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Draftstars Overview

Mason Kelliher

Mason Kelliher

Draftstars is easily New Zealand's best real-money fantasy betting website. If you join you'll have access to Australia and New Zealand's biggest fantasy prize pools ($100,000+) for a range of leagues including the AFL, EPL, NRL, NBA, NFL and more. All Draftstars games are daily fantasy sports games meaning you only play for one match, or week - so there's no season-long commitment.

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Draftstars Pros & Cons

  • Play for free or real-money
  • NZ's biggest fantasy prizes
  • EPL, NBA, AFL & NRL fantasy
  • Fantasy betting only
  • NZD converted to AUD
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Draftstars quick facts
Game TypesDaily Fantasy Sports Betting
Deposit methodsVisa, MasterCard, POLi
Withdrawal methodsBank Transfer
Betting functionsFantasy Betting, Head to Head Fantasy, Rapidfire Fantasy
AppsApple (Australian App Store), Android (via Website)
SupportContact Form, Draftstars Group Chat, Twitter, Facebook
OwnerPlayup Interactive Pty Limited
Founded Year2015
HeadquarterSydney, Australia

Draftstars Safety & Legality

Draftstars is licensed in Australia by the NT Racing Commission and is Australia's biggest Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting site. Draftstars payments and accounts are secured using the latest SSL encryption technology.

According to New Zealand's Gambling Act 2003, it is legal to use Draftstars and other online betting sites. Read more about betting legality in New Zealand.

Draftstars Review

Draftstars is an Australian Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting site that is owned by the Australian betting company PlayUp. Draftstars offers fantasy sports betting on over 15 different sports that include the AFL, NRL, EPL, NBA, NFL, Cricket, Golf, Horse Racing and more.

Draftstars has New Zealand's (and Australia's) biggest fantasy prize pools.

With Draftstars you can play for as little as nothing, or $0.50, all the way up to hundreds of dollars, to win hundreds of thousands in real-money prizes

The rules for different Draftstars games vary, but you have the option of joining public competitions (where the prizes are the biggest) or private leagues amongst your friends. The number of winners for each competition also varies with some being winner-takes-all, while for others half of the players win money. You can compete in competitions with thousands of others or in head to matches against just one other player.

All Draftstars competitions last for one match or game week, so there's no season-long commitment.

This means that you have plenty of opportunities to refine your skills and win real money prizes every week.

Draftstars offers its daily fantasy sports betting product to Kiwis but this does mean that we miss out on some of the things that Aussies get. For one thing, all prizes and payments are in Australian dollars (your deposits and withdrawals will automatically be converted by Draftstars). Payment methods for Kiwis are also limited to Credit/Debit Card, POLi, and Bank Transfer. The Draftstars Apple App is also only available on the Australian App Store.

Why we like Draftstars ✅

  • New Zealand's biggest daily fantasy sports betting prizes
  • AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, EPL, Cricket & Racing fantasy competitions
  • Private & public competitions with no season-long commitment

Why we don't like Draftstars ❌

  • Not a traditional sports betting site
  • Australian dollars are the only currency available

Draftstars Rating - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7/10

Draftstars nz

Draftstars is by far New Zealand's best Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting site

Draftstars Sign Up

If you're interested in Draftstars you can visit the site and check it out for yourself by selecting the button below.

When you're ready to sign up with Draftstars then you'll need to:

  1. Select the button below
  2. Select 'Sign Up' on the Draftstars website
  3. Enter some basic personal information
  4. Start playing!

Draftstars FAQ

What is Draftstars?

Draftstars is an Australian-owned Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) website.

Draftstars offers real-money fantasy sports betting to Australian and New Zealand players for over 15 different sports including AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, NHL, EPL, Golf, Tennis and Horse Racing.

There are a number of different Draftstars games including classic fantasy matches - where you pick a team of real players to compete against other teams - as well as head to head matches and Rapidfire competitions.

Read more about how to play Draftstars games here.

Why is Draftstars a good betting site?

Draftstars is a good betting site because they offer a variety of different ways to do fantasy betting including classic fantasy matches, head to head competitions and Rapidfire contests.

Another awesome thing is that these games can be played against friends or in public leagues and they only last one match or game week long so there's so you can play as often or as infrequently as you like.

All competitions have an entry fee (ranging from $0.00 or $0.50 to hundreds of dollars) and the best players have the chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in real-money prizes. In fact, Draftstars has the biggest fantasy betting prizes available to New Zealanders.

Is Draftstars available in New Zealand?

