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Alex Goldstein

Alex Goldstein

Entering in South Africa in 2018, Betway has become many punter’s go-to bookmaker. Boasting a beautiful site full of incredible features and heaps of markets, Betway is South Africa’s most complete betting site.

Betway comes Highly Recommended ⭐

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Betway score

  • Leading Betting Brand
  • Great user experience
  • Great range of features
  • Limited Cash Out Offers
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Betway quick facts
Game TypesSports Betting, Live Betting, Live Games, Bet Games, Jika Sports
Deposit methodsVisa, Mastercard, Prepaid Vouchers, EFT Bank Transfers, Apple Pay, Zapper, Ozow, MTN MoMo, USSD, Shoprite/Checkers
Withdrawal methodsEFT, Standard Bank Instant Money, ABSA Cash Send, FNB Ewallet
Odds providerBetway
Betting functionsLive betting, Live Games, Bet Games
AppsiOS, Andoid
Founded Year2006
HeadquarterCentury City, Cape Town
Bonus CodeNo Code

Betway SA


🏆 Overall Best in SA

✅ Tons of Markets

✅ Live Streaming

✅ Amazing App

Betway Review

When it comes to Betway, there is much to like. Betway is a global brand, and a household name for sports betting. They deliver one of the best platforms, not only in South Africa, but in the world.

The platform is full of exciting ways to win, ensuring ultimate user satisfaction.

What makes a good review, however, is not simply adoring Betway, but also looking into what they could improve on.

Betway is known globally and is one of the most trusted betting operators in the world.

With that being said, there's always room for improvement.

  • Below we've listed some of our favourite Betway aspects

Why We Recommend Betway

🌍 World Leading Betting Brand

Because betting involves the transaction of money, it's important to know that the entity you are dealing with is safe, secure, and reliable.

Betway’s international presence and its reputation as one of the leading betting operators in the world goes to show that it's a safe choice when it comes to dealing with your money.

Trust is crucial when dealing with betting operators, and Betway have done a great job of ensuring their platform is exceptionally credible.

👨‍💻️ Great user experience

You don’t need to spend too much time on Betway’s website to know that it was designed with users in mind.

From signup to placing a bet to withdrawing your money - Betway does a great job to ensure that users feel confident navigating the site.

📲 Fantastic range of unique features

The number of features at Betway sportsbook is probably it's most attractive attribute.

Betway TV, Jika Sports, and Lucky Numbers are but a few of the features available, offering users fresh, exhilarating ways to experience betting.

📺 Live Streaming

You may be wondering why the fact that Betway offers live streaming is a big deal.

The answer is simple.

Only two other South African betting sites offer live streaming, and they did so after Betway introduced the feature back when they entered SA in 2018.

While the live streaming offering is limited, it's one of the only sportsbooks in SA that offers it.

📊 Plenty of Markets

Betway offers more markets than most of its South African competitors.

Whether it's soccer, cricket, or rugby, you can find plenty of options to bet on beyond the match winner.

Think overs/unders, handicap betting, first to score, and so many proposition markets that can make your betting come alive.

Where Betway Could Improve

As the age old saying goes; nobody’s perfect. The same applies to Betway. While we are deeply fond of Betway, we feel that the sportsbook could enhance it's cash out feature to include more betting markets.

    • 🤑 Cash Out Offers can be limited

    Recently, when betting on the Euros, we saw a bet going sideways and tried using the cash out feature. We were disappointed to find that cash out wasn't being offered for that particular game.

    We read Betway's terms and conditions and realised that cash out isn't always offered on all sports and markets.

    We think this is an area that can be improved.

    Alex Goldstein
    Alex Goldstein

    Betway - The Bottom Line

    What’s clear is that Betway offers a service that cannot be matched by many of its competitors in South Africa. The pros far outweigh the cons in number - and in impact.

    There's a reason that Betway has become a household name amongst people who aren't even interested in betting. The brand is one of the most trusted in the world, and it's one of the few big-name operators to grace the South African market.

    Time and again Betway is our choice - They just do so much right, and ensure an unparalleled betting experience.
    Betway Dooder 2

    Betway is one of the most widely used betting platforms in South Africa, drawing a large community of fellow users who can provide insight and guidance for any issues that may arise.

    Betway is a superb choice for new and experienced punters alike, and stands out amongst the pack.

    • Take a look at the final list of rankings:

    Betway Features Ranked

    Betway Overall

    Betway Overall Ranking: 9.5/10


    Betway FAQs

    🇿🇦 Does Betway accept South African players?

    Yes, Betway accepts players from South Africa. It is one of the only big name international betting sites to does.

    💳 Does Betway accept South African Rands?

    Yes, Betway accepts your hard-earned rands, which you can deposit through a wide variety of convenient South African deposit methods.

    ⚖️ Is Betway legal?

    Yes, Betway is legal in South Africa. All its casino games and sportsbook features are absolutely legal - and licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

    📑 Does Betway need FICA documents?

    Yes, Betway requires FICA documents. Some users will have their identities verified automatically upon providing their ID numbers, while some will need to provide the necessary FICA documentation. Betway will let you know once you’ve registered.

    💸 Does Betway accept PayPal?

