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Legal Betting Sites in South Africa

All you need to know about legalities surrounding online betting

Legal Betting Sites in South Africa


Great for Beginners
  • Strong International Presence and Reputation
  • Great user experience
  • Great range of unique features
  • Plenty of deposit methods
  • Customer service is hard to reach
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R25 in Free Bets
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Website: 2006
Owner: BetwayHeadquarters: Century City, Cape Town
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Betway Live Games
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Author: Alex Alex

When it comes to betting sites in South Africa, Betway provide a service that is rivalled only by few. Sporting an impressive range of features, along with a well constructed, user friendly platform, it is no wonder why Betway rank amongst the most popular bookmakers in the highly contested South African sports betting market.

Betway comes Highly Recommended ⭐

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SA's Favourite Sportsbook
  • Most popular betting operator in SA
  • Best range of horse racing options in SA
  • Unique features that can't be found anywhere else
  • Only offer one deposit method (EFT)
  • Welcome bonus could be better
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R25 in Free Bets
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Website: www.hollywoodbets.netFounded: 2000
Owner: HollywoodbetsHeadquarters: Umhlanga, KZN
Hollywoodbets Old Site
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Hollywoodbets Live Games


Author: Alex Alex

As the saying goes, local is lekker. Hollywood bets is a proudly South African betting dynasty, that started in 1986 as a company specialising in the publishing and distribution of racecards for South African Horse Racing. In 2000, Hollywoodbets took to betting, and thus offer South Africa’s oldest betting establishment. Bagging an 8th place ranking on the Top 50 Gaming Sites Worldwide published by iGaming Business Magazine in March 2019, it’s clear that Hollywoodbets are a serious player in the South African online betting scene.

Hollywoodbets comes Highly Recommended ⭐

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Best Welcome Bonus
  • Fantastic Welcome Bonus
  • Wide range of Features
  • Supabets accept several deposit methods
  • Crowded website design
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200% up to R1000
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Website: 2008
Owner: Phumelela Gaming and LeisureHeadquarters: Melrose North, Johannesburg
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Author: Alex Alex

One of the more popular betting establishments in South Africa, Supabets have been bringing their users the opportunity to win for a little over a decade. Spending some time on Supabets’ busy platform can quickly explain their popularity. With a welcome bonus that is rivalled by none, and a host of features that will keep you entertained for hours, Supabets ensures a complete betting experience, and one that will keep you coming back for more.

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World Sports Betting

  • Substantial sportsbook
  • Convenient deposit methods
  • Huge range of lucky numbers markets
  • Impressive live betting feature
  • Cluttered website design
  • Some betting options are unclear
Welcome Offer
Up to R10 000 in Free Bets
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Website: 2002
Owner: World Sports Betting PTY (Ltd)Headquarters: North Riding, Johannesburg
World Sports Betting Homepage
World Sports Betting Live Games
World Sports Betting Lucky Numbers


Author: Alex Alex

Founded in 2002, World Sports betting have applied their sports betting services to the South African public for just under two decades. Joining the online betting scene in 2009, and more recently with World Sports Betting Mobile, this platform is one of South Africa’s leading, and most popular online bookmakers, with one of the more impressive sportsbooks in the industry.

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  • Sportingbet offer some of the best odds in SA
  • Comprehensive sportsbook: bet on soccer, rugby, cricket, horse racing and tennis with Sportingbet
  • Fanatastic user experience: great for beginners
  • Slim on features
  • Few deposit methods
Welcome Offer
100% up to R2000
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Website: 1997
Owner: GVC HoldingsHeadquarters: London, UK
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Sportingbet live betting
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Author: Alex Alex

Sportingbet’s business was brought over to South Africa in 2008, and has been a hit since day one. It’s brilliantly laid out design, wide array of events to bet on, fantastic welcome bonus, and competitive odds make them a leading bookmaker in South Africa, with a strong following based on trust that has been fostered over years of fantastic service.

