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Sportingbet App - 7 Steps to Download on Mobile (Android & iOS)

12 July 2021

Interested in the Sportingbet app? Look no further! This article is dedicated to showing you each of the steps needed to complete the Sportingbet app download process, as well as show you all the perks that come with getting the app! READ ON to find out more!

So, the Sportingbet app’s caught your attention? That’s pretty natural - it’s AMAZING!

The Sportingbet App is one of the best! You can start the download process by clicking on one of the buttons below!
Sport bonus:

Up to R3000 Deposit Match
+ 300 Free Spins

Turnover: 10x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.7 Bonus code: No code

If however, you’re unsure about how to download the Sportingbet app on your device, take a look at the box below which gives you all the steps you need!

Sportingbet App Download Guide
For Android UsersFor iOS Users
1️⃣ Visit Sportingbet on Mobile1️⃣ Visit the App Store

2️⃣ Click on “New Android App”

2️⃣ Search for “Sportingbet App
3️⃣ Read the Instructions3️⃣ Click on the first option
4️⃣ Go to “Settings” → Tap on “Security”4️⃣ Click on “Get
5️⃣ Select “Unknown Sources” Tap “OK”5️⃣ Complete the Security Check
6️⃣ Go back to Sportingbet Mobile6️⃣ Wait for it Download
7️⃣ Click “Download Now” 7️⃣ Click“Open”
Learn MoreLearn More

iOS vs Android

Android vs i OS

Sportingbet’s app is truly one of the best out there. It tops the charts on so many levels, and is a smash hit among the customers that use it.

  • Still not convinced?

Take a look at why we think you should start using the Sportingbet app today!

Why Get the Sportingbet App?

Sportingbet App

Up to R3000 Deposit Match
+ 300 Free Spins

The reasons to download Sportingbet's amazing app are endless. From amazing features, to an unbeatable user design, we can’t actually come up with any reasons as to why you shouldn’t download this groundbreaking app.

  • With that in mind, here are some of our top reasons for downloading the Sportingbet App

✅ Amazing User Experience

✅ Simple Download Process

✅ Great Odds

✅ One of the Biggest Sportsbooks in SA

✅ Amazing features such as Live Betting, Cashout and Edit-My-Bet

If these reasons are anything to go by, we think you should do yourself a favour and get the app right away!

Sportingbet App Review

Sportingbet App Review

As you can see, people absolutely love the Sportingbet App!

So by now you know a few things. You know that getting the Sportingbet app is just a click away if you’re an android user. You know how to download the Sportingbet app, regardless of which device you use.

What’s more, is that you know why you should get the Sportingbet app!

That being said, there’s so much to learn about the Sportingbet app, from bonuses, deposit methods, features, and so much more.

  • If you’d like to see all that’s been covered in this article, click on the dropdown below 👇
Table of Contents
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

Down in the list below, you’ll find all the topics surrounding the Sportingbet app.

The choice is yours, either keep reading, scroll down to the section that interests you most, or click on one of the links to jump straight to the section that interests you.

Sportingbet App FAQs

What you need to get the Sportingbet App

Is the Sportingbet App Safe?

Sportingbet App Download APK (for Android)

Sportingbet App Download for iOS

Is there a Sportingbet App Bonus?

Can I Deposit on the Sportingbet App?

How Do I Bet on the Sportingbet App?

Sportingbet App Features

Can I FICA on the Sportingbet App?

  • Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Sportingbet App FAQs

⌚ How long does it take to get the Sportingbet App?

That honestly depends on the type of device you have. If you’re on an android the process may take a little longer, as there are a few more steps.

If you’re on an iPhone, however, it’s merely a case of heading over to the app store, searching for “Sportingbet App” and clicking on a few buttons.

All in all, the process shouldn’t take any longer than 2 minutes to complete, whether you’re on android or iOS.

❓ Is it easy to get the Sportingbet App?

Yeah we tend to think so, and it’s our mission to make what feels like an already easy process even easier.

As has already been mentioned, the difficulty level largely depends on the device you use, but either way, the process involves clicking a few buttons, and that is it!

Try to start the process right now! Click here to get to Sportingbet to download the Android App

Or, download the app from the app store if you’re an iPhone user!

🤷 Is the Sportingbet App any good?

We tend to think the Sportingbet app is amazing, if not one of the best sports betting apps out there.

The reason is that the app is great for user experience, has all of the features and perks of the desktop site, and allows you to bet wherever you are.

