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Betting Games in South Africa

Welcome to your in depth guide into betting games in South Africa.

Throughout this page, we will provide you with some tools that are designed to equip you with all you need to tackle this up and coming entertainment sphere that is taking our country by storm.

All Betting Games Categories

These are the main types of betting games found across SA:

  1. BetGames More Traditional Table Games.
  2. Live GamesA Fresh Take on Casino Games.
  3. Lucky Numbers Lottery Draws From Around the World.
  4. Virtual BettingBetting on Simulated Sporting Events.

Betting games are inherently similar to sports betting in the way that they may take a little getting used to,

The same can go for using the sites that offer betting games in that finding the right one can take some trial and error. We’re suggesting some of the sites that we believe offer the best games and are easiest to use, but in the end, it’s your opinion that matters most.

Dooder south africa your opinion

We always recommend using our method, and testing out a number of sites. Whether you’re interested in betting games, or sports betting, trial and error is always best practice.

Betting Sites with Betting Games
Company Bonus Min. Deposit Turnover ExpiryAction
Easybet bonus
Easybet bonus
R1000 First Bet Match
On Your First Euro 2024 Bet
Min. Deposit
7 days
Up to R3000 Deposit Match
+ 300 Free Spins
Min. Deposit
60 days
Betfred bonus
Betfred bonus
First Deposit Match up to R5000
Min. Deposit
7 days
R25 in Free Bets
+ 50 Free Spins
Min. Deposit
1 days
Betting Games from Hollywoodbets
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Hollywoodbets are our top pick for the best sites for betting games in South Africa.

The reason we've chosen them is because they consistently offer great games from a number of different providers, as well as keep things fresh by adding new and unique games to their platform.

Some of the reasons we think Hollywoodbets are the best:

  1. Live Games from Evolution and Ezugi
  2. New Aviator Game
  3. Great selection of BetGames
  4. New Spine Zonke section offering plenty of slots games
  5. Overall great user experience

Hollywoodbets comes highly recommended for Betting Games 🌟

Visit Hollywoodbets

Your Betting Games Guide

Interested in getting started with betting games, but not too sure where to begin? We have you covered.

We’ve dedicated this page to ensuring that you’re well equipped with all you need to start playing some of South Africa’s most popular betting games.

Betting games can be thought of as South Africa’s (legal) answer to online casinos, and since there aren’t too many guides out there, we thought we’d present you with one!

Owlie betting games guide

Whether card games, live dealer games, or game shows tickle your fancy, we’ll discuss which sites offer the best games, and go through some of the most entertaining ones on the market.

Click on the button below to get started, or read our table of contents to see all that’ll be covered!

Table of Contents

These are the topics we have decided to cover in depth, so that you’re not only well prepared with how to start playing betting games, but also in a position where you understand how they work, and their legality.

If you see a quick link below that tickles your fancy, go on and give it a click!

The Best Sites for Betting Games

Top 3 Betting Games Providers

What are Betting Games?

Are Betting Games Legal?

How to Play Betting Games?

Different types of Betting Games

Our Favourite Betting Games

Betting Games Promos

Betting Games on Mobile

Betting Games General Tips

… and more insights along the way!

🚀 So without further ado, let's get this journey into the wild world of betting games started!

Betting Games FAQs

Some Commonly Asked Questions Surrounding South Africa’s Answer to Online Casino

🤔 What Are Betting Games?

Betting games is the name given to the elaborately themed casino type games that can be found on most betting sites in South Africa.

They generally appeal to plenty of people as they can be exceptionally fun, easy to play, and often accept really low starting deposits.

Some of the most popular betting games include:

  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Crazy Time
  • Megaball

As you can most probably glean from reading these names, there is a central casino theme to each of these games.

⚖️ Are Betting Games Legal in South Africa?

Betting games are absolutely legal in South Africa, a fact that is somewhat based on a technicality.

In South Africa, the practice of fixed odds betting is legal, which is why sports betting with licensed bookmakers is legal.

The odds attached to the different outcomes happening within each of the betting games on offer are fixed, rendering them no different from a rugby match or a horse race.

You as the user have no control over the unfolding events, making playing betting games absolutely legal.

🎰 Where Can I Find Bet Games Results

If you were playing bet games, and you were looking for your own results, you would know whether or not you won a particular bet if your account was credited with more money to bet with.

The results of the particular game are displayed on the screen, which will determine whether or not your bet has come off or not.