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Best Betting Odds
  • Unrivalled odds
  • Great range of promotions
  • Fantastic user experience
  • Huge sportsbook: bet on soccer, horse racing, rugby, cricket, tennis and more!
  • Few deposit methods
  • Complicated withdrawal process
Welcome Offer
100% up to R1000
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Website: 2010
Owner: Sun InternationalHeadquarters: Sandton, Guateng
Sunbet Homepage
Sunbet Sportsbook
Live Betting with Sunbet


Author: Alex Alex

Forming part of the highly esteemed Sun International Group, Sunbet entered the online sports betting scene in 2010, and little over a decade have provided their users with a touch of elegance. This is displayed in the sophisticated layout and design of their website, phenomenal odds, and unrivalled sportsbook, which ensure ultimate user satisfaction.

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Legal Betting Sites ⚖️

You probably have a few questions.

Is betting legal? Is online betting legal? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the page that will provide you with all that you need to know about legal sports betting sites in South Africa.

In this overview we’ll cover legal sportsbooks in depth, as well as shed some light on the online gambling legal situation so that you will be well equipped to select a betting site that abides by the law.


Please be aware that we are not lawyers or legal experts.

What we have provided here for you is based on thorough research, with a close and detailed inspection of the National Gambling Act of 2004, as well as the National Gambling Amended Act of 2008.

We have explored every possible avenue to provide you with the most accurate account of the legal situation that is present within South Africa.

If you wish for a legally binding answer, we encourage you to seek advice from a practicing legal professional.

Legal Betting Sites FAQs

Commonly asked questions surrounding the legal situation of betting sites

🇿🇦 Is Betting legal in South Africa?

Sports betting is legal in South Africa. While some other forms of online gambling are prohibited, land based and online sports betting are legal considering that you are using a bookmaker that is licensed in South Africa.

❓ Which betting sites are legal in South Africa?

All the betting sites listed on My Betting Sites ZA are legal, as well as many more. Go through our list above to check out our picks for the best legal betting sites in South Africa.

🤷 How do I know if a betting site is legal?

You will be able to tell if a betting site is legal by whether or not they have a license. Betting sites generally want to make this clear to punters, so they generally advertise who they are licensed with the bottom of their homepages.

🎰 Is online gambling legal in South Africa?

Online gambling in the forms of casino, poker and bingo are not legal in South Africa. This law mainly targets operators and providers of these services rather than gamblers themselves.

🤝 Can I trust Betting sites?

As a rule of thumb, betting sites are trustworthy if they are licensed, This means that their practices are thoroughly regulated to ensure that users are safe from any malpractice. Each of the Betting sites on My Betting Sites ZA are licensed, and thus trustworthy.

🤔 Is Bet365 legal in South Africa?

Bet365 is one of the most reputable betting brands in the world. They hold licenses in each of the markets they operate in, however they do not accept players from South Africa. As a result, while legal in the markets they operate, Bet365 is unavailable to South African punters.

🧐 Is Betfair legal in South Africa?

Much like is the case with Bet365, Betfair is another international betting powerhouse that does not offer their services to South Africans. For nearly a decade Betfair have suspended their operations in South Africa, and while they are licensed in the markets they operate, this does not apply in South Africa.

👨‍⚖️ Is Betway legal in South Africa?

One of the only worldwide betting names available in South Africa, Betway and their operations are absolutely legal in our nation. They are licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, ensuring that their operations are fully compliant with South African gambling laws.

So, are online Betting sites Legal in South Africa?

Is online betting legal in South Africa? Are online betting sites legal?

Well, that depends.

What renders an online betting site legal, and thus the betting it oversees, is whether or not it is licensed by a national gambling board.

Licensing ensures that the betting site is regulated, and thus confirms that the online betting site’s practices are lawful and safe to partake in. Betting sites can be licensed by one (or more) of 9 provincial regulatory gambling boards.

Gambling Authorities in South Africa

In South Africa, each of the 9 provinces have a gambling board which oversees the betting practices of each of the sports betting providers operating within their given territory. They are:

  • Gauteng Gambling Board
  • Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board
  • Eastern Cape Gambling Board
  • Free State Gambling and Racing Board
  • KwaZulu-Natal Gaming and Betting Board
  • Mpumalanga Gambling Board
  • North West Gambling Board
  • Limpopo Gambling Board
  • Northern Cape Gambling Board

Keep in mind that these provincial licensing authorities target the operators themselves, and where they (the operators) conduct their business.

What this means is that if an online betting operator is licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, but you live in the Free State, you are still able to bet with them.

The bets are placed over the internet, and the business is technically conducted where the betting operator is located, meaning if you’re betting online, you are free to choose any licensed online betting operator from wherever you are in South Africa.

