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Best Rugby Betting Sites in South Africa

Take a look at our picks for the best rugby betting sites in South Africa

Best Rugby Betting Sites in South Africa


Best Betting Odds
  • Unrivalled odds
  • Great range of promotions
  • Fantastic user experience
  • Huge sportsbook: bet on soccer, horse racing, rugby, cricket, tennis and more!
  • Few deposit methods
  • Complicated withdrawal process
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100% up to R1000
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Website: 2010
Owner: Sun InternationalHeadquarters: Sandton, Guateng
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Sunbet Sportsbook
Live Betting with Sunbet


Author: Alex Alex

Forming part of the highly esteemed Sun International Group, Sunbet entered the online sports betting scene in 2010, and little over a decade have provided their users with a touch of elegance. This is displayed in the sophisticated layout and design of their website, phenomenal odds, and unrivalled sportsbook, which ensure ultimate user satisfaction.

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Great for Beginners
  • Strong International Presence and Reputation
  • Great user experience
  • Great range of unique features
  • Plenty of deposit methods
  • Customer service is hard to reach
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R25 in Free Bets
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Website: 2006
Owner: BetwayHeadquarters: Century City, Cape Town
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Author: Alex Alex

When it comes to betting sites in South Africa, Betway provide a service that is rivalled only by few. Sporting an impressive range of features, along with a well constructed, user friendly platform, it is no wonder why Betway rank amongst the most popular bookmakers in the highly contested South African sports betting market.

Betway comes Highly Recommended ⭐

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World Sports Betting

  • Substantial sportsbook
  • Convenient deposit methods
  • Huge range of lucky numbers markets
  • Impressive live betting feature
  • Cluttered website design
  • Some betting options are unclear
Welcome Offer
Up to R10 000 in Free Bets
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Website: 2002
Owner: World Sports Betting PTY (Ltd)Headquarters: North Riding, Johannesburg
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Author: Alex Alex

Founded in 2002, World Sports betting have applied their sports betting services to the South African public for just under two decades. Joining the online betting scene in 2009, and more recently with World Sports Betting Mobile, this platform is one of South Africa’s leading, and most popular online bookmakers, with one of the more impressive sportsbooks in the industry.

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Rugby in South Africa

Rugby has played an enormous role in the union of our country, and continues to be a source of great pride for all that support and follow our boys in green and gold.

This passion is closely shouldered by a vibrant betting community that follows all of the events that world rugby has to offer.

On this page, you will be met with the best rugby betting sites in South Africa, as well as how to use them, and how to determine which is the best for you.

Rugby Element Green
Table of Contents

On this page we will be providing you with some need to know information about how to start using rugby betting sites.

Some of the things thing you can expect to find include:

  1. Top 3 Rugby Betting Sites
  2. How to choose a rugby betting site
  3. How to start betting on rugby
  4. Popular rugby betting options
  5. Mobile Rugby Betting Sites

And more!

So without further ado, lets get stuck in and start learning all there is to know about the best rugby betting sites in South Africa!

FAQs surrounding Rugby Betting Sites in SA

Commonly asked questions and answers surrounding Rugby Betting Sites in South Africa

❓ What is Rugby Betting?

Rugby betting involves wagering money on a given outcome occurring within a rugby match. The lower the likelihood of the outcome, the more you stand to win. Punters can bet on everything from who will win the match, to how many points a particular team will win by.

🏉 Can I bet on rugby?

Yes absolutely, provided the betting site you have elected to bet with offers rugby fixtures. All the betting sites covered on this page offer rugby betting.

🤔 What is a rugby handicap?

A handicap is like an advantage or disadvantage that you give one of the teams in a match that you are betting on. If you make a handicap bet on a particular team to score 20 points, you will lose the bet if they score anything short of 20 points.

🏆 Can I bet on the Currie Cup?

Yes, you're able to bet on the currie cup when it is active and underway. All the betting sites listed on this page provide betting options for Currie Cup action when is happening.

🏅 Can I bet on Super Rugby?

While different rugby betting sites offer different coverage of active leagues, you are able to bet on Super Rugby. Each of the betting sites listed on this page offer Super Rugby betting.

💸 Can I make money from betting on rugby?

That determines what your definition of making money is. You can absolutely make some extra bucks by having a couple bets come off. Making a living off of rugby betting however is something we don’t advocate. We promote betting to be enjoyed as a hobby, and we recommend that you treat it as that too.