We give it a solid 9/10.

📱 What’s the Sportingbet App Rating on the App Store?

Out of all the thousands of people who have gone ahead and downloaded the app and left a rating, Sportingbet received an amazing 4.7 app rating on the iOS app store.

This is seriously impressive considering how many people have downloaded and used the app.

If it were a test, Sportingbet would score an almost unbeatable 94%!

Not sure? Check it out right here!

🤑 Can I get a bonus with the Sportingbet app?

The answer to this question depends on whether you have created an account prior to downloading the app or not.

You see, the bonus has less to do with the app, and more to do with creating an account for the time.

So if you have an account already (and have received the bonus), you do not get a new bonus when you get the app.

However, if you do not have an account, download the app, and create an account via the app, you will receive a bonus.

We tend to recommend creating an account first, getting settled, and then getting the app, but the choice is yours.

💸 Can I deposit on the Sportingbet App?

You sure can. These are the deposit methods available on the Sportingbet app:

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. Ozow
  4. EFT
  5. 1Voucher
  6. Promo Code

🤔 How do I bet on the Sportingbet App?

Betting on the app doesn’t change much for betting on their desktop or mobile site.

It requires seeing through the following steps:

  • Logging into your account
  • Finding the sport you’d like to bet on from the Sportsbook
  • Finding the league you’d like to bet on (sometimes you’ll first have to choose the country)
  • Find your event
  • Make your selection
  • Enter your stake
  • Confirm your bet

Get to Sportingbet now and have a try!

📑 Can I FICA on the Sportingbet App?

Yes you can, and to be honest, we advise it. What’s great about getting the FICA process out of the way on the app is that you can simply take pictures of your documents, access them directly from your phone when going through the FICA process.

This method beats going and getting digital copies of your documents made, and uploading them, say, from a computer for example.

Try downloading the App to complete the FICA process right away!

What you Need to Get the Sportingbet App

In order to get the Sportingbet app, you’re going to need a couple things to get started. Don’t worry however, because there is a high likelihood that if you're reading this article, you’ll have these things at your disposal.

Getting the Sportingbet App is easy, but you need to have a couple things in order to get it
Sportingbet app what you need

Aside from not being a minor, and having a working smartphone, there really isn’t too much you’ll need to get started with the Sportingbet app!

  • Check out the list below to see all that you need to get going with the app

Sportingbet App Requirements

🔞 You Need to Be Over 18

Gambling in South Africa, as with most of the world, is illegal for minors.

This means that if you are under the age of 18 years old and you partake in gambling activities, you would be breaking the law.

In fact, if you have found yourself on this site, we recommend you leave, and come back when you are of age.

If you are 18 or older, read on!

📱 You Need a Smartphone

Unlike with the Hollywoodbets App, you need a smartphone in order to download the Sportingbet app.

An Android or Apple Device will do the trick.

📶 You need internet access

In order to access the app store, you need to have access to a stable internet connection.

In order to download the Sportingbet apk (app file for android), you will need to have a stable internet connection.

In essence, either way, to get the Sportingbet app, you need a positive data balance, or you need to have access to wifi.

📕 You should have some knowledge

Getting the Sportingbet app without knowledge of sports is like getting a bicycle without knowing how to ride one.

We recommend that you should have at least some knowledge of sports in order to get the app, because at the end of the day, you will be getting the app in order to bet with it, and a good betting strategy relies on the existence of some knowledge.

👤 A Sportingbet Account wouldn’t hurt

This is very much optional, but we recommend getting an account with Sportingbet before you get the app. That way you can get the look and feel of their site, which is emulated in their app.

  • To get a Sportingbet Account:
  1. Click here to get to Sportingbet
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Fill in your details and Click Next
  4. Fill in the rest of your details and Click Register

And that’s it!

Have all these things? The You're all set to get the App! Click on the button below to get started!

Is the Sportingbet App Safe?

Now that you’ve been presented with quite a bit of information, there might be some questions flying around your head concerning the safety of Sportingbet’s app. And that’s pretty natural.

If you’re an iOS user, this may not apply to you, but if you’re an android user, in order to get the Sportingbet app, you’ll need to adjust some security settings on your phone in order to download the app.

Rest Assured, everything about the Sportingbet App is safe, we promise!

Each of the team members that work on the content on this site have downloaded the Sportingbet app, and each of us can happily report nothing but good feedback.