Our advice is to choose the betting sites with the best user experiences, as viewing the results can be made a lot easier. Gbets does this well.

🎉 What Are Some Fun Betting Games?

Pretty much all the games found on Supabets will be exceptionally fun to play.

That being said, a list of some the games we find to be particular good include:

  1. Crazy Time
  2. Megaball
  3. Andar Bahar
  4. Baccarat
  5. Dream Catcher
🤷 How Do You Play Betting Games?

Betting games can be exceptionally simple to play.

Firstly, you need a betting account that is loaded with cash in order to make a wager on a betting game.

Once you have made a deposit into your betting account, you can follow the following steps to play:

  1. Choose a betting game category
  2. Choose a betting game from the list
  3. Choose one of the outcomes
  4. Watch as the event unfolds
  5. Check to see if you won

It’s that simple. Make sure you make a couple of wagers to get the hang of it. You’ll be comfortable with it in no time!

You can read more on how to play here.

📱 Are There Any Betting Games Apps?

Generally, the betting apps that provide you with all of your sporting action also provide all of the betting games that can be found on the particular betting site’s desktop site.

So in essence, yes, there are betting games apps, but they are simply just regular betting apps.

Some of our favourite apps for betting (and thus betting games too) include:

  1. Betway
  2. Sportingbet
  3. Sunbet
🏦 Are Betting Games Online Free?

Technically, betting games are free to access and view, but in order to play, you’ll need to be able to wager, which means you’ll need to have money in your betting account.

Betting sites in South Africa rarely offer betting games bonuses, so unfortunately you will only very rarely be able to use your free bet bonuses on betting games.

Gbets, however, does offer a bonus for betting games.

💰 Are There Betting Games With Free Bonuses?

Unfortunately, not too many betting games out there have free bonuses attached to them.

There aren't too many betting games bonuses out there, and if you win a number of wagers with betting games, you tend to only receive your winnings, and no free bonuses.

There are, however, a handful of betting promotions that have been discussed more here.

💵 Can I Play Betting Games With Real Money?

Technically, playing betting games with real money is the way you play betting games. You deposit money into your betting account, which can then be used as money to bet with, and then you place a wager with that same money that's in your betting account.

There is however, something known as “real money gambling” which happens on online casinos, and that is forbidden.

This all may sound quite confusing, but just know that if you’re playing betting games with licensed bookmakers, you are operating within the bounds of the law.

❓ Are Betting Games and Online Casino Games the Same?

Not quite.

With online casinos, you as the player can play a role in the outcome of events. This type of gambling is illegal in South Africa.

With betting games however, the odds are fixed, and you as the user have no say in how the events unfold (same with a horse race).

This is the key difference between betting games and online casino games. In one case, you have power to influence the outcome, and in the other, you don’t.

Betting Games Pros

✅ Great way to take a Break from Sports Betting

✅ Betting Games are usually really easy to play

✅ Games Often Have Really Low Starting Deposits

✅ Betting Games provide a great visual experience

✅ Betting Games Payouts can be immense

No need to spend hours studying to play the games

Betting Games Cons

✘ Some Betting Games can be based on luck alone

✘ Games can be hard to win which can become frustrating

South africa pros outweigh cons dooder

Best Sites for Betting Games

Betting games have taken South Africa by storm. There’s something about elaborately named, aesthetically pleasing sources of entertainment that strike a chord with the people of our country.

Betting games provide an easy way to wager and have fun, without the burden of having to know anything about sports.

Betting games are perfect for taking a break from sports betting.

That being said, different betting sites in South Africa naturally tend to differ in their prioritisation of this feature.

Finding a good site for betting games is just as important as finding a good site for sports betting.

  • You can find the best sites for betting games in the list below:

Sites For Betting Games

  1. Hollywoodbets The Best for Betting Games
  2. SupabetsTons of Unique Gaming Options
  3. GbetsOnly Site that offers a live games bonus
  4. Unique BetVegas Lobby
  5. World Sports Betting Plenty of betting games promos
  6. Sportingbet Awesome Virtual Games
  7. BetwayGames from Multiple Providers
  8. Sunbet Recently started offering live games
Betting Games Sites Ranked

Top 3 Betting Games Sites

Now that you’re aware of some of the best sites for betting games, you may want to get a better read on which of them we rank highest.

The truth is, while we’re experts, and apply as much objectivity as possible, there is always a level of subjectivity that creeps into the mix.

We tend to judge betting games sites based on a number of factors.