🤷 Which betting site is the best for rugby?

There is no open and shut answer to this question, as a lot of this is down to personal preference. If you want the best odds, we recommend going with Betway, but if you’re more interested in having access to more leagues, we recommend going with Sunbet. If betting options (markets) are what interest you most, we again would recommend Betway.

💰 Can I get a welcome Bonus from a rugby betting site?

Yes, all the rugby betting sites listed on this page offer new users with either free bets or first deposit bonuses. These are available to new customers, and will be rewarded to you once you have either followed a few instructions laid out by the betting site, or once you have made your first deposit.

Rugby Betting in South Africa 🇿🇦

South Africa have dominated world rugby for decades. It’s one of the reasons we as South Africans are filled with pride by even the slightest mention of rugby.

Although we face stiff competition from age old rivals like New Zealand and Australia, as well as Northern Hemisphere nemeses like England and Ireland, South Africa have continuously shown that they are an international rugby force to be reckoned with, and have many times repaid the faith that rugby bettors have put in them.

The most recent showing of this was when the Bokke went on to win the 2019 Rugby World Cup Final, beating a strong English team by 20 points.

South Africa have won the Rugby World Cup 3 times, an achievement only matched by New Zealand

What makes rugby betting so attractive is that anything can happen. The weather can be a fantastic leveller of teams, and the unpredictable bounce of the ball can see the impossible being pulled off.

SA Newlands Stadium

Top 3 Rugby Betting Sites

It’s important to note that while plenty of betting sites offer rugby, only a handful truly prioritise their offering of betting on the sport.

The level at which rugby is prioritised on betting sites determines whether or not they can be considered rugby betting sites.

Based on this, we have come up with a list of the very best rugby betting sites:

  1. Sunbet - best coverage of leagues
  2. Betway - best odds
  3. World Sports Betting - plenty of betting options

Sunbet Rugby Betting

100% up to R1000

When it comes to rugby betting sites in South Africa, Sunbet hosts the platform that provides the most.

They have the widest coverage of leagues and competitions, and offer the users the chance to bet on future outright winners, like with the 2023 Rugby World Cup, and upcoming Lions Tour, and offer betting on Super Rugby, the Currie Cup, Six Nations and more.

Furthermore, Sunbet's rugby promotions are among the best and give rugby fans ample opportunity to win big.

Betway Rugby Betting

R25 in Free Bets

Betway’s international reputation precedes itself in almost all of the sports they cover in their sportsbook, and rugby is no different.

Betway has established themselves as one of the leading rugby betting sites, as they offer the best rugby betting odds in the country. They also ensure rugby fans have plenty of leagues to bet on, offering players the option to take a punt on Super Rugby Action, Currie Cup games, and of course European Rugby.

What's more is that rugby fans have much to choose from when it comes to betting options. With Betway, rugby bettors can make the more customary match winner selections, as well as a variety of handicap bets, winning margin, and double chance bets.

World Sports Betting Rugby Betting

Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

One of our country’s oldest betting sites, World Sports Betting has come to understand the desire South African punters have for rugby betting.

What makes World Sports Betting one of the top rugby betting sites is the inclusion of several leagues and competitions, as well as the provision of the best range of betting options relative to their online betting site competitors.

With World Sports Betting you can choose to bet on everything from classic match winner bets to more niched winning margin and 1st half handicap bets. World Sports Betting is a great option for punters with a thirst for rugby betting action.

Best Rugby Betting Sites

  1. 100% up to R1000

  2. R25 in Free Bets

  3. Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

Choosing a Rugby Betting Site

Choosing between all of the different rugby betting sites when you don’t have the facts can be a tall order.

There are a variety of options out there, and it's easy to get lost in all that there is on offer.

In this brief segment we provide the important factors to always keep in mind when deciding upon rugby betting sites.

  1. Coverage of Leagues - How many leagues can I bet on?
  2. Betting odds - Which betting site offers the best odds?
  3. Betting Options - How many outcomes within a game can I place a wager on?
Currie Cup Scrum Sharks vs Lions

Coverage of Rugby Leagues

This factor is pretty self-explanatory. Coverage of rugby leagues on a betting site can be determined by how many active leagues they offer users to bet on.

