep you coming back for more.

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  • Sportingbet offer some of the best odds in SA
  • Comprehensive sportsbook: bet on soccer, rugby, cricket, horse racing and tennis with Sportingbet
  • Fanatastic user experience: great for beginners
  • Slim on features
  • Few deposit methods
Welcome Offer
100% up to R2000
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Website: 1997
Owner: GVC HoldingsHeadquarters: London, UK
Sportingbet Homepage
Sportingbet live betting
Sportingbet Live Games


Author: Alex Alex

Sportingbet’s business was brought over to South Africa in 2008, and has been a hit since day one. It’s brilliantly laid out design, wide array of events to bet on, fantastic welcome bonus, and competitive odds make them a leading bookmaker in South Africa, with a strong following based on trust that has been fostered over years of fantastic service.

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FAQS for Horse racing Betting Sites

Some commonly asked questions about horse racing betting sites in South Africa

🏇 What is horse racing betting

Horse racing betting is the wagering of money on certain outcomes in a horse race that are offered by bookmakers. Odds are given to each of the options, and players select who they think will win. If the selection they have made wins, they win the bet.

🇿🇦 Is there horse racing in South Africa

Yes absolutely. South Africa is home to 8 major racetracks, and plays host to 29 grade 1 race meets, as well as a variety of other horse racing meets. Horse racing has a long and rich history in South Africa, with the sport getting underway as early as 1795.

⚖️ Is horse racing betting legal

Horse racing betting is legal provided that you are placing your bets with a licensed operator. South Africa’s online gambling is murky at best, but is absolutely clear when it comes to horse racing and sports betting, which are absolutely legal in our country.

💰 Is horse racing betting profitable?

It certainly can be, provided that you know what you’re doing. In order for horse racing to be profitable you will need to know the sport, and be in a position to make high value bets that consistently come off. You’d need to spend a considerable amount of time studying horses’ form, jockeys, racetracks, and more. In saying that however, it certainly is doable.

🤔 What does SP mean in horse racing betting?

In horse racing betting, SP refers to the starting price of odds. These odds are subject to change as the race rolls out.

🧐 How do horse racing betting odds work?

Horse racing odds are determined by a number of sources, including gallop watchers, private handicappers, form experts and bookmakers. The inputs from all of these sources are considered, and with help of computer software, odds prices are determined. Much like other forms of betting, odds represent the likelihood of a certain event occurring and also represent how much you stand to win if your given selection is the winning one.

Horse Racing Betting in South Africa

Horse racing was first introduced to South Africa in the 18th century, with races being recorded as early as 1795. Having been brought over by the British in colonial times, the sport began truly gaining traction with the arrival of Lord Somerset in 1814.

Within little over a decade of his presence in South Africa, 10 horse racing venues arose, with Port Elizabeth being the hub of activity. Fast forward 2 centuries, and horse racing is more vibrant than ever in South Africa, which plays host to 29 grade 1 races every year.

Horse Racing’s rich history in South Africa has been closely shouldered by a loyal betting community, who have steadily grown since the sport’s introduction in our territory.

As betting has transformed into what it is today, horse racing betting sites have grown to become the most popular and lucrative in the industry, seeing more activity and transactions than online betting sites of other orientations.

Top 3 Horse Racing Betting Sites 🏇

The simple truth is that many betting sites offer horse racing. It's the most widely betted on sport in the country.

This does not mean however, that each of these betting sites offering horse racing are bona fide horse racing betting sites.

What sets a horse racing betting site apart is whether or not it prioritises horse racing, with regards to coverage of events, odds and betting options. The following are our top 3 horse racing betting sites in South Africa.

  1. Hollywoodbets - best coverage of events
  2. Sunbet - best odds
  3. World Sports Betting - live streaming

Hollywoodbets Horse Racing Betting

R25 in Free Bets

Hollywoodbets live and breathe horse racing betting, and stands out as the leader amongst horse racing betting sites in South Africa. Where they excel the most is in the active events they offer, where they give punters the opportunity to bet on races from the UK, Ireland, Japan, France, Sweden, the USA, Australia and of course, South Africa

Sunbet Horse Racing Betting

100% up to R1000

Sunbet is another one of the horse racing betting sites that can be included in a list of the elites.