Betting sites tend to prioritise different things, and only a handful truly prioritise betting games. Those that do rank highly on most of the factors that we feel to be crucial in measuring a site based on which betting games they offer.

  • You can take a look at the ranking criteria in the box below:
Betting Games Ranking Factors

The following are the central features we measure betting games sites against:

  1. Game Variety
  2. Quality of Gaming Providers
  3. Uniqueness of Games
  4. Overall User Experience
  5. How Frequently Games are Added

Note: Not all betting games sites meet each of these criteria perfectly, so when choosing between sites for betting games, we recommend making decisions based on which factor is the most important to you.

The Best 3 Sites Betting Games

Hollywoodbets Betting Games

🏆 Top of the Betting Games Leaderboard

While primarily known as a horse racing betting site, Hollywoodbets are the leading betting games provider in the country.

They offer games from two of the most respected gaming providers in the world, and regularly include new ways to wager and have fun.

This is how Hollywoodbets measured up to our criteria:

Variety - Hollywoodbets have plenty of games to choose from.

Quality - Offer games from Evolution, Ezugi and BetGames Africa.

Uniqueness - Offer Games that can be found nowhere else (Aviator and Slots).

User Experience - The betting games tabs are easy to find and navigate.

Added Games - New games are added every couple of months.

Supabets Betting Games

🥈The Runner Up in the Betting Games Category

Supabets are the next best betting games site, a position that is rightly deserved after a recent site overhaul.

They put a lot of focus on their betting games section, which has easily become one of the best in South Africa.

Here’s how Supabets measured up to our criteria:

Variety - 160+ Betting Games.

Quality - Partnered with a number of well respected providers.

Uniqueness - Betting games on Supabets can’t be found elsewhere.

User Experience - Betting Games page is easy to navigate.

Added Games- New Games are added every other week.

Gbets Betting Games

🥉 Third Best Betting Games Offering

Gbets are our third and entry into the list, and for good reason, their betting games offering is vast.

Furthermore, Gbets are the only betting site in the country that offer a live games (type of betting game) bonus.

Here’s how they measured up to our criteria:

Game Variety - Plenty of fun and exciting games.

Quality Providers - Partnered with Ezugi and Evolution(the best) and more.

Uniqueness- Plenty of unique games from a range of providers.

User Experience - Betting Games page is easy to navigate.

Added Games - New Games are added every other week.

What are Betting Games?

Now that you have a good idea as to which of South Africa’s betting sites offer betting games in the best way, you may be wondering what betting games are.

Betting games are South Africa’s answer to legal online casinos. Betting games are casino themed games that tend to be aesthetically pleasing, elaborately named, and really easy to play.

Betting games can include everything from roulette and poker to wheel spins and game shows.

They can also include fresher games, such as Crazy Time and Dream Catcher. While these may sound like nightclubs, they are fast becoming some of the most popular legal casino games in the country.

  • Take a look at some of the more common betting games found in SA
Common Betting Games
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

Below you can find some of the betting games that can be found almost universally across South African betting sites:

  • Lightning Roulette
  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Crazy Time
  • Dream Catcher
  • Megaball
  • Deal Or No Deal
  • Lucky 7
  • War of Bets
  • 6+ Poker

… and Many, many more.

On Betting Game Legality

Betting games are legal in South Africa.

They are offered by bookmakers that are licensed, which are regularly audited by the provincial gambling board that preside over South Africa.

Read on to find out what makes betting games legal.

Are Betting Games Legal?

Since betting games are so closely linked to online casino games, and since the majority online casino games in South Africa are forbidden, you may be wondering about whether or not betting games are in fact legal.

You can rest easy, because betting games are completely legal.

Betting games fall under the category of fixed odds betting, and this type of betting is legal in South Africa.
Betting Games Legal New

With betting games, the odds are preset (fixed), much like with a rugby game or a horse race.

With online casino games however, the odds are not preset, and outcomes can be influenced by users, or other parties.

It is this detail that betting games and online casinos differ from a legality perspective. Betting games are considered legal, while online casinos are not.

Best Legal Betting Games Site

Supabets Betting Games

🌟 Unique Legal Betting Games

✅ Legal Online Slots

✅ Offers Exclusive Games

✅ Free Spins Every Thursday

How to Play Betting Games

Now that you know which sites offer betting games the best, and you’ve had the legality question cleared up, you may be pretty eager to learn how to get started with playing a couple betting games.

The truth is, playing betting games is far easier than sports betting. Sports betting relies on knowledge, while winning betting games relies largely on good fortune.