So Licensed Betting Sites are legal, but what about Online Casinos?

While licensed betting sites are legal, online casinos are not strictly legal. In fact, Legal gambling sites in the form of online casinos do not exist.

This is not to say that South African online casinos do not exist, they do.

They're just not legal. Legal online gambling sites exist exclusively in the form of licensed sports betting sites in South Africa, as the provision of interactive gambling (gambling over the internet) in the forms of casino games, bingo and poker by online operators is prohibited in South Africa.

While this is the case, many operators still offer casino games, bingo, poker, and more. Know that the onus is never on you, the user, but on the provider.

So if you take part in these games, you do not run the risk of any legal action.

Our Advice

Our advice is fairly simple. Stick with the licensed and legal betting sites. If you love to engage in casino games, the betting sites that have been listed on this page each have an impressive array of live games, bet games, virtual games, and more. More importantly than this however, is that they are regulated by their respective provincial gambling boards.

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A Brief History of SA Gambling Law

Legality around gambling and online gambling has been highly contested, and steeped in uncertainty in South Africa from as early as the country’s inception. South Africa’s Gambling Act of 1965 outlawed all forms of gambling.

Within a decade however, a highly lucrative underground casino industry operating out of the Bantustans emerged.

These illegal operations were inaccessible to most citizens, and only served players from the surrounding areas.

The changing of the political tides in 1994, came with a fresh stance on gambling in South Africa. It was at this time when the process of legalising gambling began, and official legislation soon followed.

The National Gambling Act of 1996 was implemented to construct norms and standards, and to regulate a fledgling lawful gambling industry.

This act also gave rise to the National Gambling Board, the residing gambling authority in the nation that still exists today.

National Gambling Act Amendments

The National Gambling Act of 2004 replaced the act of 1996, which was then itself replaced by the National Gambling Amended Act of 2008.

While moves towards the legalisation of all forms of gambling (such as online casinos) seemed inevitable with the updating of legislation, this has not been the case.

The provision of online games by online casinos remains prohibited. Remember however that this law targets the online casinos, and not the players that engage with them.

Best Legal Betting Sites

How do you tell legal betting sites apart from illegal betting sites?

The answer is fairly simple. Legal betting sites want to make you aware that they are licensed and regulated.

They generally disclose the national gambling board they are licensed within the footers of their websites, which can be found right at the bottom of their website homepages.

To clear any confusion up, here is our list of the best legal betting sites, and the licenses they hold:


R25 in Free Bets

Hollywoodbets is one of the most popular betting establishments in our country, and further, the most licensed sports betting establishment in South Africa.

Part of the reason for this, is that along with their online platform, they have betting shops located in a number of provinces, country wide, and must hold licenses for each of the provinces in which their shops are located.

With licenses from 6 of the 9 provincial gambling boards, Hollywoodbets is undoubtedly legal, and welcomes all who reside in South Africa.


R25 in Free Bets

Betway is one of the leading betting entities worldwide, and is the only big name international betting site that is licensed in South Africa.

They are regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, making their operations absolutely legal.


100% up to R2000

Although being based in the UK, Sportingbet are alive and well in South Africa.

They offer an easy to use, comprehensive platform that is licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, and are thus absolutely legal to bet with, and welcome all South African players.


100% up to R1000

Sunbet have been providing a premier betting experience to South Africans for more than a decade now, and do so within the bounds of the law as they are licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

They thus welcome players from all over our nation.


200% up to R1000

Supabets’ impressive service is licensed and regulated by the Mpumalanga Gambling Board, and thus is free from any legal wrongdoing.

Hosting an explosive betting experience with a variety of ways to win big, Supabets welcomes all punters from Mzansi.

World Sports Betting

Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

World Sports Betting’s trusty service is licensed and regulated by the Gauteng Gambling Board, and thus welcomes all South Africans to their platform to bet legally.

If a large sportsbook and lucky numbers are what tickle your betting fancy, look no further than World Sports Betting.

Now that you know all there is to know about betting legally, choose one of the best legal betting sites and start betting today!

Best legal betting sites

  1. R25 in Free Bets

  2. R25 in Free Bets

  3. 200% up to R1000

  4. Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

  5. 100% up to R2000

  6. 100% up to R1000