Sunbet offers an impressive range events, covering racing meets from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Australia, Sweden, France, and ofcourse South Africa. They are also one of the horse racing betting sites that offer pre race starting price odds well before races start.

World Sports Betting Horse Racing Betting

Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

As one of South Africa’s oldest betting sites, World Sports Betting have spent a lot of time and effort aligning their betting site to the interests of South Africans, which is why they have so closely focussed on horse racing. With horse racing, their strengths lie in the number of events they cover, as well as their offering of live streaming for horse racing.

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How to choose a great Horse Racing Betting Site

Selecting horse racing betting sites revolves around three central factors, and thus requires research, taking time and effort which you shouldn’t have painstakingly go through.

Luckily, you don’t have to, as we’ve brought you the important things to consider, as well as the horse racing betting sites that best tick these important boxes.

In short, these are:

  1. Coverage of Events
  2. Betting Odds
  3. Betting Options

Coverage of events

Coverage of events refers to the number of races that a horse racing betting site has to offer, and thus, how much betting you are able to do.

Horse racing is a well established worldwide sport, with active races happening across the globe at any given time.

It's crucial that horse racing betting sites cover as many of these events as possible.

The more events to choose from, the better, because the more betting you’ll be able to do. Some horse racing betting sites only cover racing meets from the UK and South Africa, but do not consider the races that are happening in a number of other areas in the world.

Betting sites with the best horse racing coverage

  1. R25 in Free Bets

  2. Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

  3. 100% up to R1000

Betting Odds

Odds are one of the most important features in all of betting, and with horse racing betting, the case is no different. Horse racing odds differ slightly in format compared to other forms of betting.

This due to the fact that there are more than two competitors in a horse race, and there are simply more factors at play.

With horse racing, a number of different things are taken into account when determining the odds of each horse. Important sources of odds determining information include gallop watchers present the horses’ stables, form experts and private handicappers.

This information is then provided to bookies and the horses are ranked from most to least likely to win a race, and from there a few other factors are considered before odds prices are set.

An important note to take into consideration, is that only the best horse racing betting sites offer pre-race starting price odds well before an event begins.

Horse racing betting sites with the best odds

  1. R25 in Free Bets

  2. 100% up to R1000

Betting Options

Another crucial factor to consider when deciding upon horse racing betting sites is the betting options the provider offers. Punters would be quite unsatisfied if all they could do was make single bets on who they thought would win the race.

Luckily, however, horse racing betting sites offer far more than this, and ensure punters have a number of ways to strike gold.

Some of these include fixed wins and places, exotics, which are a subcategory of bets that include swingers, exactas, trifectas, quartets, doubles, jackpots, place accumulators, and more.

As you can see this list is substantial as is, but is nowhere near exhaustive. Horse racing betting options are truly endless.

Horse racing betting sites with the best betting options

  1. R25 in Free Bets

  2. 100% up to R1000

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How to bet on Horse Racing

For new punters, the world of horse racing betting can be an overwhelming place. Betting on horse racing differs substantially when compared to other sports, and can lead to some confusion.

Don’t fret however, because with this instructional guide, you will be able to start betting on the races comfortably in no time.

Choose a Horse Racing betting site

Hopefully by now you will have a better idea as to how to select a horse racing betting site. Remember that a number of betting sites offer horse racing, but that is not to say that they are one of the best horse racing betting sites.

If you elect to go with a betting site that does not prioritise horse racing, you could stand to lose. It’s important to keep in mind that no single best horse racing site exists, as each focuses on different factors that appeal to different people.


When choosing a Horse Racing Betting Site, keep in mind these 3 central factors:

  • Coverage of events
  • Betting odds
  • Betting options

Sign up with a Horse Racing Betting Site

Once you have selected a betting site to bet on horse racing with, the next step is to sign up with them.

This process is generally really simple to complete across betting sites, and involves providing some personal details, which generally include your name and surname, date of birth, address, income source, among others.