Most betting games require simply putting down a wager and watching the game unfold!
  • Take a look at the carefully crafted guide below:

Betting Games How-To Guide

In the steps below, we will discuss how to get started with playing betting games.

The process isn’t too tricky to get the hang of, but like with anything new, it’s nice to have a guide.

You can find each of the steps on how to start with these games in the list below.
  • We’ve included screenshots from Hollywoodbets, because in our opinion, they’re the best.

Step By Step Betting Games Guide

Betting Games Hollywoodbets Steps
Step 1: Log in/Sign Up

The first thing you need to do in order to play betting games is to have an account.

Some betting sites don’t even let you view their betting games inventories if you don’t have an existing login.

Creating an account is simple enough, and can be done within 2 minutes tops. You simply need to click a few buttons, provide some details, and that’s that!

If you have an account, simply log in, and consider saving your login details.

Pro Tips:

Always triple check your details.

If you have an account, save details.

Ensure you have a strong password.

Hollywoodbets mobile screenshot samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait
Step 2: Pick A Game Type

The beauty in betting games is that there are a number of different types that are available for you to choose from.

Live games, bet games, lucky numbers, and virtual betting are some of the main categories, each with their individual flare.

Live games are generally more interactive, while bet games are more casino in nature, with the presence of live dealers.

Lucky numbers are lottery draws from around the world, and virtual betting refers to simulated sporting events.

Pro Tips:

If you’re new to betting games, try live games.

Make sure you have money in your betting account.

You need to be logged in to view the games

Hollywoodbets Choose Betting Game Type samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait
Step 3: Pick a Specific Game

The next step in the process is to choose one of the many games that are on offer.

Making an initial decision can feel like a tall order, but to be honest, here you can kind of just go with your gut.

If you see a game that looks like fun, or appeals to you, you should go ahead and choose it. The majority of these games are elaborately named and are entertaining to look at.

So choose the one that has you feeling most interested.

Pro Tips:

No need to spend much time deciding.

Always good to check out the featured games.

It’s good to choose games with low entry payments.

Hollywoodbets Choose Betting Game samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait
Step 4: Watch the Game Unfold

The best preparation for understanding how a particular game works is to watch it unfold.

Different games involve different methods that lead to uncertain outcomes unfolding.

This could be everything from the spin of a wheel like in dream catcher, and wheel of fortune, to the role of dice like in Sic Bo.

While it may appear confusing at first, just watch, and all will begin to make sense.

Pro Tips:

No need to rush, simply sit back and watch.

Start with wheel spin games first if you’re unsure.

You can read the comments to see how others are playing.

Hollywoodbets Watch Game samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait
Step 5: Make A Wager

Once you’ve got the hang of how to play the game you’ve decided to play, you can go ahead and make a wager.

Some games are simply games of luck, while other games are based on skill and calculating probabilities.

You have the ability to change the amount you wager, by clicking one of the options (usually ranging from R10 to R1000 (in some cases more).

Once you’ve selected the amount you would like to put down, you make your selection of which outcome you feel will occur.

Pro Tips:

Select the smallest amount to wager when you start.

Never wager more than you’re willing to lose.

Bet responsibly, these games are most fun in moderation.

Hollywoodbets Make A Wager samsung galaxys20ultra cosmicblack portrait

FAQs about Playing Betting Games

🤔 How do I Make a Wager?

Making a wager on betting games is pretty straightforward.

Once you have a good idea of how the games work, simply go ahead and select what amount of money you would like to bet with. This can range from as little as R1.00 to R1000.00

Then, you have a number of predetermined selections to choose from. Go ahead and choose the one that you think will occur, and wait as the event unfolds!

❓ Which Games Should I Start With?

We recommend starting with the more simple games, such as crazy time, dream catcher, and wheel of fortune.

With these games, there is a wheel that is spun by a live in house person, and you bet on which colour or number the needle will be on when the wheel stops spinning.

You’re simply tasked with choosing the colour or number that the needle is pointing on. As you get used to this game, you can move onto more complicated games.

💵 Which Games have the lowest opening bets?

The following are some of the games that had some of the lowest opening bets:

Deal or No Deal: R1.00

Crazy Time: R1.00

MegaBall: R1.00

First Person Dream Catcher: R1.00

Dream Catcher: R1.00

🎰 Which Games Are Easiest To Win?

That’s impossible to say.

Some betting games are based purely on luck, while others can be based on working out some probabilities.