    No, Betway South Africa does not accept deposits via PayPal. It does accept plenty of convenient South African deposit methods, but unfortunately, PayPal is not one of them.

    💰 Does Betway accept Bitcoin?

    Unfortunately not. Betway does not accept deposits in any forms of cryptocurrency, and thus, does not accept Bitcoin as a method to deposit into your Betway account.

    📱 Does Betway have an app?

    Yes, Betway has an app - a really good one! We recommend downloading the app directly from the mobile site after signing up.

    Betway Top Features

    As the only big name betting brand to enter the South African market, Betway have plenty to offer. This part of the review will focus on some of the features that are objectively superior.

    By now, you can probably assume that we are fans of the platform, but we are still committed to give you an objective account of what it’s like to use Betway for sports betting, and beyond.

    To start out, we’ll give you a list of features on Betway that we know you’ll enjoy.

    Betway’s website is packed with features that make it a joy to use, starting with the site’s overall look and feel.
    • Below, you can find things that Betway offer better than anyone else:

    The Best of Betway

    💻 Website Layout

    Betway’s website is an absolute dream to use. The way everything is presented is one of their strongest features.

    It’s intuitive, responsive, and is so well laid out - betting on the platform can be done in record time. Everything feels like it’s in the right place, and navigating between different sports and leagues is exceptionally easy.

    The same can be said for Betway’s mobile website, which is perfectly laid out for smartphone users and mobile bettors.

    📱 Best App in SA

    Betting apps in South Africa are far and few between, but the sites that do offer apps tend to do a great job of making sure that theirs are top of the line.

    The fact that Betway offer an app puts them into elite status, but the fact that the app is available both on Android and iOS, along with how smoothly it operates are reasons for why their app can be crowned the king in the South.

    There’s almost nothing wrong with Betway’s app, ensuring that it’s another one of their leading features.

    📢 Regular Promotions

    Betway have a knack for offering promotions that are fan favourites.

    Regardless of the competition, Betway ensures that they offer creative ways for you to maximise your winnings.

    If you subscribe to Betway’s notifications when you sign up, you can be kept in the loop for all the price boosts, stake backs, and win boosts that they offer on a weekly basis.

    🎖️ Bet My Way

    Part of what makes Betway so exciting is the fact that such a sophisticated world leading betting provider was setting up shop in sunny South Africa.

    All of their superior technology, offers, and features are truly a thing of beauty, chief among these is Bet My Way.

    Bet My Way is based on an algorithm that suggests bets for you based on your past bets - it’s a feature that literally lets you sit back and let them do the work for you.

    We are yet to find any other bookmakers in South Africa that offer such an advanced feature.

    💵 Most Payment Methods

    Betway offers more payment methods than any other betting operator.

    With a staggering 18 different methods to deposit, no other operators come close in this regard.

    It’s nice knowing that so many options exist, because if you run into issues with your preferred method, you just have so many other options at your disposal.

    How Betway Compare

    The core of a good betting site review is honesty. While Betway are great, there are definitely other betting sites out there that offer certain features better than they do.

    With this in mind, we have come up with a list of what we like to call the “core decision making features”.

    We then measure Betway against other leading South African bookmakers to show you whether Betway is the best operator for that feature, or if you’d be better suited with someone else.

    Comparing Betway against their competitors is the purest way to review them accurately.
    • You can take a look at how Betway do against their rivals in the list below:

    Betway Versus the Rest

    📊 Betting Markets

    Betway tends to have the best betting markets across the board.

    They just have so many - regardless of sport.

    They excel especially in their soccer betting markets, but Betway’s entire sportsbook is full of ways to wager on outcomes beyond the match winner.

    Betway’s markets take the cake.

    🗒️ Betting Features

    When it comes to features, Betway excels again.

    Whether it’s live betting, live streaming, bet builders, multi bets - they have it all.

    They further have an ace up their sleeve with the amazing addition of Bet My Way, a feature that makes suggestions for you based on the previous bets you’ve placed.

    We have to be honest, no other betting sites in South Africa do features quite like Betway.

    🤳 Mobile Experience

    In our humble, yet expert opinion, you’d be hard pressed to find any bookies in South Africa that have a better mobile site than Betway.

    Throw in a top of the line app and you have yourself a contender for the best mobile betting site in the country.

    While mobile experience is highly subjective, their website is just so well optimised for mobile use, and their app works exceptionally well.

    Other notable mentions are Hollywoodbets, and Sportingbet, but Betway takes the cake here.

    💸 Payment Methods

    Betway leads the way for payment methods in South Africa. It’s that simple.

    Payment methods are easy to measure, you can look at how relevant they are, as well as how many there are.

    Betway has 18 different payment methods, four more than the next bookies with the most payment methods.

    📑 FICA

    When it comes to FICA, two things are on our mind when you’re required to complete this process.

    Firstly: How easy is it? And secondly: how many option are there to complete the process?

    Since Betway have an automatic FICA function, and only require you to upload a copy of your ID if these function doesn’t work, they are by far the easiest site to FICA with.

    When it comes to options however, Hollywoodbets puts them to the sword, with a list of 5 different ways to FICA.

    💯 Betting Odds

    Betway offer up decent odds, but they certainly aren’t the chart toppers in South Africa.