It tops our list of important factors because quite simply, the more leagues there are for you to choose from, the more betting you’ll be able to do.

Some betting sites offer more active leagues to bet on than others, so its important to check out which betting site offers the most to bet on when you're choosing a rugby betting site.

Rugby betting sites go above and beyond to bring their rugby crazed customers action from all over the world.

Leagues to Look out for
  • Super Rugby
  • Currie Cup
  • Rugby Championship
  • Six Nations
  • French Top 14
  • English Premiership

Rugby Betting Sites with the Most Leagues

  1. 100% up to R1000

  2. Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

Betting Odds

There’s no avoiding the fact that odds play a huge role in betting, and with rugby, the case is no different.

Rugby betting sites ensure that they have an edge over other betting sites by providing betting odds that are better.

An interesting note to take from rugby betting is that draws are given unbelievably high odds.

This is because draws are pretty rare in the sport.

While they do sometimes happen, they are far less common in rugby compared to soccer for example.

This is due to the fact that are a number of ways to score points in rugby, with some methods being awarded more points than others.

Betting Sites with the Best Betting Odds


R25 in Free Bets

Due to the important role odds play in betting, it is simply impossible to ignore the fact that Betway offer the best rugby betting odds in South Africa.

When compared to each of the other rugby betting sites, their odds could not be matched by anyone.


100% up to R1000

Coming in at a close second is Sunbet.

Sunbet’s odds are slightly lower than the odds that can be found on Betway, but are far more impressive than all other rugby betting sites.

Considering their wide coverage of markets along with their impressive odds, Sunbet stand out as a top rugby betting site.

Springboks vs AB Maul

Betting Options

Rugby can be an inherently unpredictable game.

Rugby balls are designed to keep people guessing, and can bounce in a whole host of ways that can have a number of significant impacts on any given game.

Furthermore, unlike with sports such as football and hockey, there are a number of ways to score points. In rugby, teams can score tries, are given the opportunity to convert the tries that they score, elect to go for goal when they are awarded a penalty, and can convert drop goals.

Considering all that can go on in a rugby match, it is important for rugby betting sites to take into account all of these factors, and to provide a list of betting options (markets) that enable punters to make a number of selections beyond match winner bets .

Rugby Betting Sites with the Best Betting Options

  1. R25 in Free Bets

  2. Up to R10 000 in Free Bets

How to bet on Rugby

Betting on rugby can be a daunting prospect if you’ve never done so before.

There are a number of options and ways to go about doing so, leaving much opportunity to lose track of what's important.

But don’t fret, we’ve included a step by step guide, as well as the important things to consider while you set out on your rugby betting journey.

Step 1: Choose a Rugby Betting Site

Now that we've covered some of the crucial factors that go into making a great rugby betting site, you are now in a better position to choose the one for you.

As has already been mentioned, there are three main factors to consider when selecting a rugby betting site.

If you disregard these factors, you might end up choosing a betting site that doesn't prioritise rugby, which could greatly affect your rugby betting experience.

In case you forgot, the three factors to keep in mind have been outline below.


When choosing a rugby betting sites always consider:

  • The betting site's coverage of leagues from around the world
  • What kind of odds is the betting site providing
  • What betting options (markets) can I choose to bet on.

It's important to be mindful of what is most important to you. If odds are more important than all else, go for a betting site that focuses on providing the best odds, like Betway.

Step 2: Sign up with your chosen Rugby Betting Site

Once you have chosen one of the betting sites that have been suggested on this page, the next step is to sign up with them.

This typically involves providing the rugby betting site with some personal information such as your name, date of birth, ID number, and source of income.

Signing up with rugby betting sites is free, easy, and can generally be completed within a matter of minutes.

Sunbet sign up mock up laptop

Step 3: Make a deposit

Once you've signed up with one of the many rugby betting sites out there the next step is generally to make a deposit with them.

This is done by selecting the deposit method of your choice, entering the amount you wish to deposit, following a number of instructions and then approving the payment.

This however may not apply to you if you have elected to go with a betting site that offers a free bet welcome bonus, like Betway.

Step 4: Receive a Welcome Bonus

Receiving a welcome bonus from a rugby betting site is the next step that needs to be completed before betting on rugby.

Rugby betting sites tend to offer new users two types of welcome bonuses; free bets, and first deposit bonuses. Free bets can be thought of as free money from the betting site, where as first deposit bonuses are only rewarded once a bettor has made a deposit.