In our humble (yet expert) opinion, there are no games that are easiest to win per se.

Each game has its own uniqueness and unpredictability, making each special.

Different types of Betting Games

The beauty of betting games is that they exist within different categories that can be found on most betting sites. These different categories can almost be thought of as gaming lobbies, and each differ in game type, game provider, and most importantly, experience.

The different game times are a little like the different sporting disciplines in sports betting. All in all, the process is the same, but the events to determine outcomes change.

There are four types of betting games in SA: BetGames, Live Games, Lucky Numbers, and Virtual Betting.
Different Betting Games Image

Each category has a special x-factor that makes it stand out from the rest.

  • Below you can view which betting site offers which betting game in the best way:

Who Offers The Best Betting Games Categories

  • Read on to find out a little more about each betting game, and some of the most popular games within each category:


BetGames is the name given to not only a provider of betting games, but also a betting games type. These types of games are characterised by their distinct casino table feel, and always include the presence of live dealers.

What makes betgames special is the more traditional feel to each of the games that are offered within this category.

In these games, you are betting on the outcomes of different casino games, such as which “hand” will win.
Betting Games Bet Games

In essence, instead of being at the table or playing the games online, you are betting on the outcomes of the games in a sort of third party way.

With betgames, you have the option to play everything from live dealer lottery type games, to card games and wheel spins.

  • These are some of the most popular betgames:

The Best BetGames

🎡 Wheel Of Fortune

In this game, a live dealer spins a wheel, and you are provided with a number of different outcomes that you can choose from that represent what could happen once the wheel stops spinning.

You’re able to bet on numbers (exact numbers from 1 to 18), the colours (red, black, grey or cup) or Odds/evens.

Wheel of Fortune is one of the simpler betgames, and promises plenty of fun.

🍀 Lucky 5/6/7

Lucky 5, Lucky 6 and Lucky 7 are essentially the same game, with slightly altered rules.

The number of winning balls is altered, along with the number of total balls in the draw.

In Lucky 5, five winning balls are drawn from a total of 36 balls.

Players are able to bet on the available outcomes that are listed, which include everything from the different coloured balls, to combinations.

In Lucky 6, 6 winning balls are drawn from a total of 60 balls.

Similarly with lucky 6, a list of outcomes are presented underneath the live stream, where you can make your selections. Some of the outcomes include numbers, count, colours, and total sum.

Again, the same notion is applied to Lucky 7, where 7 winning balls are drawn from a total of 42 balls. Winning selections can return as much as 2000 times the stake.

Again, there are a number of outcomes to select from, including colour combinations, total count, and odds/evens.

♣️ Bet on Poker

Largely based on Texas-Hold-Em Poker, Bet on Poker involved placing bets on hands and combinations.

The dealer draws 12 cards face up to six different positions (referred to as hands), so that each position gets 2 face up cards.

Later on, five community cards, known as the board, are dealt over three rounds, face up.

The name of the game is to bet on the hand that will get the best combo when you combine one of the positions with cards on the board in a five card combo.

You are able to bet every round, round 1 being when the two face up cards are drawn to the six different “hands”, the second being during the three “board” cards are drawn by the dealer face up, the third during a fourth ”board” card is drawn face up, and the last round before the final card is drawn face up.

You are granted an unlimited number of bets. You can also bet on the combinations of the cards.

♠️ Bet on Baccarat

Based on the popular casino game Baccarat, the game is played between two “sides”: the Player and the Banker.

The dealer draws two face up cards per round, one going to each side (so one card per side, per round). You get to place your bets after the first cards are dealt.

The name of the game is to bet on the side you think is going to get closest to or equal to nine. Face cards, and 10 cards are equal to zero in this game. If you bet on the player, and that side’s cards equal to 8, while the banker’s cards equal to 3, you would win your bet.

You can also place side bets (pairs, colours, suites, totals, and odds/evens).

Company BonusAction
Easybet bonus
Easybet bonus
R1000 First Bet Match
On Your First Euro 2024 Bet
Up to R3000 Deposit Match
+ 300 Free Spins
Betfred bonus
Betfred bonus
First Deposit Match up to R5000
R25 in Free Bets
+ 50 Free Spins
Betway bonus
Betway bonus
100% up to R1000
as a Free Bet
Deposit Bonuses up to R5000
+ R50 Free Bet & 100 Free Spins
Gbets bonus
Gbets bonus
100% up to R1000
+ R25 Free Sports Bet
Up to R6000 Deposit Match
& R50 Free Bet
100% Risk Free Bet up to R2000
on Your First Euro 2024 Bet
Fafabet bonus
Fafabet bonus
150% up to R5000
A BetGames Suggestion

A lot of BetGames are based on popularised casino games, such as poker, baccarat, and other card games, and therefore uphold the rules that apply to them.