Yes! Even though Draftstars is based in Australia it is available in New Zealand.

Do be aware that all Draftstars payments are made in Australian Dollars but Draftstars will automatically exchange your NZD deposits when you make payments.

How do you play Draftstars?

Draftstars offers 3 different types of fantasy sports betting games. All Draftstars games are Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) meaning they only last for one game, or game week, so you don't have to keep changing your team for a whole season.

Draftstars Classic

Draftstar's classic fantasy betting game should be familiar to anybody who has played fantasy sports betting games before.

To play a Draftstars Classic game simply:

  1. Sign up with Draftstars
  2. Make a deposit
  3. Choose a competition from the lobby
  4. Pick a lineup (you must fill all of the available positions in your team and stay under the salary cap)
  5. Submit your team

Your team will then collect points based on how they perform in real-life matches. If your team earns enough points (as per the game rules) your winnings will automatically be added to your account after all games have finished.

Draftstars Head to Head

Draftstars Head to Head works just like the classic fantasy betting game but instead of playing against many different players, you play against just one. This also means that only the winner takes home the prize pool.

Draftstars Rapidfire

Draftstars' Rapidfire game is a little different. Instead of selecting a fantasy team, you choose which player will score more Draftstars points in 5 different head to head match-ups.

If you are playing Rapidfire 3 your selections need to win 3 out of 5 of their individual match-ups for you to earn 1.8x your entry fee.

If you are playing Rapidfire 5 your selections need to win all 5 of their individual match-ups for you to earn 20x your entry fee.

To play Draftstars' Rapidfire game you'll need to:

  1. Sign up with Draftstars
  2. Choose your Rapidfire competition from the menu
  3. Pick which players you think will score more points in each head-to-head matchup
  4. Submit your picks.
Can you win money with Draftstars?

Yes, that's the point!

Draftstars' fantasy betting prize pools range from a couple of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Draftstars prizes depend on the entry cost and the number of players playing but many of the biggest competitions have guaranteed prize pools of thousands of dollars for the best players.

Is Draftstars based in Australia?


Draftstars is owned by the parent company of the Australian betting site PlayUp. Draftstars is based in Sydney but is legal and safe for New Zealanders to use.

Is there a Draftstars sign up bonus?

Unfortunately, there is no Draftstars sign up bonus for New Zealanders.

Is there a Draftstars app in New Zealand?

Yes and no.

The Draftstars Apple app can only be downloaded from the Australian App Store so you will have to change your app store location before downloading it. The Draftstars Android app is not on the Google Play store but it can still be downloaded directly from the Draftstars website when you are on your Android device.

Draftstars Fantasy

Draftstars is not your traditional betting site. Instead of offering odds for a range of sports events, Draftstars players can build teams of their favourite athletes to compete in daily fantasy competitions - with no season long commitments.

Each competition has an entry cost, scoring rules, and guaranteed real money prizes to be won.

What is Draftstars?

How do you play Draftstars?

Draftstars is Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) betting site. DFS is not like other fantasy sports so instead of picking one team for the season, you pick a new team (or multiple teams) for each round or match of the season.

Draftstars games include Classic, Head to Head and Rapidfire Contests.

Draftstars games

Draftstars Classic

Draftstars' classic fantasy betting game is pretty simple for anybody who has played fantasy sports before but if you haven't here's a quick introduction.

You choose a team of real professional players - let's say for an EPL football match.

You need to make sure that your team has players in each required position (a Goalkeeper, defenders, midfielders and forwards).

Each player has a certain price and the total cost of your team needs to be under the salary cap.

Your players then earn points for things that they do in real-life matches (like scoring goals, getting assists etc.).

The aim is to earn more points than other Draftstars players and their teams so that you can take home the biggest share of the prize pool.

Draftstars EPL fantasy

You can filter players by points, salary and form when selecting your Draftstars team. Remember to keep an eye on the positions that you need to fill as well as your salary cap.

Draftstars Classic - Things to Keep in Mind

Entry Cost - How much does one entry cost?

Max Entries Per Person - How many times can you enter this specific competition?

Number of Entries - How many other players have entered and is there an entry limit?

Payout (Guaranteed or Not) - How many players win a prize and is it guaranteed even if fewer players enter?

Prizes - How are prizes allocated to the best performing players?

Scoring - How will players in your team score points?

Draftstars EPL Fantasy 2

You'll see all the important information about scoring, entries, prizes and payouts at the top of the Draftstars competition screen

Draftstars Head to Head

Draftstars Head to Head works just like the classic Draftstars game. You need to pick a team within the salary cap, with the goal of scoring the most points possible.