    Sites like:

    1. World Sports Betting
    2. Hollywoodbets
    3. Gbets

    Tend to offer better odds across the board. This is not to say that Betway’s odds are terrible however, but the competition for the best odds in SA is immensely stiff.

    💰 Welcome Bonus

    Betway’s welcome bonus is not their strongest feature.

    While it’s always great to recieve a freebie, many other bookies in South Africa are also providing users with a deposit bonus for once they’ve played through their free bets.

    Some sites that are doing this are:

    1. Gbets
    2. World Sports Betting
    3. Supabets

    The bottom line - there are better welcome bonuses in South Africa than Betway’s.

    🎲 Betting Games

    Betway’s betting games are certainly impressive, but they are not the best platform for this offering in South Africa.

    Betway offer a number of bet games, live games, virtual sports, as well as lucky numbers draws from around the world. They’re certainly no slouches in this department, but their focus lies more in their sportsbook.

    While you can still get plenty of fun out of the games offered by Betway, the bookies listed below are those that prioritise this offering the most:

    1. Hollywoodbets
    2. Gbets
    3. Supabets

    Betway vs. Hollywoodbets

    Betway Hollywoodbets - The Ultimate Big Name Betting Site Showdown
    Apr 21, 2021

    Choosing between betting sites in South Africa can be tricky. Especially when having to decide between two of South Africa’s biggest betting brands, Betway and Hollywoodbets. In ...

    Betway SA

    Whether you’re new to betting, or a seasoned campaigner looking for something reliable with a world revered reputation, Betway SA could be the next betting destination for you.

    The British betting giants made their mark on the South African betting industry almost instantly with their installment of Betway SA - a new haven for eager sporting enthusiasts with a keen eye for football.

    Betway is one of the biggest, and most trusted betting sites in the world. Launching Betway SA was an instant hit!
    Odds Mock up Betway ZA

    Betway SA offers it all. A top of the line sportsbook, packed to the brim with customary, as well as niched sports, an impressive feature list, and exciting promotions that will keep all users on the edge of their seats.

    • We couldn’t recommend a bookmaker higher enough, go ahead and join South Africa’s leading betting site!

    Betway Register

    Regarding sign up, Betway have designed a straightforward process for users to painlessly begin their Betway betting journey.

    The process takes roughly two minutes to complete, and will require to provide Betway with some personal details.

    Below are the steps that are needed to be completed in order to open your betway account and start betting:

    1. Visit Betway
    2. Fill in your details
    3. Complete the registration form
    4. Click on "Register"

    Betway Registration

    How to register with Betway - Sign Up in 4 Easy Steps!
    Jun 30, 2021

    Registering with Betway can be done in four easy to follow steps. Keep reading this article to learn how to get it done!

    Betway FICA

    In most cases, users are able to FICA with Betway automatically.

    They're usually able to get all the information they need from the ID number you provide them with.

    If however, Betway require you to FICA, these steps need to be followed:

    Betway only require you to send in a copy of your ID/Passport

    Via Email:

    Send a copy of your ID document to


    1. Log into your Betway account.
    2. If you are required to upload FICA documents, a pop up will appear.
    3. Click on “Upload now”.
    4. Upload a copy of your ID

    It may take up to 48 hours for Betway to verify your identity and send you a notification once they have done so.

    : if you are uploading a Smart Card ID or Drivers’ License, you must include copies of both front and back of the document.

    Alex Goldstein
    Alex Goldstein

    Betway Welcome Bonus

    Betway welcomes all new users with a 100% deposit bonus up to R1000 as a free bet. This means that new users who make a deposit within the R1000 deposit amount will receive the same amount from Betway as a free bet.

    There's plenty you can do with all that free dough!

    Betway have improved their welcome bonus immensely, ensuring that their new players now have plenty of value to get started with.

    Betway ZA New Bonus

    If your identity can be verified upon signing up with Betway, you will be eligible for the welcome bonus. If not however, you will only receive access to your bonus once you have uploaded your FICA documents.

    If your identity is automatically verified upon registration, you will receive a one time pin via an SMS notification which can be used to activate your offer.

    Betway Bonus Ts &Cs

    Listed below are the significant terms and conditions attached to the Betway Bonus:

    Terms and conditions:

    • These terms and conditions govern your participation in "The Betway Sports Welcome Offer" offered by Betway. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to participate in this promotion.
    • The Betway Sports Welcome Offer gives customers a 100% first deposit match up to R1,000 credited as a Free Bet.
    • In order to participate, the customer must be over the age of 18.
    • The offer is only valid for new Betway customers.
    • The Sports Welcome Offer can only be claimed once per new customer.
    • The customer must pass FICA verification through Betway’s automatic verification tool at the time of registration. Should the automatic verification fail, Betway will request FICA documents and only once the customer’s FICA documentation has been verified will the Welcome Offer be awarded to the customer.
    • In order to qualify for the Betway Sports Welcome Offer, new customers must make a deposit and place bets equal to 3x (three times) the value of their first deposit at odds of 3.0 or more.
      • For example:
        • A new customer registers a new account and deposits R100
        • The customer then places bets to the value of R300 (3x the initial deposit of R100) at odds of 3.0 or greater.
        • Once complete, the customer receives a R100 Free Bet
      • The Sports Welcome Offer Free Bet will only be awarded once the qualification criteria has been met.
      • Customers have 30 days from first registration to meet the minimum qualification criteria.
      • The Sports Welcome Offer Free Bet will be capped at R1,000.
      • Qualification of the Sports Welcome Offer is entirely at the discretion of Betway.
      • Standard terms and conditions apply.
      • The Sports Welcome Bonus doesn’t have any hidden requirements. Customers who place bets using their Sports Welcome Bonus will receive any and all winnings (minus the initial stake) and that amount will reflect in their cash balance – ready for another bet or to be withdrawn upon meeting withdrawal requirements.
      • These terms and conditions govern your participation in any "Free Bet" or “Welcome Offer” promotions offered by Betway. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to participate in such promotions and you should not accept any Free Bet offered by us.


    • Betway Account: This is the account that you registered with Betway. This account will consist of both your Cash balance and your Free Bet balance.
    • Free Bet: Betway runs various promotions which may offer "Free Bets." Any Free Bet that you qualify for will be added to your Free Bet balance, and can be used to place wagers.
    • Cash: This balance is the cash in your Betway Account, and can be used to place wagers.

    For a full list of Ts & Cs, visit Betway

    Alex Goldstein
    Alex Goldstein

    Betway Payments Methods

    Another area that Betway shines is within the payment methods department. They offer the widest variety of different depositing options in South Africa.

    Popular deposit methods on Betway include card payments, cardless options such as Ozow and SiD, and more!
    Betway Paymeents

    The same can be said for the number of withdrawal methods they offer their users. Users have the option to choose from a number of methods, including EFTs, different bank transfers, and more.

    • Below you can find out more about the lists of payment methods offered by Betway.

    Betway Deposit Methods

    Betway Deposit Methods

    All the ways you can deposit with Betway
    1 VoucherCapitec via Pay@Other Banks EFT
    Absa BankCredit Debit CardOTT Voucher
    Apple PayCredit-Debit CardOzow
    Betway Bucks VoucherEasyLoadRingas Voucher
    Betway PayFirst National BankShoprite
    Betway Topup via Pay@Flash PaySID
    Blu VoucherKazangStandard Bank
    Capitec By OzowMTN MoMoUSSD
    Capitec Pay via Betway PayNedbankZapper

    View All Betway Deposit Methods

    💸 All Betway Deposit Methods
    • Bank Cards - Visa/Mastercard (recommended)
    • Zapper
    • Apple Pay
    • Ozow & SiD (EFT payments)
    • MTN Mobile Money App
    • Vouchers
      • 1Voucher
      • OTT Voucher
      • Kazang
      • EasyLoad
      • Blu Voucher
      • Ringas
    • Shoprite/Checkers
    • Flash Pay
    • Banks (EFT, card, or Direct Deposit)
      • FNB
      • Standard Bank
      • ABSA
      • Nedbank
      • Other banks
    • Capitec
      • Capitec By Ozow (EFT)
      • Capitec Pay via Betway Pay
      • Capitec via Pay@
    • SiD
    • USSD
    • Betway
      • Betway Bucks Voucher
      • Betway Pay
      • Betway Topup via Pay@
    Betway New Deposit Methods Mock Up

    Betway Withdrawals

    Betway allow you to withdraw your winnings in several ways that differ slightly to their long list of ways to deposit.

    Betway's withdrawal methods include:

    • EFT
    • Standard Bank Instant Money
    • ABSA Cash Send
    • FNB Ewallet

    The minimum amount you are able to withdraw with Betway is R50.

    Screenshot 2021 10 26 at 11 42 36

    How to Withdraw with Betway

    1. Log into your Betway Account
    2. Click on the Menu tab
    3. Click on Withdraw Funds
    4. Select the Withdrawal Method of your choice
    5. Enter your details and the amount you would like to withdraw
    6. Click on "Withdraw Now"
    Alex Goldstein
    Alex Goldstein

    Betway Online Betting

    Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the key processes that you need to complete in order to get your Betway Online betting journey under way, we felt that it was the perfect time to introduce you to how to bet online with Betway.

    Betway makes it incredibly easy for you to place bets with them!

    With the help of our guide, placing bets on Betway will be absolutely seamless. Read on to see how to get started with placing bets on Betway!

    • We assure you, you'll be up and running with placing bets in no time!

    Betway Online Betting Guide

    Betway Online Betting Guide
    Find your Sport

    On Betway, finding your sport is exceptionally easy. All that is required is navigating through all of the sports that can be found under the main banner carousel on the site.

    The list includes around 10 different options, including sports, jackpots, and the like, but you can simply click on the arrow to toggle through all of the sports that are offered.

    Once you see the sport that interests you simply click on it, and all of the available options will show up.

    Pro Tips:

    Bet on sports that you know.

    Navigate by clicking the arrows on either side.

    You can find alternative options here too.

    Betway Sports samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait
    Find your League

    The next step in the process when it comes to Betway online betting is to select the league that you’re keen on betting on.

    Betway has a unique feature that allows you to pick a handful of leagues at once.