Sign up generally takes no longer than two minutes to complete, and is accompanied with prompts and support that guide you on what needs to be done.

World S Ports Betting Personal Details

These are generally the personal details betting sites require from you

Deposit with a horse racing betting site

The next step in the process involves crediting your freshly set up betting account by using one of the deposit methods that the betting site accepts.

Depositing again is a fairly simple process that is accompanied by support and prompts, and takes no longer than a few minutes to complete.

If you’re looking to start betting right away, make sure to select an instant deposit method, so that your money reflects in your betting account promptly.

Receive a Welcome Bonus from a Horse Racing Betting Site

A welcome bonus is a betting site’s way of thanking you for choosing them, and is generally followed after you make your first deposit.

Welcome bonuses most commonly come in the form of matched first deposit bonuses, but can also come in the form of free bets (where you will receive your bonus directly after sign up).

Welcome bonuses are generally credited automatically and can vary in size and form across betting sites.

Hollywoodbets Sign Up Offer

Receive a R25 Free Bet from Hollywoodbets, one of SA's leading horse racing betting sites

Bet on Horse Racing

Once you have followed each of the preceding steps, you will be able to bet on horse racing.

Betting on horse racing differs depending on the betting option you have elected to choose, but is generally done by selecting the outcomes you think will occur depending on what’s made available by the bookmaker.

You are able to bet on everything from who you think will win the race, to by what distance you think the winner will win by.

Horse Racing Betting

Bet on Horse Racing

Popular horse racing betting options

Win - Bet on a horse to win

Place - Bet on a horse to place first or second, if it places in the top 2, you win your bet

Show - Bet on a horse to place first, second or third. If your horse places anywhere in the top 3 you win your bet

Exacta - bet on two horses to finish in first and second. They need to finish in the places you have selected for them in order for you to win your bet

Trifecta - Bet on horses to come first, second and third. The horses need to finish in the places you have selected for them in order for you to win your bet.

Superfecta - Bet on horse to come first, second, third and fourth. They need to finish in the correct order for you to win your bet.

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Live Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse racing is an incredibly exciting sport by its very nature. There’s no comparing the excitement that gets created by a closely contested race.

Horses galloping around the last bend and into the final stretch, photo finishes, there’s no justice we can do with words to paint the picture well enough.

You really have to be there for yourself to really feel the magic, but this isn’t always a viable option for everyone.

That being said, a worthy substitute for a day at the races is live betting. One of the most exciting ways for bettors to experience horse racing betting is undoubtedly through live betting.

In this popular feature, you are able to view odds fluctuating as the race is being run, which showcases how each of the horses that are competing are faring.

Odds fluctuations are indicated by green and red icons that differ among betting sites.

Best Live Betting Horse Racing Sites

  1. 100% up to R1000

  2. 200% up to R1000

Live Streaming Horse Racing

The very next best thing to spending a day at the races is horse racing betting sites that offer live streaming of the sport.

Live streaming in general is not a widely offered feature in South Africa. This is principally due to the costs involved in providing such a service, and the difficulties needed to be overcome in order to make sure such a service is available to users.

There is however one betting site that offers live streaming of horse racing, both locally and internationally, and that's World Sports Betting.

World Sports Betting have done much to establish themselves as one of South Africa’s premier horse racing betting sites, but the offer of live streaming horse races makes them impossible to ignore.

  1. Great for Live Streaming!

Mobile Horse Racing Betting

South Africans like to be on the move. We enjoy having the freedom to go from place to place, not having to worry about having things tying us down while doing.

Placing bets at your desktop is all good and well when you’re at home, but we don’t spend all day at home. We go to work, enjoy our social lives, and get outdoors.

This is what makes the provision of mobile betting sites so important, and luckily, every horse racing betting site worth its salt includes either an app or mobile version that enables you to bet on the go.

So whether you’re on your way to work, getting ready to head to your mate’s braai to watch the game, you are guaranteed to be able to place a bet on a mobile platform that has it all.

  1. Sophisticated Betting App

  2. Great Mobile Version

  3. Offer a Data-Free Mobile version