The big difference here is that only one player will win (90% of the total prize pool i.e. an x1.80 return on their initial entry fee).

You can create your own Head to Head or join existing head to head games but you'll only play if somebody decides to challenge you.

Draftstars Rapidfire

There are two types of Rapidfire Draftstars games you can play - Rapidfire 3 and Rapidfire 5 - these games essentially work the same way but the prize rules differ slightly.

With both types of Draftstars Rapidfire games, you are presented with 10 professional athletes from a given match or matches.

Two players are pitted against each other in a 1 on 1 match up so that there are 5 different 1 on 1 competitions. Your job is to pick which player will score more fantasy points in each matchup.

With Rapidfire 3 at least three of your picks must beat their opponent for you to win 1.80x times your entry free.

With Rapidfire 5 all five of your picks must beat their opponent for you to win 20x your entry fee.

Draftstars Rapidfire AFL

When playing Draftstars Rapidfire you'll see the form and average points that each player has below their names. You'll also see what your potential returns are based on the entry fee at the bottom of the screen.

Features of Draftstars New Zealand
  • Free or Real Money Fantasy Games - Entry fees for different Draftstars competitions range from free games to low stakes games ($0.50 or $1.00) all the way up to $1,000 or more
  • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Competitions - All Draftstars games last for a single match, game week, or round so there's no season-long commitments
  • Enter as Many Times as You Want - Draftstars competitions can be entered an unlimited (or at least a lot) of times so you can give yourself as many opportunities to win as you want
  • Play Against Friends or Strangers - You can create private leagues amongst friends or join public Draftstars competitions against unknown punters
  • Create Your Own Competiton - When you create competitions you can make them public or private allowing fellow Draftstars players to compete against you
  • A Variety of Fantasy Betting Games - Play Classic, head to head or Rapidfire competitions for 15+ different sports
  • Live Score Updates - Track your team's progress live as you climb the leaderboard and get closer to the big money prizes
  • Fantasy Betting Tips - The PlayUp Playbook gives you access to a wide range of free fantasy betting tips and insights
  • Full Statistics & Form Information - The Fantasy Insider section gives you the option to examine player and team information to help you craft the perfect fantasy betting squad

Draftstars App

There are no better fantasy betting apps in New Zealand better than the Draftstars app. Unfortunately, because Draftstars is based in Australia it's not the easiest app to get but you can follow the installation guide below to get your hands on it.

Overall, the Draftstars app is easy to navigate, fast to use and packed with all the great features on the website. Both the Apple and Android Draftstars apps are built to a high quality and are secured with the latest SSL bit encryption technology.

Draftstars App Pros ✅

  • Free and accessible in New Zealand
  • Full account and competition access
  • Daily Fantasy Sports for 15+ sports
  • Private and Public Competitions
  • Multiple different game types
  • Follow your team live as they earn points
  • The biggest fantasy prize pools in New Zealand ($100,000+)
  • Free and low-stakes competitions
  • High roller competitions

Draftstars App Cons ❌

  • Limited payment options
  • All payments are in AUD
  • No traditional betting
  • Limited support options
  • Not on the New Zealand App Store or Google Play Store
Draftstars New Zealand App

The Draftstars NZ app is New Zealand's best DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) betting app

How do you Download the Draftstars App in New Zealand?

Draftstars Apple App NZ

  1. Tap the button below this box and create a Draftstars account
  2. Head to your iPhone settings and then go to "Media and Purchases"
  3. Tap "View Account" and then "Country/Region"
  4. Tap "Change Country or Region" and change it to Australia
  5. Go to the App Store and search "Draftstars"
  6. Download the App

Draftstars Android App NZ

  1. Tap the button below this box and create a Draftstars account
  2. Tap the Android download button at the bottom of the Draftstars site
  3. Follow the installation guide on the Draftstars website

Draftstars Mobile Site NZ

The Draftstars fantasy betting website can still be accessed on your phone without downloading the app and is a great option for casual players who don't want to go through the hassle of installing the app.

Draftstars Australia

Are you based in Australia? Do you want to read an even more in-depth review of Draftstars? Are you wondering about different variations of the game mentioned above?

Read our Draftstars Australia review by clicking on the button below.

Draftstars review

Draftstars Sign Up Bonus

Bonus Cannot Be Displayed

Due to Australian betting regulations, sign-up offers and other bonuses for existing players cannot be displayed online