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Sports Betting Online

How Does Betting Online Work? How to Use New Zealand's Best Online Bookmakers

Apr 16, 2024

Want to know how betting online works in New Zealand? In this article we'll explain how to bet online legally and safely with New Zealand's best online bookmakers.

Betting Online

Not all New Zealanders know how to do betting online and not all New Zealanders know that there are are heaps of legal, safe online bookmakers out there for them choose from.

So how do you bet online?

Sports betting online is easy. Simply choose one of the online betting sites that accepts New Zealand players, sign up, deposit some money, choose a betting market and you're good to go!

If you're ready to give it a go then here's a list of the best online bookmakers in New Zealand, otherwise you can jump to the bit where we talk about how betting online works in more detail.

Online Bookmakers
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Sports Betting Online

New Zealand's betting industry is a funny place.

Everyone knows about the TAB NZ where you can place sports and racing bets at physical stores, on the phone, or online at the TAB website.

However, New Zealand also has a bunch of international online betting operators that also offer sports and racing bets to Kiwis in New Zealand dollars.

So why should you start betting online?

Without trying to be dramatic, betting online is the way of the future.

When you bet online you have access to better betting odds, more betting markets (like live betting markets and international betting markets), more betting bonuses (like free bets and sign up bonuses) and more betting features (like live streaming and cash out).

In fact, all of the online bookmakers on this page offer high odds, heaps of markets, lots of features and great bonuses which is another huge plus to betting online - you are no longer confined to betting with the TAB NZ.

We also think that betting online is much easier and more convenient with quick online payment options and mobile betting applications.

Overall, online betting is for Kiwis who are passionate about sport, who want to have a little fun while watching their favourite sports teams, and for those of us who are living in the future.

Is Online Sports Betting legal?


Online sports betting is 100% legal in New Zealand - no matter what online bookmaker you choose to do it with.

The reason for this is that New Zealand's Gambling Act 2003 only governs betting operators that operate from within New Zealand's borders.

Therefore betting in-person is illegal unless your bookmaker has a licence. However, online betting sites are not located in New Zealand so they do not fall under New Zealand betting law - which means they are legal to use.

What is more, all of the online bookmakers on this page a licensed in the countries where they originate so you can be sure that they are legit operators and 100% safe to use.

How does Betting Online Work?

Betting online is just like betting at a TAB store.

You wager money (bet) on the outcome of an event with the hope of being right. If the outcome that you bet on happens, you will get you bet stake back plus your winnings.

Betting Winnings = Your Bet Stake x The Betting Odds

If the outcome that you bet on loses then you will only lose your bet stake.

This means that you should always only bet as much as you are willing to lose.

You can bet on many different outcomes of sports or racing events like which team/horse will win, how many goals/tries will be scored or even what the exact final score of a match will be.

If you know what you are doing, sports betting online can be fun and profitable!

How to start betting online:

  1. Choose one of New Zealand's online bookmakers
  2. Sign up and crate a free account
  3. Deposit money & claim your sign up bonus
  4. Place a bet & use you sign up bonus
  5. Easy as!
Betway Online Betting

Betway is a great place for Kiwis to do some online betting

Online Betting NZ Example

When you enter an online betting market (by clicking or tapping on it) at a betting site like Betway you'll see all the betting markets you can bet on.

Each market represents an outcome and the number represents the odds.

As we can see in this match between Crystal Palace and Leicester City, Leicester City are the favourites and are paying 2.05 to win.

If you choose to bet on Leicester to win, all you would have to do is click or tap on the '2.05' odds, enter how much you are willing to wager and then select 'Place Bet'.

Let's say you bet $10 on Leicester City to win. If they do you will receive $20.50 for a profit of $10.50. If they draw or lose, you lose your $10 bet stake.


Betting Winnings = Your Bet Stake x The Betting Odds

$20.50 = $10 x 2.05

Understanding Online Betting in New Zealand

By now you should have a pretty good idea of how online betting in New Zealand works. Below we've provided a quick overview of different terminology that's important to understand when betting online.

Online Betting NZ - Sites

Also called online bookmakers, betting sites, sportsbooks or some combination of these words, online betting sites are the internet websites where you can place bets.

You can sign up with online sports betting sites in a few minutes by entering some basic personal information - its just like creating a Facebook account and there's no obligation to play after signing up.

New Zealand has heaps of great online bookmakers that accept Kiwis and use New Zealand dollars.

Online Betting NZ - Markets

Online betting markets refer to the outcomes that you can bet on at online bookmakers.

There are thousands of online betting markets you can bet on like the winner of a match, the first player to score, the method of dismissal and the even the number of fouls.

Sports aren't the only thing you can bet on online, you can also bet on horse racing, reality TV shows and even the weather.

Online Betting NZ - Odds

Online betting odds represent the winnings you will receive should you place a correct bet.

Betting winnings are calculated like so:

Betting Winnings = Your Bet Stake x The Betting Odds

The higher the odds, the more you will win. However, high odds also mean that a bookmaker thinks the outcome is less likely to occur.

Successful bettors often look for high odds where they think the bookmaker has made an error and bet on these outcomes.

You'll also find higher odds at some bookmakers compared to others. For example, the online bookmakers on this page generally have better odds than the TAB NZ.

Online Betting NZ - Bonuses

Online betting bonuses are are given out by online bookmakers to encourage new punters to sign up, or to encourage old punters to keep playing.

You can get many different types of online betting bonuses from free bets and deposit bonuses when signing up (see below) to boosted odds, money back offers and risk free bets.

Generally to claim betting bonuses you have to deposit and bet some money first. Read the Ts & Cs of your online betting bonus to learn more.

FAQs About Sports Betting Online NZ

What is betting online in NZ?

Betting online is just like betting at a physical TAB store except it is done on the internet. This means that you can choose from many more online bookmakers than just the TAB. Many of these website have great odds, more markets and bigger betting bonuses.

When you bet online you wager money on an event to happen. If it does happen then you get your bet stake back, plus your winnings. If the event does not happen then you lose your bet stake.

How do you do sports betting online in NZ?

To do sports betting online just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with an online bookmaker
  2. Deposit money into your online betting account
  3. Choose a betting market
  4. Enter your bet stake
  5. Place your bet!
What are the best online bookmakers in New Zealand?

The 5 best online betting sites in New Zealand are:

  1. Bet365 → Great odds and lots of live streaming options
  2. Betway → Heaps of boosts and great for live betting
  3. 888sport → Generous betting site with lots of bonuses
  4. LeoVegas → Great mobile betting app
  5. 22bet → Lots of payment methods and betting markets
How do you make money betting online in NZ?

By winning more than you lose.

That might be a funny answer but its true. Most professional bettors are very selective with the bets they make. They look for value (when the odds at a bookmaker are higher than they should be). They also place lots of bets, and they never bet more than they are willing to lose.

You should stick to betting on events that you have knowledge about and its often a good idea to avoid high odds.

How do online betting sites make money?

Online betting sites make money when you lose bets. The odds on betting sites are always manipulated so that over time betting sites will make more money off losing bets than they have to pay for winning bets.

This means that the odds on betting sites never represent the true likelihood of an outcome to occur - there's a margin built in so that online bookmakers always come out on top.