If you don’t have much knowledge on these types of games, either read the how-to-play sections, or start with simpler games, such as Wheel of Fortune.

Or, take a look at the look Live Games category which will be covered below.

Live Games

Live games are the next category of betting games to be covered, and it is these games that are absolutely taking South Africa by storm.

These games are characterised by their elaborate names, attractive visuals, and in most cases, simplicity.

Live games differ from betgames in the sheer vastness of different options that form part of this category. There are so many games to choose from.

Live games include everything from roulette and table games, to gameshows and treasure hunts.
Megaball Mock Up

Whether you have a good knowledge of how some casino games work, or not, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy amongst the heaps of live games on offer.

What’s more is that there are always helpful instructions/game objectives that can help you get started.

  • Take a look at some of the most popular live games in SA:

Top Featured Live Games

🎡 Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a wheel spin game where you’re given the opportunity to place bets on different outcomes based on where on the wheel a fixed needle will appear when the wheel stops spinning.

There are different colours, each appearing a different number of times. Yellow appears the most times on the wheel, and is the most likely outcome, Blue Purple, Green Orange and Red are also colours you can bet, each present less and less times on the wheel.

To bet, simply ensure you have money in your account, and select the amount you wish to bet, and select one of the colours.

  • Note: There are a number of bonus games available, but we recommend starting with the spins, and moving on from there.
🎱 Mega Ball

Megaball is a lottery based game where you have the opportunity to buy a “card” that has 25 numbers on it (the numbers appear on 25 different squares on the card).

20 numbered balls are then drawn, as you watch to see if the balls that have been drawn match up with the numbers on your card.

Every matched number creates a link in a line, and if a full horizontal, vertical or diagonal line matches up, you win your bet!

⚡ Lightning Roulette

Lightning roulette is largely based on regular roulette, with one major twist.

As usual, you place a bet on the number, and if the ball lands in the square of the number you picked, you win.

What’s different about lightning roulette however, is that it involves a “lightning round” whereby three numbers are randomly chosen and given huge payout boosts (up to 500 x the normal payout).

This all happens before the ball has reached its destination, making the anticipation that much more exciting.

🗺️ Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt

One of the newest live game inclusions on many of South Africa’s top betting sites, Gonzo’s treasure hunt has a few moving parts attached to it.

First up, you need to select one or more treasure stones that you think you will find.

Then you need to select the number of picks (1-20).

Your bet is then calculated by the amount of money you have placed, multiplied by the number of picks you have selected.

Gonzo then turns his key, which then shows the treasure stones on the wall. You win your bet if you have correctly picked a treasure stone, and your return is your stake multiplied by the amount attached to the treasure stone.

Best Live Games Site


Best Live Games Site

✅ Multiple Live Game Lobbies

✅ Live Games Promos

✅ Low Priced Opening Bets

A Note on Live Games

Always read the instructions attached to each game you’re playing.

This applies to novices, as well as experts.

You can find the instructions by looking towards the top right of the display screen, and clicking on the little “help” question mark.

No matter the level of your understanding of a particular game, it’s always good to get the full picture.

Lucky Numbers Betting

Lucky numbers is the name given to the section on most betting sites where betting on lottery draws can be done.

Lottery as an overall gambling activity in South Africa stands head and shoulders aboer the rest. South Africans love the lotto.

The beauty with Lucky Numbers however is that you can bet on lotto draws from around the world.
  • We’re talking about everything from Chile to the Czech Republic and Azerbaijan to Aruba.

Generally speaking, Hollywoodbets offer the best range of lucky numbers draws, as they cover so many different countries and territories.

That being said, most South African betting sites offer a huge range of lucky numbers options, because they know how much South Africans love this betting function.

How to Bet on Lucky Numbers
Alex Goldstein
Alex Goldstein

This is a brief, general guide on how to bet on lucky numbers.

  1. Sign in to your chosen betting site
  2. Navigate to the Lucky Numbers Section
  3. Decide between “Today’s Lucky Numbers” or All “Lucky Numbers”
  4. Select An Available Draw
  5. Select your balls, as well as any other bonus selections
  6. Click Bet
  7. Enter your Stake
  8. Confirm your Bet

Virtual Betting Games

Virtual betting games is the name given to simulated sports events that are essentially video game-like renditions of the real thing.