Sportingbet App Security message for android

Right off the bat, Sportingbet ensure that their app is safe to download!

Sportingbet App Download APK

Now that you know what you need, why you should get the app, and are enlightened as to the safety of getting the Sportingbet app, it’s time to teach all of you who are android users how to download the Sportingbet apk.

An APK is a file that houses the app, and it’s how Android users are able to get mobile betting apps on their phones.

Android users need to download APKs, because the Google Play Store (the app store on Android Devices) does not include any betting apps in their offering.

No sportingbet app on google play
  • Follow the steps below to find out how to get the Sportingbet APK onto your phone

Sportingbet App Download APK Steps

📱 Step 1: Visit Sportingbet Mobile

You can visit Sportingbet Mobile by clicking one of the buttons you can find througout the site.

Alternatively, you can get to Sportingbet Mobile by clicking this link.

Your third and final option is to do a google search.

We recommend going with options one or two, as it’s just easier!

📲 Step 2: Click on "New Android App"

When you arrive on Sportingbet’s mobile site, you will see quite a few options. In order to get the android app, ignore all options, and look for the button that says “New Android App”.

Go ahead and give it a click.

📄 Step 3: Read the Instructions

Once you’ve clicked on “New Android App”, a page will appear with a number of instructions telling you all the steps that need to be followed in order to download the Sportingbet app APK.

Be sure to read them carefully, before moving ahead with the download process.

🤳 Step 4: Go to Settings on your Phone and Tap on Security

Once you’ve read the instructions, you will need to leave Sportingbet mobile momentarily, and go to your phone’s “Settings”.

Once you’ve tapped on Settings, a whole bunch of options will appear. Sift through them, and look for Security.

Once you’ve found the Security tab, click on it.

👌 Step 5: Select Unknown Sources and Tap OK

Once you've selected Security, some more options will appear.

What you’ll need to do here, is ignore the other options and look for “Unknown Sources”.

Once you’ve found Unknown Sources, tap “OK”

📩 Step 6: Go Back to Sportingbet Mobile and Click “Download Now!”

Once you’ve tapped “OK”, you will be ready to download the APK file.

Go back to Sportingbet Mobile’s app page (which should still be open in your browser), and click “Download Now”.

And that’s it!

Sportingbet App for iOS

If you’re an iOS user, you have it far easier than android users. Why is that you may ask… well quite simply, it’s due to the fact that the iOS app store offers user the option to download betting apps.

As a result, in order to get the Sportingbet App on apple devices, all you need to do is head straight to the app store!

From there, you’re able to search for Sportingbet, click on the first option that pops up, and download the app in literally seconds!

Sportingbet Screenshot App store
  • For those of you who aren’t sure on how to get the job done, read the steps below!

How to download the Sportingbet app for iOS

📱 Step 1: Go to the iOS App Store

This step really is as simple as it sounds.

Simply go to the App store on your Apple device.

🔍 Step 2: Search Sportingbet

Once in the app store, simply type “Sportingbet” or “Sportingbet South Africa” into the search field.

A number of options will appear, but it shouldn’t be difficult finding the right one.

🤳 Step 3: Click on the first option

Building on from the last point, once you’ve hit search for the term “Sportingbet”, there will be a number of options that appear.

Generally, if you’re searching for “Sportingbet” on the App store, in almost every case, the app you’re wanting to install is the one that appears first.

The best way to find out if it is indeed the app you’re looking to install, simply click on the option, and read the reviews and rating.

📁 Step 4: Click Get

Once you’ve selected the right option, read all of the reviews, and are ready to go through with the app download, there is a button toward the top of the screen that says “Get”.

After you click “Get”, the download process will begin, which won’t take longer than a minute.

🙌 Step 5: Click Open

Once the app download process has been completed, you can click open, and you will officially have the Sportingbet app!

Is there a Sportingbet App Bonus?

When it comes to the Sportingbet welcome bonus, it is unfortunately not related to the app. You will not receive a bonus for getting the app, whether you’re on Android or iOS. The Sportingbet welcome bonus is more related to the first time you register an account.

When you register a Sportingbet Account for the first time, you’ll get 100% up to R2000! Pretty generous if you ask us!
Sport bonus:

Up to R3000 Deposit Match
+ 300 Free Spins

Turnover: 10x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.7 Bonus code: No code

So when you're thinking of the Sportingbet bonus, think of it as a reward for signing up rather than a reward for getting the app.