    You do this by clicking “league” and then selecting the league you want to click on, and then you’ll need to click apply. You can select as many leagues as you want.

    Pro Tips:

    Use this feature to bet on multiple leagues

    Use the Betway Insider blog for insights

    There’s a lot of value in lesser known leagues

    Betway Leagues samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait
    Find your Event

    Once you’ve selected your league, you can now browse through each of the events that are coming up, and that odds have been offered for.

    If you’re interested in betting on more than one event, you’re able to earmark a number of events that you’d like to bet on.

    If you’re struggling to find the event you want to bet on, you can also utilise the search function to greatly optimise your searches.

    Pro Tips:

    Usually the big event appear at the top.

    The search function can help you greatly.

    Have a plan for who you want to bet on.

    Betway Events samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait
    Make your Selection

    Once you have found the event that you’re interested in betting on, you can go ahead and make a selection as to which outcome you think will occur.

    If you’re interested in finding more markets, you will need to click on a small “more markets” button, that will open up a tab that consists of a variety of different options.

    If you’re new to betting, we encourage you to stick with the standard match result bets, and then build up from there.

    Pro Tips:

    Be calculated with your selections.

    Read tips if you aren’t sure.

    Don’t just bet on your favourite team.

    Betway Select samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait
    Enter your Stake and Confirm Your Bet

    The final step in the process is to go ahead and enter the amount of money you would like to bet on the particular event, and confirm your selection.

    Ensure to complete this part of the process with care, as you don’t want to make the mistake of entering more money than you would’ve liked to bet with, or confirm a bet that you’re not sure of.

    Once you’re absolutely sure of your selection, you can go ahead and click on the confirmation button to place your bet.

    Pro Tips:

    Always double check.

    Don’t bet more than you’re willing to lose.

    Start out with smaller wagers.

    Betway Stake Confirm samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait

    Betway Sportsbook

    Another one of Betway’s attractive features is their comprehensive sportsbook, which consists of 24 different sporting disciplines; some more familiar than others.

    You are bound to find a what you're looking for on Betway's impressive platform!

    Players can choose to bet on everything from the customary soccer, rugby and cricket events, to lesser-followed futsal and handball clashes.

    • Take a look at how they offer some of South Africa's favourite sports!

    Betway Soccer

    If soccer betting peaks your interest, Betway is the place for you.

    Offering over 60 different leagues from across the world, soccer is Betway’s most coveted sport, which makes sense considering their strong stake in football as a sponsor.

    Betway are the leading soccer betting site in South Africa!

    You can place a bet on the Manchester derby in the Premier League, while simultaneously betting on a meeting between Maccabai Haifa and Ashdod in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange League.

    Betway Soccer In Depth

    Throughout our website, we like to quote Betway as being our number one choice for soccer betting in South Africa.

    The reasons are simple - they offer the most comprehensive platform for betting on the sport.

    When you enter their site, and click on soccer to bet on, you are met with a list of highlighted events that are coming up in the next few days.

    If the event you are looking to bet on is not included in the highlighted sections, you can simply go ahead and click on “league”, you can see the list of countries that Betway are covering events for.

    To select a league, simply select a country, and select the league that interests you from the dropdown. You’ll then need to click on apply. Betway offers so many leagues that we’re sure the league you’re interested in will be covered in detail.

    Once you’ve done that, a host of options will appear, where you will be able to place your bets.

    What makes Betway that much better, is the fact that they offer so many markets. You can find all the markets they offer either by clicking the more markets option, that is signified with a pie chart, or by clicking on the “Bet Type” tab that can be found next to where it says “league”.

    You also have the option to filter between odds, and dates.

    If this is the sport you like to bet on, Betway’s your site.

    Betway West Ham Pre Season

    West Ham are one of many famous footballing teams to partner with Betway!

    Betway Cricket

    If you like to bet on cricket there’s no better place than Betway.

    Betway lead the pack as the front-running betting site for cricket!

    Betway cover cricketing action from around the globe. From New Zealand and Australia to South Africa and even the UAE, cricket fans can lick their lips at what Betway has to offer.

    Betway Cricket In Depth

    Another section of their sports book that is prioritised is in the cricket department.

    Betway love cricket, they sponsor different cricket teams, and even oversee cricket clinics in Khayelitsha in Cape Town.

    When it comes to betting on the sport on their site, cricket can be found from amongst all the other sports in the rolling sports book carousel just below the promotions carousel.

    Cricket is another sport that is more niched on the international stage, and there aren’t as many cricketing options to choose from - but Betway still do a good job of offering the biggest events in the world.

    With Betway, you can bet on some of the best international cricketing action, as well as Australia's big bash, New Zealand’s Super Smash, and South Africa’s Mzansi League when they’re on the go.

    You also have the option to bet on a collection of markets, Such as Match Result, Which team to win the coin toss, Most fours and sixes, overs/unders, and a number of others.

    Again, you can filter by odds and dates, and you have the option of viewing some statistics if you click on the pie chart button, located next to the more markets button.

    Cricket punters are well taken care of by Betway.

    Betway Rugby

    If you're a rugby fan with a knack for predicting the outcomes of games, Betway have you covered.