Virtual sports are always far faster than the real thing, and they essentially happen all the time.

The concept of virtual betting is the same as sports betting. Place a bet, and watch to see if your bet comes off.
Betting Games Virtual Betting

There are different types of virtual betting games in South Africa, namely, Jika Sports, and Virtual Sports. Jika Sports are virtual games powered by a company called Kiron, and they have come to be immensely popular.

Virtual sports have a number of providers, and follow the same concept as Jika Sports. In all cases, “sports” events are simulated, and odds are provided to these different virtual outcomes.

Sports like football, horse racing, and nascar racing are popular, as well as tennis, and some casino - sports hybrids, such as Horse racing roulette.

  • Take a look at some of the most popular Betting games

Popular Virtual Betting Games

🏟️ Virtual Soccer

Virtual soccer is the most popular of the virtual betting games.

It essentially follows the exact same rules and concepts as soccer betting, but only differs in that the teams that are up against each other are not real.

You’re able to bet on match results, as well as halftime/fulltime, halftime result, Asian Handicap, total goals, and more.

🏇 Virtual Horse Racing

The same concept applied to virtual soccer betting is applied to virtual horse racing betting.

The virtual renditions can be rather exciting to watch, as they are action packed and rather unpredictable.

You have the option to place bets on Win, Place and Combos markets.

🐎 Horse Racing Roulette

Horse racing roulette is largely similar to virtual horse racing, but differs in the fact that involves a roulette table, representing the different horses that are running.

Once you’ve made your selection from the roulette table, you can select the type of bet you’d like to place (win or place), and then you’re able to go ahead and enter your stake and confirm your bet.

🏎️ Virtual Nascar Racing

Virtual Nascar racing is another popular virtual sport that can be found within the Jika Sports category, and again, involves simulated Nascar events.

Like with most racing events, you’re able to choose between win and place bets, as well as combos.

Our Favourite Betting Games

A guide into betting games online in South Africa would be incomplete without discussing some of our favourite options out there on offer.

For this section, we’ll provide our favourite games from each category, so that you know which of them are getting the best reviews from users.

While the level of enjoyment of each betting game is subjective, some are more popular than others.

It is usually the simpler games that are more popular, as they take less time to master, and are often just more entertaining from the start.

  • With that being said, below you can find the most popular betting games:

Our Top Betting Games

🎡 BetGames → Wheel of Fortune

Building on what we mentioned before, wheel of fortune is our favourite "betgame". We felt this because it didn’t require much prior knowledge of traditional table games, or casino games.

All the wheel of fortune requires you to do, is to place a bet on where you think the needle will land on the wheel once it’s finished spinning.

It’s that simple.

🗺️ Live Games → Gonzo’s Treasure

Gonzo’s treasure is our favourite live game, because while it may be a little more complicated than some of it’s other live game counterparts, it’s a helluva lot of fun.

There’s something about little Gonzo and all of his mannerisms that made us love the game. That, mixed in with the interactiveness of the game, with choosing different treasure stones, and the number of picks you get, leads to an all round awesome experience.

Take note: it’s best to read the instructions well on this one, as it may be hard to get the hang of if you go in blind.

🇿🇦 Lucky Numbers → SA Powerball

While it was tricky to come up with a lucky numbers category that was our favourite, we thought we’d have to go with the local draw, because local is lekker.

There are a number of South African draws to choose from, but the powerball is the one we usually play when we fancy our chances on the numbers.

The truth is, wherever you’re feeling lucky, is where you should be placing your lucky numbers bets.

🏟️ Virtual Betting → Soccer Betting

Like with it’s real counterpart, virtual soccer betting is the most popular out of each of the virtual betting games.

The reason for this is pretty self explanatory, people love to bet on soccer, and all of it’s many forms.

What’s more is that out of all of the different types of virtual games to bet on, soccer betting has the most markets, and is often the fairest reflection of the real thing.

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Betting Games - Promotions

When it comes to betting game promotions, only a handful of South African sites offer any that are worth talking about.

Generally, when you come across a promotions tab on a betting site, nearly all of the offers will be more geared towards sports, but there are a few out there that are worthy of a some exposure on this page.

Not too many sites have prioritised betting games to the extent of promotional offers.
Betting Games Promos

That, however, is changing as betting games begin to pick up more steam as they go along.