While free bets are great because they don't require a deposit, first deposit bonuses are generally bigger, so its up to you to decide which bonus is the best for you.

Sport bonus:

R25 in Free Bets

Turnover: 0x bonus amount Lowest odds: n/a Bonus code: No code

Step 5: Bet on Rugby

Betting on rugby is a fairly simple process. It requires selecting the outcomes you think will happen in a game by clicking on the provided outcome that you think will occur.

To do this sign into you betting account, click on the "sports" tab and then click on "rugby".

From there you need to:

  1. Choose which league you are interested in betting in.
  2. Find the game you would like to bet on.
  3. Select the outcome you think will occur.
  4. Enter your stake.
  5. Confirm your bet.

Remember to consider the rugby betting site that offers a lot of options, as there is plenty that can happen in a game of rugby beyond who wins the match.

Below is a set of screenshots that outline how to place a rugby bet with Betway. The process is pretty much the same across betting sites.

Popular Rugby Betting Options

  • Match winner

The most common of betting options, punters select which team they think will win the game, or whether they think the game will end in a draw.

    • Total Tries

    Punters are able to wager on the number of tries scored by both teams in a particular game.

    • Total Points 1st Half

    Another popular betting option for rugby punters is to bet on Total Points scored in the 1st half. These bets are particularly popular because some teams start strong and look to go all in from the get go, while others like to grow into the game and come alive in the 2nd half.

    • Next Try

    Particularly popular in live betting, rugby bettors can bet on which team they think will score the next try. If you’re following a game closely this can be a relatively easy occurrence to predict, but never rule out the chances of an intercept try or an against the play turnover that can lead to an unexpected 5 pointer.

    • Draw No Bet

    In this option punters are able to select who they think will win the match, but are unable to select the outcome of a draw. Odds are shorter in this option, as if you the game does end up ending in a draw, your stake is returned.

    Live Rugby Betting Sites

    Due to its momentum swinging nature, live betting on rugby can be particularly entertaining.

    With live betting you are able to place bets in real time while the match is underway. Rugby betting sites make the inclusion of this feature a top priority of theirs.

    An unexpected bounce of the ball can be the difference between a line out and a try, an interception can be the difference between one team’s favourable territorial advantage, and another’s sudden 5 points, and a remarkable drop goal out of nowhere can put a team ahead by a slight margin.

    Some of the most popular betting options in rugby are made far better while live betting. For example, options such as next try and next set piece lose a lot of their thrill if you’re pre match betting so it's important to select a rugby betting site that allows you to make the most of live betting.

    Owlie live betting SA

    Betway Live Betting

    R25 in Free Bets

    Betway is one of the leaders when it comes to live betting.

    Their flawless user design is built open with clear indications of odds fluctuating, so you will easily be able to view odds prices increase and decrease as the game rolls out.

    Sunbet Live Betting

    100% up to R1000

    Another one of the top rugby betting sites hosting a fantastic live betting feature, Sunbet ensures that punters can easily watch odds prices fluctuate, and draw accurate decisions from these changing odds. Increasing odds are paired with a green arrow, and decreasing odds with a red arrow, making the distinction super easy to view.

    Rugby Live Streaming

    Finding a rugby betting site with live streaming in South Africa is impossible as none exist.

    While some betting sites offer a live streaming service, the sports that are generally covered include tennis, table tennis, basketball and volleyball.

    Rugby unfortunately is never included in the live streaming list.

    The reason for this is that it is quite expensive to provide live streaming, and is quite a difficult service to pull off.

    While this is the case, live betting is extremely entertaining to take part in with rugby, and you can always follow a game on the telly to keep up to date with what's happening in a particular match.

    Mobile Rugby Betting Sites

    South Africans are always on the move, whether it's on your way to work, meeting a friend for a drink, or heading down to a family braai on a Sunday.

    We’re busy people.

    As a result, it's important to be able to bet on your favourite rugby events while you’re going about your day, and not have to be seated in front of your desktop at home to place your bets.

    Luckily, each of the top rugby betting sites either has an app or mobile version that you can use while you’re on the go.

    Betway App Mock Up

    Betway's app is arguably the best in South Africa

    Rugby Betting Sites with the Best Apps

    1. R25 in Free Bets

    2. 100% up to R1000