    With Betway you're able to bet on Rugby Union and Rugby League

    If Rugby League's your thing, you're able to bet on the highly contested NRL, but if you're more into the game as we South Africans know it, you have the opportunity to take a punt on everything from Super Rugby to the French Top 14, and of course, international test rugby.

    Betway Rugby In Depth

    Another area in which Betway excels is with their offering of rugby betting.

    Of course, their offering of rugby comes nowhere close to that of soccer, but that’s largely because rugby’s a more niche sport, that’s only played in a handful of nations.

    Generally however, when rugby competitions are in full swing, Betway are among the first to release odds and coverage of events.

    Similar to the structure across their sportsbook, the rugby tab is characterised by numerous options. First off, you get to choose your league. It’s here where you’re able to choose between Rugby Union (rugby as we know it), Rugby League, and Sevens.

    Based on your decision here, you’re able to select the leagues in which these formats are currently being played.

    Once you have a list of events that match what you’re looking for, you’re either able to make your match result bets, or expand by clicking the more bets button/bet type button.

    Again, you can filter by odds and date, and you also have the option to bet on out rights, such as the outright winner of the upcoming rugby world cup, Pr 14, Six Nations, and plenty more.

    Betway tend to usually offer odds for European rugby, but as soon as South African rugby starts back up again, you can expect promos, price boosts, and plenty more options to win big.

    Super Rugby

    Betway offer some amazing promotions and odds for Super Rugby!

    Betway Esports

    Esports, or professional video gaming competitions, are busy taking the world by storm, and South Africa has certainly not been left out of this growing party.

    Betway are leading betting brand associated with Esports in South Africa!

    Betway proudly sponsor a number of international Esports teams, showcasing their keen involvement in this growing movement. They are the leading provider of all things Esports betting.

    Betway Esports Mock Up

    With the ESL (electronic sports league) attracting over 230 million viewers around the world, it is no wonder that a vibrant betting culture has erupted around it.

    With Betway, you’re able to bet on League of Legends, CounterStrike, as well as Star Craft.

    More on Betway Esports

    🎮 What are Esports?

    Esports is the name given to the growing movement of professional video gaming.

    Teams of video gamers get together, and battle it out against other teams with the hope of besting one another, and taking home sizeable rewards.

    These days, Esports are growing in popularity every hour. Esports will soon be one of the leading sports when it comes to support and interest.

    🤷 How Do I Bet on Esports ?

    Betting on Esports is very similar to betting on regular sports.

    You can navigate to the Esports tab on Betway and select an event you'd like to bet on.

    You can then select the outcome you believe will occur, and place money on that outcome.

    Like other sports, it's important do some background research, to see which teams are performing wwell.

    🤔 What Esports Do Betway Have?

    Betway have an exceptionally wide range of Esports on their on their platform.

    The list of games found on Betway include:

    1. League of Legends
    2. CounterStrike
    3. DOTA 2
    4. Star Craft
    5. Rocket League
    6. King of Glory
    🏅 What are the Best Esports for Betting?

    In our opinion, it's very dependent ion which esports interest you.

    If you're a gamer, and play a bunch of rocket league, then that might be the best esport to bet on.

    When it comes to punters who are new to betting on Esports, we recommend some more well known, and commong Esports, such as:

    1. League of Legends
    2. CounterStrike
    3. DOTA 2

    Betway Live Betting

    Betway’s “Live” tab is where you can go to do some live betting.

    If you're a sports fan, with some betting knowledge, you'll love Betway Live!
    • They offer the best live betting features in the country, and their live betting platform is like no other
    Betway Live Betting Mock Up

    Betway’s live betting feature is fantastic. Odds fluctuations are clearly displayed, as the odds themselves change colour as they increase and decrease, giving users a clear picture of what's going on.

    Live betting is so attractive as you’re able to place bets in real time, and with Betway, it's made seamless.

    Betway Live Betting Features

    📺 Live Streaming

    As one of only three betting sites in South Africa to offer Live Streaming, this feature makes Betway truly stand out from the pack.

    While Betway’s live streaming offering is somewhat limited, you can find coverage of soccer, basketball, table tennis, tennis and volleyball.

    There is no greater resource than live streaming to aid your live betting strategy.

    🤑 Cash Out

    Cash Out is another feature that makes or breaks live betting, and Betway was again, one of the first to bring this feature to South Africa.

    Cash Out simply ensures longevity, and Betway’s cash out offers are more than fair, enusring that you can secure the majority of your stake when your best go sideways.

    The downside however, is that Betway’s cash out offers can be quite limited in that they don’t always offer cash out for bigger games, which is a crying shame.

    💯 Live Betting Odds

    A fairly standard feature amongst South Africa’s betting elite, is the addition of live betting odds.

    You can view as odds prices rise and fall as games roll out.

    Betway ensures that they signal price changes clearly, by using a green tint when odds increase in price, and a red tint when they decrease.

    📊 In Game Stats

    Betway includes a comprehensive list of actionable in game statistics.

    You’re able to view head to head stats from previous meetings, as well as a timeline of significant happenings in the game itself.

    The main draw is the addition of the statistics that display the number of dangerous attacks, and the length of time these attacks last.