  • Below, you can find a list of some of the betting game promotions we have recently come across.

Promos for Betting Games

🎰 Hollywoodbets Spin it And Win It

Hollywoodbets are the only betting site in South Africa to proudly present their exclusive Spine Zonke offer.

Essentially, these are legal online slots, and with Hollywoodbets, you stand a chance to win your share of R250 000 in a jackpot that is presented every Wednesday from 9pm - 10pm.

53 players are randomly selected. Bets need to be R2.00 or more to qualify.

Ts & Cs Apply

Visit Hollywoodbets to find out more.

🌪️ Supabets Free Spins Every Thursday

Every Thursday, Supabets offer all users 10 Free Spins on one of their popular slots games “Valley of the Gods”.

The 10 Free Spins can be used between 6:00 - 23:59, and every single user is able to access the spins a maximum of once.

Ts & Cs apply.

Visit Supabets to Find Out More.

💰 WSB Convert Free Bets to Live Game Credits

This promo from World Sports Betting allows you to convert 50% of any free bet credits into live games credits.

If you have an existing loyalty voucher or free bet voucher that is still valid, WSB will accept half of it as new live games money.

Ts & Cs Apply

Visit World Sports Betting to find out more.

Betting Games on Mobile

Wondering if you can still enjoy all of the betting game action while you're still on the go? You can!

Betting games are available on all mobile betting sites, and apps, to ensure that you can keep involved with all of the action no matter where you are.

Betting games are well optimised for smartphone use, making them just as fun wherever you may be!

The only issue you may encounter is if you’re on a data free betting site, in which case most betting games are not available.

Otherwise, make sure that data account is credited, and watch the fun unfold!

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Mobile Betting Games Pro Tip

Switch off the Display screen when you’re not within a wifi zone or need to conserve data.

The display screen with the live dealers tends to absolutely obliterate one’s data balance, which none of us want.

While this takes away some of the charm, there’s nothing less charming than running out of data.

Betting Games General Tips

To round out this long guide into all things related to betting games, we’ll provide a couple tips and tricks that we tend to live by when we play.

Betting games are largely based on luck, with a slight bit of skill thrown in in the odd game here and there, so we think it’s good to establish a couple ground rules.

Like with any gambling activity, we advise that you proceed with caution. These games can be addictive, so know your limits, and stick to them.

That being said, when enjoyed responsibly, these games can be plenty of fun!
  • Take a look at the list below to view some of our tips:

Tips for Betting Games

📖 Always Read The Instructions

Whether you’re a novice trying out betting games for the first time, or a seasoned campaigner, who’s spent some time getting to know the inside of casinos, always read the instructions/how to play guides.

A lot of these games have unique guidelines and rules as to how to win bets, and may apply new concepts to games that are decades or centuries old.

Remember, you’re betting on the outcomes of these games, and not necessarily playing them.

💵 Start with Small Wagers

If you’re new to betting games, we always recommend starting with smaller wagers.

Especially as you start getting the hang of different games. Most games have really low opening bets, starting from as little as R1.00, so make use of those smaller wagers while you’re learning.

❗ Set yourself a Wager Limit

When we speak about wager limits in this sense, we’re talking more along of the lines of the number of wagers you make in one sitting.

If you continuously bet and bet and bet, you’ll go down a dangerous path, and that we wish no one to go down.

Rather tell yourself that you’ll play a certain game 3 times, or 5 times, and then stop it there, and move onto something else.

This is something we always ensure that we stick to.

👨‍🏫️ Don’t bet more than you’re willing to lose

This is pretty standard practice for all of gambling. If you’re betting or wagering more than you are willing to lose, then we recommend revisiting your betting habits.

This is also part of the reason we recommend going with smaller wagers right in the beginning.

It's simple: bet with amounts that you’re okay to not see come back.

🚦 Start with Games that are a bit Easier

We always recommend starting with games that are a little more straight forward and not rule laden.

Games like Poker, and even Baccarat to a certain extent can be full of rules, and may take some time to fully come to terms with.

Like with anything in the beginning, take it easy, choose the simpler games that we’ve suggested (dream catcher, crazy time, wheel of fortune, roulette), and take it from there.

You can always build on your knowledge along the way.

And That's a Wrap!

If you've reached the this section, we can confidently say that you must be a betting game expert.

Betting games can be an awful lot of fun, but this level of enjoyment can be hugely influenced by the betting game site you've elected to use.

Betting are a great way to still keep wagering while taking a break from sports betting.
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