If however, you download the app before having a Sportingbet account, and create an account for the first time via the app, you will get your matched first deposit bonus.

Sportingbet App Game Mock Up

There are still plenty of reasons to get the Sportingbet App!

Can I deposit on the Sportingbet App?

The beauty of the Sportingbet app is that you’re able to complete all of the same functions that are available on desktop, right on your mobile device. One of these things of course is making deposits.

Making deposits on the Sportingbet app is an absolute breeze! Within the click of a few buttons, your account will be credited!
Deposits are easier on sportingbet app
  • Click on the dropdown below to get a better understanding of how to deposit with the Sportingbet App:
How to Deposit on The Sportingbet App
Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

Once you’ve managed to download the Sportingbet app, you’ll most likely want to get started with your betting journey. The first step in that journey is making a deposit.

  • To make a deposit on the sportingbet app:
  1. Open the App and Log into your account
  2. Click on Deposit
  3. Choose from the list of deposit methods (see from the list below)
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit
  5. Follow the attached instructions
  6. Confirm your payment

… And that’s it! The amount you deposited will reflect immediately!

Sportingbet Deposit Methods

💸 All the ways to deposit with Sportingbet

These are all the ways to deposit with Sportingbet:

  1. Visa - recommended
  2. Mastercard - instant
  3. Ozow - cardless
  4. EFT - SA’s favourite way to pay
  5. 1Voucher
  6. Promo Code

How do I Bet on The Sportingbet App?

So now that you know about the bonus, deposit methods, and in general how to get the app, you may be interested in learning how to actually start betting, which is only natural. If you’re familiar with betting on Sportingbet’s platform, you’ll be glad to know that the process is the same.

Another perk of the Sportingbet app is the fact that it works just like the desktop and mobile sites!
    Betting on sportingbet app is easy
    • Read on to learn how to bet on the Sportingbet App!
    How to Bet on the Sportingbet App
    1. Find your Sport - Click on A-Z Menu, found in the bottom left corner of the screen
    2. Find your League - Once you’ve clicked on your sport, find your league
    3. Find your Event - Once you’ve located your league, find the event/s that interest you.
    4. Make your selection - Click on the odds representing the outcome you think will occur
    5. Enter your stake - Click on your Betslip and enter the amount you want to wager
    6. Confirm your bet - Click on the “Place Bet” button at the bottom of the screen

    Sportingbet App Features

    If you’re a punter who likes a bunch of features, whether it be live betting and cashout, to live streaming and bet edits, you’re in luck, because you will have all of this at your disposal with the Sportingbet app!

    Sportingbet is known for having some of the best features compared to their many competitors in South Africa!
    • Take a look at the video below to see some of what you’ll be able to access on the Sportingbet App!

    And it certainly doesn’t end there. We’ve compiled a list of ranking factors that can be found below, to show you just how good some of the Sportingbet app’s features are:

    Sportingbet App Features Ranked

    Can I FICA on the Sportingbet App?

    Completing the FICA process on the Sportingbet app is not only possible, it’s even better than completing the process on desktop. Why you may ask? Because you’re able to take pictures of your documents, and then upload them directly from your phone.

    The FICA process is so much easier to complete when you’re on mobile, and especially on the Sportingbet App!

    If you’re uploading on a laptop or PC, you’ll have to upload your pictures from a mobile device, and then upload them again on a betting site. Or you have to go through the trouble of getting digital copies of your documents, and uploading them afterwards.

    Our advice: try get the FICA process done via Sportingbet’s App

    • If you’re unsure about how to get the FICA process done, click on the dropdown below to go through the steps!
    How to FICA on the Sportingbet App
    Alex Goldstein

    Alex Goldstein

    1. Login to your account via the app
    2. Click on the account icon in the top right hand of the screen
    3. Click on cashier
    4. Click on Withdraw
    5. Select the document you want to upload
    6. Click continue
    7. Tap to choose the pictures you want to upload
    8. Repeat the process for your other document

    And that’s it!

    And that’s a Wrap!

    Now that you know all there is to know about the Sportingbet app, the last thing there is for you to do is to go ahead and get it! Click on the button below to get to their site if you’re an android user, or go to the app store if you’re an iOS user!

    We promise, you’re in for a treat!
    Sport bonus:

    Up to R3000 Deposit Match
    + 300 Free Spins

    Turnover: 10x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.7 Bonus code: No code

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