    More valuable statistics are provided, that only aid the punter’s live betting strategy.

    🏟️ Virtual Feeds

    Betway also includes virtual feeds of live events, so that if you aren’t able to access live streaming for the particular event, you can still see a virtual representation of what’s going on on the pitch.

    You can see teams lead the attacking charge, where the ball is on the pitch, and you have the perk of being told whether the given attack is dangerous or not.

    Betway Features

    Betway include a unique feature list packed full of fresh and different ways to experience betting and gambling.

    Betway are a cut above the rest as they offer so much when it comes to betting features!

    What makes Betway's features so special is that a lot of what they offer can be found nowhere else. They go far beyond the call of sports betting duty to bring users more fun, more excitement, and more ways to win.

    Betway Best Features

    📺 Betway TV

    Building on Betway Live, Betway gives their users the option to take their betting to the next level with Betway TV, their live streaming feature.

    Betway is one of only two betting sites in the country to offer live streaming!

    Instead of watching the odds ebb and flow, you are able to actually watch the event ebb and flow, giving you the ultimate tool in deciding upon how to adjust your betting strategy.

    Nothing beats the real thing, and Betway’s inclusion of a live streaming service ensures that you have all the power in deciding who to back as events roll out.

    💸 Betway Money-Back-Boost

    Another interesting addition offered by Betway is the Money Back Boost feature.

    This feature is perfect for a weekend of Premier League Action!

    If you decide to include six or more events to your Multi Bet betslip, and if one of these selections lets you down, Betway will refund you up to 20x your bet depending on the number of events you have added to your multi-bet.

    As you include more matches to your betslip, the bigger your bet refund will become. To break it down:

    • If you select between 6 and 10 events, with minimum odds of 1.5 per selection, and one bet lets you down, you will receive a 100% bet refund
    • If you select between 11 and 15 events, with minimum odds of 1.3 per selection, and one bet lets you down, you will receive a 200% bet refund
    • If you select between 16 and 20 events, with minimum odds of 1.3 per selection, and one bet lets you down, Betway will return 10x your bet
    • If you select more than 21 events, with minimum odds of 1.3 per selection, and one bet lets you down, Betway will return 20x your bet.
    Betway Build-A-Bet 🔨

    Betway’s Build-A-Bet feature allows you to place a same-game multi-bet on a variety of different outcomes to occur in one particular soccer game.

    Build-A-Bet allows you to select up to 10 outcomes that you think can happen in the game, ranging from both teams to score, halftime/fulltime, next goal, and many, many more.

    To access the Build-A-Bet feature:

    1. click on the “Sports” tab found towards the top of the homepage.
    2. Click on the soccer ball icon,
    3. Navigate to the game you would like to bet on
    4. Click on the “more bets” option, found to the far right of the row holding the team names and game odds (found next to the small pie chart icon).
    5. From here a new page will appear.
      Navigate to the “Build-A-Bet” tab, and select which outcomes you would like to bet on.
    🙋 Bet My Way

    One of Betway’s stand out features is Bet My Way - a suggestion service that proposes bets that you may want to make based on your past activity.

    If you’re a beginner, the Bet My Way feature won't work, but after time Betway will begin suggesting bets for you.

    There aren’t too many other features out there that offer suggested bets that are specific to the bets you make, which is what makes this feature so special.

    🤑 Daily Jackpot

    Betway’s Daily Jackpot is another fairly fresh feature that allows you the chance to win a share of R1000.

    While some may consider it to be a promotion, it’s become a standard part of their website, and can be found amongst other features, just above the continuously rotating promo banner carousel.

    In order to be placed in the jackpot, you will need to go ahead and place a football bet.

    Once your bet has been placed, you will have earned yourself one entry into the jackpot, which will enable you to make a number of selections.

    You’ll need to choose one selection from the list of matches that have been added on that particular day, and then you’ll need to click submit.

    And that’s it. You could be walking away with your share of R10 000

    Betway App

    South Africans are busy people. We are constantly on the go, and the more things we can do while on the go, the better.

    You’ll be happy to know that Betway offers a great app that covers everything their website does.

    So whether you’re turning a chop on the braai, or in the queue at PicknPay, you’ll be able to place a bet.

    How to download the Betway App

    For Android:

    1. Go to Settings, Click on Device Administration, Allow Unknown SOurces
    2. Search for Betway in your mobile browser
    3. Click on Menu
    4. Click on Betway App
    5. Click on Download the Android App
    6. A box will appear, click OK
    7. Click Install

    For iOS

    The app is available from the appstore, simply search for the Betway app, select it and click get, and then install

    Alex Goldstein
    Alex Goldstein
    Betway app mock up mock up guy ZA

    The Betway App is available for both Andoid and iOS users!

    Betway App Article

    Betway App South Africa - 8 Steps to Download on Mobile
    Aug 18, 2021

    Caught wind of the Betway App? Makes sense considering how good it is! But you may have some questions surrounding how to download it, use it, and more! READ ON to learn ...

    Betway Betting Games

    Betting games have become a standard feature among betting sites in South Africa, and as one of the leading betting operators in the country, Betway provide an plentiful betting games inventory.

    They offer the four major types of betting games, namely bet games, live games, virtual sports and lucky numbers.

