The Legend of the Kiwis and the Betting Sites

Once upon a time, in the land of the long white cloud, where the people celebrate Christmas in the summer and wear jandals in the winter, there was only one sports betting company to choose from. The TAB.

The people of this land loved the TAB. They were thankful for its horse racing odds and punters lounge tips.

But then, slowly but surely, things started to change.

A wise old sage (like Gandalf or Richie McCaw but wiser) called MyBettingSites NZ launched to spread the word of new, better sports betting sites. These sites came from far away places with funny names like Malta, Gibraltar and Australia.

Despite the funny names, these betting sites offered the people of New Zealand better odds and sign-up bonuses than the TAB.

The people of this land (Kiwis as they came to be known), started to realise that the TAB was no longer the best NZ betting site out there.

Over time, and with the help of MyBettingSites, every man, woman and sheep from the land of chilly bins and hobbits was getting their bonus offers and great odds from only the top online bookmakers.

New Zealand

My Betting Sites NZ: The guys behind the guides

Content Writer

Mason is the head content writer for the My Betting Sites NZ website. He’s a Kiwi that loves sports, betting and writing made-up legends. Mason grew up playing football but he also loves tennis, golf and taking long walks on the beach. In his spare time, you’ll find Mason caring for his two rescue bunnies or playing online poker.

  • Favourite sport: Football
  • Favourite Casino game: Five Card Poker
  • Biggest win: A 138.00 trifecta at the Hastings Christmas Races
Website Manager

Ben has been placing sports bets ever since he came out of the womb (using a fake ID of course). Ben helped to create and launch My Betting Sites and he continues to take care of much of the site and his young content writers (which he calls his underlings). When he's not making My Betting Sites even better, you'll find Ben watching darts or trading on the Betfair Exchange.

  • Favourite sport: Darts
  • Favourite casino game: Heads-Up Hold'em
  • Biggest win: Michael Holt to win the Snooker Shootout - 66/1
Project Leader

Jacob heads the operation and he also manages many of our sister sites. In his role as overlord, Jacob makes sure everything on our sites functions well and that all of our content is of the highest quality. Jacob is a keen gamer and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Esports betting. Even in his infinite wisdom, Jacob should probably relax a little when it comes to backing his football team (Arsenal) to win every week.

  • Favourite sport: Ice hockey
  • Favourite casino game: Blackjack
  • Biggest win: Numerous Esports parlays!

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