    Betway can always be found adding to their betting games selection.

    They’ve partnered up with some world leading betting games providers to ensure a high quality gaming experience.

    • The list of all Betway’s betting games can be found below:

    Bet Games

    Betway offers an exciting set of Bet games, ranging from Wheel Spins and Dice Duel Poker and Baccarat. What makes Bet Games so attractive is that they come with a live stream of dealers’ doing their thing right in front of you as if you were at the casino.

    What makes Bet Games special is that they involve live dealers!

    Playing one of Betway's Bet Games is the perfect way to take a break from sports betting if you're experiencing a bit of bad luck.

    Bet games are available 24/7, 365, and some bets start from as little as R1.

    Betway Bet Games

    Betway offer the widest range of Bet Games in the country. Players are able to choose from:

    1. Wheel
    2. Dice Duel
    3. Speedy 7
    4. Lucky 7
    5. Lucky 6
    6. Lucky 5
    7. 6+Poker
    8. Baccarat
    9. Bet on Poker
    10. War of Bets

    Live Games

    Players are provided with an impressive variety of different games ranging from roulette and blackjack, to gameshow type games, such as deal or no deal and Meg Ball 100x.

    Live Games are a great way to still gamble while taking a break from sports betting!

    With some games requiring first deposits of as little as R1, and the addition of fantastic, interactive visuals, this feature is perfect for the casino-loving players.

    Betway Live Casino Games Mock Up

    Some of Betway's most popular Live Games!

    Lucky Numbers

    Lucky numbers is one of South Africa’s favourite games to play, and is well covered by Betway.

    There are plenty of lottery markets to choose from with Betway!

    With Betway, users are able to wager on draws from 8 different international markets, namely Australia, USA, Italy, Greece, Russia, Germany, Canada, and ofcourse, South Africa.

    With several draws from each nation, and Betway’s easy to use offering of this feature, why not try today?

    Screenshot 2021 02 04 at 16 01 19

    Betting on Lucky numbers ensures that you have thousands of ways to win!

    Jika Sports

    A fresh addition to the Betway feature list is Jika Sports, the perfect option for players who don’t want to spend too much time waiting to see whether or not their predictions will come to fruition.

    Jika sports are essentially virtual simulations of sports, with new events happening every six minutes.

    Jika sports fall into the realm of virtual betting, which is busy taking South Africa by Storm!

    This feature ensures that players can bet to their heart's content, and primarily involves Jika Soccer and Jika Horse Racing.

    Betway Jika Sports

    With Betway, you're able to bet on virtual renditions of the following sports:

    1. Soccer ⚽
    2. Horse Racing 🏇
    3. Horse Racing Roulette 🎠
    4. Nascar Racing 🏎️
    5. Equestrian Events 🐎
    6. Trotting 🐴
    Alex Goldstein
    Alex Goldstein

    Betway Promotional Features

    One of the best things about Betway is that they truly listen to what their users want.

    What is meant by this? Well quite simply, whenever Betway have a promotion that exceeds expectations in terms of how popular it is with fans, they simply keep it on.

    Betway are one of the only betting sites to do this!

    They did with four to score, data free, and a number other amazing offer.

    • Take a look at all of them in the list below!

    Betway 4 to Score 🥅

    In what started as a promotion, Betway randomly select four Premier League football matches, and give players the opportunity to choose who they think will open the scoring in each of these matches.

    This has become so popular that Betway have changed this to an ongoing feature of their website.

    If punters believe that one of these games will end in a goalless draw, they can opt for the “No Goalscorer” option.

    Players’ first entry is absolutely free, but unlocking another four entries will set you back R50 per entry.

    • With up to R60 000 in winnings, and a free first entry, what do you have to lose?
    Betway 4 to Score

    Win up to a whopping R60 000 with Betway 4 to Score!

    Betway 4 to Score Explained

    Betway 4 to Score
    Mar 23, 2021

    Fancy your soccer prediction skills? Then Betway 4 to Score is the promotion for you. With Betway four to score, you are given the opportunity to win up to R100 000 for correctly ...

    Betway Data-Free 📳

    As we all know, mobile data prices in South Africa are crazily high.

    Betway have recognised this problem, and brought a solution that every South African punter can celebrate.

    Betway Data Free allows you to place your four-to-score predictions, as well as bet on sports; both pre-match and live, without requiring wifi or data.

    You’re even able to deposit money on Betway’s data free site, however debit/credit card payments, along with payments made with Ozow will be redirected to the site that requires data.

    Screenshot 2021 02 04 at 16 37 05

    Place bets on the go without incurring any data costs!

    Read more to find out about Betway Data Free

    Betway Data Free
    Mar 5, 2021

    Betway offers their users a host of exciting promotions, but one that stands out from the crowd is Betway Data Free. Betway users now won’t have to worry about excessive data ...

    Alex My Betting Sites ZA Editor

    I love Betway. They're my personal favourite because of their easy to use platform, range of fun and unique features, and brilliant coverage of soccer. I think Betway is an especially great betting site for beginners who are still getting the hang of using and interacting with betting sites.

    Betway is my top pick, as I do most of my betting with them.

    - Alex

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